Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of GRRR! but also some mint tea.

Sometimes YouTube is a beautiful place full of laughter and opportunity and kittens and communitychannel and other things that are good. Other times, YouTube has TERRIBLE ideas such as this new irreversible autoplay system that makes it nearly impossible to leave a comment and causes me to growl like a lion. You hear that, YouTube? Yeah, I'm talking to you. You've officially made it such an aggravating task to view my subscriptions that I've just spent the last hour halfheartedly watching old clips of Dave Chappelle. YOUTUBE, I DON'T EVEN LIKE DAVE CHAPPELLE. I wish I knew how to quit you.

Oh. Hello there, readers. I'm sorry you had to witness that. Just know that sometimes bloggers and websites fight, but it doesn't mean they don't love each other anymore. Let's change the subject.

My little "List the Things You Sensed Today" game ended up being more interesting than I'd planned; it was a pleasure to read your comments this morning. Apparently my food obsession goes beyond my inability to stop eating and my compulsive desire to look at photographs of cupcakes on Tumblr, because the descriptions of things you guys tasted yesterday had my mouth watering. Allison's stale iced brownie sounds pretty good to me. And I really avoid caffeine, but Pip's description of tasting "strong black coffee" with "the familiar scent of newsprint of [her] fingers after reading the Sunday New York Times" sort of made me want to try some. Also, commenter Katie smelled "midnight. Mixed with chlorine," and whatever that means, it sounds beautiful to me. You guys make words do pretty things.

On that note, I'll leave you with my Daily Senses. As per commenter Tom's request, I will also be writing a lot of normal-style blogs this month, and not always focusing on the smelling and the touching and the whatnot. I think it's kind of a fun edition, though. ANYWAY, HERE.

Today, I saw: This, posted anonymously. I stared at if for a good five minutes straight, feeling grateful that I was able to, indirectly, affect a human's overall happiness... and also this sort of bitter sadness.
Today, I heard: the dulcet tones of a past-his-prime comedian's vaguely sexist humor, simply because Related Videos were available and I was curious.
Today, I touched: a painful splinter. I spent the afternoon pulling up weeds in the garden for my dad, and while I didn't mind helping out, the side of my thumb now hurts whenever I press my spacebar too hard.
Today, I smelled: iced tea that my mom brewed, using fresh mint from our backyard.
Today, I tasted: my favorite dark chocolate, which comes in the most beautiful packaging and basically fills my entire mouth with a fraulein-maria-running-through-the-hills-singing kind of joy.

Once again, feel free to participate in my new August tradition by commenting with the things you sensed today. Similar to "Why is today awesome?" I think this will be a good way to take a little moratorium every evening in order to reflect on the parts that make each day special. I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday, and I'll see you tomorrow night. :)

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,097
Nail color: "Rogue Vogue," Maybelline (Discontinued) (Also, all over the sides of my fingers. I did a laughably bad job today.)

P.S. I hid that awesome robot link without discussing it because I figured it would be a special treat for the few of you who trusted me enough to not assume it was a Rickroll.


Hailey said...

Today is awesome because two people in my secret saw it and cared about =)

jenibo said...

Hello Hayley,

I feel the same way about YouTube's makeover. WHYYY, YOUTUBE? WHY?!

The robot was interesting. I think I will have nightmares about it tonight.

Here is more food pr0n for you! I drool over these pictures all the time. Also helps with figuring out what you're hungry for!
Yummmm. =L

I would love to do the sense thing, but I'm saving my thinking for my second entry for BEDA. <3

Melody said...

Saw: tiny frogs in a pond.
Heard: the mediocre guitar-playing and hippie-song singing of old-lady day-camp counsellors. (Good-God, that was a lot of hyphens.)
Touched: the booger of a small child. AGAIN. That makes two days in a row... I wonder how long I can keep this record going. xD
Smelled: dog hair.
Tasted: entirely too much Double Chocolate Brownie ice cream. ...I just couldn't stop eating it.

Laura said...

Today, I saw: my favorite episode of my favorite tv show ever.
Today, I heard: new music I like, which is always a good thing.
Today, I touched: the brand new banister leading up our staircase, which is unfortunately laden with splinters.
Today, I tasted: cream soda/childhood.
Today, I smelled: fresh brownies baking in the oven.

Marlena said...

You can click autoplay off in the right hand corner. I mean, I know it's still super obnoxious, but that's what I've resolutely been doing every time I watch a video. Freaking annoying.
That robot thing is terrifying.

Today, I saw: two customers wearing fanny packs in a row, one of which was gold and sparkly.
Today, I heard: my coworker/friend Arianna talking from the end of an aisle and ran over to hug her, because she wrote a really amazing blog about me last night.
Today, I touched: white paint and got it on my fingers, though I have no idea when or where.
Today, I smelled: um. the...air. I don't know, I worked all day, I'm losing steam.
Today, I tasted: the best guacamole I've ever eaten, for breakfast.

Christina said...

Today, I saw: the joy on many faces for having a computer that actually works at my job.
Today, I heard: John tell Hank that he loves him.
Today, I touched: the softness of my favorite teddy bear.
Today, I smelled: the fresh sent of my cleanliness after a good workout.
Today, I tasted: an amazing chocolate shake.

Today is awesome because cold pizza.

Sarah Badger said...

Today, I saw a tourist taking a picture of a wall. A blank wall.

Today, I heard a beautiful arrangement of a waltz from the ballet Carmen that our accompanist played in my ballet class.

Today, I touched GRaham's hair.

Today, I smelled an orchestra of tea aromas at a cute tea house downtown.

Today, I tasted slices from a sweet, juicy grapefruit the size of my head.

Ellen B said...

Oh, Joseph Birdsong :)
Today I saw: The conclusion of the trashy awesomeness that is The Bachelorette. Yes, I realize I am a total tool.
Today I heard: The screeching yaps of my two adorable dogs.
Today I touched: The keys of my laptop entirely too many times.
Today I smelled: That summery smell that comes right before a warm rain.
Today I tasted: The best homemade muffins in the world made with fresh-picked blueberries.

Aly said...

Today, I saw: My 70 something yr old grandfather make a basket from almost half court.
Today, I heard: Mugglecast! I am actually listening to the podcast while typing this.
Today, I touched: my computer charger which was surprising extremely hot
Today, I smelled: my grandmother's cooking!
Today, I tasted: Kettle chips and black bean soup! Yum!

Arletta said...

you know, you could PAUSE the video and then leave your comment... There is also the option of stopping the autoplay on the annoying bar-thingy at the bottom.
Today I:
*saw a brighter future. After many months of confusion and hurt.
*heard a beautiful version of Coldplay's "fix you" that was sung by an incredibly old man that made me cry (rare). It put a whole other meaning to the song.
*touched the keys of my keyboard, as I wrote my brother, who I haven't seen in almost two years, but have been exchanging e-mails and letters with.
*smelled the familiarity of home and its comfort.
*tasted a sub from Publix, which I haven't had in a long time and I pity all the people that have never had one.

thatothergrace said...

I really love seeing new blogs from you in the box on my dashboard. :)

today I...

saw= the blue sky slowly appear from the fog and clouds that had been floating above Puget Sound

heard= my self playing my new ukulele all day. (im pretty sure i dorve my younger sister insain)

touched= The keys of my mothers laptop that I borrowed to write my second BEDA entry.

smelled= salty air and roses from my grandmas garden

tasted= some delicious mountain huckleberry ice cream (its my favorite, but I only get it once a year when I'm in Washington visiting my Grandma)

to_thine_own_self said...

Today, I saw: my old high school for the first time in over a year. I took my little brother (who's headed to sixth grade in a month and, therefore, will be attending that school) on a tour of it. It was slightly sad/nostalgic/anxiety-causing.
Today, I heard: King of Anything by Sara Bareilles play on the radio while waiting in the car. It's one of my new favorite songs.
Today, I touched: my newly-bathed Rottie and my sweet little Shih-Tzu. I love them <333
Today, I smelled: freshly laundered clothes.
Today, I tasted: a biscuit from KFC. It was pretty good.

Tara said...

I saw the most amazing saddle bag at Roots today.
I heard the song by the girl who plays Jenna Middleton on Degrassi and it was interesting.
I touched the new light purple cardigan that I bought today.
I smelled the dog toy that has been engulfed in dog slobber. Eww.
I tasted the best hamburger I've had all summer.

Stefan said...

anyone elase want to try for CEDIA? Comment every day in August?

Jess said...

Today, I saw: A crapload of videos in my subscription box. I really need to get on watching more of them.
Today, I heard: A family discussing whether or not they were going to bring home a Harry Potter souvenir for someone. Apparently, they have never read any of the books nor seen any of the movies.
Today, I touched: My first bottle of Fiji water. I didn't drink any, though. Just touched it. Apparently that's the only kind of water they have at the Orlando airport.
Today, I smelled: My dog. He smells. I forgot about that.
Today, I tasted: My first homemade meal in about a week.


Kelly said...

Today, I saw: This entirely to adorable baby that only weighs 5 pounds 4 ounces.
Today, I heard: At this moment in time I hear the crickets outside.
Today, I touched: my ipod for the first time in a long while
Today, I smelled: My nose is stuffy :o(
Today, I tasted: The delicious that is water.

The new YouTube thing totally pisses me off btw. I just want to aARrghhHhh it!!

Dana said...

Today, I saw: This: and it reminded me of one of my big literary pet peeves. When readers assume that the main character is a representation of the author. Yes, there are often autobiographical moments in fiction, but that is a very silly assumption. For some reason I can’t seem to explain myself here. Maybe in a future BEDA post. (And John has clearly stated multiple times that he most closely relates to Alaska.) But I understand how that assumption can be made and mean no disrespect to the author of the post, because I value his or her input.

Today, I heard: my brother laughing every five seconds while watching an iCarly episode. While his loud laugh can be annoying and embarrassing, I am happy that my nineteen-year-old brother can laugh at so much.

Today, I touched: a broken toy at the independent toy store I work at. One of those squeezy balls (this one was outfitted like a pink pig) that have really soft, spikey-looking things all over it and that form tumor like expanded sections when you squeeze one end. I’m sure that description made no sense. But, anyways, I was playing with one that had a hole in it. Instead of making the tumors, it deflated when I squeezed it. It was soothing and so much fun; better than the original. It made me think of the flaws that make us all the more wonderful.

Today, I smelled: my Neutrogena grapefruit-scented body wash that I recently purchased. It makes me feel so clean.

Today, I tasted: a Strawberry-Banana smoothie from Red Mango. I was semi-yelled at for ordering it. The woman insisted that I should try another, more exciting flavor. I have. I get a smoothie on my break almost every time I go into work. I like Strawberry-Banana the best. I'm confident in that, but feel a little bad for being unexciting in my smoothie choice.

Catherine said...

I saw: "Big Daddy", a huge fish my friend found in a local creek. It's stuck in this deep part and every once in a while we go to feed it crackers.

I heard: my ex (but hopefully soon no longer ex) telling me I looked cute today.

I tasted: mango italian ice that mixed really well with my vanilla chap stick.

I touched: my dad when I gave him a hug. It was the first time I saw him in a over a month.

I smelled: way too many sweaty people mixed with freshly cut grass when we played an epic game of ultimate frisbee in the park.

tranquilily said...

Today I: saw that my laundry basket is full but I have no detergent (and I'm lazy), heard a friend invite me to see Charlie St. Cloud tomorrow, touched my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, smelled spaghetti sauce, and tasted yellow cake with vanilla frosting

fannylemon said...

Today I saw the zipper of my sassy and classy new Miley Cyrus jeans rip completely in half so that I had the pleasure of walking around with a gaping hole in my crotch for the rest of the day. Thanks, Miles.

Today I heard my baby cousin's voice for the first time! He and my aunt currently live in London and when I last saw him he hadn't begun to grasp the whole talking biz.

Today I touched cat litter. Blech.

Today I smelled the box that litter came from. Blech.

Today I tasted some anonymous family member's abandoned pizza crust.

Niki said...

Today, I saw: A really scary picture in a creepy LJ post and am now scared D:
Today, I heard: The dulcet tones of Jonathon Groff as Melchior.
Today, I touched: Some lipgloss and it felt really sticky and gross
Today, I smelled: My neighbor's really weird looking plants. They smelled horrible, by the way.
Today, I tasted: A homecooked meal for the first time in weeks :) Mmm, tasty.

ALSO< HAYLEY, I thought you would like this :) CLICK IT!

Dana said...

Today I saw that it's August...and I still need to do my summer homework...oh dear.
Today I heard and discussed going to UC Santa Cruz with my mom. And for the first time, thinking about college didn't make me want to hide under my bed and cry.
Today I tasted the comforting saltiness of reheated, day old Chinese food.
Today I touched the book Night by Elie Wiesel and was effectively terrified after reading it.
Today I smelled the deliciously unhealthy aroma of cheesy garlic bread as I discovered the unusual fun of playing bocce ball.

Abbie said...

I tasted: the heavenly chocolate-hazelnut deliciousness of Nutella on toast (slightly bittersweet due to the fact that it was the very last of my Nutella. :[)

I heard: Hank and John Green speak for the very first time(s).

I saw: 3 months worth of Brotherhood 2.0 videos.

I touched: the dustiest floor I have ever seen.

I smelled: delicious beef stew that I made for my parents that didn't give anyone food poisoning!


I became: a Nerdfighter. :)

Lindsay said...

Today, I saw: Jaclyn Moriarty's The Year of Secret Assignments at the book store and immediately bought it - all because of your recommendation.
Today, I heard: myself giggling all too loudly in a Barnes & Noble chair while flipping the pages of this said book.
Today, I touched: the keys of my laptop, attempting to finish my short story, but gave up in lack of confidence.
Today, I smelled: brownies cooking in my kitchen, but was later incredibly disappointed when I discovered it was actually mushrooms. My sense of smell has been off lately.
Today, I tasted: a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles first thing in the morning. I felt guilty about my choice of food for breakfast, but my guilt was silenced once I remembered ice cream was as close to heaven as you can get.

Tiffinnie said...

Today I felt tiny evil faeries behind both shoulder blades beat the crap out of my upper spine... not sure why they are so angry at me but I'm beginning to get angry back...

I smelled my baby brothers hair today... babies smell so interesting. Better than clean clothes and baked goods but very different and strange, just clean and sorta like drool at the same time...

Jordiekins said...

It's good to see you bloggin', Hayley.

Today, I saw: The description for this video, and I couldn't stop laughing, for whatever reason:
Today, I heard: these, and realized how many artists sample other artist's work:
Today, I touched: myself. Wait, what? Was that not what you were asking for?
Today, I smelled: a head of lettuce, because it looked fresh while I was in the store, and it was a natural reaction.
Today, I tasted: salad, because the lettuce was indeed fresh, crunchy, and omnomnomtacular.

KatieSham said...

Today I:

saw my family for the first time since Christmas; it was good times.
heard Dynamite far too many times. I enjoy that song for reasons that I cannot fathom.
touched my phone too many times.
smelled Berry Blue Koolaid for way too long.
ate Chef Boy R Dee. It's still disgusting.

Also, random question. What kind of hair dye did you use when you dyed it pink last summer? I really have the desire to do part of the underneath of my hair for kicks and can't find any that won't be in there for months.

If anyone knows of any temporary hair dye that comes in pink, let me know.
Comment on my blog, or just email me.

Jordiekins said...

Forget the salad, my mom just pulled out some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Goodbye, health, it was nice knowing you.fa

Alison said...

Saw: a couple hundred very grumpy, very tired, and very trying-too-hard commuters prior to their Seattle coffee fix on the ferry this morning.
Heard: 90 excited theater kids tramping the streets of the city and harmonizing to Wicked.
Touched: the soft, sweet faded blue flannel sheets of the bed I've had since I was officially old enough to not sleep in a crib.
Smelled: Air freshener in a public bathroom. Yes, sometimes people produce things that stink, but you really do not need to make it worse by spraying disgusting, highly concentrated chemicals in a 5x10 stall.
Tasted: extremely fresh mozzarella, spinach, pine nuts, and home made pesto on crispy ciabatta toast.

Katie said...

I agree about the stupid autoplay feature! And thanks, but no thanks to the sperm-bot. What??

Today, I saw: London go on a date with some dweeb and Zack and Cody get jobs. I also regretted my lack of effort put forth towards finding myself a job between semesters this summer.

Today, I heard: my voice singing along to some new Jason Robert Brown music I recently discovered and attempted playing on the piano. (All The Wasted Time, from Parade if you're curious.)

Today, I touched: my mom's new Wii Motion Plus controller while trying out all the Sports Resorts games and learning that I suck at throwing a Frisbee.

Today, I smelled: the powder-y scent of my cat's flea collar when she decided to take a nap on my neck this morning while I was still dozing in bed.

Today, I tasted: hot tea with too much sugar and honey added into my mug. And when I say "too much" I mean in my mom's opinion but really "not enough" for me. ;)

Man, I had such a lazy day! I guess not having a job has its advantages sometimes.

Jeremy C. said...

Just a note: I reblogged that image from Kayley, lol.

You and the rest of the 5AG (as well as the other 5AGs) have brought so much happiness to my life that I truly believe it is better because of that.
[/sappy comment]


SAW: Joseph Birdsong's new rap video, with the giant fish.

TASTED: A birthday cupcake, even though my birthday is more than a month away.

HEARD: A mashup of the Notorious B.I.G. and Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA". Gotta admit it kinda turned out well, haha.

SMELLED: A garbage truck. While I was running. That was awwwwwful.

FELT: My dog. He's a shih-tzu. He's soft. :3

justjustine said...

Today, I saw: one of the original Suite Life episodes. Was very happy about it.
Today, I heard: the voice of an employee at my future college as I arranged interviews and things.
Today, I touched: my touchpad incessantly as I spent hours editing footage.
Today, I smelled: the yummy, rich fragance of a chocolate oat bar.
Today, I tasted: rat shit in my canned beans. I don't want to talk about it. :(

&$#%@! said...

I hated the autoplay, too, but as soon as I got kind of sort of used to it, it somehow stopped making it automatic... weird.


I saw a salesman at Fry's who convinced my mom to buy a ridiculously overpriced computer.
I heard a laugh from a stranger after I "aww"ed a story my sister told me.
I touched my Pantene Style Gel after failing to do anything to my hair for the past few days.
I smelled the fake vanilla scent of "Soft Lips" lip protectant.
I tasted Chinese lumpia made from celery, carrots, cabbage, and tofu, all chopped/peeled by me and my mother.

kira902k said...

"I wish I could just quit you." Oh my god, I was just watching Brokeback Mountain for the third time the other day, and bawling my head off. (that IS a brokeback mountain reference, right?)One of my favourite movies. <3

By the way, I find the senses thing kind of like a writing activity, to expand your skills. Be able to think of, and describe five things you felt with your senses. Iunno.

Today, I saw: the sky turn black in under 10 minutes, as a major thunderstorm approached
Today, I heard: the A Very Potter Sequel soundtrack for the hundredth time.
Today, I touched: the keyboard of a computer for WAY too many hours straight. Damn internet/skype addiction.
Today, I smelled: My grandma's homemade Moroccan food cooking. Today, I tasted: A delicious tomato and cucumber salad I helped my mom make. Chopped up parsley, onions, tomato and cucumber mixed together in a delicious salad, topped with lemon, olive oil and salt. SO freaking delicious.

(notice how i made the "taste" section the most detailed? Only for you, best friend. ;])


Sarah said...

Today I Saw: A yellow headed finch sitting on an leafless oak tree branch
Today I Heard: The sound of my boyfriend cleaning the dishes meaning I could stay in bed
Today I Touched: Cookie dough
Today I Smelled: Mmm also cookie dough
And of course I Tasted: Said cookie dough. It was so delicious I almost didn't want to cook it.

Alice said...

Oh my goodness. I detest the autoplay. Really really I do.

Saw: Back-To-School displays in Target. Not excited for Sophomore year, Target, no need to rub it in.

Tasted: Double fudge cake (which is why I am awake at 2:00 in the morning)

Touched: Scissors, glue and paper

Heard: Many, many small children sobbing in the store, as their mothers blushed

Smelled: freshly picked cheery tomatoes

Emily said...

I didn't even think about the possibility of that being a rick roll until you mentioned in in the post script, haha.

Saw: Hogwarts. For real.
Heard: A lot of awesome wizard rock.
Touched: A really soft pygmy puff.
Smelled: Very little. My nose has been stuffy most of the day.
Tasted: Butterbeer. Glorious.

Yeah, I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was unreal.

Niki. said...

Today, I saw: a girl from school whom I hadn't seen in a couple years.
Today, I heard: City's "Ocean Eyes" album.
Today, I touched: one of those squishy pillows I saw at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Today, I smelled: french fries from Wendy's.
Today, I tasted: orange tic-tacs. =D.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: a new entry from you!
Today, I heard: a can of cherry coke being opened :D
Today, I touched: black gum that had somehow found it's way to my dirty floor i am currently cleaning.
Today, I smelled: that dippy cheese you melt in the microwave.. it tastes so good, smells so bad.
Today, I tasted: salted almonds... they are quite addicting.

Jenni said...

Today, I saw: an episode of Friends that I'd never seen before (is that even possible?!?!)
Today, I heard: my friends voice for the first time in ages seeing as she has been on holiday :)
Today, I touched: the keys on my phone/keyboard as I desperately tried to arrange a day out.
Today, I tasted: a fresh iced donut. Mmmm.
Today, I smelled: freshly cut grass!

Today is awesome because I found out my library card still thinks I'm 17 so I can reserve books for free and I have reserved John Green - Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska!

BenCracknell said...

Today, I saw: my Facebook account get hacked, so I thus spent an entire afternoon creating a new one.
Today, I heard: A beautiful song about a thing called a "Fine Kone". You've probably never heard of it, though.
Today, I touched: My dog to calm her down. There was a very big thunderstorm and she hates them, so I spent an indefinite time with her snuggled up, basking in her lovely, cute fear.
Today, I tasted: A delectable slow cook veggie casserole that my mum made. It was tehsex.
Today, I smelled: The scent of a new book that stumbled its way into my hands through my letter box. The ink still smells bitter and sweet. Mmmm.

Have a great day!

Kat said...

"[K]ind of a fun edition" or a fun addition? Oh, homophones. (Incidentally, I love that effect actually can be a verb.) Also, that chocolate looks expensive. And delicious.

Aaaand. I spent today in a car driving from SoCal to NorCal, so I...

saw: more highways than I need to see for the rest of the week; friends in Orange County and at UCLA, UCSB and home
heard: the entirety of "No Strings Attached" and selections from the eponymous album; also my terrible singing
touched: my friend's adorable dogs, pretty much immediately after waking up
smelled: the Pacific Ocean -- I'm a fan
tasted: UCSB's locally famous nachos (They were good when they were hot and when they were cold after sitting in the car for 200 miles. That's quality, yo.)

Sammie said...

Oh wow that picture thing about nerdfighters was really sweet and sad at the same time. What a compliment though...keep up the amazing stuff Hayley! :)

Ida Ruda said...

Today, I saw: "tumblr" in your post and started wondering if you have an account.
Today, I heard: my mother talking on the phone right outside my door, not at all trying to wake me up...
Today, I touched: an oatmeal raisin cookie and it was wonderful. I don't get the hate.
Today, I smelled: that same cookie, it too was wonderful.
Today, I tasted: at this point, guess. It was wonderful though.

I just started following fuckyeahcupcakes on tumblr... damn you!

Molly Jo said...

The autoplay always catches me off-guard.
Saw: like, 5 episodes of "Lie to Me"
Heard: my parents laughing in the kitchen and it was lovely.
Touched: a little bit of Christmas, via my current craft
Smelled: sweet potatoes baking
Tasted: lactose free ice cream and it was heavenly! (I haven't had ice cream in I don't know how long!)

Noahsark said...

Today I:
saw three episodes of iCarly because I couldn't be bothered to turn the TV off.
heard my dad tell me he didn't have cancer
touched a hot cup of coffee
smelled dawn and sunshine
tasted crackers and cheese and coffee and sugar at the same time.
Not bad for 11.45 am.

kmyhatisgone said...

OK, I'll have a little go at it.

I saw - a guy who looks a lot like Woodley from a comedy duo Lano and Woodley (and, incidentally, was adorable in every way imaginable).
I heard - reggae music on my uni campus.
I touched - some unknown substance on the side of my coffee cup...I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS!
I smelled - the wafting perfume of a ripe banana. It made me sad that it was not my banana, and I love bananas.
I tasted - enchiladas, and let me tell you, they were delicious!

Hope you're well!

Demi said...

I just think you should know, Chocolove chocolate is from my town. I went to school with the daughter of the founder :D (if that makes sense... haha.)

Anonymous said...

Today I saw a girl have a panic attack next to me in a theater.
I heard Beatles songs all day on the radio
Tasted icky burnt toast that disguised itself as french toast (oh camp food!)
Smelled...something I wish I hadn't
Felt sad about leaving all my friends at camp soon.

MELANIE. said...

Today I saw: My dried up split ends finally, finally, fall down onto the light wood, polished floors of the Barber Blacksheep hair salon.

Today I heard: ABBA being blasted out of the charity shop in which I killed time before my hairdresser's opened.

Today I touched: My fringe way too often due to paranoia of it being awkward and weird, ala Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. I don't like it.

Today I tasted: Slightly burned salted popcorn, just the way I like it. Don't ask why, I just do.

Today I smelled: My library, which is like a mix of lavender, soap and a hint of old people, that smell nice. It's a pleasant smell.

aubriane said...

Confused. Am I the only one who gets "Access DeniedAccess Denied" when clicking on the Today, I Saw link?

Karen said...

I totally agree with you about Youtubes newest addition! I haven't found any one else who shares my feelings about it, it annoys me immensely!

Today, I saw: Britain's next top models being covered head to toe in chocolate and was insanely jealous it wasn't me!

Today, I heard: My alarm go off at 4am because I forgot to reset it from the day before when I had to get up early to bring my parents to the airport :(

Today, I touched: My lovely Blue-Roan Spaniel Cocker

Today, I smelled: The pancakes I made for brunch, with my sister the best toppings we tried was Nutella (chocolate spread) with strawberries

Today, I tasted: Yao Zi and Yu Sung I ordered from the Chinese, I felt like trying something new and I now have a new found addition!

Cody said...

Today, I saw: The Dan 3.0 video(s?)
Today, I heard: Me playing my clarinet(I was awesome, btw(I'm so modest))
Today, I touched: the Kool-Aid container. Because I was making Kool-Aid.
Today, I smelled: my cork grease. Again.
Today, I tasted: Kool-Aid!
Today, I felt: Anger towards my ex-girlfriend for bringing up stuff that apparently still angers me.

Sam said...

Today, I saw: myself almost trip over tree roots.
Today, I heard: Birds that sounded like alarm clocks. Also, French music that sends me to a rainy Paris, promenading by the Seine.
Today, I touched: An orange, which I proceeded to treat like a juggling ball.
Today, I smelled: Lovely fresh air at a natural reserve. It was wonderful.
Today, I tasted: Spaghetti om nom nom

Melissa said...

Today I saw road construction, I heard a bus driving loudly beside me, I touched the creamy, beautiful, perfectly bound pages of one of my favourite books, I smelled an old bottle of grapefruit perfume I found in my closet which was very refreshing, and I tasted a fish taco with mango and guacamole, which was strange and surprisingly tasty.

Chelsea said...

Saw: A construction worker laying down in the back of a truck going in reverse as he plucked orange cones from the street.

Heard: My 3 month old squeal with delight as she woke up in her crib for the third day in a row, I think she likes it in there.

Touched: Soft sweet baby cheeks

Smelled: new shampoo

Tasted: Dove milk chocolate and peanut butter promises...these are the kind of promises I shouldn't keep

Lizzy said...

Today, I saw: A rainy sunset
Today, I heard: Jason Mraz on repeat
Today, I touched: Conditioner between my fingers
Today, I smelled: The coconut scent of my shampoo
Today, I tasted: A lovely watermelon

bookmouse99 said...

Midnight mixed with chlorine was laying outside on a driveway at midnight with a bunch of lifeguards. The fresh night air with a sense of familiarity.