Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ye Olde YouTube

I miss youtube. I miss things like this, and this, and this, and this. I miss thewinekone telling ten-minute stories that probably weren't true. I miss paperlilies reading her hater comments off pieces of paper. I miss boh3m3's background, and when even the "big" people made video responses to each other, and before anybody really knew how to edit. I miss horrible lighting and having to deal with whatever unflattering thumbnail happened to land in the exact center of your video. I miss 4x3 and the useless middle three stars and even a tiny bit of copyright infringement. I miss when lipsyncing took talent and when smosh was dreamy and when getting featured was an instant membership card into the clique of "people who mattered." I miss brookers. I even miss danielbeast.

In typical end-of-the-summer fashion, I wasted away my evening by watching old favorite videos from 2006. It started with this one, which led to several viewings of this one, and a tweeting of this one, and this blog. What about you guys? Were you around for the tubular Golden Age? Do you miss it? Do I sound like one of those nasty middle-aged women in the movie theater snarling at giggling middle schoolers and muttering things like, "In my day, we showed respect!" or am I justified?

Today, I saw: sooo many old TheHill88 videos. Have another.
Today, I touched: some mildly ugly shoes that my grandma (sweetly!) bought for me.
Today, I smelled: awesome pizza. It smelled like grease and dehydration and happiness.
Today, I heard: the sound of my mouse as I clicked around youtube, looking for an answer as to what I heard today.
Today, I tasted: way too much chocolate, as per usual.

Chipotle burritos this year: 23
Subscribers: 33,430
Nail color: "Parisian Plum," Cover Girl


GillianisAslan said...

This is what I do so often. Old school YouTube was hilariously bad and delightfully good all at the same time. Also, your old videos were amazing. When I'm depressed, I like to watch ALL of your videos. Also, I got into a hardcore fight today that ended with me being punched in the tits that started as a Twilight vs. Harry Potter thing, and ended as a me-defending-Jews-and-LGBT-people. Worth it.

anna said...

I love you, Hayley Hoover. Some day, I hope we can eat exorbitant amounts of food together, even if it is fruits and vegetables.

Stefan said...

I'm super old school. Remember when you could see all new videos as they were uploaded? I swear it was 90% porn. hilarious.

Personally I think the same kinda of videos are still being uploaded.. they are just much harder to find.

Melody said...

I definitely miss 2008. I even miss the old school layout sometimes--especially the star ratings. The thumb ratings are much more useful, but they invite everyone to obsess in the comments about how many people "missed the like button." /unrelatedrant

You know what my favorite kind of "old school" type YouTube video is? Cute music videos that kids make with their friends on weekends at their empty high schools. You know what I'm talking about. For some strange reason I've always liked those.

Jeremy C. said...

OH GURL...I could go on for days on "Old Youtube".

I'll leave you with a single gem of nostalgia amongst the treasure trove: Tokenblackchic.

I've seen all her videos. Multiple times.

Sure, most of her vids have choppy editing, terrible audio, and bizzare lighting...but they are still undeniably hilarious.

And the best thing about her? After a six month hiatus, she FINALLY MADE A NEW VIDEO!!! :D

apples_and_pancakes said...

I started watching youtube videos the summer of 2007 and I didn't watch any of the people that you mentioned then. I was watching youtube videos about atheism. Does anyone know of or remember the blasphemy challenge, for example? I'll admit, I did become very abrasive for a while when it came to religion, but I'm glad for that time because it helped me feel less alone.

Kate said...

Awww. Old YouTube was so cute! It's kind of like everyone was just learning how to walk and talk. All the quality webcam uploads with no editing whatsoever, those were the days!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. RetroTube! I remember watching Brookers and TheHill88 videos every morning, memorizing them, and waking up the next day to watch them again!

Kristina said...

Sometimes I get nostalgic about oldschool youtube, but mostly I just miss the people. It's weird because they're mostly all gone and we're still here and I would love to see old fashioned mememolly silly "i'm-bored" videos still being posted.

But it's also been fun, for those of us still here, seeing us all sort of "grow up" together. Getting better cameras, learning how to edit, going through site redesigns together... the only times I get sad is when I realize how many new people never got to experience those parts with us and have no idea how far we've all come.

Jessica said...

I miss the early videos of lonelygirl15. I miss the first year of brotherhood 2.0, before they felt like they had to put on a show for their 100's of thousands of subscribers. When they just talked about whatever they felt like talking about.

Tara said...

I miss ifancythetrio.

I miss the HP community being small.

I miss lianeandthemusic vlogging on her personal channel.

I miss vlogs in general.

I miss sxephil's old style.

Anonymous said...

I miss old school Youtube so much sometimes. It's really weird to think that that was all so long ago.

Anonymous said...

I miss old school youtube. I miss when it was people just vlogging about their days. When videos weren't scripted. When youtubers didn't keep schedules. Or if they made a schedule they would break it because they were to eager to post more videos. I miss when the most discussed list was filled with interesting people with good videos or some silly youtube drama. And I miss all of the things you mentioned. I am really really grateful for the summer of 2006 when in youtube time days felt like weeks and someone going a whole week without uploading was unheard of. Youtube is always changing. I am happy I've gotten a chance to glimpse into other peoples lives and thoughts and sometimes souls that I otherwise would never have known. It has changed me as a person. Oh, youtube. <3.


Tom said...

In 2006, the only things I watched on youtube were funny Lord of the Rings videos (They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard and many others), ifancythetrio, and lonelygirl15 after I saw a news article about how her fakeness had been confirmed. So, yeah. Wasn't there; can only imagine what it was like.

Hmm. I know this isn't the same thing at all, but I gotta say, I enjoy youtube much more now than I did in 2008, when I was only watching yourself and John and Hank and 5ag and a handful of others (I know, I know, the youtube you'd known and loved was long dead by then). But nowadays I really, really dig videos of relative noobs most of all. Like Honestovlog, for instance. I am so glad that that is happening and that it is neat and I like how many cool people there are who make different and yet similar content. Even with John and Hank, I still love their old videos, and still frequently watch old B2.0 ones, but I really, really love what they're doing now, and I love that they're still trying new things (like the voiceover places jawns). Also, I gotta say I think your videos have consistently improved over the years.

So yeah I don't know ramble ramble ramble. The last time I felt about something the way you do about this was when I was 8 or 9 and new Rugrats was sucking so hard and I was that pretentious kid talking about how good the old episodes were.

Snottlebie said...

I really really like your video "Snape's Not Dead/Jesus Writing Camp." I think it's what made me subscribe to your channel in the first place.

I wasn't really there in the "Golden Age" of youtube, but there are still new youtubers (and old ones) who can make good, funny, and sometimes insightful videos.

Anonymous said...

I totally miss the old YouTube and I wasn't even around for most of it! I started watching videos in 2008 in the middle of 5ag's first year. It makes me sad sometimes that I missed out on all of that community, because honestly now it just feels weird and everybody tries too hard.

I like going back to old videos because they feel more real. Yeah the lighting is terrible and the editing sucks but at least I feel like I'm watching a real person and not an actor. =/

Olivia said...

This is pretty much how I spent the summer.

It's awesome people are able to support themselves doing what they love, but I miss when things were smaller and everything wasn't a production.

erin meagan said...

i miss this so much.

Vicky, yo! said...

I know what you mean. I wish I'd been there in 2006-7. It's strange how fast everything has changed. And now it seems so much harder just to interact with people in a way that doesn't concern their views or sub-count...

kira902k said...

I joined youtube in 2007, and only really got into vloggers in 2008, so I don't really understand the whole brookers, boh3m3 thing, but I do remember 4x3 and danielbeast and stars.
And things were different.
But I'm pretty happy with youtube, the way it is. The casualness of vlogs, I do miss. Like your video today made me so freaking happy.

Rachelle said...

I also miss Youtube's 'golden age'. I, too, have wasted many a day watching old paperlilies and mememolly videos! 2006 and 2007 are my favourite, it's when I subscribed to many of the big names, and even tried (unsuccessfully) to make videos myself. I stopped because I don't have a thick enough skin for all the haters :( I sort of regret that sometimes

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we all get there someday. I'm 26 and I literally found myself saying "When I was your age..." the other day.
I think essentially the reason is that over time everything changes, progresses, grows etc., whether it's truly for better or worse is subjective.
But, everything that was meaningful and awesome and special to us, especially during our formative years, feels that way forever. And we always want to hold on to it the way it was when we first loved it.
I was not around at the beginning of youtube, sadly. I was however around at the beginning of this blog and still remember when only like 12 people would comment and it felt like a secret little club.
So it goes...

BenCracknell said...

I miss it, too. With popularity, YouTube has turned into nothing more than a way of life. I used to be so happy and thankful and exclusive because I was on YouTube. I used to watch viral videos, mememolly and smosh before everyone knew about them. For instance, I can't go on FaceBook without seeing at least 30 per cent of my friends getting updates from Shane Dawson's page. I hate it. I want it to be a community again. I want to be able to correspond with the 'big' people, because back then, then 'big' people were whataboutadam and paperlillies.

That probably sounds really spoilt, but I miss it. SIIIIGH.

Have a great day!

toastburntbread said...

when nerimon had huge poofy hair.
when johnnydurham told us stories about setting bushes on fire.
when mikelee was vlogging.
when mememolly talked about My-So-Called_life
when charlie sang about monkeys and wore a lot of stripes.
when nigahiga made wanna be videos
when thejoefrom1993 vlogged
when benloka was on the rise
when kevjumba uploaded all the time
when fiveawesomeguys JUST started, and not knowing what fiveawesomeguys were
when steandkel were super super new.
when talking about your day was cool.
whataboutadam was not as nearly as famous
before meekakitty (i luv her, but my memories of the golden age was before her time)
this was the golden age of youtube for me, and it will remain in my heart.

Miss Coralie said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I really enjoyed the older youtube. I remember once on a blogtv thehill88 said Hi to me when her roommate was having one.

I was so happy.

Aidan said...

Personally, I don't feel that much nostalgia for the past on youtube. Maybe because I joined in 2008, or maybe I'm just a bit more used to traditional media, but I quite like the modern videos that, despite not begin ad-libbed, are still very natural. The days before editing in my head are not dreamlands, but horrible 9-minute long rambles about things which definitely don't matter.

The act of putting a video up just for the sake of it is still out by people like PJ, on his alternate channel, PJTheKick.

Though, personally, I prefer the modern version of youtube (I have not witnessed anyone 'gone sour')the good thing about youtube is that you can go back and watch the old videos, but I, like others, am happy in my place in time.

sarahfishstix said...

I completely agree. Sometimes I just go back and watch old videos instead of checking out the newest ones. That video you made was really great and I hope some will follow your lead by making spur of the moment, unscripted vlogs (like Kristina did). :)

Anonymous said...

You've probley already seen this Hayley, but I think the Situation was on What The Buck wearing a shirt it's at 0:48.

Ben said...

I have felt the way you do for a long time now and it is nice to know someone so successful as you feels the same! I agree that what YouTube has become is so freaking awesome in so many ways but I really miss what it was. I just watched the some old videos and while I love what YouTube has become, it really brought back the memory of how it was. I really miss those days sometimes, it also reminded me of the day I heard someone had found an advert, I remember being completely shocked xD

Ben said...

Sorry, I'm posting again but I was just wondering if you remember the first vlog you ever watched was? Mine was whataboutadam showing his childhood cd collection :)

Anonymous said...

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alimarie_11 said...

It makes me sad that I wasn't a part of Youtube back in the day. I kinda feel like I can't ever fit in youtube since I didn't grow up with it.

But your video kind of gave me hope, that if I am just myself, people could one day like my videos, even if they are edited crappy with bad lighting and whatnot.


Sarahcamille99 said...

i deffinately miss the old days too. do you watch crabstickz? he reminds me of the old days. i love him <3
and may i just say, when you posted that link on your twitter (by the way, im following you now haha) and i saw the background, it made me REALLY want Chipotle. but i can't have it. because i have no car. thanks, hayley. haha :)

Christina said...

Dear Body, Five facts tag, 50 things.

One of my favorite videos-
(RE: Endlessjoe's 50 things from Paperlilies)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I miss old-school Youtube too sometimes. Paperlilies <3

I initially discovered it in 2007 and fell in love, it made me want to be a part of the Youtube community SO much but I never mustered enough courage to vlog, and NOW, it's very high-tech and I don't know how to edit etc.

I started off with laurbubble, charlieissocoollike, Paperlilies, mememolly (because ALL the UK Youtubers mentioned her), whataboutadam, missxrojas which led to 5AG and vlogbros.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I miss old-school Youtube too sometimes. Paperlilies <3

I initially discovered it in 2007 and fell in love, it made me want to be a part of the Youtube community SO much but I never mustered enough courage to vlog, and NOW, it's very high-tech and I don't know how to edit etc.

I started off with laurbubble, charlieissocoollike, Paperlilies, mememolly (because ALL the UK Youtubers mentioned her), whataboutadam, missxrojas which led to 5AG and vlogbros.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I miss old-school Youtube too sometimes. Paperlilies <3

I initially discovered it in 2007 and fell in love, it made me want to be a part of the Youtube community SO much but I never mustered enough courage to vlog, and NOW, it's very high-tech and I don't know how to edit etc.

I started off with laurbubble, charlieissocoollike, Paperlilies, mememolly (because ALL the UK Youtubers mentioned her), whataboutadam, missxrojas which led to 5AG and vlogbros.

Emily. said...

I do miss those old videos. But I think it's the sentimental-ness of it. Like, I remember those videos because that's when I first discovered Youtube. But the videos now are someone else's golden age.

Kiko said...

Hey, Hayley. I've only really gotten into Youtube for the past year or so, so I can't really get into this whole discussion you've started here and on your Youtube channel, but nonetheless, I really loved your video on 2006 Youtube. It was different, but good different, and I liked it a lot. It started an awesome discussion.

Cece said...

I do miss old youtube. I to this day still make references to all those old youtubers.
No one ever gets them...
I'm probably too subtle, though, or something.
I just wish I was a bit older during those days, because my crap-editing skills could have at least stood a chance.