Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sense-sation! (Er...)

Hello, lovelies! It's ten o'clock in the evening, it's the first day of August, and it's blogging time. Yes, despite Maureen Johnson's inability to follow through with her old plan of updating her blog every day this month, I'm keeping the spirit of BEDA alive. For the next thirty-one days, you will be seeing a lot of me, whether you like it or not.*

However, because Blog Every Day in April proved to be more difficult than I'd originally anticipated (remember my uninspired crayon drawings?), I've decided to set a few more guidelines this month. Each day, I will present to you something noteworthy that I experienced with each of my senses. Cool? Cool.

Today, I saw: that I weigh less than what my driver's license thinks I do. Meaning I am thinner now than I was as a sixteen-year-old cross-country runner.
Today, I heard: this song for the first time in many years.
Today, I touched: the gooey elasticity of nasty dog saliva, because we were babysitting my brother's slobbery puppy, who, despite her adorableness, likes to lick the backs of my legs.
Today, I smelled: the ripening stench of fresh puppy vomit in my mom's car. Delightful!
Today, I tasted: a kebab with grilled tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. Mmm!

Oh! I just had an idea. What if we make the senses thing a group activity? If you'd like, leave a comment with things you saw, heard, touched, smelled and tasted today. I don't know if this will actually be fun at all, but maybe we'll surprise ourselves.

On that note, I'm gonna go take a bath. I'll be back sometime tomorrow for more sensing, and (hopefully) less sucking. <3

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,026
Nail color: "Go on Green," OPI

*I realize that, should you not want to see me, it's pretty darn easy to unfollow a blog. I just wanted to sound like I had control over something.


Anonymous said...

YESYESYES the fact that you're doing BEDA completely made my day :D

Molly Jo said...

I saw that my surgery incision was getting a lot better! I touched something fuzzy and odd under my bed, which creeped me out so I ran away (in reality it was a slipper). I tasted a grape fruit bar. I smelled my new Black Amethyst lotion, which I could swim in daily and be oh so happy.

beangirl1389 said...

I saw a girl at my church get married. I heard songs from Hairspay, Zefron version. I touched a piece of plywood splinters and all. I smelled strawberry cake. I tasted pancakes.

Hayley doing BEDA = =)

Melody said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're blogging again!!

I recently picked up a bunch of Jaclyn Moriarty books from the library, since I read The Year of Secret Assignments on your recommendation and loved it. I'm now reading The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie, and I love how Cass, Em and Lyd occasionally appear, and the plots of the two books intertwine in little tiny ways! It's so fun. :)

Nour said...

Today, I saw: the cutest little girl trying to understand why she couldnt eat a donut that had nuts on it (allergic).
Today, I heard: a group of high school students cheer for a competitor who came all the way from Canada alone. It was the loudest they had cheered.
Today, I touched: a lot of paper, as I had to sort ballots.
Today, I smelled: something really sweet. I couldnt figure out what it was, but it smelled good.
Today, I tasted: some amazing Arab food.

I was volunteering for a competition for high school students hnce the competition theme.

Melody said...

Oh, and:
-saw pictures on Facebook of my cousins' new puppy :)
-listened to one of the children I was babysitting screaming for her mother for a good 20 minutes
-touched snot from said child's nose. Not by choice.
-smelled a lavender candle my friend got for me :)
-tasted vegetarian chow mein

alylurker said...

Today, I saw: My grandparents!
Today, I heard: A guy cursing at his daughter for supposedly stealing his money :/
Today, I touched: My puppy Oreo who has been staying with my cousins!
Today, I smelled: Peppermint! And the old people house smell.
Today, I tasted: yummy falafel balls in Pita with onions, tomatos, pickles, cilantro, and other mouthwatering toppings!

Christina said...

Today, I saw: someone pull a vacuum out of a trash can and claimed it as their own.
Today, I heard: my dad's voice. (I don't really live at home anymore).
Today, I touched: Way to many IDs.
Today, I smelled: fresh nail polish drying.
Today, I tasted: a nice, greasy burger.

fannylemon said...

I'm doing BEDA as well! Looking forward to reading your posts everyday :) Ok senses, hm. Well, Today I saw what happened when my brilliant friend accidently tried to go down an "up" escalator. I heard a lot of coughing because my sister has an awful summer cold and is hacking pretty relentlessly. I tasted a McDonalds fruit smoothie that was easily ten times yummier than I anticipated, and I smelled the nail polish remover that I spilled all over my bedroom floor (once again.)

Hope said...

Today, I saw a container of McDonald's sweet tea emptied on the floor... and yes, I was the one who dropped it. Fail. (I hate working there sometimes D:)
Today, I heard some wonderful singing at my church.
Today, I touched the trunk of a tree, which I climbed for the first time in years.
Today, I smelled marshmallows. Yum!
Today, I tasted a very delicious chocolate-and-coffee cake that my mom made.

OH and I'm very happy that you're doing BEDA, because I love your blogs. I miss you when you don't post :)

The Vagabond said...

Wahoo, Beeda!!

Today I:
Saw the movie Juno for the first time in a long time. Good movie and I actually really like it now. I didn't the first time cause it was all this one girl would talk about in high school and it was built up a bit too much for me. It is, however, NOT an appropriate movie to watch with your super conservative parents. Definitely an awk fest.

Heard this song for the first time ever.

Smelled my favourite perfume that I forgot I had which was buried underneath all the crap on my dresser.

Felt incredibly hot and sweaty after simply walking across the parking lot. I live in Houston. A disgusting place.

Tasted the closest thing to legit Italian pizza for the first time since I've been back from Italy. It also made me decide that I want to open my own legit Italian restaurant in like New York or something.

I like this game.

Kelly said...

I've decided that I will try to leave you a comment for every day of August as well. So here we go...

Today, I saw: That my apartment is a pit
Today, I heard: The Glee Soundtrack #1
Today, I touched: The laundry that has been piling up
Today, I smelled: The yummy that is corn on the cob
Today, I tasted: A steak with a very unfortunately burnt exterior

Xtine said...

Today, I saw: Inception. It was incredible.
Today, I heard: a lot of songs that bring back memories. Example: "Helena" by My Chemical Romance. It reminds me of when I was in the emo stage in middle school
Today, I touched: my sore finger. The skin has been ripped off of the tip, so I cannot play guitar, type properly, or use citrus shampoo. I have been needing painkillers all day.
Today, I smelled: someone's overpowering cologne in the movie theatre.
Today, I tasted: garlic bread that I made despite only being able to use 1 hand.

&$#%@! said...


I saw people at church.
I heard music from Cabaret and Chicago.
I touched a book that I finally finished reading after a good month.
I smelled milk that apparently expires in two days and was, fortunately, still good.
I tasted a blueberry smoothie.

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

Let's see if this is fun:

Today, I saw: my sister's dog, Tiffany, decide to fall asleep on her half-packed suitcase thus stopping the packing process (she was too adorable to move)
Today, I heard: the delivery guy tell me my food would be here in 40 hours xD
Today, I touched: melted body wash that has been in the car for a few weeks
Today, I smelled: my toy story berry body wash I got since the aforth mentioned melted wash I thought was lost and needed to be replaced
Today, I tasted: starbursts I never ate on the plane going up Infinitus and just remembered today

That was fun haha :)

Ryan Leys said...

Today I saw a dog with a handle being carried like a purse

Today I heard The Swell Season and many other bands at the folk festival in my town

Today I touched a moldy hotdog with fuzz all over it (And by touched I mean I touched the gloves which touched the spoons which touched the hotdog)

Today I tasted mozzarella sticks

Today I smelled the stench of my mozzarella sticks coming back up because my stomach decided that instead of eating this over priced meal, it was a better idea to eat it and then throw it up...

Kelly said...

Today I saw: Screen Test by Sephora by OPI (which I bought).
Today I touched: Scalding hot water from the water cooler (ironic, yes?) at work.
Today I tasted: The cheesy mashed potatos that my mom makes.
Today I smelled: Nail polish remover.
Today I heard: "Happy Together" by The Turtles four times.

I'm so excited for BEDA! Yay!

Also, congrats on the weight loss.

Anonymous said...

hayleyyyy. i'm glad that you're blogging because you are amusing and now i have something to look forward to in the next few torturous weeks whilst i anticipate the horror of school :/

ps. how much weight have you lost?! yeesh. i'm jealous.

Kimberly said...

Today, I saw: A sugar glider riding on the back of a grocery store employee.

Today, I heard: My fiance and myself singing songs in the car.

Today, I touched: That adorable sugar glider!!!

Today, I smelled: Teriyaki sauce as it broke in the parking lot on the way up the stairs. I did clean it up afterwards, though. :D

Today, I tasted: Chicken enchiladas in a cabana bowl. Mmm.

Pip said...

I totally forgot about blogging in August until about ten of midnight...oops! But I'm so glad to be getting a daily dose of Hayley G Hoover blogging for at least a few weeks.

As for senses, today: I saw a mouse run across the floor just now. I heard a baby crying as my flight home from Orlando got a little wobbly while landing. I touched my dog when I hugged him hello after returning from my trip. I smelled the familiar scent of newsprint on my fingers after reading the Sunday New York Times. And, finally, I tasted strong black coffee.

Tom said...

Today, I saw: a video by my friend Laura declaring her intention to make a video every day in august. That was exciting.
Today, I heard: Bomb the Music Industry!'s LP "Scrambles" in its entirety for the first time.
Today, I touched: a handle of vodka. Also, like, my computer, and my puppies, as I do every day, but the alcohol was the only thing somewhat out of the ordinary.
Today, I smelled: summeriness. I smell that often this time of year. It's weird though, how one can think back to the smell of winter, and only then does when appreciate that the smell of summer is ever present now.
Today, I tasted: a lovely motherly-prepared meatball sub.

Happy to see you vedaing again. I think it's a good idea to have this "today" thingy, but you should definitely give yourself permission to veto it should you have an amazing story/rant to write and don't feel like filtering it through this format.

to_thine_own_self said...

So glad we'll be getting more Hayley blogs this month! Yay...haha.

Today, I saw: my cousin's wife-to-be open her bridal shower presents.
Today, I heard: (thanks to you) Overprotected by Britney Spears for the first time in many years. It's now stuck in my head. Thanks for that =P
Today, I touched: my steering wheel a lot, as I was driving quite a bit.
Today, I smelled: the lovely new body spray my aunt just got me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.
Today, I tasted: a delicious piece of veggie pizza.

^That was fun. Lol.

See you tomorrow!

Allison :) said...

I saw a bag of chocolate chips and wanted to cry.
I heard Wild Party soundtrack twice.
I touched my bare feet to warm tile.
I tasted a stale brownie covered in frosting.
I smelled briney NJ shore air.

kalimagination said...

Today, I saw: My friend fall asleep in the fort we built.
Today, I heard: The Yeasayer album, Odd Blood.
Today, I touched: My soon-to-be brother-in-law when I hugged him goodbye today.
Today, I smelled: The sawdust in my aunt and uncle's garage.
Today, I tasted: The insane garlic-y-ness of Domino's pizza.

Also, welcome back, Hayley. We all have missed you!

Tara said...

I saw my best friend today.
I touched the clump of hair that I took out of my hair brush.
I tasted the most delicious kabob ever with corn, peppers, and zucchini.
I smelled the dog we are dog sitting for. He smells awful but is entirely too nice to not like him.

gaby said...

I'm so glad you're doing BEDA :D

Today, I saw: Cave formations, marine fossils like sea shells and snail shells from over 50 or 60 million years old.
Today, I heard: this song
Today, I touched: the steering wheel, while driving.
Today, I smelled: the humidity inside the caves.
Today, I tasted: mushipan (japanese steamed cake?)

kira902k said...

ah, I love Britney Spears. <3

Today, I saw: An adorable baby rub his crap all over his hands (hah sorry. it was gross.)
Today, I heard: Myself singing the sorting hat's song from the fifth book (i've memorised it) on repeat for half an hour to get the above mentioned child to fall asleep.
Today, I touched: A lot of chalk
Today, I smelled: Five year old perfume.
Today, I tasted: a DELICIOUS mixed berries smoothie./

and please tell us if these senses comments get boring, wouldn't want to have to force you to read x amount of boring comments every day for a month. :P


Dana said...

Today I saw Toy Story 3 for the second time, expecting that it would be easier to watch on the second go around. Newp. I still cried like a baby. I suppose the fact that I'm a hormonal fifteen year old girl doesn't help much, either. x)
I heard a bunch of songs I bought for myself including stuff from Hank Green, Darren Criss, and Lauren (Fairweather, if anyone didn't know :P). So yeah. Kind of awesome.
I touched the sunglasses my mom bought me at a very cute boutique.
I tasted the most delicious pizza EVAR from Al Castello. :)
I smelled the oh-so-pleasant farts of a 7 month old puppy.

Cocoa Mango said...

Today, I saw The Merchant of Venice, at the Ashland Elizabethan Theater
Today, I heard music from The Squirrel Nut Zippers, which was so quirky and fun I have to get an album of theirs!
Today, I touched bed sheets that felt like plastic
Today, I smelled dozens of scented creams that didn’t smell ANYTHING like what their labels said
Today, I tasted green tea ice cream with tempura bananas. Man it was delicious.

BenCracknell said...

I saw your blog, and even though you told us you were doing BEDA, the actual blog in the inter-flesh made me squee with happiness.

I heard all of your fiveawesomegirls videos as a treat I allowed myself after writing two essays.

I touched a lot of dirt and vegetables, as I went digging for potatoes and carrots in my veggie patch.

I smelled carrots in the ground and said, "Wow, they smell like carrots!" To which my mum replied, "Duhh, they're carrots."

I tasted my first McDonald's in ages, and I now officialy don't enjoy any fast food! Woohoo!

Have a greay day!

Jenni said...

Today, I saw: The final few videos of 5AG! I have now finished watching them all so I'm up to date!
Today, I heard: The pounding of music in a club until 4AM
Today, I touched: the keys on my keyboard as I started my own blog
Today, I smelled: My gorgeous new shower gel
Today, I tasted: Chinese for dinner, yum

Lauren said...

Today (well...yesterday) I saw: My cousin for the first time in 2 years
Today I heard: The quick "whoosh" that comes with the swish of a badminton racquet
Today I touched: A lot of warm sand on the beach
Today I smelled: The flowery, clean perfume my mom wears, when she kissed me goodnight
Today I ate: Clam cakes and New England style chowder (deliciousness)

Niki. said...

Since this was posted on the first, I'll go with what I saw/heard/etc yesterday...
I saw a guy with a lion hat walking around Barnes & Noble. I heard my brother's water bottle, which makes some strange sound whenever you drink from it. I smelled my shampoo. I tasted ice cream. =D.

Ida Ruda said...

You have your weight on your drivers license?! Today was awesome because mine isn't.

Today, I saw: a whole lot of road due to a 40 mile drive.
Today, I heard: lovely '99s music since those were the only CDs I could find in the car.
Today, I touched: the keys to my new apartment thanks to which I can now move to a new city and go to university.
Today, I smelled: garlic dressing on my pants.
Today, I tasted: chinese food from a place that also has pizza, whaaat?

Paloma said...

Today, I saw: Digimon. xD
Today, I heard: Birds outside my window.
Today, I touched: My notebook in a looong time, with a great writing idea.
Today, I smelled: Books.
Today, I tasted: Red Delicious apple <3

Katie said...

I didn't see your blog until today because I had a busy day at the DC zoo yesterday. But I'm commenting with things I sensed from yesterday because the zoo is an interesting place for those things!

Yesterday, I saw familiar faces from my high school days on a hastily-planned-mini-reunion-field-trip to the National Zoo in Washington DC.

Yesterday, I heard a small child run up to the zebra pen yelling "Look, giraffes!!". I cracked up.

Yesterday, I touched small panels of otter fur and red panda fur (think along the lines of those touch&feel kids books) outside their corresponding exhibits.

Yesterday, I smelled gorilla doody in the Ape Exhibit while watching a mommy gorilla carry around her baby on her back and avoiding two other gorillas wrestling and throwing grass at each other.

Yesterday, I tasted my mom's home made sinigang (my Filipino comfort food) after a long and fun-filled day hanging out with friends.

I like this game. Thanks, Hayley. :)

Cody said...

Today, I saw: that you had FINALLY blogged again. YAY!
Today, I heard: my alarm clock going off with the slight thought in the back of my head of "Why is that going off 2 and a half weeks before school starts?"
Today, I touched: my beautiful new wooden clarinet
Today, I smelled: the minty scent of the cork grease that I was putting on said clarinet
Today, I tasted: Dr. Pepper and Tangy Carolina BBQ Lay's chips
Today, I felt: the sense of joy as I realized that I can now listen to my Pandora again. Weee!!

tranquilily said...

Today I:
-saw sharks eating a whale
-heard music from A Very Potter Sequel
-touched my laptop keyboard
-smelled dust/dirt from the construction outside
-tasted noodles and green beans

Joi said...

Today I Saw: A film set for the remake of Arthur which Russell Brand is in next to the office of my internship
Today I Heard: People talking in another language (maybe Russian?) on the train
Today I Touched (Felt): My already sore feet from the heels I'm wearing that are too cute to take off
Today I smelled: Soup (see tasted)
Today I tasted: Chicken Pot Pie Soup (OMG so scrumptious!) I think Hale and Hearty Soups is to me as Chipotle is to you (yum yum yum yum yum!)

BEDA August Version has my very VERY excited!

Cece said...

Today, I saw: the look on my brand director's face when I told him I was quitting band this year at the last minute before band camp started.

Today, I heard: my phone ring, and could answer, because I WASN'T AT BAND CAMP.

Today, I touched: my sunburn. It hurt.

Today, I smelled: the delicious scent of a puppy fart. And by delicious, I mean the worst scent in the world. Except maybe vomit. She's done that, too.

Today, I tasted: salt-water taffy that I bought for my grandparents last night at Cedar Point. I limited myself to two pieces, but I definitely should have gotten some for myself.

Kris said...

Today, I saw: The inside of Alan's closet- bravely going where no woman has gone before.
Today, I heard: Alan declare how little he plans on wearing pants in the next month.
Today, I touched: Many many dusty things from Alan's closet/garage/stock room.
Today, I smelled: Elf Farts (a charming scented candle)
Today, I tasted: A delicious Subway sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Saw: Rain!
Felt: petting my baby kitty
tasted: a cow tail (it's a candy, ever heard of it?)
smell: Mac n Cheese for lunch
Heard: My phone buzzing

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: beautiful books
Today, I heard: The True Blood theme song.
Today, I touched: Homemade instant-icecream :D
Today, I smelled: The amazing smell of old books, the amazing smell of brand new ink, and the awesome smell of my boyfriend's food..
Today, I tasted: That boyfriend's mashed potatoes, his grandma's homegrown cucumbers... And instant-icecream :D

bookmouse99 said...

I saw: My five year old cousin

I heard: a cricket outside my window chirping nonstop. Not a good thing when you don't get home until 3 AM

I touched: Jello. Lots and lots of jello

I tasted: A beer watermelon. It really was not that bad

I smelled: midnight. Mixed with chlorine

Meghan said...

Today, I saw: That I haven't done laundry in about 2.5 weeks, and other than work shirts, I have no clean clothes left.
Today, I heard: "You have the cheese touch!!!" about 8000 times. I work as a camp counselor, and the "Cheese touch" is a tag like game from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Every single kid at the camp is an active participant in the game, and I was given the dreaded cheese touch many times today..
Today, I touched: I also touched saliva, yet human saliva. At the camp, while playing tag, a kid drooled in excitement all over my hand. Wonderful, no?
Today, I smelled: Frozen dinners baking in my oven. Yum?
Today, I tasted: Minestrone soup! My friend brought it to me for lunch at work, it was the most exciting thing that happened to me today.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: the beauty of the outdoors with my grandmother, great aunt, & sister.
Today, I heard: the Avett Brothers (a somewhat local band my sister likes) & Great Big Sea (an Irish Canadian band that my boyfriend loves).
Today, I touched: a tiny lizard that my sister caught.
Today, I smelled: the outdoor air, rich with the rain that still has yet to fall.
Today, I tasted: a delicious BLT & million dollar pie.

Alice said...

I saw my LeakyCon fund go from a jar in my dresser to a checking account
I heard DK1's teaches, and was better for it
I touched many, MANY tortilla chips
I tasted leftover birthday cake

Sammie said...

Today I saw my parents for the first time in nearly a week!
I heard Overprotected by Britney when I clicked that link. haha.
I touched the clear water at the cabin I was at. I smelled (smelt?) my moms homemade blueberry muffins. yum. I tasted the muffins. lovely.

Bel said...

Today, I saw: people I love
Today, I heard: PabloConte's "Via Con Me" (loove it!)
Today, I touched: facial scrub?
Today, I smelled: my friend's perfume, because she asked me to.
Today, I tasted: cookie dough : )