Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I don't care about clothes.

I'm not much of a girly-girl. I mean, I paint my nails once a week, I bake a considerable amount of cookies, and on rare occasions, I'll spontaneously cry about things like Jane Austen novels and chocolate... but I also don't understand how to effectively use a blowdryer, I've worn the same green tennis shoes for several years, and I'd like to personally punch all the characters on One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy in their faces. I think ultra-feminine women are nice, but I don't usually relate to them much.

So I was flipping through the channels this morning, and when I paused to shove a handful of processed food into my gaping esophagus*, I came across some typical fashion TV show. The type where British people tell frumpy women with short haircuts that it's their duty to spend more money on clothes so that their husbands will stop cheating on them, and then all the commercials are for diet pills and Vagisil, and etc. You know what I'm talking about. So a few minutes in (before the women were publicly humiliated and reduced to tears, ALL IN GOOD FUN!), the host interviewed a couple of snobby-looking women in scarves about "their personal styles." They gave generic answers that I've read in magazines a million times, like grunge and chic and bohemian, which I expected. And yet, for the first time, I found this surprisingly... fascinating. Not fascinating in the I-want-to-go-buy-a-burlap-dress kind of way, but fascinating in the I-wonder-what-it-would-be-like-to-have-a-style sort of way. Then my mind started wandering to places like, What do my clothes have in common?

Well, they have in common the fact that they're hand-me-downs from my sisters, they have in common that they're unremarkable, and they have in common that I really do not give a shit at all. But I guess I do wear a lot of knee-length skirts, a lot of solid t-shirts, a lot of cardigans. So what does that make my Style? "Middle-aged?" "English Teacher?" "Meg Ryan Movie?" I contemplated the nature of my Style for the length of one advertisement about GETTING! THIN! FAST!, and then I remembered that I absolutely don't care.

Anyway, I really do not know why I'm choosing to tell you all this. I didn't reach any grand conclusion about myself or about life, and I just ended up switching the channel to some other dribble and wasting away into American food culture, one microwavable snack at a time. I think my point in talking about this is to say that it's cool how some people can see jeans as an art form, and others could not care less. There's nothing vapid or stupid about loving clothes, but the height of my interest in clothing came and went today, all in about four minutes. Why is that? What's something that other people get excited about that you just don't understand? I'm curious if there's anyone out there who's like, "Yeah, I get the appeal of food, but it's just not my thing."

I don't know. Maybe none of this makes sense. Maybe I'm tired and rambling and need to learn when to stop. Maybe I need to tell you what I sensed today so I can go to bed.

Today, I saw: this hysterical Tumblr blog, which had me laughing out loud for half an hour.
Today, I heard: another iJustine parody song, as I smiled sweetly in an attempt to ease the pain. I'm sorry. She's cute, and it makes me happy when she gets exciting opportunities, but it's kind of sad that this will forever have more views than something like this.
Today, I smelled: homemade blackberry cobbler baking, compliments of my mom.
Today, I touched: weeds, weeds, weeds. And not the exciting smoking kind. The dirty kind that Dad asks you to help pull out of the ground all afternoon in 100% humidity.
Today, I tasted: fresh strawberries. Like heavennnn.

Okay, on that note, my dog is looking at me like "Yo, why are you typing when we could be cuddling?" Don't forget to comment with the things you sensed today, if you feel like it, and I hope you enjoy your Thursday! I'll see you tomorrow in video form on fiveawesomegirls, and in blog form later on. Goodnight!

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,231
Nail color: "Rogue Vogue," Maybelline (discontinued)

*I thought you'd also like to know that I had my plate of food (pizza rolls, of course, made with "natural and artificial flavors") balanced on my stomach, and that when I leaned back, the position provided me with several extra and unflattering chins. Just to, like, drive the whole "NOT A GIRLY-GIRL" point home.


CAlex6977 said...

Excellent blog my dear. I particularly love the Gaping esophagus comment and footnote. You really do have a great writing mind. Stay where you are at for awhile.:-)

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

This is hysterical you decided to talk about things that interest others yet completely disinterest us after I had a conversation with my friend asking how on earth she could not be interested in school supplies. For some reason, I adore them and can spend hours walking through office max or the school supply sections of walmart and target; I'm obsessed.

However, I agree with you about clothes and I also do not understand the deep appeal of jewelry. To me, it's just expensive and not really worth it unless it makes a statement like a lightening bolt if you love HP or a bow and arrow if you love the Hunger Games. I can about that, but how many diamonds are contained in your ring I couldn't care less about.

stephie said...

ok. I'm commenting two nights in a row. This is 2x more often than I've commented, like, ever.

My style says two things. 1. I'm actually an English teacher. No, literally. So, during the school year, it's exactly as you described: knee length skirts, cardigans, etc. and 2. "I am a mid-20's woman living in a small town constantly on display as 'English Teacher,' but I want to look my age so I have to try and balance those two things" type of style.

Today I saw: My kitty going to the vet to be boarded while I fly to Minnesota tomorrow to visit family. Sad Face.

Today I smelled: spicy Mexican food cooked by me, enjoyed by husband and me.

Today I tasted: Jalapenos. Yeah, I'm not one of those "I don't get food" people.

Today I felt: the air. It literally clung to your skin all day. It was at least 94 and 200% humidity.

Today I heard: The sound of the opera "Carmen" on tv as I type this. Loves it.

Stefan said...

I'm always weirded out when I feel a lot of comradery with people who share my anti social tendencies.

ps.. buy a tivo. I have 2 and they are all full of degrassi and community episodes.

pps. degrassi is awesome this season.

Allison :/ said...

Today I saw one of my best friends for the last time before he moved across the country.
Today I heard showtunes being blasted in my best friend's car.
Today I felt the friend from 'today I saw''s arms around me as we hugged and tried not to cry.
Today I tasted orange juice slightly diluted with slow-melting ice.
Today I smelled KFC wafting from a greasy box as I ate my sorrows away.

Hmm. Would 'random camp/musical shirts combined with random pretty things and basic pants/shorts' be a style?

Rachel said...

Today, I saw: a giant spider in the bathroom, which I was afraid of. Then I went to a reptile show and held a tarantula, and wasn't afraid of. I'm weird.
Today, I heard: the voices of 150ish kids singing camp songs. It was even more beautiful because they all have/have had cancer.
Today, I smelled: The delicious chai tea I made myself.
Today, I touched: lots of dirt, sweaty kids, wood, meat, camp things...
Today, I tasted: I ate yogurt with nuts, honey, and fruit. yummm.

Jeremy C. said...

SHARK WEEK. It seems like I'm the only person in the country that doesn't give a flying fuck about Shark Week.

I need to restrain myself, I might spiral into a rant if I don't hold back.

ANYWAY, Today I...

SAW: The movie Mean Girls for the first time ever. It was hilarious!

HEARD: "My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard..." play through my head over and over and over.

TASTED: The rainbow (from all the Skittles I ate while watching Mean Girls).

FELT: Sweat roll into my eyes during my run today. Never have I desired a sweat band more than in that moment.

SMELLED: the sweet scent of victory, as Prop 8 has been overturned here in California. :]

Chantel said...

I suppose I'm someone who gets the appeal of food but it really isn't my thing. I mean it keeps you alive and there are so many different kinds that it is pretty amazing, but I don't like eating.

Alice said...

I can totally understand your view on clothes. Recently I started subscribing to fashion magazines, and I really enjoy them. Surprisingly, there is very little on how to attract a man, and a lot really interesting articles and interviews. The way the whole industry works, and how people create clothes as art is so fascinating to me, even if I know I could never own anything on the page. My whole wardrobe is mostly thrift store, target, forever 21 and delias and I'm totally okay with that.

Saw: a solid hour of Tyler Oakley
Touched: a shiny camcorder
Tasted: an avocado, spinach and tomato salad, it tasted like summer.
Heard: My mom gush about her new job as an English Professor
Smelled: Freshly ground coffee

kira902k said...

Ah, my problem is that I do care about clothes, but I'm not /good/ at caring about clothes. Like, I suck at figuring out what matches and I spend around half an hour every morning (on school days) staring at my wardrobe trying to figure out what the hell I could wear that day.
My problem is that caring about clothes was kind of thrust upon me. I go to a private school and all the crazy rich girls literally wear a different outfit EVERY day of the year. Which immediately makes me feel out of place when I wear the same jeans twice in the same week.

So that's my story. xD

Also, I like eating, but I don't have a passion for food like you do.


Tara said...

Oh my goodness! I can totally relate to you! We have similar styles, I wear knee-length skirts and solid colour tops.
Whenever I go shopping it is almost always with a friend who goes into a store, looks at everything, finds several things she likes, and then ponders for 30 minutes of whether or not she should buy them. It drives me to the point of insanity.
Today I saw: Degrassi...what else should I be watching in the summer?
Today I heard: The Mountain Goats, I checked them out since John Green likes them.
Today I touched a food item that was in my purse so long it was unrecognizable.
Today I smelled my dog's fart. It cleared the room.
Today I tasted the most delicious peach ever. Ripe and juicy mmm.

Jess said...

"I'm curious if there's anyone out there who's like, 'Yeah, I get the appeal of food, but it's just not my thing.'"

That would be me, actually. I mean, if we didn't have to eat to survive, I probably would only eat every two months or so.


Today I saw: my first follower on my blog. I mean, I didn't see her in real life, but I saw that I had gained a follower. Getting one blog follower was one of my summer goals. SUCCESS.

And... other than that, I'm too lazy to do the rest of the senses. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: That Lex and Kayley really do look like each other, seriously never noticed that before.
Today, I heard: four month old puppies hollowing, that is what youtube is for, nerdfighteria and cute puppies.
Today, I touched: pillows, I was tired and a bit sick today...
Today, I tasted: some pretty good carrots, and chicken too.

The Vagabond said...

Ha! I love the Stack of Books song in that Tumblr blog. It reminds me of when I used to look for the Harry Potter books in the PB Teen catalogues.

Today I...
Saw: myself retweeted by Maureen Johnson for FOUR QUESTIONS. It was an exciting time for me.

Heard: The annoying sounds of Eminem countless times in my car because our top 40 radio stations likes NO ONE ELSE BUT HIM!

Smelled: Homemade tortilla chips being fried. Exciting.

Tasted: Orange juice which I had been craving like no other. Very satisfying.

Felt: The heat and humidity of Houston, Texas weather during the hottest time of year. Unpleasant.

Also I don't have a style either. Or else I'm trying to figure out what it is.

fannylemon said...

Joe's How To Use a Dating Website video (and all of the Barbra videos, actually) should probably have the most views of anything on the internet. Just my opinion...

Today I saw that all of a sudden I have six blog followers. I know that six is basically none, but I'm pretty sure I had two yesterday, so statistically speaking this is big deal.

Today I heard a lot of rap music. I dunno, I was just in that sort of mood?

Today I touched the flaming hot leather interior of my friend's car after it had been sitting in the direct sunlight for too long. And then I screamed.

Today I smelled victory. Bye, bye Prop H8.

Today I tasted four bowls of Special K cereal. At every meal. Again, it was just a weird sort of day.

tranquilily said...

What I don't get the appeal of is cars. Does it work? Cool, that's all I need. And (American)football boggles me as well.

Today I saw: a creature that might have been a beaver or a badger or a hedgehog
Today I heard: Tyler Oakley on the radio
Today I touched: my smooth legs after I haven't shaved in a few days
Today I smelled: stir-fry
Today I tasted: cookies and ice cream and juice

Martín Daniela said...

Hello there, this is my first time leaving a comment here so just wanted to say that this post is hilarious, i love rants.

Today i saw: An odd yet amazing video ( that made me cry and i still don´t know why.(

Today i smelled: my new coconut lotion: A-MA-ZING!

Today i tasted: The rain, because i felt like it.

Today i touched: balloons!

Today i heard: Floorfiller by A*teens *hides in shame of musical taste*

Anyways, lovely blog, i think i´ll comment more frequently, have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big clothes girl either (though if I had to have a "style" I would say haphazard out of fashion wannabe hippie, only because of the tie-dye and bellbottom love). I lover earrings, though.

Reality shows in general are all about people being bitchy to each other in the name of entertainment and good fun.


TV is all about that. Alas.

jenibo said...

I love the image of you and your pizza rolls. Really. You just made my girl crush more severe.

Rennie said...

My clothing situation is the same as yours. I have too many t-shirts (mostly threadless, bands, and nerdy ones) and a few pairs of jeans and shorts that I rotate through the week with the t-shirts (occasionally throwing in a cute top to mix things up). I look at people at school and think "I like their clothes, why can't I dress that way?" but nothing ever changes. Sigh.

Today, I saw one of my favorite bands, Gold Motel in concert! It was a lot of fun.

Today, I heard the air conditioning in my house finally kick on after my parents decided to let us stop suffering.

Today, I felt my full tote bag of books hit my leg while I was riding my bike home from the library.

Today, I tasted an Arizona Arnold Palmer drink. Mmmm.

Today I smelled that sickly alcohol-mixed-with-cigarette smoke bar smell at the aforementioned concert.

justjustine said...

Hey, in my blog, I did this thing where I wrote "There's" followed by a list of emotions and things in my life right now. It might be cool if you did that, since you're so poetic and reflective and things like that. XD

justjustine said...

Hey, in my blog, I did this thing where I wrote "There's" followed by a list of emotions and things in my life right now. It might be cool if you did that, since you're so poetic and reflective and things like that. XD

Katie said...

When you said the bit about shoving food into your gaping esophagus, I immediately pictured you shoving handfuls of food directly into a hole in your stomach...sort of like a giant belly button. But more gross. Then I looked up "esophagus" and re-learned that it's not just a fancy word for "stomach" and I need to go back to my middle school science classes.

Today, I saw, heard, smelled, touched, and tasted EXHAUSTION. Gooooooooooood night.

Catherine said...

'I'm curious if there's anyone out there who's like, "Yeah, I get the appeal of food, but it's just not my thing."'

Yeah, that's me. I'm really picky when it comes to food and obviously I eat because I have to and I have things I like to eat. But I would never say it was one of the things I enjoy doing. I guess it's probably because I'm small and I just can't/don't need to eat things a lot or else I just feel ill.

Nicky said...

Today, I saw: the Pacific Ocean in all it's amazing and scary-waved glory.

Today, I smelled: burning seaweed as my always curious friend stuck a strand in our firepit.

Today, I tasted: the ocean froth and still have no clue what constitutes it.

Today, I felt: the waves crash into my humbled and completely tired body.

Today, I heard: the whisperings of one of my best friends and her boyfriend while they cuddled around the fire. It makes me happy.

Kat said...

That is f'sho "English teacher" style. And my high school English teacher was awesome. (Still is, actually.)

And now let's have some sensing!

saw: Inception (It was ridicularious)
smelled: movie theatre popcorn
tasted: my first homemade meal in about a week
felt: disappointed in my car (read: family's old minivan) for not starting the first ten times I put the keys in the ignition
heard: the eye doctor telling me my vision has deteriorated since two years ago, but at a slower rate than it used to be (and it should stabilize around the age of 24?)

It was a good day, haha. Also I considered -- but ultimately decided against -- paying for my movie ticket entirely in quarters. That would not have been embarrassing or obnoxious at all.

BenCracknell said...

My style is pretty much the same as yours. I'm gay, but I really don't care. I wear jeans when I go out, trainers that I've had for the past four years, some form of tshirt and a zip-up hoodie. My brains are my sense of style, I don't need no clothes!

Today I touched a weed, too, but I got stung, so I gave up

I heard some Michael Jackson tribute--who I hate--that my friend--who I love--dragged me to.

I smelled fresh bread, the scent that could melt even my dislike towards Shane Dawson, but only very, very briefly

I saw that you swore in your blog, which made me smile. Badassery FTW

Today I tasted sweet, sweet victory as U had a dream that I broke a secret record on who asked the most questions in a Jo Rowling meet and greet.

Have a great day!

&$#%@! said...

My view on clothes is probably the exact opposite of yours (sorry!). I care a lot about what I wear because I think it is FUN! Also, because you never know who you're going to see out in public. It may be a future employer or, okay, I'll be honest, a hot boy.

Catherine said...

Today, I saw: a crazy freak lightning storm. It was amazing
Today, I heard: Taylor Swift's new single. I adore it already, especially because it has a little country in it, which needs to happen more.
Today, I smelled: my uncle's meatballs. Yes, they're delicious.
Today, I touched: my mom and brothers. They finally came back from vacation. I missed them.
Today, I tasted: fresh fried zuchini. I don't know if something is still fresh wants you fry it, but I think you know what I mean.

the orange box said...

I have no idea about style or fashion. I buy clothes that fit me and are comfortable. Generally when I do find something I like I buy about 4 or 5 in different colours. Plus, the whole going to a store, looking at stuff I really have no interest in and begrudgingly handing over money I would rather spend on cookies and books just makes me die a little inside.

The only thing I actualy spend time mulling over and deliberating over are boots, this is because I live in boots and do a lot of walking but apart from that the whole fashion industry kind of depresses me and I'm glad to be as far removed from it as possible.

MELANIE. said...

Hayley I'm going on a RUN now. Be super proud of me; it's my first! So atm I have no time to tell you what I sensed. Later.

Molly Jo said...

I don't get the need some people have to have drama and angst in their lives AT ALL TIMES. Like, I know people who can make a hang nail seem like aliens are colonizing the earth and we're about to have creatures popping from our bellies. The older I get, the less tolerant I am. I'm just over it.

kalimagination said...

I don't understand why some boys love cars. One of my friends talks about cars constantly and gets excited about painting calipers (????), and I just nod my head and think "How can anyone care about a bunch of metal bits?"
Also, I really, really love shopping and buying clothes and reading fashion blogs/magazines, so I own a lot of really nice clothes. But most days, I don't care enough to make a proper outfit and just toss on something clean and comfy. If anyone ever asked, I'd call my style "I tried, but not really."

Today, I saw: 39 dogs at the park. I counted them as they walked by.
Today, I heard: my quiet, polite friend swear for the first time ever.
Today, I smelled: Arby's, while I was laying in bed this morning. I still am unsure why.
Today, I touched: soggy, soggy grass.
Today, I tasted: a Blizzard from Dairy Queen that was made for me by my class' valedictorian. I thought it was amusing.

Elisabeth said...

I would never have described myself as someone interested in clothes or fashion, either. But I do like to look at other people and analyse how a certain combination of clothes, together with hair and accessories, says something about the wearer: e.g. hippie, nerd, white trash.

That said, I might find it interesting but don't really bother to apply it to myself. Don't know how I'd categorise myself, despite how much I like to categorise others. Maybe three quarters 'jeans+tshirt' and one quarter indie rock chick. Mostly because I have red hair.

I totally understand your fascination with food. If you have the money to spare, go to a restaurant that serves a degustation menu. That means the chef picks a whole host of different dishes and you get eight or so entree sized serves. Usually pretty fancy, but great because you can try so many different delicious dishes!

Saw: a caterpillar with one central antenna.
Smelled: chicken and pumpkin risotto. Looking forward to dinner
Tasted: chocolate with way too many artificial additives. But it was gooood
Touched: a giant pimple on my chin x(
Heard: the sounds of evening through my open bedroom window

KateyMatey said...

I used to not care about food. I didn't like eating, or care what I was eating. But then I became a veggie, and now all I think about is vegetable lasagne and bean burgers. Weird. Maybe your love for clothes hasn't blossomed yet.

Today I smelled: Lots and lots of tea. I found a cute little shop that sells loose leaf tea in my town. New favourite shop.

Today I tasted: Peanut butter and Nutella on toast. Mmm.

Today I felt: Thousands of pounds. (I work in a retail cash office).

Today I heard: Arcade Fire's new album. It's beautiful. Fully recommend it!

Rosanna said...

That sounds exactly like my dog! She spent yesterday morning trying to shove the laptop of my knee with her head :)
and I am kind of interested in clothes, more in making them though, I'm a sewer. I hate the fuss people make about always looking perfect and the idea of wearing something only once makes me sick.
Today I saw: my little sister reading and loving the Hunger Games as much as I do :)
Today I heard: my brother screaming at the tv, I don't understand this playing online thing!
Today I tasted: the most disgusting pancake in the world, I need a new recipe!
Today I touched: the book I am reading, its just so good!
Today I smelled: bubble bath :) hmmmm

Jenni said...

Today, I saw: Paranormal Activity. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! (Yes, I'm a wimp)
Today, I heard: My friend mocking me constantly, it's just what we do - mock eachother...
Today, I smelled: the fresh smell of grass in the morning as I woke up having slept outisde on a trampoline with my friends :D
Today, I touched: a massive bump on my head after nearly knocking my self out landing on my head ice skating
Today, I tasted: Lots of junk food as me and my friends had a movie day

Celeste said...

I'm really not the kind of person who's really into what's "in"/make up/"style" but....

Since starting my enormous 4 months holidays in June I channel surfed for a long while, stopping on the usual entertainment channels UNTIL I came across one that was showing this curious program called "Clean House". At first, I was anxious. It seemed like the kind of show I would hate, but I can now proudly say that Clean House is now my FAVOURITE show. EVER.

A Close second though (and this show is actually relevant..unlike Clean House, which is nothing to do with clothes) is "How Do I Look?". This is just...I can't even's...I'm speechless, really. It's amazing. And it's on all the time. I feel blessed.

Anywho, point is, I, the one person people would least expect to even watch the Style Network, LOVES the Style Network. We're still at the beginning of our relationship and we're still working out what makes the other tick, but it's going well. Really well.

And I feel like I just wrote an entire blog post in my comment. Sorry about that.

Celeste said...

Oh, and...
Today I saw: Two episodes of 'How Do I Look?' and Clean House: Search for the Messiest Home in the Country

Today I felt: Overwhelmed by the abundance of crap that the messiest home in the country acquired

Today I heard: Niecy Nash (from Clean House) scream when she saw the basement.

Today I smelled: Sweet victory (for the Clean House group) when they cleaned that house!

Today I tasted: That gross sour taste when you see a 25 year old girl (on How Do I Look?) wear children's clothes that she found abandoned in a park.

Yes, that was a Style Network version of my senses. Hell yeah.

RoboFillet said...

You looking for a style, girly-girl? I suggest 'sexy librarian'.


anna said...

I don't really get make-up. On the off chance that I do wear make-up, it takes all of 5 minutes to put on. Because does it really matter that much? People say they have no "facial structure" and that's why they wear it. I'm pretty sure if you didn't have facial structure, you wouldn't have a face.

the orange box said...

Today I saw a some rather beautiful cumulous clouds on the way home from work.
Today I smelled rusks, they're these biscuits that i had as a baby/toddler and they just smell amazing.
Today I tasted some cold new potatoes with salad cream nomnomnom
Today I felt sad because I realsied i'm no closer to my dream than I was this time last year, in fact I'm further from it.
Today I heard that fricking Alicia Keys "New York" song at least half a dozen times at work. Silence is a beautiful thing.

Rosianna said...

Today, I saw: Lions, tigers and bears, OH MY at London Zoo. Well there were no bears because that's illegal, but there were some penguins who made me feel as though I had just stepped into Mary Poppins. Always a good feeling, really.

Today, I heard: Otters mewing like cats. There's a theme here, I can't help it.

Today, I smelled: Manure. Ack. Let's think of something nicer. I also smelt Indian food. Mmm.

Today, I touched: BABY LEGS. I know this baby, but it still doesn't sound any less creepy. To be specific, my nephew's baby legs. They were attached to his (living) body. Um. Yes. Moving on.

Today, I tasted: Really good scones with strawberry jam. Yum yum.

Keep twiddling those dials! Or, you know, blogging. I'm just going to...hide... in this hole... forever... yeah... /freak

- rossssssssssssssssianna.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I care about clothes... I just don't DO anything about caring about clothes. Like, you know, dressing well.

bananasandwichh said...

Today, I saw: my final mark for my summer online english class! it wasn't as high as i would have liked, but a 77 isn't terrible. and on the bright side, i'm done high school english forever.
Today, I heard: my favourite song, eyes on you by automatic loveletter
Today, I smelled: brownies baking! yummm
Today, I touched: my slobbery dog.
Today, I tasted: a homemade turkey burger. deeeelish!

Lauren said...

Today I saw: Passing scenery on a train, as I headed back home

Today I heard: My own voice echo back at me as I performed a monologue from "Mean Girls" in the mirror.

Today I tasted: The salty discomfort of my own tears, leaving my cheeks raw with superficiality.

Today I felt: The scratchy felt of a rental car on my rear end

Today I smelled: My grandma's perfume, as she hugged me goodbye.

Joseph Birdsong said...

still here, still creepin' your blog daily, still hopin' to touch you in real life someday.

pickles4muggles said...

rofl "gaping esophagus" lmfaoo. sometimes, I imagine you actually saying this and it sounds funny in my head

ugh. I like fashion and stuff..but I don't understand it sometimes. It gets interesting, but I'm a girl...I feel like I should understand why babaloo shoes aren't in this fall or something. (idk what babloo is..i'm just trying to sound fashionable or whatever.)

Anila said...

one of my friends is very into ~style and she always begs me to let her make me over, like those tv shows.

and I always have to explain to her that among the things I need to improve about myself, my ~style is pretty low on that list.

Sugandha said...

SPORTS. I doubt I'll ever really get the appeal of sports. People wake at crazy ungodly hours to watch it, whereas I really couldn't care less.

Also, you are awesome. and vapid they may be, I like Trinny and Sussanah :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT barbera robertson!

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