Saturday, August 7, 2010

My dad is smart, blueberries, what.

My dad is the smartest man alive. I swear to you, if I had the power to put the entire world on hold for half an hour-- forcing every person in every location to completely stop-- and just make them listen to my dad talk about religion for thirty minutes... by the end of it we'd all shrug, say, "Okay. I can get behind that," and there would be no more problems. He is that level of well-spoken, that level of intelligent, and to that degree my hero. Walking with him down the road, battling out the uncertainties of life, hearing each other out and coming to the conclusion that it's unnecessary to always draw conclusions. One of my most cherished pastimes. I don't have my father's innate ability to put complicated thoughts into uncomplicated sentences on a moment's notice, so I won't attempt to relay to you our conversation from this evening, but I just need to say it: I am so grateful to have the brilliant, thoughtful, fascinating parents I've been blessed with, and I'll be satisfied with life if I ever grow up to have their same wisdom and grace and goodness.

I'll stop preaching now, but I just have to let it out sometimes. I adore my parents.

So. In less dramatic news, following that grand proclamation... like, what's up? I had a really good day today. I woke up super early to hang out with Jess before she went to work (we shared a scone), I got recognized from fiveawesomegirls at the library (still freaks me out!), I started reading A History of the Wife by Marilyn Yalom (because I guess I need to start hating men in preparation for my twenties, right?) and then I went blueberry picking with my mom and grandma. We came home with three giant tubs, all full to the brim with fresh berries. My hands turned purple. It was nice. Afterwards, I went with my parents to my sister's house, because she thought there was going to be some kind of festival down the street from her with free food. Turns out, the festival is NEXT week, so we ended up walking to a restaurant instead, talking about religion and politics and life all the way. It was sort of beautiful. And sort of responsible for the disjointed chaos that is this blog post.

In other news, I'm simultaneously trying to not sound like a psycho in my blog, text The Situation, and watch vloggerqueen17 be hilarious and adorable on BlogTV. And, as we discussed the other day, I am terrible at multitasking. Therefore:

Today, I saw: that you can buy jars of pickles the size of a bookshelf at Sam's Club. Why!?
Today, I heard: the aforementioned hilarious and adorable youtuber read some of her writing. So good. You should go subscribe to her. I feel like she's my sister or something (even though I don't know her and am creepy) because she's exactly like me, five years ago.
Today, I smelled: onion and chive cream cheese.
Today, I touched: melted chocolate in the bottom of my purse. Whoops.
Today, I tasted: baked rigatoni smothered in delicious, heart-attacky cheese.

Okay, it's bedtime. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, and I'll see you tomorrow night!

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,410
Nail color: "Rogue Vogue," Maybelline (discontinued)

P.S. Hi, Ben! I know you're reading this because I'm sort of talking to you on BlogTV. So hi. :)


BenCracknell said...

Crap crap crap crap crap. Hayley, I don't care if I'm a stalker any more. I FREAKING LOVE YOU!

Today I tasted infatuation when I blogtv-ed with you. That doesn't make sense, but I'm crapping myself. I don't care. Omigod.

Stefan said...

Yeay for suggestions on who to subscribe to! I hope you never talk about jumping off a bridge, I fear for my life.

Katiee said...

You know, I don't think we every can give our parents enough credit for how they impact us, and those of us who are lucky to have such great parents really should be more appreciative. (:

Melody said...

The title of this blog makes me happy. Hayley makes me happy. Hayley doing BEDA makes me happy. Have I mentioned lately how much I love reading your blog every day?

Saw: half of Princess Mononoke, in the wee hours of the morning
Heard: gunshots, in the not-so-wee hours of the morning. :/ Woke me up. We're hoping somebody was just shooting at a fox or something.
Touched: The pages of The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie, which I finished today! It was awesome! (Though, I have to admit, for the first...400 pages or so, I was wondering where the hell it was going, but after that it all made sense. =D)
Smelled: Baking cookies!
Tasted: Baked cookies!

Cece said...

I've never had blueberries, but I like purple hands.
I usually write way-too-long comments on

You're fantastic, kbye.

Tara said...

Today I saw the youtube video where the guy is like in love with a rainbow.
Today I touched the lego version of Harry Potter for the Wii.
Today I tasted a delicious peach.
Today I heard an Eminem song and I liked it.
Today I smelled Starbucks coffee.

TheGingerHermione said...

Am I the only one confused about "I hope you had a good Sunday" ?

Chelsea said...

I feel that way about my dad. Like, we have a lot of stupid arguments (the typical parent-teenager/we-are-both-pretty-stubborn-sometimes kind of arguments) but we can get into these incredible discussions about life and the universe and I am always truly blown away at how brilliant he is. I really love my parents.

Lauren is adorable : ) I watch her collab channel.

I saw: the past week's new Degrassi episodes, now that I am back in the land of internet access.

I heard: the sounds of my typical summer night- cicadas, my purring cat, and the gentle whirring of my laptop fan.

I smelled: new lotion from the Gap outlet we stopped at on our way home. Lame.

I touched: my brand new 'I believe in Nargles' t-shirt that came in the mail.

I tasted: a lot of gum. Tortilla chips. Apple juice. And trail mix we made in the car, consisting of dark chocolate chips, craisins and peanuts- it was a long ride home.

tranquilily said...

Today I saw: the second half of Zombieland
heard: my friend's family argue about killing a fly
touched: a tree that I climbed
smelled: my hair, just now while I was thinking of what I smelled today
tasted: grilled corn on the cob.

Victoria said...

Today I saw a lot of grassy, open fields.
Today I touched my pillows for the first time in a week, since I've been on vacation.
Today I tasted yummy 7-layer dip after grocery shopping. Guh, to die for.
Today I heard all of Rachael Yamagata's CD 'The Reason Why'.
Today I smelled freshly cut grass as we drove by the fields.

Alice said...

Saw: The Kids Are Alright, which for the first time in a while, made me leave the theater and think, "I just saw a really good movie."
Smelled: The tangysweet perfume of the woman next to me in the theater
Touched: My sister, for the first time in two months
Tasted: Fresh cherries, as a reward for every ten pages of my required reading
Heard: My new favourite vlogbrothers video.

pickles4muggles said...

haha aw! I think it's wonderful about how you feel about your parents. I USED to blog about hating mine so much. I feel like ranting about your parents in the internet for a wide variety of people to see is unnecessary. But praising them? Totally necessary. You're freaking awesome

again with the food. I crave chocolate now. oh hayley :D

Tom said...

@bencracknell I lolled at "I tasted infatuation." (Does that work on blogspot? Probably not. Ah well.)

Today, I saw: that the explosives in the cargo hold were just about to blow.
Today, I heard: you singing from all the way across the country in Palm Springs.
Today, I smelled: the sweet freshly-scrubbed smell of the crowd.
Today, I touched: [the ax with which] I cut down that withered peach tree.
Today, I felt: all the details carving out space in my head.

^All of those are lyrics from songs by the Mountain Goats. (I am one of thw many people who heard John Green mention them a million times, and then finally looked them up and fell deeply in love.) I could've said things that I sensed irl, but real life is less interesting than fictional stories. (You know it's true.)

Sarah Bonilla said...

I heard: my dad and I have a similar conversation in the early hours about bibles, Jesus, suffering, philisophical stuff that he made sound eloquent and worthy of stitching onto pillows. So, yeah, I know where you're coming from.
Part 2. I also heard that I have a Chicago accent? News to me.

I saw: Benny and Joon. Johnny Depp. Early ninetys. Hell yes.

I touched: the pages of The Bell Jar in bed, crying my eyes out. I'm very close to finishing

I tasted: yummy pancakes at the same restaurant frequent every Saturday. Family tradition, and a good one, because the food is delicous.

Jenni said...

Today, I saw: that my books had come in at the library! Time Travellers Wife, Hunger Game and PAPER TOWNS :D
Today, I heard: a customer repeatedly change her mind as to which balloons she wanted for an anniversary party... She was there for about an hour!!!
Today, I smelled: the combined scent of cake and freshly baked bread as I wandered into a bakery :)
Today, I touched: thousands of cards as I pointlessly tidied already tidy rows of them at work when my boss told me to :(
Today, I tasted: a sausage roll which was made all the better for the face it was free :)

Sidsel said...

Today, I saw: The First half of "Captains Corelli's Mandolin" on DVD. I don't like Nicolas Cage, but sweet mama do I love Corelli!

Today, I heard: The Soundtrack to "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins. 'Kick off your Sunday shoes!'

Today, I smelled: Food that wasn't mine to eat but mine to serve.

Today, I touched: Sauce! A lot of sauce. All over the place because of a little thing called a lid that wasn't properly in place.

Today, I tasted: Orange flavoured tea from Lipton. Yeah... it proberbly hasn't seen an Orange in its life.

Zoe K. said...

Hayley, you are like the most awesome person ever. I'd gladly listen to you and your dad all day every day.

Saw: My parents completely forget my birthday in front of me...
Heard: My mom talking about aforementioned birthday to my grandmother.
Touched: the cover of Mean Girls, the best movie ever.
Smelled: Fresh mowed grass
Tasted: Zucchini Frittata...* mmmmm so good

*I almost typed only two periods, but then I remembered how much that annoys you.

Anonymous said...

I love that other people love their parents as much I love mine. :)

nalts said...

Here's hoping one of my kids write something like this. If not, I'll copy and paste your text into a fake one I create for them. So if you have Mike come see us, I'll keep mindful of your advice about meeting youtubers in person... and try not to scream and point at you. Okay? We're totally on route from the PA show and NYC.

Natalie said...

I am shocked and horrified to learn that chocolate was left to melt in your purse. It should have been consumed, Hayley! Tut tut.
Really enjoying your blogs every day and it's refreshing to hear some nice things being said on the Internet, especially about parents, instead of the 'Woe is me, my parents hate me because they won't buy me a cell phone' drivel we're subjected to normally :)

Alessandra said...

A haiku:

Hayley G. Hoover
Your blog is amazingsauce
I like burritos

Elizabeth said...

I love that you like your parents. It makes me feel a) not alone in adoring my parents and b) better about expressing my love in (very, very) public forums. Like the internet. :)

Jen said...

Haley, do you know one of the (many) things that impresses me about you? You don't take your awesome family for granted one bit. I think you truly grasp that you are blessed and lucky to have them...I so envy it, but knowing people like you exist lessen the loss somehow. As an "older" reader in her 30's, I recognize the rarity of young people being openly proud of their parents the way you are. You should be proud of yourself, as I know your family is.

Ida Ruda said...

Today, I saw: you. No, I didn't. I'm on the other side of the world.
Today, I heard: you. No, that would be weird.
Today, I smelled: you. No, that would be creepy.
Today, I touched: you. No, that would be extremely creepy.
Today, I tasted: you. No, that would be cannibalistic.

Anonymous said...

...... Have you read The God Delusion?

I'm not being a preaching prat, but I honestly suggest you consider picking up the book, and try a perspective which can answer any and all questions through tangible evidence.

Methinks there is much reason in his sayings.

Alice said...

Hayley, I feel personally offended that you treat us, your loyal readers, like idiots.

We were so close to getting an intelligent, deep entry about spiritualism and then you suddenly halt and turn out utter tripe about blueberries.

Which would you rather read from 19-year-old Hayley when you look back at these entries in 20 years: Your views and introspective thoughts from your teenage self and how they may have changed compared to 39-year-old Hayley, or a "what I did today, lalala" write-up?

Seriously. Consider it.

Luna said...

Sometimes I reread this post just to remind myself how freaking envious I was (and still am) of Lauren. I love her and you to death though, so it's cool.