Thursday, August 19, 2010

Car Rides and YouTube in 3D

What? What's this? A blog? I have a blog?

Just kidding, guys; I didn't forget to post yesterday. At 12:23 PM, while we were on our way to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with friends from the 818 youtube gathering, I interrupted conversation in The Situation's car to jab my finger at the digital clock and proclaim, "I have failed! I did not blog every day in August!" Unfortunately, though, we were about two hours away from my computer, and surrounded by hilarious and fun people, and about to watch Michael Cera be awkwardly sexy. So I accept any insults you'd like to throw at me, because I admit to having failed. But I have fun things to tell you!

I drove all through the night on Tuesday with Andy, The Situation's drummer, on our way to Chez Situation. He has a crazy nice hybrid car with a button instead of a key, and driving it sort of feels like ice skating on a freshly unsealed jar of peanut butter without any cuts on its surface. Perhaps I'm romanticizing this smoothness a little bit, since I was tired at the time and my old pickup truck is often reminiscent of riding a wild bull, but let me tell you-- those things are freakin' luxurious.

Vastly more interesting than Andy's car, though, was our six-hour conversation. You'd think it would be uncomfortable, being stuck in a small, enclosed space with someone you know rather casually, and I anticipated enough awkward silences that I brought a book with me, but it wasn't remotely weird. We literally didn't stop talking the entire ride. The Situation texted me several times to ask how we were doing and what was going on, and according to my text message history, Andy and I told our life stories at 10:30, talked about philosophy at 11:45, discussed the "oppressive patriarchal society to which we are slaves" at 12:30, got into religion sometime around one, and ended the journey in a slap-happy stupor-- involving jokes to which "penis" was the punchline-- at 5AM.

I crashed when we got into The Situation's house. It always puts me in that library-esque state of comfort. I only slept about four hours, though. When you wake up from a dream about hanging out with your awesome boyfriend and then realize he's in the next room, it's hard to choose lying still with your eyes closed over the option of poking him repeatedly until he'll get up and play with you.

So yeah. The Albany, New York youtube gathering! I genuinely had a lot of fun. We went to a burrito place for lunch (a good start), hung out in a park, and then went over to some little bar, where we stood in awe and amazement and wonder as members of our gang took turns performing absolutely beautiful poetry and beautiful songs. Caitlin Hill also performed "beautiful" dances to accompany Mike and Andy's set, causing me to lose my breath from laughing. After 2/3* of the Mike Lombardo Trio played (*fans face with hand*), I was introduced to the GORGEOUS music of Benjamin Jameson Morey. I'd never heard of him before, but he won me over instantly. Such clever and pretty and poignant lyrics, combined with a really endearing personality and altogether attractive presentation. You need to look him up. That's an order.

Then we went to the movie, which was... entertaining, and something I'm glad I saw, but not exactly my cup of tea, and then we all had an orgy**, and then I considered blogging, and then I fell instantly asleep on The Situation's couch. Now I'm eating scrambled eggs.

I'm seriously sorry if anyone was disappointed by a lack of post yesterday-- it broke my heart this morning to see that @kinseyheartsyou from twitter was waiting up for it. It means so much to me that you guys care so deeply about what I have to say. You're amazing. Honestly.

Yesterday, I saw: Albany, New York for the first time.
Yesterday, I heard: LizzieRadio perform live (her youtube channel is linked above). She was really good and so sweet.
Yesterday, I smelled: dead skunk on the highway.
Yesterday, I touched: my usually-not-IRL friend, Erica. A lot.
Yesterday, I tasted: a super gooey and delicious cheesecake brownie, made by my awesome new youtube friend Emily's mom.

Chipotle burritos this year: 23
Subscribers: 33,052
Nail color: "Through the Grapevine," Wet 'n' Wild

*I offered to sing the bass guitar parts, but they declined my offer. I have no idea why.
**No, we did not. I apologize-- I'm not even sure why I just found that funny.


Scott said...

I was just thinking about how I forgot to check your blog yesterday, so I'm kind of relieved I didn't miss anything. And it's a comfort to know, that when you were singing the hit the road blues, that anywhere-you-could-possibly-go-after-New-Yorrrrrk would be... your blog.

And THANK YOU for pointing me in the direction of Benjamin Jameson Morey! He's profound.

anna said...

Ahhh, isn't Lizzie fantastic? I've been subscribed to her a while now on account of how my YouTube friend Ryan is her IRL best friend, so that's pretty cool. I'm glad you go to have such fun w/ Mike & company.

And I must mention that I maybe kind of was waiting up for you to post as well. More like I was refreshing the dashboard instead of packing whilst watching Jake and Amir videos.

Veronica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veronica said...

I still love you, even though you didn't blog yesterday. :D
Today I saw: Er, I'm going to see Vampires Suck in a couple hours. ^^
Today I heard: I lot of AVPM/AVPS. It's all I real here. Baby you're not alone...-shakes head-
Today I smelled: Popcorn. Only I wasn't eating it, and this made me kind of sad.
Today I touched: My lovely Newfoundland, Bryza. :D
Today I tasted: Toasted bagels from Dunkin Donuts with whipped cream cheese~
P.S. Sorry I removed the last one and posted again. I accidentally wrote 'Dunking Donuts.' XD

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I'm glad you had fun, Hayley. I was pretty concerned at first because I check yours, Kristina's, and Kayley's blog all day and finally it was close to 9pm here meaning midnight there so I checked and nothing was up. So then I decided to check when it was close to midnight here an still nothing was up. I was worried it was because you had a bad day (obviously I had forgotten you went to Mike's house and the YouTube gathering lol.)

Yesterday I ate: yummy cookies n' cream ice cream
Yesterday I touched: my sister's dog, Tiffany, who I haven't seen in about a week since my sister moved out last month but I decided to be nice and petsit the girl yesterday (she's very soft but a complete handful)
Yesterday I heard: MuggleCast episode about the DH split
Yesterday I saw: tons of scholarly websites about Buffy when I was looking up sources for my hopefully-I'm-still-doing-it-if-the-dean-contacts-me-back thesis
Yesterday I smelled: this gross orange chemically cleaner. We got our carpets cleaned on tuesday and the smell is STILL really strong!

Michael said...

Yesterday, I saw: A random pervert's penis. story here:
Yesterday, I heard: The sound of the water running in a creek I walked by
Yesterday, I smelled: Freshly cut grass
Yesterday, I touched: My poli sci midterm
Yesterday, I tasted: Mediocre TV dinner Enchiladas

The Blazing Snow said...

According to my Google Reader, as of now, you *have* blogged every day in August.

I'm in England, so that might have something to do with it.

Anna M. said...

your life sounds lovely hayley!
and I thought you had blogged yesterday...but I guess I'm just behind on my reader!

but how can Scott Pilgrim not be EVERYONE'S cup of tea? -thinks about it- haha ok I can see how, but still, for me it was an instant classic. I plan on seeing it 2 more times. and then buying it. :D

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Stefan said...

I wish I had more people to talk about "oppressive patriarchal society to which we are slaves". It's a topic I enjoy a lot and most people just will not have any of it.

Equality reminds me a lot of speeding. Anyone who drives slower then me is a slow poke and anyone who drives faster is a maniac.

Yet is seems as history marches forward we tend to be more and more equal. Not that we are any where close to getting away from patriarchy.

yarg. and this is me mid day and not delirious at like 11:30pm.

Anonymous said...

So what does the 'g' stand for in HaleyGHoover?

Amanda McLoughlin said...

I'm so glad to have met you, Hayley. I had a great time hanging out, and I very much appreciate your compliments on my poetry. I always like to perform for and talk with other writers, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

I posted a BEDA entry late this month because of Scott Pilgrim, too. My boyfriend and I got into our second or first real fight because of that movie, too. It was okay I guess, but it sort of glamorized the Loser we all don't really want [our boyfriends] to be. Anybody with me? Anybody? Anybody? I mean, it's cute when you don't have to think about the Real World and marriage and taxes and... stuff. But here, outside of the movies, it's sort of necessary. Agh. Anyway, the fight, if you were wondering, is over, and we are just as happy as you and Mike Lombardo. Really. Fighting is not very pleasant. And it's unusual.

I admire your ability to hold a conversation for six hours. Do you think it'd be easier or harder with a girl? For some reason, conversations with boys are easier for me. Like, I can poke fun of them and feel cool and liked rather than the bitch I'd feel like if I was talking to a girl.

Uh, well, this comment is heading downhill. I don't know what happened. I'm not a crazyperson. I'm glad to be reading a new post today. Reading your writing makes my day 96% better than the days I don't. I appreciate all that you do for us, Hayley.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You saw Albany! Isn't it (sort of) a nice place? Well, I mean it has its nice places. It loses its nice-ness when you have to drive over and hour and a half to get there for school 3 days a week, but I hope you liked upstate New York! :)

aubriane said...

Jesus H. Macy, Hayley, THANK YOU for finding Benjamin Jameson Morey. He is not just up my alley, he's now subletting a substantial portion of my brain.

kinseyheartsyou said...

don't worry, i went to be eventually when i decided that you must be off doing something incredibly fun and weren't able to post that day. you have a life away from the internet, so i really appreciate the time you take every day to write a blog post while still making videos and everything else. :]
and now i'm off to do some benjamin jameson morey listening. :D

tranquilily said...

Today I:
saw a small part of "Fast and Furious" and was not intrigued;
heard a jar of salsa smash;
smelled many different apartment smells;
tasted yummy cheese breadsticks;
touched a lot of clorox wipes.

Larangutang said...

" And it's a comfort to know, that when you were singing the hit the road blues, that anywhere-you-could-possibly-go-after-New-Yorrrrrk would be... your blog."

That made my day. Thank you. lol

Victoria said...

Today I saw: my orthodontist for the first time since I've gotten my braces off.
Today I heard: my best friend's voice.
Today I smelled: what I thought was steak, but was actually chicken.
Today I touched: a Swiffer. I cleaned a lot today.
Today I tasted: the most mouth-watering strawberries dipped in 60-calorie milk chocolate Jello. So. Good.

Elisabeth said...

I'm going to see Scott Pilgrim tonight. I can't wait - the people I know who have seen it say it's brilliant. Clearly, you're just weird ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's my favorite personal "orgy" anecdote : For my 18th birthday party I just had my friends come hang out at my house and watch movies, because I'm cool like that. We also decided to make it a sleepover so we could stay up late and get all philosophical and whatnot. I'm a girl, and I had 3 close girl friends and 3 good male friends over. Upon hearing that it was a (totally innocent by the way) CO-ED SLEEPOVER, my guy friend's mother reportedly said : "So there will be boys and girls sleeping over? What's going to be going on? I mean, I know how I was at that age when a bunch of boys and girls got together at the same time."
And my friend has been haunted by those words ever since.

caliowin said...

Hey Hayley,
Really missed your blog and I kept checking for it, but I understand having fun and driving throught the night does make it hard to blog, so you are forgiven :) So glad you enjoyed yourself, and are having a good stay at The Situation's house. Going to my Situation's house on Thursday. Very excited.

Today I saw: Gorgeous photo of Cornwall (You should visit Cornwall if you ever come back to the UK- it is beautiful)
Today I heard: My alarm go off to early
Today I smelled: Chemicals.. lots of them. Xylene especially...I guess that comes from a placement working as a research scientist
Today I touched: Broken glass.. broke my experiment :S
Today I tasted: Grapes! LOVE them.

VTBurninator said...

Nooooo worries, have fun and as always we'll be here when you're ready to blog! I'm just glad you've kept up with it this long, but I fear the burnout is approaching and I think some major fangirls might die from lack of 5AG videos aaaaaannnnndddddd HGH blogy awesomeness, not to lay the guilt trip on too thick of course ;)

Curse me for living in Florida and not some more northern state...the gathering sounded like a blast!!

Chelsea said...

I'm sorry for comment spamming you, I'm a few days behind....

So now I kind of understand how the people who didn't go to VidCon feel about the people who DID go, and their need to talk about it...

I really wish I could have come to the show. I really should have gone to the show. I can reschedule a violin lesson, right? But it was my last lesson before college, and I've been taking lessons with this teacher for a few years now and I felt like I couldn't miss it, and idk, I just panicked.

I'm such a n00b when it comes to events that I always feel awkward and unsure of belonging there. But then I feel like I missed out, and guess what? I did. So I hope that I can fix that in the future.

As someone with very little knowledge of video games (my friends play them, and I rocked many a GameBoy back in the day) I actually really liked Scott Pilgrim. I was a little unsure when the opening credits started with a bang, but I was hopeful, and that got me through the movie. There were some cute parts : )

smilenose said...

I'm really glad you liked Albany! I was one of the people at the show! sorry I didn't say hi or anything, one of the people I was with wasnt a youtuber so I didn't want to fangirl and make her feel awaked. but it was awesome to creeply stair at you from across the room.

and was that burrito place bombers? just wondering.

Emily said...

This was such a good recap! It was so great to hang out with you, you really are the sweetest.

So how many burritos have you eaten this year that weren't from Chipotle?

Bombers: 1

Also, I love how you've described Ben. Spot. On.

kira902k said...

I just read this entire blog out loud to Sam Harris. And four other nerd friends. In my basement. We love you.

- Alex

thatgirlonline said...

I was a little loud during their set. I feel kind of bad about that. I was just so excited. I rarely ever go to concerts and rarely do I know the songs well, so, when I do know... well, boy am I excited to sing along and get the lyrics wrong :P

I had such a fun time with you, light of my YT life. xo