Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dancing dirtily! (No.)

Unfortunately, another short post this evening. As much as I love embarrassing myself and propelling my most intimate of thoughts into cyberspace on a regular basis, tonight I have a lot on my mind, and I'm not quite ready to put it all into words yet. Don't worry-- there's nothing really wrong, and I'm happy and healthy and safe. I'm just getting ready to face some challenging (but still mostly fun) life changes, and I'm a little bit emotionally stressed. But those are stories for another night. For now, let's reflect on the day's events, shall we?

Today, I saw: my dog shake like she was being held at gunpoint or something. She had to go to the vet, and you'd think from her squeals that I was taking her to a gas chamber. Poor little girl.
Today, I heard: all kinds of hilarious "wisdom" from the mind of John Green, via skype.
Today, I smelled: rain. It was really very relaxing and beautiful.
Today, I touched: warm water flowing between my fingers in the bathtub, where I lounged for part of the evening, savoring the alone time.
Today, I tasted: Morning Star vegetarian buffalo wings. They're basically like spicy, fake chicken nuggets. Recommended.

What did you sense today? I've had such a blast reading your comments so far this month. I have such a creative and fun-loving group of readers that it makes me want to, like, dance. But not like this.* Anyway, I hope you all have a nice Wednesday, and I'll be seeing you tomorrow!

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,173
Nail color: "Rogue Vogue," Maybelline (discontinued)

*However, I will admit that 2:19 is probably my favorite moment in American film history. TRUMPET! STAGE-DIVE! PIROUETTE! "HETEROSEXUAL MASCULINITY!"


fannylemon said...

Today I saw so many things that I did not need but absolutely had to have during an expensive trip to Sephora.

Today I heard the new Target commercial for back to school that uses Marlo Thomas's "Free to Be you and Me," a song that will always make me smile.

Today I touched a friend's freshly shaven, and adorably boyish, bare face. He'd been having a rather unsuccessful go at the bearded look for months now.

Today I smelled the delicious and incredibly potent Colombian coffee my friend's father brewed especially to impress my coffee connoisseur self this afternoon.

Today I tasted amazing organic blueberries.

Phyllis said...

Today, I saw a bunny rabbit clean his face by licking his little fur paws and rubbing them up and down his face a few times. Cutest thing ever. Peter Rabbit lives.
Today, I heard my younger brother explain how the internet is saving his life.
Today, I smelled brownies that smelled too much of baking powder, as they were made by scratch by children.
Today, I touched $2.15 in change.
Today, I tasted the most delicious vegetable risotto with chicken made at my dad's italian restaurant. I recommend anyone to try fried leeks.

Laura said...

Refreshing The Hayleylujah Chorus for the past 30 minutes as I've gone about my normal internet-y activities has made me nostalgic about April. I'm so giddy about reading your blog for the rest of this month.

Today, I saw: An old man, also alone, sit down at the next table facing me. I then saw him stare at me for about a minute, stand slowly, and turn to face the opposite direction.
Today, I heard: The little Skype sound saying that someone I like a whole lot is online.
Today, I touched: The slightly matted fur of my childhood stuffed animals.
Today, I smelled: the refreshing scent of cleaning supplies, as my mom was cleaning out our laundry room.
Today, I tasted: McDonald's french fries, for the first time in years. I feel somewhat guilty giving money to a corporation that is kind of scary in its prominence in our culture. But nonetheless, nom nom nom.

And I love the senses thing. I'm not embarassed to admit that I've been reading most of them, too. Even though it's not my blog. It's so interesting, though! It's such a quick, simple way to know what someone's day was like.

stephie said...

Hayley -

I almost never leave comments because I am one of the laziest people via the intertubes and commenty goodness. But, I saw that no one else has commented yet, and felt compelled. And, knowing how others view these intertubes, by the time I finish writing this there should be at least 5 other people who have left far wittier, more eloquent comments. *Sigh* Such is life.

Anyway, today I Saw: my cat sleeping soundly by my hands doing the cuuuu-etest little stretches that are really only admired by a cat owner.
Smelled: Fresh baked cookies out of the oven for...
Hear: My husband's poker group shouting obscenities loudly downstairs and things like "NOOOO! Dude, you got it on the flop!"...
Felt: the stuffed up nose that comes from the cutest cat around
Tasted: A cold beverage brisk on my tongue as I sit banished to the upstairs away from all the testosterone downstairs. Delightful.

Good luck figuring out all that crazy life-stuff. Life-stuff can be stress-stuff, but in the end, it's a pretty fun ride we all get to take. Loves!

to_thine_own_self said...

Today, I saw: the horribly creepy face and wings of a bat swooping down at me while I tried to sleep. Yep. A freaking bat got into my bedroom somehow in the middle of the night last night. Ugh.
Today, I heard: myself scream louder than I think I ever have in my life, as the above mentioned bat flew out of the curtain in which he had been hiding...
Today, I smelled: the fear in the air at my house. It was awful. Haha.
Today, I touched: thick, man gloves as I attempted to catch the little winged intruder.
Today, I tasted: Not much. I was too petrified to eat a lot, I think. Bats are in my top five worst fears list...and they're like...attracted to me or something. This is the third bat to get into my house now and the fifth one to come swooping at me altogether. I was once walking along a sidewalk when one was right in my path in broad daylight. Then, I was in the basement part of my local library (in broad daylight) when one flew right past me.
Ugh...sorry about the bat rant tonight...It made my day pretty traumatizing...

jenibo said...

Haha Yep. Love it.
The scene in High School Musical 2 where Zefs was singing Bet On It was inspired by that moment, right? It had to be. I could not think of anything else for the rest of the movie.

I hope your stresses have disintegrated by the time you read this comment. If not, I suggest chocolate!

kira902k said...

Well, mysterious girl, I hope everything is alright.

Today I saw the first episode of Firefly. It was beautiful.

And that's all I have time to write. :P I'm lazy. And I have half an hour to complete my own BEDA. :)



Sarah said...

Today I saw very little cause my glasses were on the other side of the house and I was too lazy to get them

Today I heard the sound of pouring rain pounding the tin roof and felt glad I was home in bed

Today I touched clean, dry, fluffy sheets hot out of the dryer

Today I smelled a disgusting combination of sickness and ickyness that is all me (hence the laziness and being in bed all day - sorry to gross you out :-p)

Today I tasted nothing... avoiding repeat of above

*hugs to hayley* nice to have a blog post to read while I am feeling sorry for myself

Tara said...

Today I saw Eclipse for the first time and was unimpressed and yet I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen.
Today I heard a good song on the radio that I can't remember the name of.
Today I touched the softest blanket at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Today I smelled a candle at Wal*Mart.
Ioday I tasted a delicious chicken Caesar salad.

Ellen B said...

Today I saw: A less than stellar Zac Efron movie, but it didn't matter because all I kept thinking the whole time was how freaking hot he looked. And, in case you were wondering, yes, I am a 12-year-old (read: 22-year-old) girl.
Today I heard: The wonderful MIKA keep me upbeat while I ran for 35 minutes on the elliptical.
Today I touched: My dog Tucker's incredibly slobbery soccer ball...gross.
Today I smelled: Mom's spaghetti simmering away on the stove.
Today I tasted: Sad spaghetti. It was delicious. No spaghetti sauce recipe will ever be quite as awesome as my mother's.

Kelly said...

Today I saw a guy who looked like Harry Potter *sigh*

Today I heard some wrock on :)

Today I touched a lot of gross icky sand on the volleyball court

Today I smelled like smoke after joining a coworker on her break. ick.

Today I tasted some Lucky Charms.

I hope all is going well for you :o)

Aly said...

Today, I saw: these really awesome cupcake earrings that I bought!
Today, I heard: the second episode of true blood. I saw it too! Not just heard it, in case you were wondering xD
Today, I touched: an icecube.
Today, I smelled: old feet. Well, not actually. But this house that smelled like what I imagine old feet to smell like.
Today, I tasted: Indian food! So good :)

tranquilily said...

Today I saw a hilariously awesome dance scene from "3 Ninjas" that I liked as a kid.
Today I heard construction work far too early in the morning outside my window.
Today I touched my stats book but I didn't look at it very much.
Today I smelled my yellow jersey cotton sheets, which say "stars twinkle, moon beams, while I dream my favorite dreams".
Today I tasted berry Juicy Juice.

&$#%@! said...

Today I saw old (but new to me) episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Today I heard annoying "on hold" music from a phone call my sister put on speaker phone.

Today I touched my cell phone as it was ringing, which also turned out to be the exact moment my friend decided to hang up.

Today I smelled food smothered in some kind of sauce with a beefy scent that made me want to throw up since I had a headache at that moment.

Today I tasted cold water from my sister's water bottle that quenched my thirst.

Jeremy C. said...

Looking forward to the angst to come! :P

TASTED: A giant chocolate chip cookie that was so soft it practically melted in my mouth. Yeah, be jealous.

FELT: Air-Conditioning, because it's been 90 degrees here in California, and that is NOT okay (it's supposed to be 76 degrees everyday here, just like in WALL-E!)

HEARD: Regina Spektor's song "Us". God I love her music so much.

SMELLED: Fertilizer at the park at which we ran at this morning. NOT GOOD. D:

SAW: A boy scout run right through a formal flag ceremony. It was hard to suppress my laughter.

anna said...

Today, I saw: the Big Dipper. I realized I don't look at the stars as often as I should.

Today, I heard: the buzz of mosquitoes. They are out in full force due to plenty of rain and some intense humidity.

Today, I smelled: fresh strawberries.

Today, I touched: thousands and thousands of boxes of cream cheese.

Today, I tasted: chocolate Oreos. I never had them before. Recommended.

Rennie said...

Yesterday I said that this senses-inspired activity was reminiscent of kindergarten, and while I still think that, this activity also makes me think of the poetry unit in english classes.

Today, I saw: A hilariously stupid/trashy National Lampoon movie called "Van Wilder". This is what I'm doing with my summer...haha.
Today, I heard: Vocal demos from The Final Battle musical that was performed at Infinitus (I was in the orchestra). Harry Potter is amazing.
Today, I touched: my piano for the first time in a while. I'd like to get kind of good at that sometime.
Today, I smelled: Humidity. Strange how different types of weathers have scents to go with them, but they do, and humidity is not one of the nicer ones.
Today, I tasted: hummus. Delicious gift to the world (especially vegetarians!)

kalimagination said...

Today, I saw: Pictures of teacup piggies. Today, my mother saw her daughter sitting in front of her laptop, pointing, and squealing "LOOK AT THE LITTLE PIGGIES!"
Today, I heard: The vibrating of my phone, almost constantly, as I was txting a new friend almost all day.
Today, I smelled: The smoke of a nearby wildfire.
Today, I touched: The Hunger Games, which so far, has lived up to its hype.
Today, I tasted: My hair. The wind kept blowing it into my mouth.

Allison :) said...

Today I saw some people staring at me at Home Depot as I ran around with the Clarinet section leader to buy brass polish.
Today I heard the laughs of my aunt and grandmother.
Today I touched the inside of a sousaphone with a rag covered in Brasso brass polish.
Today I smelled the Brasso brass polish, and convinced myself that I was experiencing some out of body experiences from so much inhalation.
Today I tasted warm chocolate chip cookies I had just baked for my best friend/crush of 2 years who has a gf he's known his entire life. He's moving across the country in a day.

Katie said...

Hope your puppy is alright. <3

Today, I saw a former middle school classmate fill my Vicodin prescription at CVS Pharmacy. (I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday. Scared.)

Today, I heard loud air plane noises overhead when I went on base.

Today, I smelled chlorine and sun in my hair and on my towel.

Today, I touched a volleyball while trying to teach myself how to jump serve. Three serves actually made it over the net!

Today, I tasted delicious carrot cake made by one of my mom's friends.

Kai said...

Today, I saw my fathers cousin leave our house after staying with us for two months.

Today, I heard the beautiful music of A Very Potter Sequel, which far exceeded any and all expectations I had.

Today, I smelled my first home cooked meal in nine days after having only mountains of Mcdonalds and Subway for nine days of travel via bus.

Today, I touched my bed early in the morning, around 1AM for the first time in nine days.

Today, I tasted the best iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts compared the revolting NDSU and Gloria Jeans coffee in the west.

It's good to be home.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: Two monarch butterflies. At the risk of sounding way too girlish and like a five year old, that is what I am sharing.
Today, I touched: A branch that had fallen a week ago in a storm, which I broke and threw away.
Today, I tasted: peach and mango frozen yogurt, a bit too frozen but still good.
Today, I heard: the sound of myself typing... which is awesome since my computer was not with me for a few days. It was really boring.

Sarah said...

Today, I saw the sunrise while it was raining, and the sky was this untouchable lavander powder as th rain fell.

Savannah said...

I was almost 100% sure that link was going to be a Rickroll. You're really holding out, huh?

Today, I saw: a few too many you-know-whats on Omegle video chat. Not going to be doing that again for awhile.
Today, I heard: that supercool TiK ToK/California Gurls remix, where you start not to be able to tell the difference between the songs.
Today, I smelled: some fattylicious cinamonny churros at the baseball game I went to.
Today, I touched: the side of my face way too much, because I hit myself in the face with a curling iron yesterday because I am brilliant. (And I keep thinking that if I touch the burnt spot enough, it'll disappear.)
Today, I tasted: a bunch of sweet little cherry tomatoes that my mom got at the farmer's market.


Niki. said...

Today, I saw: my laptop screen... and not much else.
Today, I heard: an annoying buzzing/rattling/ringing-type noise in my ear...
Today, I touched: they keys of my laptop keyboard... and not much else.
Today, I smelled: black cherry-flavored Propel.
Today, I tasted: a grilled cheese sandwich.

I hope everything's alright!
And I love the senses thing, too, even though I can never remember anything interesting... it's fun to think about, and to read others' answers. :D.

Dana said...

Today I saw: the "Vampires Suck!" trailer and decided with my best friend that we must see it together. We seemed it only fitting, as Twilight was the fandom we obsessed over and then...laughed hysterically over together.
Today I heard: my new The Weepies music through some wonderfully retro headphones.
Today I touched: my new crochet instruction book in the hopes I'll be able to make stuff cute enough to sell on Etsy. Fingers crossed!
Today I smelled: the incredibly salty burgers at Red Robin.
Today I tasted: my new acne medication. Yaaaay, puberty!

Keshara said...

Today, I saw: lighting in the sky get closer and closer as the night grew darker and darker.
Today, I heard: Justin Bieber, though I very much wish I hadn't.
Today, I smelled: hot asphalt, which is kind of a daily thing considering how hot it gets in the desert.
Today, I touched: a black ink pen with which I drew a picture.
Today, I tasted: Xtremo Mango Gatorade. Delicious.

kmyhatisgone said...

Yesterday was a bundle of fun so I'm going to do it again today!

I saw: that I had received a random email from my best and dearest friend who I don't get to see as often as I'd like. The email was hilarious.

I heard: Telescope Eyes by Eisley, and it's now stuck in my head.

I touched: someone's fleece jumper on the bus on the way home. It was an accident and it was awkward...*cue communitychannel*

I smelled: not much since I have a cold, BUT at some stage today I thought I could smell juice.

I tasted: naan bread. Bitchin'.

Ida Ruda said...

Now, if I ever meet you, you'll be my Johnny and I'll run at you and jump and you'll lift me up over your head. Or you'll run away like any sane human being.

I woke up five minutes ago, so I don't think I've sensed anything particularly interesting. So I'll pass today's senses.

Rosanna said...

Today I...
saw: my little dog with a cone of shame around her head, cute and sad at the same time.
heard: some old time music I can't stop listening to, Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand, what ladies!
touched:the entire contents of my room, tidying kills me inside! But finding a pile of 30 unsent Christmas cards under you bed is always funny :)
smelled: flowers on my walk, its very rare you actually smell flowers before you see them...
tasted: the delight of strawberry and banana milkshake mixed together, so delicious!

I am loving reading your BEDA posts, its a nice treat to wake up to every morning, and I love the links :)

Elisabeth said...

Today I saw: the hairs on a fly's wing, under a scanning electron microscope.
Today I heard: julia gillard (Aust. PM) mispronounce the word 'negotiate' something like twelve times on Yes We Canberra
Today I touched: the soft hairs of my cat
Today I smelled: the warm, earthy scent of summer in the air, even though it's the middle of winter
Today I tasted: truffles (the mushroom), for the second time ever, because they're in season right now. Oh, and these totally awesome homemade blueberry pancakes.

Paloma said...

Today, I saw: a little girl begging her dad to buy her a snack at the supermarket. She brought back memories of me doing the same thing, and it was overwhelming, because I recently realized I don't want to grow up.

Today, I heard: People chatting happily in a café, while my mom and myself sat there, silently, smiling at each other and sipping our sodas. We probably looked crazy, but we understand each other, and that's all that matters.

Today, I smelled: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I love the smell of books, and that one in particular... just by smelling it all the events of the novel hit me. It's amazing.

Today, I tasted: Sweet japanese chicken.

Lizzy said...

Today, the SUNSHINE. It's been grey here for a few days so the sun was welcomed. :)

Today, I heard Party in the USA and giggled about how I illegally downloaded it and heard it before any of my friends, who were all obsessed with it later.

Today, I touched the pages of the Hunger Games, and soaked in every page.

Today, I smelled, the Burts Bees chapstick I applied sleepily as I woke up this morning.

Today, I tasted the inside of my mouth because I am yet to eat breakfast!

Also, Hayley, I think you should add "I read" to this. :) Reading is a sense...right?

Jenny said...

Today, I saw: The most beautiful teapot at an ohterwise terrible flea market. Since it was only 140 SEK (20 dollars), I bought it in less than a heartbeat.
Today, I heard:
Today, I smelled: Mould. As I said, the flea market was pretty terrible.
Today, I touched: Very chubby baby cheeks. Well, "squeezed" is probably more accurate.
Today, I tasted: Tiny cinnamon buns and way too many cups of coffee.

Jordiekins said...

The things I watch for you, Hayley. I mean, really? =P

Today, I saw the first koi swimming around in my college's koi pond, which saw an unfortunate MASSACRE a few months ago.

Today, I heard the sound of my dog eating his food at 4:30 in the morning.

Today, I touched juggling balls for a few hours, wanting nothing more than to finally get this new trick I learned just right.

Today, I smelled pepper. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of pepper. Turns out, my mom spilled some right behind the fan in our kitchen. We had to clean it out and junk.

Today, I tasted fresh strawberries for the first time this year. I don't have any adjectives for this.

Claire said...

Today, I saw: the back of the guy I think I'm in love with walking away after saying goodbye to me - leaving the country for a year to study in America

Today, I heard: some great music on Spotify

Today, I smelled: fresh air back home in the country side.... so distinctly different from city smells.

Today, I touched: the back of 'my situation' whilst in a hug....last one for a long time :(

Today, I tasted: delicious peas grown in my back garden

Larry said...

Eat those MorningStar buffale wings with some chipotle mustard. Best. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: a documentary about the aftermath when people end their lives jumping in front of tube trains. It was completely heartbreaking.
Today, I heard: my sister singing McFly songs when she thought no one could hear. It was cute.
Today, I smelled: nothing. I have the flu :(
Today, I touched: a bracelet my mum bought me as a gift made out of recycled glass that feels like sea glass.
Today, I tasted: Bacon that I cooked myself for the first time ever. I did give up being vegetarian like a few months ago, so this is forgivable.

Joi said...

Today I saw: the piles of random stuff rising like mountains as my room descended into messy-ness
Today I heard: the oddly serene relaxing voices of NPR hosts as they speak of various crises around the world
Today I tasted: the crunchy, dryly un-milked breakfast of champions straight from the box. Yay Wheaties!
Today I touched: the steering wheel with my trembling hands as I took and passed my road test and then drove by myself for the first time
Today I smelled: the incredibly clean smell of fresh paint as our deck dried from its overdue paint job

pickles4muggles said...

OH Hayley. I love your blogs.

I feel so sad for your dog. I wish I had one :(

Me time sounds really good. I think I should give myself that some time.

UGH you did it. you made me crave chipotle for the ten millionth trillionth time.

but it's okay cuz you're freaking awesomeee