Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thundercats, HO!

Hi! Yesterday's blog was really more of a blurb than it was a blog, and for that I apologize. Blame it on all the fun I was having. Or, if you'd rather, blame it on all the Jello I ate that was really more Vodka than it was Jello.

The party I went to last night was okay. Rather typical, what with all the beer ponging and togaing. I just sort of followed Kelly, smiled a lot, and obliged when strangers wanted to hug me and quote my videos. I went as the font Gothicum, and wore a tiny black dress, masses of black eyeliner, gold heels, and these awesome dangly gold earrings from the seventies that I got at the most adorable vintage shop in all the world, located underground on campus. It's strange that this isn't all dress-up anymore; I'm old enough to be here. Everyone's my age. If I want to wear a ton of eye makeup that looks nothing like me, no one cares, because they don't know me. I'm not the girl who made out with Mike at a party in eighth grade, or the rival of the middle school queen bee, or one of the weird "individual" chicks who sit in the corner and laugh at their in-jokes at mandatory assemblies. I'm interesting and confident and new and me. I like this.

We left at about midnight because it was eighty degrees and we were starting to suffocate in the tiny frat house. We went down to the student center, where they give out free nachos and hotdogs on weekend nights in an attempt to sober people up. This guy came out and announced then that an improv show was about to start inside a coffee house, and my little gothic ears perked all the way up. It was SO, SO FUNNY AND COOL. This group of four girls and five guys stood on the stage, asked for one word from the audience (toenail) and bounced back and forth off each other for half an hour. One sketch was clearly going nowhere, so in the middle of it one of the girls walked across the stage like a dinosaur. "Oh," said the main character of the sketch, nonchalantly, "I see you've met my raptor!" I was dying. The joy that kills. Another sketch went from being about a broken-down car to Narnia, to cannibalism, to the Lollipop Guild. It ended in a fit of giggles when one of the boys pushed his way through with his arm outstretched, declaring "Thundercats!" I erupted with fangirly laughter. "Any reference to Thundercats works on me," I said to Kelly at a conversational volume, forgetting that I was right next to the stage and they could all hear me. The boy performers laughed and pointed at me, and I swear we all fell in love with each other at that moment.

I feel like I could really fit in here! I'm already meeting people that could be my friends and flirting with funny nerd boys. There's a screenwriting major! The food is amazing! I feel so fresh and pretty and fun and adventurous. Remind me to reread this blog entry when I start getting nervous again.

Oh, and before we wrap this up, I must tell you about BagelStreet. It's a little alleyway-turned-deli with brick walls inside covered in sidewalk chalk, posters and customer-made foil sculptures. People are pressed wall-to-wall, fighting their way to the front for one of the greatest sandwiches ever. I had a sundried tomato bagel with veggie cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and provolone cheese. There's a sandwich named after Kimmie Gibbler. They hold an annual pickle-eating contest that I fully intend to win before I graduate. Remember when I said it's sexy to walk around while eating warm food wrapped in foil? Bagelstreet made it unbearably sexier.

Sexy: Weird vintage jewelry, like the gold buckle bracelet I'm wearing that I got from my grandma. Or, for example, the nerdy eighties cartoon t-shirt the cute improv boy had on last night.
Unsexy: Having indiscriminate, intoxicated college sex. One aspect I will never truly comprehend or justify.

Weight: I don't know; I'm not home.
Chipotle burritos this year: 12
Subscribers: 15, 524
Days left of high school: 21

Bye, guys! See you tomorrow. <3


erin meagan said...

I love Improv!

Catherine said...

Sounds like fun. I'm looking at Ohio but it's closer to the bottom of my list. Not that it's a very large list. I still have one year left to go though. Oh high school, how will I live through one more year of hell?

Font party? Very amusing. I feel a party coming on...or crash the prom as Wizard Condensed.

Katy said...

Oh Hayley.

I'm really excited for everyone to forget that I'm the "weird girl." I just want to forget myself about how my ex-boyfriend was dating my ex-best friend before either were my "ex." I think that story tells itself.

Steve said...

FREE nachos and hotdogs? they need those at my uni!

Lor said...

I love being chicks who sit in the corner and laugh at their in-jokes at mandatory assemblies!

And i told you you'd make friends!

Nicholas said...

Secretely, I always thought you had more of a college state of mind than a highschool one.

And you finally admit that you're pretty. It's about time ;)

joy isobel said...

That sounds so ridiculously made of awesome :) You're going to have a great time next year.

Adam said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time. I hope you have so much fun there!

Sarah said...

My music is on shuffle at the moment, and when I opened your blog, I was listening to Relient K - I'm Lion-O. So, I pretty much freaked out at the title of your blog entry, because My speakers had just said "Thundercats, HO!" and then I read it as the title.

Anyway, college is fun. I hope you enjoy it. :D

Kristina said...

Beerpong and togas... that will lose its appeal in about 5 minutes.

Hayley, as your friend, PLEASE dont become a sheep. I live right next to frat row and that's where all the Greek societies are, and we have a phrase for when the skanks congregate for parties and things and it goes "Oh look the sheep are out."

Improv, however, is awesome, and a skill I only WISH I possessed.

Vuraaa said...

i almost went to ou! and now i really wish i had... haha uc davis didn't exactly work out for me. all i can say is go into college expecting it to be great, and it shall. especially since you're awesome.

Meg said...

Awwh, your Improv story with the cute guy kind of reminds me of 13 Little Blue Envelopes for some reason. xD Ginny and Keith are totally adorable.
Hope that guy wasn't wearing a kilt! Haha. (:

VicMorrowsGhost said...

This post was so happy I think it's put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. :D

Oh yeah Thundercats ftw

Lulu said...

hayley, you're awesome! you're going to love college and i don't think you have to worry about becoming a "sheep"-- you're far too much of an individual already to fall into that!

mikaella said...

Sounds like a very lovely time. Thanks much for blogging. It brightens my day, or my evening or whatever. Smart and funny and easy to relate to. <3

Aardvarks Rule said...

I can't decide, finish harry potter, or start sloppy firsts???


Anonymous said...

It's so weird to see someone write about how much there IS in Athens. I tend to just think about all that is NOT in Athens.

-Erin, Columbus resident

x0brittx0 said...

i'm going to be so sad when you're beda ends. :( i love hearing what you have to say. you make my crappy break up just a little less crappy


Sara said...

What you said about feeling like you were a new, interesting person really makes me think about leaving my home town for college in a different way. I can't wait to get out of high school and never have to be referred to as 'that girl Cody Keleman puked on in first grade' ever again.