Sunday, August 15, 2010


P.S. I can totally not spell aquarium and I DO NOT APOLOGIZE. Mistake = made.


Emma said...

This is a really cute idea. :) Love.

Dana said...

That was really adorable. Totally made me smile. :)
Today, I saw: that my computer had eaten my summer assignment...yeah, I wasn't happy.
Today, I heard: the beauty of Ben Folds voice through my speakers.
Today, I tasted: my very first Chipotle burrito.
Today, I touched: an old, heavenly cashmere sweater.
Today, I smelled: the...questionable kinds of smoke in the general admission area of a concert.

jenibo said...

So cute!
What was the restaurant?

Hayleyyy, I know it's annoying, but "acquarium"?

Arletta said...

If this were on facebook I would like it, but it's not so I like it anyway...
saw: a spelling mistake on Hayley's blog?! What? (aquarium...)
heard: the air conditioning in my car trying, just trying to work. It was still hotter than Hades.
touched: that weird soft water that makes it almost impossible to tell whether or not the soap is out of your hair, making showers much longer
smelled: Mac 'n' cheese casserole
tasted: smoked chicken. so good. I know you're a vegetarian, but still. Yum.
P.s. I might be wrong about the spelling. I don't really care, either way.

tranquilily said...

I don't have anything to say about your post today, but I just had a random thought: what ever happened to the groob on 5AG?

Today I saw: a communitychannel video
heard: my parents telling old stories from before I was born
smelled: old-book smell
tasted: ice cream from the ICE CREAM TRUCK!
touched: signs

Katie said...

You are too adorable. This is more than acceptable as a blog post. :)

Today, I saw a cute little toddler fascinated with & staring at an escalator at the airport like it was a magical wonderous object. (It pretty much is.)
Today, I heard a flight attendant giggling for some unknown reason while making announcements over the intercom.
Today, I touched my kitty after being welcomed back by her from a four-day-long excursion away from home.
Today, I smelled the familiar undescribable scent of my house.
Today, I tasted my first slice of pizza since I got my wisdom teeth out. Yay, solid foods!

Lauren said...

I am so mad I didn't get to go to your BlogTV today. Please, do another one soon, for me? Oh, and, ya know...the thousands of other people that should've been there. But I come first ;)

Kristen said...

love this, so cute! I also think it's a cool way to show off your nail color because the name of it doesn't reveal much of the actual color sometimes. Have a great week!

TheGingerHermione said...

Cute idea, but your fish made me really sad.
My blue beta fish died yesterday :( <3
R.I.P. Buddy <3


Hailey Dixon said...

Hayley you're such an amazing person. I really hope I get the chance to meet you one day.

Saw: the script to my Lady Gaga musical with my friends (we're hoping it's successful)
Heard: Ben Folds' "Annie Waits" on a commercial and naturally had to sing along.
Tasted: Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies my friends made at 11 last night
Touched: My new laptop =)
Smelled: the beginning of fall =D

jenibo said...

I <3 Hayley!

Jeremy C. said...

Whatever happened to Emerson Spartz? Your fish that is, not the CEO of Mugglenet. xD

The Vagabond said...

This is hilarious and adorable and I love it. : )

Today I saw: my brother wearing a fadora. A step in the wrong direction methinks. I hope it doesn't become a "thing".

Today I heard: some Italian opera as I was baking for my sister's baby shower. Italian music helps me cook.

Today I tasted: some delicious finger foods and cupcakes that I made!

Today I touched: lots and lots of flour. It got all over me. For some reason I always happen to wear black on the days that I bake.

Today I smelled: CHRISTMAS!! Or the hot cross buns I made come out of the oven which smelled like CHRISTMAS!!

Kat said...

Camille said...

haha I love this!

Amy said...

That is the cutest thing ever. Is that your every day handwriting?
Today I saw: That I have an assessment due next week. . . . woot.
Today I heard: That the most talented (Five years older and more experienced!!!) student in my theatre class wanted to work with me for our assessed scene. This made me so happy.
Today I tasted: A chicken burrito instead of my usual chicken wrap. Apparently there's a difference.
Today I touched: My phone keys awkwardly in that 'I don't know how to word this message to my boyfriend about getting a job without seeming like I'm nagging.' way.
Today I smelled: My male friends deodorant as he joined me for lunch. He needs a nice girlfriend. Any takers? He can grow an impressive neck-beard and has read the original Phantom of the Opera and Dante's Inferno.

Kelly said...

Haha, that was so cute. It made me smile.

caliowin said...

Hayley, such a cute blog idea. Cheered up my morning! I like to read your blog before I go to work in the morning.

Talking of work, need to finish getting ready.

Have a great Monday :D


Mia said...

Hayley, you're so awesome and funny.

Today, I saw: Miss Hayley Hoover on BlogTV before I had to go to school which kind of made my day much more awesome.
Today, I heard: My friends and I talk about a fancy dress party we all went to on Saturday.
Today, I touched: A sewing machine which then chose to break itself with out any help from me.
Today, I smelled: Some kids in 11th grade cooking curry in the school kitchens above my Home Ec class room.
Today, I tasted: Hot chips (french fries) and gravy and a double sized can of V. Best morning ever

toastburntbread said...

today i saw... pictures of me from exactly a year ago
today i touched... the soap i spilt in our brand new car
today i smelt ... cocunut air freshner for cars
today i heard... i am not a robot by mairana and the diamonds atleast 5 times
today i tasted... poutine from costco, which i find better than the stuff i had in Quebec.

Mike said...

Hayley, your skills at digital artistry are surpassed only by your skills at being awesome.

Oh, and I have a request, if I may: What exactly is chipotle? I honestly have no idea, apart from the fact that it apparently comes in burritos, and thought it would be so much nicer for you to explain it rather that have wikipedia do it.

Today, I saw: a note informing me that my tutor wouldn't be coming to my tutorial, leaving me with nothing to do for hours.
Today, I heard: an abnormally loud airconditioning unit buzz obnoxiously while I was trying to study.
Today, I smelled: homemade tomato relish - my last jar, sadly.
Today, I touched: my old ukulele, which evidently I am no longer proficient with.
Today, I tasted: yummy mashed kumara

Marta said...

You are amazing xDD

today I saw: This beautiful necklace my boyfriend gave me. =) He's getting cuter.

Today, I heard: crap music
Today, I tasted: bread anh honey mixed to an awesome sensation in my mouth. xD
Today, I touched: my boyfriend's ass. chukki chukki hehe
Today, I smelled: the nature.

Jenni said...

That was really cool, haha. I cannot write on computers... As in drawing letters on paint of whatever. And as for drawing, I can't do that either IRL or on a computer D:

Today, I saw: Lord Of The Rings: Return of The King at 3 AM as my friend came over and he wanted to watch it before we went to sleep :L
Today, I heard: my friends awful music taste :P
Today, I tasted: a Morrisons (UK supermarket) big breakfast. Basically, a fry up, mmmm.
Today, I touched: the cat that lives in my building, he's adorable.
Today, I smelled: nothing particularly memorable...

Sarah Badger said...

This entry reminds me of an Amelia's Notebook. =)

Today (Yesterday), I saw: one of Graham's favorite movies, Big Night.
Today, I heard: The song we danced to at our wedding, "Cheek to Cheek."
Today, I tasted: a raspberry truffle cake that cnsisted entirely of fat, sugar, and cocoa.
Today, I touched: The grass in the park where we picnicked.
Today, smelled: The smell of grilled onions while Graham cooked dinner.

Claire C said...

I LOVE IT! Hayley, you do realise that you don't even have to try for us. We turn up day after day anyways and enjoy everything you write or draw for us :P I know that I for one really appreciate that you take the time out to write for us everyday, and try and not stress out to much over what to write, we love you just the way you are!

Today I saw: sixteen copies of my resume being sent to various companies in the the hope I get a job (pray I do!)

Today I heard: myself singing really loud in work. In front of customers. Because I forgot where I was - hehe!

Today I tasted: the yummiest bagel ever - smoked salmon and scramble eggs with chives.. Mmmmmm!

Today I touched: so much cheese!!!

Today I smelled: yummy aftershave - men in my work always smell good! :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so much fun to read! :)

Mariel said...

Hey Hayley. I'd just like to say thanks for making me smile. I've been going through a kind of rough time lately with a relationship I'm in where I'm forced to break up with him over the phone because I can't bring myself to see him. Reading your blog everyday makes me feel so much happier, and I'd just like to thank you for making me smile when almost no one else can.

Bel said...

This was SO cute.

Today I...
Saw people at college reading the magazine I work at, and it was awesome.
Heard: this song (, which is just adorable. I actually can't stop listening it.
Tasted: really good kiwi.
Touched: My dog, who came greeting me when I got home exhausted.
Smelled: really chilly foresty air while I went running in the park near my house.

: )

Ali said...

'nail colour: [squiggle]'
heh that really made me laugh ^_^
This is the first day of BEDA that I am delurking to comment! It's nothing against your posts of all the other days so far (don't feel bad August 1st-15th, I LOVE YOU JUST AS MUCH AS THE 16TH!) it's just that I've been in Portugal with only a phone to do internetting on and it makes commenting difficult :S

So congratulations on your awesome drawing skills and really belatedly thank you for doing BEDA! It makes me happy when there is a Hayley blog to read every day :) Oh and this senses thing is fun:
Today I saw: many of the pages of To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm loving it :)
Heard: the subtle but unmistakeable notes of utter horror in my granddad's voice after I told him that he couldn't see my twitter in case I'd cussed on it.
Tasted: delicious green Thai curry from my favourite takeaway
Touched: a book on transnational class formation, which was much less enjoyable than To Kill a Mockingbird
Smelled: absolutely nothing, until an hour ago, when I decided to kick the ass of this cold I have once and for all by inhaling eucalyptus oil. Then I suddenly smelt so much eucalyptus it made my eyes water like crazy. And now my nose is blocked again. This plan: not a success.

kira902k said...

This was so JOLLY. It made me smile.
But can you please eat another burrito? 23 is my unlucky number and it makes me unhappy that it's just sitting there at the bottom of your blog posts all the time.
Lol im so strange. :P

Claire said...

This was fantastic. I have to say, it made me think of the blog Hyperbole and a Half, just because of the incorporation of pictures. Have you read that blog? If not, YOU NEED TO, IT IS HILARIOUS.

Meredith said...

don't tell anyone I said this, but I think you're the best blogger of the fiveawesomegirls.