Monday, August 16, 2010

5AG Summer Vacation

Hey, good-lookin'. You come here often? What's your sign? What's a nice girl-or-guy like you doing in a blog like this? How long can I keep this going? Why do you people like me?

I'm in quite the chipper mood right now. I've spent the evening discussing new secret writing projects with some of my Awesome Author Friends, and making plans with the fiveawesomegirls about the future of our channel. We've decided that we're going to take a short hiatus from daily videos for the next month-- from today until September 13th-- in order to get our chaotic lives together, and to plot for the next couple of months. Most television shows take a break during the summer, so we're doing the same. Call it 5AG Summer Vacation. It's only a month, and we'll be back with more energy and more ideas. Basically, we feel guilty putting out rushed, tired vlogs, when our audience is amazing and deserves more than that. If you're bored, I have a new favorite collab channel, Honestovlog, that might entertain you in our absence. Fiveawesomgirls fans, we'll see you soon.

In other news, I'm going to The Situation's house tomorrow, and am going to spend the week hanging out with him and visiting various places. Blogging may be a little more of a stretch in this third week of August, but I promise I'll make it work. If you guys are sweet enough to enjoy a post written on MS Paint (in which I misspell "aquarium," of all things), then I know I can count on you to be supportive, even when wifi is hard to come by. Going along with the theme of this video I posted today, I want to thank you for being utterly fantastic and, as I've said before, my (secret!) favorite internet community. In my heart, blog readers reign supreme. Move over, Chipotle.*

Speaking of The Situation, I just remembered that I have to bake cookies before I see him tomorrow. On that note, I'll leave you with my senses. See you tomorrow, lovelies!

Today, I saw: that my shorter hair cut does not take well to curls. I look a little bit clownish. The Situation says it's pretty, but he's paid to say stuff like that.
Today, I smelled: onions and carrots and tomatoes, oh my.
Today, I touched: my laptop's keyboard. A LOT. Writing up a storm over here.
Today, I heard: all kinds of propaganda from Cosmopolitan that I swear was published with the sole purpose of making real women feel inadequate.
Today, I tasted: my mother's homemade tomato soup. It was good. Not as good as MY homemade tomato soup (sorry, Mom), but still good.

Chipotle burritos this year: 23
Subscribers: 32,891
Nail color: "Through the Grapevine," Wet 'n' Wild

*Well. Not quite. But you and Chipotle are very, very close.


Claire C said...

You guys deserve a break!! Enjoy it, and have fun with the bf :)

Madeleine said...

Aww, we'll miss you girls as you take your hiatus, but at least I'll have this blog and your new channel to bide my time with. Can't wait to see what they both bring!

Alice said...

Saw: Gilmore Girls, for the first time in months,fell in love with Jess all over again
Smelled: freshly cut grass
Touched: A moss covered bench
Tasted: fried ice cream
Heard: crickets
you guys definitely deserve a break, enjoy "summer vacation"

Anonymous said...

I feel guilty for saying this, but I think a mini break is a good idea for you guys personally and for the channel. It has been getting a little tired... and (arg...) I have taken to only watching 3/5 of you guys... ack... I feel really mean for saying that. But I don't think all of you guys are really into the whole making videos anymore thing...

I really love the channel though, and I think it is important and an empowering place for people (as you are all such awesome women) so I hope the plans and ideas go good cause I would be sad to see you guys go, but also think it has lost a little of its pizazz...

Just a thought, if you can ever be bothered, but a Kristina/Hayley back and forth channel (like Hank and John do) would actually be really awesome. I like the other girls, but you both have a lot of chemistry with each other... and do seem a lot like sisters. ^.^

Sara said...

freaking Cosmo... my friend was looking at it while I browsed Doctor Who magazine. Anything with "va-jay-jay" on the cover should not exist.

Miss Coralie said...

I haven't been following you guys very long at all. Its a sin and shame to admit it but it's very true.

I do enjoy your blog posts, so I am glad I will still believe able to see these coming into my feed. :)

And also, a note on the fact you believe your soup is better than your mums, I am glad you take such pride in your cooking. Not many people now a days can say they put the effort into making their cooking better than their parents!

Rosanna said...

I am definitely going to miss 5ag but hopefully a break will make you all lovely and relaxed and happier :)

Today I...
saw: a little dead hedgehog :( I won't explain the circumstance of his death but it was terrible
heard:lots of lovely tunes (there was some dancing...)
smelled: curry :) hmmmmm
tasted: one of many cupcakes I made with my brother, topped with (experimental) spearmint flavoured icing...rather intriguing
touched: so much junk! My room is tip as I am right slap bang in the middle of a huge clearout :)

kira902k said...

u pay ur bf to complimint u?! l0zer!

Sorry, I thought I was funny. Moving on.
I just spent wayyy too much time catching up on all of yours and Kristina's blogs from the past 7 days. God, you girls like to talk a lot. Juuuust kidding, I love it. But yeah. There goes that day.

I'll miss 5AG every day, but I get it.
Have fun with the Situation. (is it awkward if I call him that?)

Also, I feel like you would really enjoy Buffy. :) You should watch it.

Okay, I'm done. Sorry for the random comment.

Kaedtiann said...

Secret Awesome Writing Project?! Are you sworn to secrecy or can you give us hints? Please?

Just read about the 5AG hiatus on Kayley's blog, too. I'm going on holiday for a couple weeks soon, so I guess that works out okay, but I know I'm going to really miss you once school starts up. (Gah I can't think about that.) Hopefully you will be blogging lots, then? Or vlogging on your own channel?

Thank goodness it's still August. <3 BEDA

to_thine_own_self said...

Aww...that makes me really sad that 5AG is taking a break, but I completely understand. You guys do really deserve a've been doing daily videos all freaking year.
I was actually just thinking about that earlier I could never be able to come up with ideas week after week and how hard all of that must be.
But yea...I'm not going to pretend like I'm not going to miss you guys <333

Anyway, have fun the rest of the week Hayley!

Laura said...

I approve of the Honestovlog pimp. They deserve it. And I hope the fiveawesomegirls break gives you girls time to relax.

Today, I saw: A new addition to my cell phone "Contacts" list, which pleases me.
Today, I smelled: Gas. In our kitchen. This was worrying and unwelcome at 8:00 in the morning.
Today, I heard: My iPod, on shuffle way too loudly on the opposite side of the room. It was keeping me from a pleasant nap, but I was too tired to get up and turn it down. Oh, irony. Or something.
Today, I tasted: A grilled cheese sandwich. Just like nearly every other day this summer.
Today, I touched: A book I've been trying to get into for like, 2 weeks. It still isn't very good.

Sammie said...

You guys totally deserve a summer vacay...even if it's only a month! :) It will just be THAT much more exciting when you ladies are back!
Saw: My parents for the first time in a few days....lame I know.
Smelled: The amazingness that was the conditioner that my hairdresser used.
Touched: My work computer for the first time in 2 weeks.
Tasted: An amazing quesadilla.
Heard: Too much "guido" talk....jersery shore....I wish I could look away.

Sarah said...

Making daily videos must be so hard! Hope your hiatus gives you a well-deserved break. :)

And thank YOU, for everything that you give to us. You said in your vlog that you haven't done anything to deserve what you get, and I feel the opposite way. Here you are, making these amazing videos that make me laugh and brighten my day. And then there is your blog, where I get to enjoy your great writing, feel connected to others, and feel like someone in the world understands how I feel/feels the same way. It really makes a huge difference for me. And I feel like I am just enjoying all of these things that you offer out to us, and don't give you anything in return. So know that I am always putting good thoughts/thank you's out into the universe back at you!

Today, I saw: Jaclyn Moriarty's brilliant words spilling from The Ghosts of Ashbury High. I had trouble getting into this book at first, but all at once it grabbed me, and as JM always does, totally captivated me with the story. The second I finish writing this I'm getting back to reading, because I can't wait to see how it ends! Have you read it yet?
Heard: the static of my radio, as I enter my last week of living in a place with a very transient radio signal.
Smelled: the crisp smell of fall. It is definitely still summery here, but today fall snuck into the air. It was exciting.
Tasted: freshly made iced tea at my favouite local coffee shop; delicious.
Touched: my horrible peeling sunburn that is covering about 1/3 of my body. Soooo itchy...

Jeremy C. said...

I agree with Claire, you all deserve a break.
Besides, there's always another 5AG that's just as fabulous as you girls. ;)

Christina Lee said...

Today, I saw: My professor walk into the class, look around, and then leave.
Today, I smelled: My sister's french fries.
Today, I touched: my book bag for the first time in almost three months.
Today, I heard: My first lecture at a new university. (I felt like the new kid. It was terrifying.)
Today, I (didn't) taste: Coffee. (I really wanted some coffee!)

Caroline said...

I just watched your new video and read this, and my comment was too long for YouTube, but I hope you'll let me thank you over here. I'll have you know I don't get all sentimental too often:

You, Hayley Hoover, are 1/5 (one of the bigger fifths, if I may say so) of the reason I'm where I am today. Harry Potter led to wrock which led to 5AG which led to nerdfighteria almost exactly 2 years ago. Even though I'm not incredibly active in it, this beautiful little internet community I'm in has made a gigantic positive effect on my confidence and world-view. You are without a doubt one of my favorite YouTube girls and the only person I would think of allowing Mike to date (I knew him before you did! :P) If you're ever in New Orleans, I really just wanna take you to dinner and hear you talk, because I wanna be friends with you. So no, thank YOU. For your videos, for your blog, for that one time you texted me because Mike asked you to, for being a role-model.

Caitlin R. O'Connell said...

Have a lovely summer break! You girls are all great, you deserve it.

High fives for the writing! I wish I could get some serious writing done. Really, I just need to put fingers to keys but it hasn't been going so well of late.

Okay, let's see...

Today I saw: My sister being awesome at playing hide-and-seek with my neighbor's daughter.

Smelled: The vanilla air freshener I got for my future dorm's bathroom (someone else did it last year and I thought it was brilliant)

Touched: Cat hair. As usual.

Tasted: Chocolate chip mint ice cream. Mmmm.

Heard: Nerdfighter music. On repeat. :)

tranquilily said...

Today I saw: purple and yellow paint
heard: wind and cars passing outside my window
smelled: only for the briefest moment, the early beginnings of fall
tasted: an omelette
touched: a futon

Kate said...

Today, I saw: old people getting frustrated at the self check out thing in Walmart
Today, I smelled: rain. but it only threatened to rain; damn you, the south!
Today, I touched: my roommate's butt. several times. on accident. i swear.
Today, I heard: children screaming in excitement because it was "water play day" at my work
Today, I tasted: the DELICIOUS honey hummus and spinach pita sandwich i made myself for dinner

Kelly said...

Enjoy your summer vacation - you guys deserve it. And for the record, I don't feel like your videos have been a let down recently. I always think you guys seem funny and engaged.

Today I tasted: Frozen waffles.
Today I heard: Merry-go-round music, which was lovely.
Today I saw: My nana.
Today I smelled: Fair food. Yummmmm.
Today I touched: Old lady jewelry for sale at our church's rummage sale.

Have fun with the Situation!

Allison said...

I'm grateful for the month off because it gives me the chance to watch from the beginning!

Rennie said...

I completely understand the 5AG's need for a break! It is well-deserved; you all need to rest your tired, brilliant minds occasionally anyway!
I am also taking a one-week vacation to band camp-land in northern Michigan, where there will probably be no internet, so I must bid adieu until next Monday to my favorite blogger/vlogger and all of the lovely other readers of this blog. I shall miss you all!

Saw: My best friends for the first time in several weeks!
Smelled: My best friend's flowery fruity shampoo.
Touched: Probably about 20 pairs of sunglasses while shopping with said friends.
Tasted: Chipotle.
Heard: The whirring of an industrial-sized blender at my favorite bubble tea place.

Michelle said...

The part about your soup made me laugh.... a lot.
Have fun with The Situation! :D

Saw: Princess Ruto
Smelled: The somewhat rusty smell of overused plastic from 90's technology (...really all I did today was play Zelda)
Touched: A lipstick container in Walmart that had combusted, leaving sticky pigment on my fingers
Tasted: Almost an entire jar of peanut butter
Heard: The sweet, sweet voice of a man (quite a bit older than me: think, you to John Green +3 years) that I should probably stop stalking now that we're sort of friends...

...Also, my mom just told me that my Grandpa's mistress is taking him to Quebec for is 85th birthday. So, that's... lovely.


Rachelle said...

Today I:
Saw: Elizabethtown for the first time in a LONG time because of your quote the other day.
Smelled: the delicious crepes I made for breakfast
Touched: my new short cotton-coloured candy blue/pink hair.
Tasted: The most delicious chocolate cake, ever.
Heard: The amazing thunderstorm currently going on in my hometown.
The 5AG deserve a break, we'll all be waiting for you when you get back.
I hope to send a drawing of mine to your PO box within the next few weeks. I didn't know you had one!!

Victoria said...

Today, I saw: my puppies share a stick to play with. D'aww.
Today, I smelled: a broccoli and carrot salad on romaine lettuce, with italian dressing. So. Good.
Today, I touched: the mail that came to my house.
Today, I heard: my boyfriend's voice for the first time in three weeks! He's FINALLY back from the land of no communcation!
Today, I tasted: homemade crepes with Splenda instead of sugar, and fresh strawberries. Mmm.

Daveyface said...

Its okay if you want to take a break. But can you send us all a months supplies of tissues so we don't flood the internet with our tears, because we'll miss you so much?

Cassie said...

Does this mean you'll make more videos on hayleyghoover?
P.S. I love your blogs about college. I hated high school. It was not remotely fun. Your blogs give me hope for college. I start in 4 days!

kmyhatisgone said...

I saw: that it was a beautiful day out and that there was not a cloud in the sky. *insert other clich├ęs here* AND I saw a post-it-note that I wrote a couple of days ago that says, 'You know what makes me happy? Croutons.'

I smelled: onion. It was so potent.

I touched: my guitar for the first time in a long time (in a very, very sexual way...I'm only kidding).

I heard: many upon many happy songs. It boosted my mood!

I tasted: caffeine! That's right, I have a palate that is THAT good. (How many times can I say 'that' in a sentence... *rolls eyes at self*)

...I am surviving on 4 hours sleep, I apologise.

Elisabeth said...

I will miss the 5ag videos, but you guys deserve a break.

Now I want homemade tomato soup!

Saw: A possum in a tree at uni, which is near the city centre, being haggled by two crows. Poor thing.
Smelled: Rain falling on the warm footpath.
Touched: a mug of tea, sending tendrils of warmth all the way up my arms
Tasted: homemade eggplant curry with lemon rice
Heard: that a lady at student admin at uni has the same birthday as me. This is totally awesome, in a 'small things amuse small minds' kind of way.

Natasha Self said...

If you loved us more than Chipotle, you wouldn't be the same girl we love. So it's cool :P

Jenni said...

Oh :( I am going to miss the 5AG... Oh well, as long as you come back, haha.

Today, I saw: the clock when I woke up - 14:10... What the....?
Today, I smelled: my roast dinner cooking... Smells good.
Today, I touched: my keyboard a lot...
Today, I heard: a lot of my music. I left my iPod on shuffle as I read my book
Today, I tasted: the aforementioned roast

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: a close friend that I hadn't spoken to in a while. We had a hot chocolate and gossip session, a bit of a tradition with us :)
Today, I smelled: freshly cut grass in town.
Today, I touched: harry potter and the goblet of fire. I never stop reading these books :)
Today, I heard: a lot of punk music, as per usual.
Today, I tasted: my mum's first ever attempt at tuna pasta bake. Bless her she'd never even heard of it, but she still made it AMAZING.

Claire said...

Not that I don't want to watch you girls for the next month, but you definitely deserve to take this break. Also, you're returning on my birthday, so I can't complain. :)

roisinlinton said...

a break is definately for the best..
youre all working dead hard, im surprised everyone could vlog on tour etc, come back refreshed though?

today i saw: the prospectus to my dream drama school.

today i smelled: jacket potatoes with cheese and beans which i didnt eat because i really hate potato in large quantities like that.

today i touched: frubes. i accidentally squirted it on myself :/

today i heard: The Drums for the first time in ages. also band of horses for the first time in too long again.

today i tasted: cheese toastie with brown sauce (they dont have brown sauce in america i dont think, but honestly, it is the food of gods.)

notaclareintheworld said...


Tenley Nadine said...

Everyone deserves a break, have fun on yours.

Plus, since the break ends the day after my birthday I can pretend its a delayed birthday present to me. You know, because that's how my mind works.

dining room table said...

Right now I am packing my things and I am getting ready for my long vacation. I will make sure that my kids will going to have fun. Everyone needs a break. I hope that you also enjoy your vacation trip.