Friday, August 27, 2010

For Whom the Skype Ping Tolls

Greetings and salutations, dear singers of the Hayleylujah Chorus! My name is PJ and I am Hayley’s friend, comrade and consistent cause of eyebrow twitching. It’s so good to finally meet you, as I hear about you guys CONSTANTLY; time and again I’m told you hear of me as well. I feel as if we are already good friends, remember the time I dyed my hair pink accidentally? Ha, good times.

What am I doing here? Well, as you should certainly know by now Hayley Hoover is a procrastinator (aren’t we all?), so I should have foreseen the impending request to fill in for a night but this was not so- after enjoying my supper of hot and frozen pizzarolls, the skype ping woke me from my greasy cheese-filled stupor.

Hayley Hoover: wanna write my blog for me?

PJ Scott-Blankenship: ...who are you? Are you feeling well?

Hayley Hoover: shh

PJ Scott-Blankenship: OH I GET IT, it's still August…you're doing BEDA still

Hayley Hoover: yes.

Hayley Hoover: seriously, wanna write my blog for me?

PJ Scott-Blankenship: *sigh* fine

So here I am, feeling like a complete fool with no idea how to carry on a one-sided conversation with a thousand strangers. How are you? What is your favorite movie? Do you like Mario? All I can say is that I’m happy to be here, and even happier to have Hayley as a friend. Oh! There’s an idea, let’s get some insight into the enigma known as Hayley G. Hoover-please note: the enigma is probably laying stomach-down on her bed wondering if her own kitchen has pizzarolls.

All I can say is that above all else, Hayley makes very real and deep connections with the things she cares most about, and you know something? You all are on that list. Hayley is very aware of the community around her, and though modest about it takes an unimaginable amount of time reading every email, atreply, comment, and reply she gets. The prime example of this the tale of how I met Hayley Hoover.

Wanting to start a new life, I left my tiny town on the Scioto River and ran to Athens to attend Ohio University, hoping with every ounce of my being I could escape the legacy of the 25-student-class from which I graduated. On my own I rolled my pudgy self across the hills of OU, and after a long day, I sat at the dining hall with my mother-I looked up and rubbed my eyes thinking I saw something familiar but the image had since darted away like an antisocial fish in a crowded pond…full of in a…school. Okay, I tried to make a fish and school and education joke there, WHATEVER.

Anyway, bright and early the next morning I completed orientation by being the first in my group to register for classes and thus was let go, with laptop on…lap, I sat near the escalators of the university center, and felt my eyes glance up for no reason whatsoever. I need to preface the following by saying, I am/was a proud member of the lonelygirl15 community, and on our community blogspot there was a featured story about a popular girl on youtube who happened to look like the character Sarah. Now, slowly descending before my very eyes like a squirrel-kissing angel I saw her, my mind compiled the facts to confirm what I saw:

Thinking it was a real kismet moment, I uploaded a video there on the spot, never actually thinking she’d watch it, let alone that we’d meet for real, and that we’d end up being incredibly close and sharing so much together.

When I came out of the closet Hayley was there; when I was left friendless and forgotten on Halloween Hayley was there, when I had a huge birthday party and invited all my friends Hayley baked the cake, when I was locked out of the school’s computer system and thought I had failed a midterm Hayley stuffed pizzarolls down my throat, and when Hayley and I made plans for the summer…Hayley forgot but her mom was there and then Hayley was there with a vengeance!

I think about how easily and strangely I came to know this girl, and I know that many of you would give so much to switch me places and are probably more deserving of it, and all I can say is that for the rest of my friendship with Hayley, I promise you that everything we do will be in your names, because if it wasn’t for great support like you Hayley wouldn’t do what she does and I’d never know her. I am eternally grateful for you guys, and will never be able to thank you enough.

Yours truly,


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Katie, what? said...

I hope I am the first. I am so happy to have witness this bizarre and amazing friendship, and I'm happy to be just a little leg of it. <333 LOVE YOU GUYS.

to_thine_own_self said...

Haha...good one, PJ!
I love your drawing of when you first saw Hayley. It seems very...accurate. And detailed. XD
I'm glad you made an appearance during this's always nice to hear from you.

Have a good weekend, PJ. And you, too, Hayley <333

Stefan said...

awesome drawing. yeay for youtube. subscribed. is 256 subscriptions too many?

Anonymous said...

Great blog, PJ, I really enjoyed reading it. And yes, I would love to trade you places for hayley's friendship, but I would also love to trade hayley's place for yours.

Sorry if that was cheesey,

kira902k said...

:D Ooo, behind the scenes on Hayley's life and friendships.
I loved the diagram of hayley. Pretty awesome.
PJ, you seem awesome. If I could meet you, I feel like we'd be friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you, PJ. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. :) I love your drawing, too. Though I haven't seen her in person, the Hayley-stance is very convincing.

Sorry, I have to cut this comment short. I just saw a Donna/Eric relationship montage on That 70's Show, and though I hate to admit it, I'm a sucker for those flashback-type things. Especially the Cory/Topanga ones that go back to 6th grade.

Christina said...

Yay PJ!!! I love you! I also love Hayley so she does not feel left out. I feel that I now need to talk to you, PJ.

thatothergrace said...

I know how you feel about going to a small highschool. Im a senior this year and my class has 21 students in it.

Pip said...

it was very nice to hear from you, PJ. I've looked forward to the daily dose of Hayley this August but I have to say you were the most entertaining guest-blogger of BEDA.
Good luck to you and Hayley in your sophomore at Ohio University!

Kiko said...

PJ, you are awesome. It was cool to hear about Hayley from a friend of hers.

On the other hand, Hayley, we miss you. And August is almost over, so we won't be hearing from you everyday anymore. Come back, please. :)

Have a nice weekend.

apples_and_pancakes said...

That was a funny post. I haven't been to college yet, but when I was thirteen, I went from attending a small school where I had grown up with most of my classmates, to going to a big public school where people didn't even notice that I was "the new girl" because when it came to new people, I was just a drop in the bucket.
Onto the questions:
How are you? eh... fine? so far life has been same shit different day for me. Hopefully that will change.
What is your favorite movie? I don't really have a favorite movie, since I've seen so many but I like Chocolat, Amelie, and Pan's Labyrinth.
Do you like Mario? Sorry, but not particularly. I have bad memories of my brother hogging our TV so that he could repeat the same level over and over, so I've mostly stayed away from video games other than The Sims, Roller Coster Tycoon, and pokemon on gameboy.

Shauna said...

Brilliant post PJ! It's clear you and Hayley have a great relationship and I salute you for taking over from her in her time of need (for pizza).
Loved the Hayley diagram particularly. I loved lg15 too! When I first saw Hayley on 5ag it was the first things that came into my mind. (Which is probably the thing she's sick of hearing but oh well...)
Hopefully we'll hear again from you! <3

Kai said...

i loved reading this :)

Rosanna said...

I just finished reading Mockingjay, and you have cheereed me up :) thanks!

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

It's great to hear from you, PJ! That is such an awesome story. I didn't need any convincing to know how thoughtful and kind Hayley is or how much she cares about us here on the interwebz, but it's always nice to hear. I'm glad you and Hayley met and continue to be such great friends. :)

Marie said...

This made me smile =)
It was lovely to (kind of) finally meet you, PJ!

Tom said...

That's such a great story. It would only be kind of neat if you'd recognized her as the girl who looks like lonelygirl15-Sarah and that was the end, but the fact that y'all are now tight makes it GREAT.

I've never commented/said anything to you about it, but I have totes read your blog and it is wonderful/hilarious what with the MS paint illustrations. Made me lol repeatedly. Hurray.

Emily. said...

I totally feel like I'm being introduced to one of my friend's friends. Nice to meet you! ::shakes hand:: This was a great post! :D

Michal Chinn said...


So many sparkly tears and extra chinn-fat (see what I did there?) frowns.

Caroline said...

I am apart of a class of 25 at my high school, as well. Just sayin'.

I really loved this post.

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