Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Papers, Perfect Fifths, car crashes and some NSYNC

This blog post is brought to you by the post-holiday phone conversation I had last night with my Jewish friend, Leah (professorspork).
Hayley: So... I see you've been passed over.
Leah: Yeah. I see... you've been... resurrected?
You may now proceed to the regularly-scheduled blog.

Oh, where to start.

I decided not to write that paper last night, since I didn't exactly have the prompt with me and no one in my class wanted to give it to me on facebook. I wasn't alone, though; the majority of us skipped lunch together to type our fingers off and yell things across the room, like, "What does the Cheshire Cat symbolize?!" And, "I don't know, make a biblical allusion and shut up!" I walked calmly into English fifth period with my newly printed and stapled five-page essay, smiling and breathing deeply. "I'd be more impressed," my teacher said sourly, "if I hadn't watched you write the whole thing in Newspaper." She has a point.

I ran at lightning speed to Borders after school (Okay, I ran at lightning speed to get in my truck, which I then pushed to its 70-mph limit.) in pursuit of Perfect Fifths, the last book in Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series. I've been waiting for this baby for what feels like years. I dashed at the display and ran to the counter with total disregard for everything else around me. "Wow. That's pure joy," the man at the counter said, as I smelled it. "Elation," I corrected him, which I'm including in this story to demonstrate how the things I say accidentally to strangers are so much cuter than the things I say on purpose. Anyway, right now I'm on page 48, and I'm already dying in a sea of emotion. The woman is a genius. No other way to put it. I'm terrified of this series ending. If you haven't read Sloppy Firsts, (THANKS FOR THE TYPO CORRECTION, TINA.) I'm letting you know right now that you don't even have the option to abstain. Go. Now. Quickly.

While I was reading and getting ready for choir rehearsal, I received a text from Marlena, en route with Leah to the Perfect Fifths release party with Megan McCafferty herself. They, um, hit another car. I'm sort of freaking out, to say the least. Insurance stuff is difficult and confusing and expensive, and nobody needs that stress, and I really can't stand the idea of it happening to Leah right now. Pray for her, if you pray. If you don't pray... meditate on it or something. Or learn to pray.

With this on my mind, I had to endure two hours of my choir, learning and choreographing cheesy dance moves to a boy band medley. Apparently me and my friend Dina are the authority on NSYNCing, so there were a lot of awkward pauses in which we looked at each other and giggled, demonstrating how to throw your arms open and bob your head to the side. I've been working with this choir director since I was twelve, so I sort of feel like she's my aunt or something. I love and respect her. A lot. But she's very difficult to like. For example, she wears this stupid Britney Spears headset microphone during rehearsals that gets a lot of awful feedback and always falls off her face, and when we laugh or she smells happiness or revelry, she glares with her eyes and smiles this terrifying, joyless grin, waiting for us to stop, daring us to push her further. The funny thing is that my musical director/good friend, Maria, works in the same auditorium and has never required a headset microphone. Nor does she strike fear into the hearts of children.


In youtubely news, if all goes well with the clip I sent him, I'm a part of the much-hyped singing collab Alan (fallofautumndistro) is putting together. I also recently received a comment from Luke of the Ministry of Magic, saying he likes the "italktosnakes Throwdown." Feelin' a little special and a little bit tingly. Oh, and whataboutadam just yelled at me. Not really, but his VEDA video for today starts off with him yipping at those who criticized him for having Molly (mememolly) make yesterday's video. And I'm mildly scared of Ferocious Adam.

I feel like I had all kinds of things to talk about today, and now my mind's gone blank. Probably because I'm in an airport with Jessica and Marcus. I'm going to go take another bath, neglect my homework a little more, and go to bed. Bad mood still nowhere near terminated. Ah.

Sexy: Small, considerate, unrehearsed gestures, like helping you put on your coat or cupping his hands over your ears when you're trying to hear a phone call in a loud environment.
Unsexy: Our new cable box. I was unaware that there was anything wrong with the old one, but I just came home to see an alien cable box in its place under the TV. The worst part is that it looks exactly like the old one, but it's black instead of gray. Like it's evil or something. My familiar cable box gone rogue. I don't know if I'm going to like it staring at me, malicious and dark, in my living room every day. This is something I will probably get over.

Weight: 138
Chipotle burritos this year: 11
Subscribers: 15,137
Days left of high school: 29

Bye, guys! See you tomorrow. <3


Rubeena said...

Sloppy* Firsts

and awesome blog :)

A.J. James Brooks said...

cable boxes are so unsexy... it's true.

daisies said...
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Amanda said...

I would just like to start off saying,
i absolutely love reading your blog.
so entertaining.

and i was hoping you could suggest some of your favorite books to read.
i ordering sloppy firsts, but i would love any other suggestions for good reads you would have.

Joey said...

Lolz at the person who left the word. O, youtuber beda confusion.

Kat said...


I need to get a copy. I think like... April of last year? (Crap, that was a year ago) you did a 5AG video about your favorite books and Megan McCafferty's was on there, and I couldn't stop myself from doing my rant-y thing about the books and we totally agreed. Am I really going to search my email to try to find the comment? Yes. Wow. I am awesome.

Holy crap, actually it was January 17, 2008. Relevant excerpts: "Also, Second Helping is my favorite Jess Darling book. What'd you think of the others? I really did not relate to Charmed Thirds at all - Jess came off more as bitter and depressed than simply cynical and sarcastic and... I didn't like it... Then Fourth Comings... I definitely enjoyed it more. And I am SO GLAD she said no to Marcus. Maaan. What's your take?" And then you said you completely agree.

I reread CT at the beginning of this year, and it definitely was more relatable, I guess 'cause by that point I'd already been in college? I don't know. It's still not my favoring Jess Darling, but I do appreciate it more.

Anywayz, the moral of the story is that (I talk too much, and) I really want to hear what you think of Perfect Fifths!

Leah said...


that is all. love you.

Kristina said...

I don't know about "Slopping Firsts", but I've read Sloppy Firsts. ;)

I never continued on though; completely forgot about the book.

Kristina said...

Haha also, someone got us confused and tried to give you a Sinweeda word. Cute. :)

VicMorrowsGhost said...

"Or learn to pray"

Is there a book I can read like "Praying for dummies? Oh it's ok I just typed "Dear God" in to Word and that talking paperclip appeared and said, "It looks like you're trying to pray, would you like some help heathen?"

Adam said...

I would never yell at youuuu Hayley. Unless you like ferocious Adam.

Nicholas said...

I know what you mean when loving/fearing your choir teacher... it was the same with mine. At least I learned a lot during that time, even though he said that the Beatles were overrated. Which, let's face it, even if it were true is just not something you say. Like, ever.

Marlena said...

Perfect Fiiiiiiiiiiiifths. =D
Car crashes. D=

yep. That sums it up.

Rubeena said...
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Melissa Kendra said...

That series sounds really good, I might buy it when I get some money.
I thought of something that was sexy last night, and immediately wanted to comment on your blog telling you. Boys in v-necks are sexy, I think :]

Abigail said...

So am I the only one who was completely unaware that there was going to be a 5th book? Thank, dear Hayley. I'm now off to go find it.

Ashley said...

To Abigail...
no, you weren't the only one unaware. Now I'm off to go find it too.

sexy: saying Bedodoodododoodododo!
unsexy: eating with your mouth open

notaclareintheworld said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the sexy.

Anonymous said...

One day I came home and found our green jeep had been replaced with a new red jeep. I never got over it. I used to think the red one came from hell and refered to it as Hell's Angel.

I love reading your blog!