Friday, August 20, 2010

I can fly hiiiigher than an eeeeagle...

Good morning! Busy day today. I'm going with The Situation to an annual party at one of his friend's houses, where we will, reportedly, "drink beer, chill, and jam." I'm not really one for beer-drinking, and unless anyone wants to lend me a clarinet and my sixth grade songbook, I am pretty much jamless. However, I am a decidedly good chiller.

The party is supposed to last until the part of tonight that is actually tomorrow morning, and as I am generally incoherent past one o'clock, I have to post this now. So, um. What's up? I went mini-golfing yesterday and (surprise!) learned that I'm a terrible mini-golfer. I also went on a cute little romantic dinner date, where I ate a bowl of pasta bigger than my head in a less-than-cute-little-romantic fashion, and fell asleep with my mouth wide open and my face flat against the couch while the "Fresh Water" episode of Planet Earth played. It was another wild and crazy day in the life of Hayley Hoover; it's times like this that I truly understand why it is people follow me on the internet.

Oh, and since I didn't really get into it yesterday, I want to thank each and every one of you who left comments on my short stories. Posting something like that is always a little awkward... I almost feel like that uncle who insists on singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings" at the wedding reception, even though he's only an average singer, and everyone has to stand around with champagne glasses, noncommittally half-smiling. I appreciate those of you who said you enjoyed reading them, and those of you who left constructive criticism, and those of you who read them but didn't comment, and those of you who didn't read them but still chose to stick around. You're all too awesome for words... so I must express my gratitude through song. DID YOU EVER KNOOOW THAT YOU'RE MY HEEEROOOOOO?

I think I'll leave you on that note. I hope you all have a lovely Friday, and I'll see you sometime tomorrow.

Yesterday, I saw: the gorgeous lake where this party is going to be taking place. I thought to myself, "I could stand here and look at this all day!" and then realized, like, "Well, that's good. Because tomorrow, I have to."
Yesterday, I smelled: I don't remember, but here's something funny. The other day, at the youtube gathering, The Situation started one of his songs and my friend Caitlin screamed with delight. "You like this song?" I asked. She replied, "Yes, and I smelled garlic bread right when it started, and my love for garlic bread combined with the music and it was beautiful."
Yesterday, I touched: a golf... putter? Is that what it's called? And I apparently touched it WRONG, because my boyfriend kept trying to show me the proper technique or whatever, and I kept trying to convey to him that I really couldn't have cared less. No offense to those who like mini-golf.
Yesterday, I heard: church bells. They're a constant presence around here.
Yesterday, I tasted: awesome apple pie that The Situation's mom made. He warmed it up and gave me a piece for breakfast. That's love.

Chipotle burritos this year: 23
Subscribers: 33,103
Nail color: "Through the Grapevine," Wet 'n' Wild


anna said...

The combination of fantastic smells and good music: that is truly a powerful weapon. Reminds me of the time my friend played a bunch of his piano songs for me and at the end all I could say was, "You smell really nice". He played great, he really did, but him having just made us cookies just put it over the top.

Chelsea said...

I love Caitlin's reaction. I think you two are soul mates ; D

Ahahaha, welcome to the land of chicken riggies and tomato pie, and bowls of pasta that can rival the circumference of the moon. Oooh, good transition- Have you had a half moon cookie? Have a half moon cookie, if you haven't. I feel like you should cover all the bases with local foodstuffs while you're in the area.

Have a super awesome time at the lake : )

to_thine_own_self said...

Have fun, Hayley, careful!
*end of obligatory pre-party cautionary warning*

Today, I saw: a huge bird outside my kitchen window.
Today, I smelled: my dog. I know, I know...that's weird. But my mom just bathed him the other day and he smells pretty! Lol.
Today, I touched: my Snuggie.
Today, I heard: my mom forget what a Snuggie is called and go, "Hand me your onesie so I can wash it." Haha...she's funny sometimes.
Today, I tasted: potato soup. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you do not like miniture golf, as Kristina will soon or maybe already has found already found out people who enjoy miniture golf are evil (at least in Joss Whedon's universe)

Maya said...

Ha, get it? You'll leave us on that NOTE? And you were just singing? So it's...
nevermind. have fun at your party tonight, Hayley!

Petal said...

Today, I saw: A whole lot of Being Human :) (English TV programme)
Today, I smelled: the air. (I was pretending to be my cat)
Today, I touched: my Being Human boxsets and my friend who I hadn't seen in months :)
Today, I heard: my mum contradict herself.
Today, I tasted: Chocolate tiffin...yummy :)

Casey Rose said...

I will always associate that song with Beaches. Gotta love Bette. The awkward singing uncle... I guess we gotta love him too.

See you tomorrow, Hayley.

Manuel said...

Have fun! :)

Kai said...

Today, I saw: Staples! For back to school shopping.

Today, I smelled: BACON!

Today, I touched: Dying flowers in a glass vase.

Today, I heard: The Beatles coming from my mother's XM satellite radio.

Today, I tasted: Ben and Jerry's Fro-Yo that I was unhappily disappointed in.!

Alice said...

Your blog always makes me nostalgic for the future, of chillin' and jammin' and ect.

Today I felt: that horribly-awesome feeling in my stomach as we dropped down the hill. I rode a roller coaster for the first time in my 15 years on this planet.
Smelled: powdered sugar and many, many fried foods.
Tasted: grilled salmon and berry cobbler
Saw: a little blonde boy feeding a squirrel french fries

Kate said...

i've been out of town for a bit and it's been fantastic to catch up with your blog :)
and while i was out-of-towning i reread an abundance of katherines and -even though you told us we were silly for likening your writing to John Green's- i can't helllpppp it. it has the same well written, witty, almost poetic writing style/feel.
sorry about that. ;)

also, i have the same nail polish color and have been refraining from painting them that color just because i see it on your blog EVERY DAY :)

bookmouse99 said...

Since today has been boring, I am going to regale you with senses from last night, post 12 PM therefore making it today

Today I saw: my co-workers dressed up as sailors, guidos, guidettes, people vaguely reminiscent of Gilligan, and my lovely staff, as the border police

Today I smelled: lots of cologne, because of above mentioned guidos

Today I touched: The no-longer dreadlocked hair of a friend I havent seen in a very long while

Today I heard: co-workers singing karaoke songs such as "I'm too sexy for my shirt" Milkshake" "Total Eclipse of the heart" Liquid Dreams" and other completely ridiculous songs of the like

Today I tasted: 3 am chinese food. The best kind

Anonymous said...

"You use scented soap, huh?"

Hailey Dixon said...

Today I saw a frightening Alice in Wonderland hat at FYE
Today I smelled some lovely iced green tea that wasn't sweet. So it was less lovely.
Today I touched blue hair dye through pruple gloves.
Today I heard "Booty Call" by The Midnight Beast =)
Today I tasted Cape Cod chips =D

toastburntbread said...

today I smelt... my fathers cologne as he gave me a ginourmous hug after he read my mind about how i felt.
today i touched... a bag that "Oprah suggested!" at a store.

today I tasted... the last piece of sushi. It was won on behalf of my whinning.

today I heard... Suits, Suit Me song sang by Barney from How I Meet Your Mother.

Today I touched... the unhappy bump my mother got from Whiplash.

Today I saw... that my brother is growing up before my eyes.

Delilah said...

Your story was genuinely interesting. GOSH HAYLEY STOP FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS. Hasn't communitychannel taught you anything? :P

Also, was that a somehow-intentional 30 Rock quote with the latter Wind Beneath My Wings line? I am probably imagining it because I just saw Reunion again last night and it's been stuck in my head ever since. But no harm in sharing my obscure delusions of TV show reference...right?

Abbie said...

Today I Saw: A Clockwork Orange...what an effed up movie!

Today I Heard: A really entertaining story about college life.

Today I Touched: Really disgustingly humid air. Does that count as touching? I guess I didn't really touch it. It kind of touched me. Whatever.

Today I Smelled: Minty minty toothpaste.

Today I Tasted: Delicious Rondele garlic and artichoke cheese spread stuff on multigrain crackers. :)

kira902k said...

hahah Caitlin's reaction. xD
You're life is interesting, Hayley. It's the truff.