Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Note from The Situation

Hayley's off tonight.

So, while she laughs at this very clever Nalts video, I will fill you in.

Well she's off duty as a blogger. She's sitting on Skype on my other monitor, with beads and bows wrapped around her head, picking apart some beaded jewelry with a nail file and a piece of yarn.

She's not off because she doesn't care about you. It's quite the opposite. She's off because she does. She doesn't want to just write a post of nothing and have you be disappointed. She really does put a lot of time into what to write about. Sometimes it causes undue amounts of stress, especially on occasions like last night, when last-minute formatting issues sparked a minor emotional avalanche. All is now well, however.

I know this because, for the most part, the only time we have to spend together (and by 'spend' I mean 'skype') is at night, right before she goes to bed, which is also when she's writing her blog. And alot of our personal time together is spent by her talking/brainstorming/whining/writing her post for the night. I'm not complaining, I'm merely illustrating how high of a priority y'all are to her.

This whole being-far-apart thing will most likely become more difficult, seeing as she's about to go back to school, which is an additional 4 hours further from me than she is now, and I'm counting down the final days before leaving my last full-time job in an effort to spend more time touring, promoting the album, and trying to not start to death that way. Romantic artistic lifestyle? Maybe. But the most conducive method of ensuring we have time and money to hang out? Probably not. If we make enough from our respective 'careers' I'm going to attempt to take her with me on my trek to LA this January for my now-apparently-annual performance with Molly Lewis. Hayley says "The west coast is a big deal." Which is exactly why I don't want to go by myself again. What is the point of this? Doing what you love isn't so straightforward. By sticking with my regular full-time job, which I most certainly do NOT love, I have money to do things and go places with people I DO love. By quitting and doing what I 'love,' I make (far) less money but I'm doing that romanticized "living the american dream" we hear so much about. Quite a poser, indeed.

My collateral for writing this post? "If you want, I could pop out a couple of songs. A couple of jams. Slow jams. And...ballads."

Right now she's waving around a tube of toothpaste and poking at her webcam lens with a facial blush makeup brush.

"Are you just telling my blog that I'm crazy and weird?"



Rachel said...

Mike, you should blog. We like hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you guys are so cute.

jenibo said...

I like Michael blogs alot (heh). If your offended by my being impressed with your grammar, please feel free to send me an angry email. In my defense, most of the boys I know have trouble spelling, let alone constructing sentences the right way. Anyway, I hope Hayley remembers all the borderline-lesbian comments I've left her. She is easy to love. You two are so sweet together. (This is where I'd sigh a few times and smile, because I think you both have found The One, even though I know little about your relationship or anything but what you put online, which can't be much compared to how much happens offline. But to me, it doesn't matter, because what I see is beautiful, and it seems to make the three of us very, very happy.)

Sarah said...

Tehe. Michael you amuse me to no end ^.^

And good luck with the being far away from each other thing.

As John Green says "You can love someone so much, but you can never love people as much as you can miss them"

Love to you both

Paige said...

I definitely think that Mike should consider getting his own blog. I will be the first subscriber! Hayley, please come back tomorrow and bestow upon us your true and unwavering genius that we know you have; we all understand writer's block! Oh and by the way if you have not heard it enough already, you guys are just adorable together!

Paloma said...

Mike: Great blogger.

Hayley: You don't have to get all stressed about finding a topic for your blog. Just get some funny lol cats pictures and post them.

But seriously. I love everything you write. Everything and/or anything.

Paige said...

Umm I just realized that Mike does have his own blog...oops. Oh and by the way, you should definitely name your child Rasputina! That band totally rocks!

Savannah said...

Oh em gee the alot <3
This was fun, Michael. Please make a legit blog. You could put ads on and make money and everything. Then maybe your financial situation could be a little less...romantic.

Catherine said...

The Situtation

I'm happy you two have found each other, even if you can't be together all the time. It's nice to see.

partyweetow said...

The Situation needs his own blog. Seriously.

Scott said...

If it's any consolation, I bought your album for my friend's birthday present. Consider it a contribution to the Mike Lombardo Scholarship For Doing What He Loves In A Fashion He Can Still Eat Food And Can Visit Hayley At School.


tranquilily said...

Alots are definitely my new favorite creature! And to be repetitive because my day just doesn't seem to be complete anymore without commenting on this blog, you guys are cute.

Katie said...

Ahhhh alot is going to kill us!!

Also, I'm somewhat disappointed we missed out on hearing what could have been a very amusing "sensing" summary today. "Today, I saw Hayley put makeup on a camera. Today, I felt Hayley poking me & heard her complain to me she was bored. Today, I smelled Hayley's vegetarian burrito before she devoured it."

Just my guesses on how things might have gone down. :P

Katy said...

when you said "alot" and it was a link I thought "that had better be a link to that alot comic by the oatmeal otherwise i will be very disappointed"

ty for not disappointing

Niki. said...

Mike, you should blog more. =].

Also, you two are adorable, haha. And the Alot comic is hilarious.

Kelly said...

The Situation: The phrase "facial blush makeup brush" made me lol.

Hayley: You deserve a night off, girl. Rest up, and stop stressing. We always love whatever you write on here. Even if it's short and weird and mostly just links to old communitychannel videos, we love it all the same.

Elisabeth said...

I sympathise with the whole long distance relationship thing. I'll be going on exchange in a few months, and I'm not looking forward to leaving my own Situation behind for half a year.

Enjoyed today's post, by the way, Mike.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Love this.

Manuel said...

Hayley really deserves a day off. Thank you for filling in like a pro, Mike! :)

RhianonLives said...

Facial blush!



Jess said...

For linking to Allie's Alot blog, you win at life, Mike. Also, nice to hear from you!

Maggie said...

Hayley, I love you and I love Mike and I love your relationship. In a completely you-don't-have-to-be-at-all-jealous-or-wary way. Not that you would feel jealous or wary. But, just... you know. *sigh*

Eloquence. I have it not. You do, though. Keep on being awesome and weird. It's why I am a fan. =)

W. Murdock said...

That was a good blog, the only thing missing was Mike's Chipotle burrito count, nail color (ha), subscribers, and the things he sensed today. I think we would appreciate those things, Alot.

Ida Ruda said...

What color nail polish did you use today Mike?

Claire said...

You pretty much just made my life.

JulGra said...

:P Michael, you didn't do your senses.

But you were funny, so it's okay :)

kira902k said...

Mike! Hi!
The alot beast was cute.
And good luck being a starving artist. ;)