About the Blog
The Hayleylujah Chorus (don't worry if you don't understand the name; neither do I) began in early 2009 as a place for Hayley to discuss issues pertaining to the YouTube community. It has since grown to include ramblings about the author's personal life, while occasionally featuring a more meritorious post about topics like gay rights, depression, or body image.

About Hayley
Hayley G. Hoover is a 22-year-old published author, editor, video blogger, and recent graduate of Ohio University. She has been posting comedic videos on her YouTube channel, hayleyghoover, since 2005, and has amassed over 78,000 subscribers. She currently makes five short videos a week for Along with four extremely hot women, Hayley co-created a YouTube project called Five Awesome Girls, which gave way to a popular genre of video blogging. She contributes weekly videos to the My Damn Channel webseries Answerly, through which she provides advice for college students. Hayley also has an active twitter feed and a secondary channel for more casual video posts.

On the rare occasions that Hayley isn't hunched over a laptop screen, she enjoys roadtripping around the US, eating copious amounts of Mexican food, running, and rereading Harry Potter. She can be contacted at