Thursday, August 5, 2010

Multiple tasks!

Nobody's ever considered me much of a multi-tasker-- I'm one of those people who's always attempting to read a book while walking down a crowded hallway, only to inevitably fall on her face or crash into someone's backpack. However, I'll have you know that I currently have a tray of cookies in the oven, another sheet loaded and ready to go, and my fiveawesomegirls video exporting. I'm also, like, writing a blog and being a badass. So that's pretty much five things at once.

Surprise! Your comments on yesterday's post made my day, just like always. The general consensus seems to be that none of you understand the appeal of cars (ditto) or makeup (same here), and that most of you who DO understand clothes still don't really bother put any effort into them. It's comforting to know that I'm in good company, then.* I think our collective Style is "Awesome Nerdy Internet Person." And I hear that's in vogue. Anyway, on to the sensing!

Today, I saw: this webcomic, which I found just infinitely funnier than it actually is.
Today, I heard: some drunk guy in the backseat of his friend's SUV get into a fight with a FedEx truck driver during stopped highway traffic. Next, a car full of seventeen-year-olds next to me rolled down their window and informed me that, "Ma'am, I like your ponytail. It is exquisite."
Today, I touched: balls of gooey, lumpy cookie dough.
Today, I smelled: fresh tomatoes from my dad's garden.
Today, I tasted: whole wheat flatbread. Yum!

Lastly, and totally leastly, I have to make a quick retraction... in yesterday's post, I made a joke about pulling weeds, and referred to "the exciting smoking kind," meant to funny, because I am obviously not the toking type. My mother, however, did not find it amusing, and insists that I inform you all that I do not smoke pot. So. I do not smoke pot. Kbye!

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,300
Nail color: "Rogue Vogue," Maybelline (discontinued)

*Except for you psychos who said you don't enjoy eating. I still love you, of course, and I'm willing to look past this... but it was painful to read, guys. It really was.


Josh Normanton said...

Im now in search of a recipe for Chipotle burritos cause of your videos never heard of them before =]

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: Emma Watson's new hair cut!
Today, I heard: John and Hank singing "Stuff on your head" for the second time but still so awesome!
Today, I Touched: warm tomatoes as I picked off the vine.
Today, I tasted: raspberry green tea and raspberry lemonade mix together, it was good, honest! No hating.

Anonymous said...

Just the other day I was at my aunt's house and I went out to the car to get a book . . . I started reading it as I closed the door and tripped my way up the gravel driveway, the patio steps, through the sliding glass door, and into the house with my nose in it. I put a hand out and felt my way along the countertops and the walls, straight past a bunch of people, and to the couch. They were all staring at me but I pretended not to notice because honestly, the world needs more people reading while walking.

Though I think the most epic reading-while-walking I've seen was when Goblet of Fire came out, so I was about nine, I saw a woman in her mid-twenties walking down a crowded street wearing a backpack with GoF right up in front of her. How she avoided the telephone poles I don't know.

Oh and crazy psycho non-eating-enjoying people are sad, but I do understand them. When I was an eating disordered sixteen-year-old, I did not enjoy eating either. Now I'm a face-stuffing nineteen-year-old and about a million times happier. ;) Contrary to what some people think (and what I once thought), eating does not have to be torture, even if it does not involve a single lettuce leaf. Even if it is nothing but chocolate, butter, and sugar. Hee hee.

to_thine_own_self said...

Today, I saw: Emma Watson's new haircut. And I liked it, surprisingly.
Today, I heard: the hustle and bustle of Walmart employees, as I was waiting for one of them to call me back to give me an interview.
Today, I touched: a pee cup. That's right...I had to pee in a cup today. For a drug test. What fun. At least everyone will know that, like you, I do not smoke pot.
Today, I smelled: my deodorant. It smells good.
Today, I tasted: the absolute deliciousness that are Snickers Ice Cream Bars. Oh my gosh...they're chocolate-y, peanut-y, carmel-y, crunchy goodness. Ahaha.

Paige said...

I feel like I've missed one of your things, because I only counted four.

Today I saw: My boyfriend.
Today I heard: Your voice on your YouTube video.
Today I touched: Potato Wedges from KFC
Today I tasted: Crackballs. No, they do not have crack in them, we call them that because they are very addicting. They're really oreo truffles.

Tara said...

Today I saw another Degrassi episode.
Today I touched a balloon at the party supply store while I was looking for decorations for my sister's baby shower.
Today I tasted delicious Moose Track ice cream.
Today I heard Taylor Swift's new single Mine.
Today I smelled the inside of a dollar store. They always smell the same and it isn't pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Today I saw: Doctor Who. I've become obsessed. I am almost done with the fourth season after less than two weeks.
Today I heard: The washing machine. All day.
Today I touched: My ticket to go to WWOHP (which I'm leaving for tomorrow)!!!! Is it weird that I've been stroking the ticket?
Today I smelled: Horses. Not horse poop. The actual horse. I promise it smells good, but that could be all the memories attached to that particular smell.
Today I tasted: Not much. I had cornflakes for breakfast, skipped lunch, and had cornflake chicken for dinner. So I guess I tasted a lot of cornflakes today. Not that I'm complaining. I love cornflakes. They were also John Lennon's favorite food, not that it means anything.

waffleshouse said...

Today I saw: this adorable dress, then was crushed when I saw that the largest size was a 3.

Today I heard: a podcast done by a friend i met at a wrock concert

Today I touched: Straight from the tree figs (so yummy, if you never had fresh fig I suggest you try some)

Today I tasted: Maghluba which is this arabic rice dish that is super yummy

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I didn't even think about cars or makeup but I definitely don't get those things either. Also, I think it's adorable that your mom felt it was necessary for you to tell us you don't smoke pot haha.

I saw: my awesome Infinitus and WWoHP pictures when they came in the mail. It made me want to go back to Hogwarts :(
I heard: my mom snoring very loudly next to me AT 8PM!
I smelt: yummeh hot pockets
I tasted: snow caps!
I felt: my amazingly soft comforter when I unsuccessfully was trying to remain asleep with my mom yelling for me to get up and talk to my sister who was on the phone.

Kai said...

Today, I saw a plethora of youtube videos!

Today, I heard ALL CAPS music coming from my iPod!

Today, I Touched a new 64 pack of crayola crayons (that came in a vintage crayon box with eight collectors colors!) in which I have been coloring in my hello kitty 288 page coloring book the past few days.

Today, I tasted the most gooey grilled cheese I've ever had made by my mom.

and because I didn't comment yesterday I feel the need to make my opinions now!

As for cars, I couldn't care less. Style, I think it's cool but I generally throw on jeans/shorts and a tee shirt, or a sundress because that means I don't have to coordinate anything. However, I think make-up is actually really fun. I'm not so much in it to make me look more appealing, though, more as art. And as a nerdy/art/theatre person, I kind of treat everyday like putting colors on my eyes like art .
But I still love to eat like a pig. Eating is amazing! Just tonight, I'd finished eating dinner, and my mom saw me reaching for some chex mix in our cabinet, and she stopped talking on the phone to ask me "Really? Are you hungry? Or just bored. Don't eat when you're bored!"
Thanks Mom.

Alice said...

Felt: Brand new jeans, they fit perfectly in every way and put me in wonderful mood
Saw: THINGS! I finally got my eyeglass perscription fixed
Tasted: Fresh pasta with tomatoes, basil and freshly grated parmesan cheese
Heard:" Never Going to Give You Up," yes, Urban Outfitters Rick Roll'D me.
Smelled: Bright green nail polish

I_Smile_When_It_Rains said...

Hey Hayley- You have an awesome Blog!!!

Today I saw: Another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D's.

I really should have seen: My biology homework.

Today I heard: My six year old brother complain about having toothpaste stuck on his eyebrow.

Today I touched: My hair, which at te moment is more oily then the oil spill. Ew.

Today I smelled: Nothing. I have a blocked nose. I just sit here making annoying sniffing noises.

Today I tasted: Lemon cordial. Not very remarkable I hear you think (That's right- I hear you think.)But it actually is when you have four younger siblings who pounce on cordial as soon as it comes through the door, not leaving any for their amazingly awesome eldest sister.

Also, with the whole reading/ multitasking- When my grandma was younger she was so obsessed with reading she would walk home from school with one foot in the gutter and one on the path so that she could concentrate on reading and not on where she was going- genius much?

Pip said...

I feel compelled to mention that some people may not love food because of certain issues they may have with eating. I know eating disorders can affect a person's relationship with food for years even after recovery.

- I saw steely gray storm clouds approaching my house,
- I heard my dad singing church songs off-key as he cooked dinner,
- I touched crisp new notebooks waiting to be filled,
- I smelled fresh country air after a summer storm, and
- I tasted slightly salted edamame.

Paloma said...

Today I went shopping xD I know it's completely superficial, but it made me happy. Maybe because of Rosa-Fiona Bettina's blog -that girl who has inspired me to use my camera again- but I really enjoyed it. And I've always hated shopping. I still prefer going book shopping, though. And I always will!

Today, I saw: Lost season 3, disc 1. I blame Kristina and Luke for my new obsession. :)

Today, I heard: my chihuahua bark tirelessly. Not pleasant, but I have to admit that with her tiny lungs she's incredibly good at it.

Today, I touched: All kinds of fabrics.

Today, I smelled: Eggs with tomatoes, cooked by my dad, who, by all means, is a wonderful cook.

Today, I tasted: Tortilla with salt. Delicious. I don't know why mexican food has bad stereotypes. I mean, you know that's were Chipotle comes from, right? Geez.

bookmouse99 said...

Today I saw: The most adorable twin boys in the world in my swimming class

Today I heard; A five year old yelling "Yessir" at me everytime I called out a new colour in "red light, green light"

Today I smelled: Air dried bed sheets as I took a midafternoon nap

Today I touched: A rubber squirty whale.

Today I Tasted: A slightly burnt grilled cheese with bacon, made with love by my Dad.

Ellen B said...

OMG thank you for that link to Party Cat. Freaking hysterical.

Ben said...

Today, I saw: A family of five walk into a diner right before me, resulting in having to wait about 15 minutes longer.
Today, I heard: a seagull that sounded suspiciously like a man crying in agony.
Today, I touched: three Harry Potter figurines back from 2000.
Today, I smelled: the inside of an obviously-not-washed public shower at a campground.
Today, I tasted: buttermilk pancakes with just a little too many chocolate chips.

pickles4muggles said...

LMFAO yes hayley, you are SUCH a badass.

Hayley hayley hayley, I want cookies now. and chipotle. You always tend to make me crave food

ROFL ROFL it's good to know that you don't smoke pot. good girl

Kaedtiann said...

Man, I wish someone would call MY ponytails exquisite. Maybe I should start putting my hair up more often. Yeah... or not.

Today, I saw: HAZE. Everywhere. My whole town is in this smoky haze because there are forest fires kind of not really at all nearby.

Today, I heard: Is Voldy Gay or European? --> The beautiful Starkid Potter remix done by huffley6. Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet... GO.
Oh, and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but also: Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing. Through my computer, of course, but beautiful, nevertheless.

Today, I touched: Chalk. I went outside and played with my neighbours like the cool kid I am. They're practically the Weasleys, as a family with seven kids, and all very cute and funny.

Today, I smelled: Sufficiently buttered and salt-shaken popcorn - the love of my life! About to watch a movie!

Today, I tasted: Sushi with salty salty soy sauce. Yum.

Maya said...

Today I saw: my cousin, his wife, and two small children whom I hadn't seen in a long time.
Today I heard: myself trying to write a birthday song for my friend on the ukulele. it's really bad, but hopefully she'll laugh.
Today I touched: my piano, which I hadn't played in almost three weeks because I've been in Texas. I missed my piano.
Today I smelled: the soap when I was doing laundry. it's one of my favorite smells.
Today I tasted: blueberries that were really good because they were on sale. almost everything tastes better when it's on sale.

Maya said...
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tranquilily said...

Today I: saw graffiti in a bar, smelled beer in the mugs of everyone around me at said bar because they were all 21 and I am not, tasted kiwi, heard my roommate's loud, carrying voice, and touched water in the swimming pool.

Cece said...

So...Hayley, about that Flatbread...thing. I know that in the past i've enjoyed the fact that someone else out there loved food as much I do, and is as awesome as I am, possibly even more so in both senses, but...i'm not sure if I can overlook this flatbread atrocity.

I have no idea what i'm talking about, only a few people in my life are aware...but just a few short last year ago, I was traumatized by Dunkin Donuts Flatbread. It may just be me being bitter, but I can't help but see all Flatbread as obnoxious, evil compressed bread.

Actually, I don't know what any of that has to do with anything; I hope you enjoyed your flatbread. My boyfriend likes it, too. Just be careful.

Today, I saw: Inception! For two dollars at an unbelievably old theatre! So good!
Today, I heard: The loudest, most obnoxious car repeatedly drive down my street revving their engine.
Today, I touched: an armrest at the above-mentioned theatre that made my hand literally smell like a skunk...
Today, I smelled: Disinfectant, cleaning the bathroom. It felt pretty good, i'm surprisingly o.c.d.
Today, I tasted: Twizzlers. Second to Red Vines, because, what the hell can't they do?

anna said...

Today, I saw: a deer on the side of the highway in the middle of the day. That almost never happens where I live.

Today, I heard: California Girls on the radio and I thought it was Jason Munday's song California Dorks instead. That didn't stop me from singing his lyrics instead.

Today, I touched: the white part of my eye a lot on account of how I had an eyelash and it was threatening to breach my contact lens.

Today, I tasted: my brother's amazing Italian dinner. Mmmmm, penne pasta & sauce.

kira902k said...

LOL for the mother input. Quite amusing.

Today I saw some of my favourite episodes of Buffy again. It really is an amazing tv show. <3
Today I heard the entire Skyway Flyer album, three times straight.
Today I touched the yellowed pages of my copy of Jane Eyre, which I really like, but am stressed about, because I have to finish the next 350 pages (with tiny font) in about 10 days.
Today I tasted the most succulent, perfect cherries I've ever had. They're really in season right now. Mmm.
Today I feared that my cousin would put a spider on my back when i wasn't looking, as he threatened to do.

(I've decided to throw in one "today i felt" thing, because feeling is a pretty strong sense, isn't it?)

Sidsel said...

I din't think you smoked pot Hayley, and it was kind of funny.
I always read you blog in the morning because of the time difference, so I have yet to sense something.

kalimagination said...

Today, I saw: Eclipse. It was boring and I laughed anytime Jacob spoke because I couldn't take his acting seriously.
Today, I heard: my mother quote a HP7 Trailer Spoof (from YOUTUBE), while watching the HP7 Trailer.
Today, I touched: my small collection of stuffed animal ducks.
Today, I smelled: ridiculously delicious waffles.
Today, I tasted: a home-made Blizzard out of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, York mint paties, and whip cream. MmmmMmm.

Niki. said...

Today, I saw: a child dancing around while waiting in line for ice cream.
Today, I heard: thunder. =[.
Today, I touched: an ice cream cone.
Today, I smelled: a skunk. >_<.
Today, I tasted: orange tic tacs. I find them quite addicting.

Emma said...

Today, I saw: Someone I knows pregnant belly. I didn't know they were pregnant but that explains why they went home sick a few times about a month ago.
Today, I heard: Craig Ferguson cracking jokes on Shark Week. He can always make me laugh.
Today, I touched: My piano keys as I showed my brother the song I'm learning.
Today, I smelled: My strawberry shampoo as I slathered it on my scalp. It's lovely smelling.
Today, I tasted: The deliciousness that are my own fried potatoes with lightly scrambled eggs and drizzled with cheese. Yum.
Today, I felt: The anxiety that comes along with making life changing decisions.

I live for multitasking. I always feel so productive even when I end up not having got anything done because I was trying to do everything at once.

BenCracknell said...

Today I saw: BRAD PAISLEY ON A GUITAR MAGAZINE! He was spread all over the front and looked pretty damn sexy. You probably don't this that amazing, but I live in England, for goodness sake, how many people here have heard of him, apart from me? This was TOTALY why today was awesome.
Today I smelled: an overweight man who clearly hadn't washed. He smelled like cheese and crap.
Today I tasted: a raspberry. I didn't pick it off the stork, I ate it straight off it. I wanted it to be the freshest in the world.
Today I touched: my keyboard, as I typed away on my novel. Which I found out today, I loved more than I thought.
Today I heard: the sound of sunshine.

Jenni said...

Today, I (didn't see): a film. Me and my friends went to the cinema and 2 of us realised we'd seen everything. So he and I wandered round the town for a while and then went for a drive (getting a bit lost) waiting for the others.
Today, I heard: a lot of laughter - it was a funny drive :)
Today, I touched: the bump on my head that still hasn't gone away :(
Today, I tasted: the sweet taste of chocolate cake (made even better by the fact it was half price!)
Today, I smelled: the sea. On our walk we passed the Barbican.

My day is awesome because I shared a whole chocolate cake with 1 friend! :P

Jenni said...

and, I actually walked to school reading a book once. I can't remember which one it was, but it was so good I didn't want to put it down. I got funny looks all the way...

Eff said...

Today, I saw: My best friend.
Today, I heard: Myself singing, It was not very pleasant.
Today, I touched: My shiny new pair of Dr Martens. They're bright red!
Today, I smelled: First I drove behind a truck loaded with peoples feces for 20 minutes, then I felt the awful smell of cow dung and THEN I drove past that place where they clean blackwater. All within 40 minutes.
Today, I tasted:Freshly picked blueberry.YUM.

Elisabeth said...

Multitasking is hard work.

Saw: A pair of sneakers, tied together by the shoelaces, slung over the overhead powerline
Heard: My friend's band perform at the tav at uni. They were surprisingly good!
Tasted: a free mars bar
Smelled: the disgusting smell of poor quality sake (rice wine)
Touched: a guitar, for the first time in about a year.

Ida Ruda said...

Today, I saw: this awesome picture which makes me love memes and tumblr even more
Today, I heard: my boss call to tell me I have to work during my friends and mine going-away-to-university-and-we'll-probably-not-see-each-other-in-a-long-long-time-party. Thank you.
Today, I touched: a lot of horrible bills.
Today, I smelled: J├Ąger, which still makes me want to vomit.
Today, I tasted: something called a brownie that was really just a stale cookie. The lies!

Michael's Mom said...

You have a wonderful mother, and she has a wonderful daughter.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: my best friend who broke his leg recently and is something of an invalid.
Today, I heard: two teenage boys wondering out loud what was wrong with my foot as I limped past.
Today, I touched: a bunch of brand new clothes as I struggled to pick out an outfit for Lady Gaga as part of a job assessment.
Today, I smelled: pizza cooking which I couldn't have.
Today, I tasted: salt and vinegar crisps as it's the only thing I've had time to eat!

Tom said...

I keep thinking of things to comment and then being too lazy to comment, but this is so weird and awesome that I must share:

Last night (this morning/afternoon, really) I had a dream in which I had an advanced reader's copy of a novel you'd written. The circumstances were incredibly strange, as is often the case with dreams, but the jist was that you'd written this book and it was going to be published, and you were, I guess, trying to keep it a secret for as long as possible.

This had to have had something to do with this thing John Green wrote in a blog recently, in response to a question about whether young writers should "take writing seriously." He said "I think young writers should write as seriously as they want. But I don't really see what is to be gained from publishing when you're a teenager."

So I kept thinking about this, and my conclusion was what is to be gained is that being published would be AWESOME!!!! or at least everyone thinks it would be, and it sucks to want something and believe that you have to work really hard and get really good at it for ten years before you can try to do it professionally.

[I cut out yet more rambling here]

Anyway, all I really wanted to say about this was that in this dream I was super pumped to read this book, and then when I woke up, I had one of those post-dream crap-that-wasn't-real moments, and I thought about how it will be really, really incredible to read a book of yours when you do get published. It will be equally as amazing to throw in the name Hayley Hoover, all casual-like, with the list of my favorite authors. :)

(No rush, though. I kind of agree with John that there's not a ton to be gained from publishing asap.)

Sammie said...

First off...I love that your mom wanted you to assure everyone, that's cute.

Today I...
Saw: A room full of people who were touched by one person's life.
Heard: The laughter of a child
Touched: the wind when i was driving with my hand out the window
Smelled: Freshly cut grass
Tasted: Cinamon sticks...This older woman that goes to my chuch makes the best cinamon sticks...its basically a cinnamon bun in stick tasty!!

dani said...

Today, I saw: the view of the countryside where I live, from the top of an entirely terrifying tower in a medieval castle.
Today, I heard: Richard Buckner's album, Since, which I really like.
Today, I touched: some pebbles, which I threw angrily from the top of a steep drop.
Today, I tasted: Doritos red pepper and pepperoni dip. IT WAS GOOD.

Leah said...

Ouch, you got a ma'am? I HATE that. It's like, "I AM STILL YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE A MISS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH."