Friday, August 6, 2010


Oh. Hey guys. Is it that part of the day again? The blogging part? Already? But I... I'm wearing pajamas, watching Love Actually, and trying not to fall asleep before 10:30. How am I supposed to be entertaining when my eyelids can't even stay up? You know what, do me a favor-- instead of being disappointed in me, just take a breather and go watch old communitychannel videos. If you've never seen them before, they'll make your day. And if you have them memorized like I do, they'll still make your day. So go! Have your day made! I shall sleep.

Today, I saw:
Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked frozen yogurt! Like the ice cream! But low fat!
Today, I heard: that Rush Limbaugh supports the idea of another civil war. Today, I thought: that Rush Limbaugh is an obnoxious idiot.
Today, I smelled: new leather at a shoe store.
Today, I touched: Liam Neeson. In my brain.
Today, I tasted: some awesome Italian pasta dish that I had to ask The Situation how to pronounce.

I suck today, and I apologize. I hope you all have a lovely Saturday, and I'll see you tomorrow. :)

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
Subscribers: 32,353
Nail color: "Rogue Vogue," Maybelline (discontinued)


Emily. said...

I like these little no subject blogs. At least it just reminds us that you're still alive!

orangeyahgladitslauryn said...

Today, I saw: My class schedule
Today, I heard: That there was no way for me to fix said schedule
Today, I smelled: Broken glass and garlic, as the jar shattered to the floor after a sloppy opening of the fridge door.
Today, I touched: The big kitchen knife to cut into the large watermelon, which was so juicy and delicious i almost worried that i might eat all of it- then i realized that probably wasn't so bad.
Today, I tasted: A foot long veggie delight from subway, the oils and spice tantalizing my tongue, making it jump to attention and engulf the whole sandwich in just a few minutes- wishing not for the first time that it was a foot long but more of a thousand feet long.

Melody said...

Saw: John Green's beautiful new video.
Heard: kids having tantrums. But also laughing and singing songs, so that makes it better.
Touched: Um... Hair dye! I finally re-blued my hair this afternoon! But I didn't have any rubber gloves. So. My fingers are blue.
Smelled: Rotten bananas in lunch boxes.
Tasted: chocolate cookies dipped in vanilla icing. That is a snacking habit that I really need to break.

Callan said...

i am one of those few who loves both clothing and food. i love cooking, trying new foods, finding out about ways to change the way i cook to be healthier, all of it! My great uncle is a chef, and we just got back from a weekend visit at his house, and he makes AMAZING bread. While i appreciate home cooked food, i defiantly appreciate pizza pops and pizza bites and things you can buy in the frozen food section. its a weird thing, because most people who do a lot of cooking don't appreciate things like mini pizzas or frozen chicken wings. Food is like, the best thing in my life, and usually ill wish after eating a meal that i could just be hungry again so i could eat more. Its probably i good thing i live in canada and we don't have places like Chipotle here, because i have eaten there once, and i CRAVE the next time i get to go there. If i could, i would have beaten your 50 a year burrito goal sooo long ago.

hahaha that was a very long post. but i also wanted to add that i also get excited by handbags, shoes, makeup sometimes. i like to feel pretty after iv stuffed my face! ;)

Tara said...

Today I saw a Criminal Minds episode.
Today I heard Eclipse by Alex Carpenter and Kristina Horner.
Today I tasted strawberry good!
Today I touched my hair after I let it out of the braids it was in.
Today I smelled the delicious smells of fresh summer fruit.

runa said...

Now, I'm not usually in favor of violence of any kind, but...can we just stick Rush Limbaugh in the middle of this civil war he wants, just to see how long he could survive in a situation where his big mouth really wouldn't help any? Please?

Cat said...

I love that you still call him The Situation, hilarious.

Zombie said...

For a moment I forgot that The Situation was your boyfriend. I imagined you having dinner with the actual Situation. I lol'd.

Nour said...

Today, I realized how much I love 5AG. I was shopping for scrapbook stuff and saw these really cute owl stickers and thought of Kayley. I also a car with a license plate that started with 5AG. I totally freaked out when I saw it. Now i regret not taking a picture.
It is weird because even though I never talked to any of you I feel like I know you. Like when I saw the owl sticker I thought oh I should buy this for her!
Anyways I am going to stop now.

Alice said...

Today I painted a birdhouse with three small children, watched The Sandlot with them, heard the three year old girl (who definently didn't want a bath) wail, read a seven year old to sleep with Magic Tree House books, and was reminded of how much I love those books, and then commenced raiding the fridge.

tranquilily said...

Today I saw: that I got more points than I expected on my exam (I hate summer classes!)
smelled: chicken parmesan
tasted: strawberry gum
heard: myself lose a bet to my brother, so now I have to buy him a doughnut
touched: the steering wheel as I drove home for the weekend

Kai said...

ohmyyy. Half Baked Frozen Yogurt? I need to get me some of that!!

Today I saw my room after I labored over cleaning it!

Today I heard the sound of my newly-found-out-about step brother's voice. If that makes any sense.

Today I touched the scary things under my bed!

Today I smelled crayons. Mmmm waxxyy!

Today I tasted iced coffee from the incredibly slow and incompetent people at the dunkin donuts inside walmart. I can't believe I went to walmart.

Caroline said...

I'm so, so happy that you mentioned the situation! I've been feeling a bit down about this hell-of-a fella who seems to have lost interest in me (It's understandable. I try too hard and talk too much), so it's nice to see things are working out... romantically... for someone. Long live Hayley and Mike!

Today, I saw: the world through my cousin's glasses. Pretty crisp!
Today, I heard: the corny harmonies my uncles always contribute to the happy birthday song.
Today, I smelled: chocolate cake.
Today, I touched: the wheel of my mom's fancy schmancy car.
Today, I tasted: my aunt's homemade dip.

kira902k said...


GillianisAslan said...

Today, I saw: A Clockwork Pokemon.
Today, I heard: Someone call my name in a crowded terminal in La Guardia, and turned around to see a girl from my camp and my Sunday school and her family as I searched for Vitamin Water.
Today, I smelled: the sweet stench of post-fornication happiness, emitting from an open door in my brother's bachelor pad. It's very hard to sleep when your brother's roommate and his girlfriend are doing their business with the door wide open and your air mattress in the living room, a mere ten feet away.
Today, I touched: my brother's freshly ironed shirt as I hugged him goodbye. What other sister irons their brother's clothing in return for free pizza?
Today, I tasted: rodeo burger. Burger topped with hativa cheese, roasted peppers, and guacamole. So. Fucking. Rad.

Niki. said...

Today, I saw: a friend I hadn't seen in a while.
Today, I heard: an agitated mother scolding her child at Target.
Today, I touched: various cell phones, trying to decide which to get as mine is due for an upgrade.
Today, I smelled: popcorn.
Today, I tasted: Resse's Pieces. =D.

Sarah Bonilla said...

I saw: The White Strips Doc "Under the great Northern Lights" or something. 'Twas awesome

I heard: the scratch of my pencil on notebook. I wrote a 7-page entry. Had a lot to say

I smelled: the "mild" sause from taco bell as I tried not to barf

I touched: the knitted thread of a brand new winter hat with the long tassles on the sides in the form of a sock monkey (buttons, grey stiching, the whole bit) I had to buy even if it is August

I tasted: frsh berry juice frozen and on a stick

Katie, Yo said...

Today I saw a woman wearing sneakers that I really liked and sort of wanted.

Today I heard a man proposing to his girlfriend over the loudspeaker at a local festival.

Today I smelled my coworkers coffee. I, like Hayley, hate coffee, but this shit smells like I would imagine...that was really anticlimactic. I was thinking of a good similie there, but unfortaunatly, here we are. It just smelled really good, ok?

Today I touched the miscquito repelant candle. I even went as far as lighting it, even.

Today I tasted these awesome fudgicals that only have 100 calories. It is seriously a miracle on a stick. Everyone should try them! They are called Skinny Cow. I look forward to one after a long day of eating "healthy." What a drag.

Anonymous said...

Today I saw: the beautiful IKEA set of living room furniture that made me daydream about moving out and gettiing my own apartment for the rest of the day
Today I heard: a Wonder Girls song. And danced to it.
Today I smelled: the smell of old cover of Anna Karenina
Today I touched: garlic crushing under my fingers
Today I tasted: the very best swedish chocolate (Marabou). The most mouth watering delight I can think of.

Actually BEDA/VEDA etc inspired my to do an experiment of CEDS- Cook Every Day in September (and blog about it). It would be in august aswell if only I came up with the idea earlier. I think I'm gonna do this and blog about it :)

BenCracknell said...

By "touch" I hope you mean pushed him the hell away. He's old! And ugly! And pees himself! And old!

Today I saw, heard, smelled, tasted and touched: a rain storm. The scent of fresh rain on by concrete filled my bedroom and I loved every single second of it.

Have a great day!

Jenni said...

Today, I saw: my best friend :) He came over unexpectedly
Today, I heard: lots of interesting gossip ;)
Today, I smelled: the refreshing smell of the outside air once it has rained.
Today, I touched: my phone ridiculously often... so many people texted me :L
Today, I tasted: Pringles and junk food (again D:) as we watched LOTR

kalimagination said...

Today, I saw: a tampon on the floor of my friends' apartment. Normally that'd be whatever, except he and his roommate are both male.
Today, I heard: the birds chirping before I had even slept.
Today, I smelled: a warm Gatorade bottle.
Today, I touched: the softest bed in the world.
Today, I tasted: French fries from Wendy's for the first time in months.

Anonymous said...

is the situation italian?
sorry for my ignorance

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: the sight of about 50 people running for cover in the park as the weather suddenly turned from sunny to torrential rain
Today, I heard: a boy singing. Constantly. But I didn't mind cause he was good.
Today, I smelled: a fish medley. Ew.
Today, I touched: the hand of the aforementioned boy :) holding hands in the rain is fun.
Today, I tasted: chocolate caramel shortbread for the first time. AND IT WAS GOOD.

Marta said...

Today, I saw: The Shutter Island... what a crazy movie. Still trying to understand it.
Today,I heard: the music from a party on a near village. That wasn't good at ALL.
Today, I smelled: Smoke. The sky is all grey due to a huge wild fire close to the place I live.
Today, I touched: my cat's food. and it is DIS-GUS-TING!! blerrrccckk
Today, I tasted: The lasagna I cooked like a pro. And as I'm currently on a diet... Today, I felt: Guilty, because I ate too much. =\ Damn....

jenibo said...

Your posts are never boring. I come here for the parties, and they never fail!

Sarah Mowrey said...

Today, I saw: the look of defeat on two of my good friend's faces and then, in a matter of hours, the looks of accomplishment as they whipped together a better plan than they previously had.

Today, I heard: My friend's voices as we all group-sang to the song Be Calm by a band called Fun.. (NO that is not a two perioded elipses the band's name is "Fun." )
Today, I smelled: The beautiful smell of what is effectively my own little Hogwarts. Even though it's thirty minutes from my house, it feels like another world.

Today, I touched: Things.

Today, I tasted: Yucky low fat popcorn made better only by the margerine I melted over it. Low fat? I think n

Sarah Mowrey said...

Today, I saw: the look of defeat on two of my good friend's faces and then, in a matter of hours, the looks of accomplishment as they whipped together a better plan than they previously had.

Today, I heard: My friend's voices as we all group-sang to the song Be Calm by a band called Fun.. (NO that is not a two perioded elipses the band's name is "Fun." )
Today, I smelled: The beautiful smell of what is effectively my own little Hogwarts. Even though it's thirty minutes from my house, it feels like another world.

Today, I touched: Things.

Today, I tasted: Yucky low fat popcorn made better only by the margerine I melted over it. Low fat? I think n

Callidora said...

It is 5:30 here and all I want to do is go to sleep. Don't know how I'll stay awake until decent time. too tired to write a better comment. Sorry.

Cece said...

Natalie Tran has to be my number 1 girl crush.

Today, I saw: Mean Girls. Again.
Today, I heard: That there was a used book sale at the library next to where I go to train my puppy. I spent over an hour there.
Today, I smelled: My stupid new body wash that smells like the inside of a glowstick.
Today, I touched: A tea bag.
Today, I tasted: Tea. With leftover fries and scrambled eggs covered in hot sauce.

Paloma said...

Today, I saw: Despicable me. Awesome movie.

Today, I heard: A man lose his temper and yell at a cashier. Poor guy. Some people can be incredibly rude.

Today, I smelled: Fruits-scented perfume that a lady offered me at the mall.

Today, I touched: my new purple hat.

Today, I tasted: Meat and cheese tacos. :)

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw: The Uptown Art Fair- it made me feel like I was in India again, despite the bunches of people shoving cheese curds down their mouths.
Today, I heard: Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk. No matter how many times I listen to that song, it's always amazing.
Today, I smelled: The "One A Day Teen Advantage" vitamins that I take. You know what? If you take a quick whiff of them, they have the essence of cotton candy. Bizarre.
Today, I tasted: Water. In the summer, I always get water with ice and then crunch it with my teeth- it usually keeps me entertained for about half an hour.