Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't drink and tweet.

On this date, many moons ago, two vaginas pushed out two of this world's finest specimens. Alex (nerimon) and Sam (isnoggedharry) are up there on my list of favorite people, and I'm sort of on an inexplicable high today, just because they're alive. Go wish them happy birthday on their channels!

On an unrelated note, bleeehhhhh. I just googled "how to stop being in love with an asshole" to no avail. You'd think there'd be SOME decent article by that title SOMEWHERE on the internet. Readers, do me a favor and write it. I'll give you a present if you do. Also, John (vlogbrothers) tweeted something this morning along the lines of, "People I follow who are underaged, stop tweeting about drinking!" I felt a little weird upon reading this, but I didn't really know why. It wasn't until just now that I remembered. About two weeks ago, I sent him a direct message (WHY, BRAIN!? WHY?!) that said something like, "I'm drunk and you're my hero!" I was pretty out of it at the time, but I was aware enough to be thoroughly humiliated when I received his reply, which was "I hope you mean, like, drunk on joy."

And THAT, kids, is why alcohol is bad.

In youtubely news, I'm pretty sure Kayley (owlssayhooot) is posting a fiveawesomegirls video tonight. I'm pumped. I feel so off when Kayley doesn't post for a long period of time. I'm planning to post a video tomorrow, too. Whataboutadam looks cute in dark lighting.

Sexy: Masculine handwriting, lacking any unnecessary loops or twirls, sometimes slanting a little bit.
Unsexy: Never writing anything out. The internet is awesome, but it can't replace pens.

Weight: 139
Chipotle burritos this year: 10
Subscribers: 14,893
Days left of high school: 30

Bye, guys! See you tomorrow. <3


HeyLukey said...

I completely agree with the internet cant replace pens, i usually find that it is allot easier to write and essay old school with pen and paper, because there are less distractions also when i decide to write outside my pen doesn't tell me the batterie is low.

Kristina said...

Kayley video, yay!

And I know exactly what you mean. Having two of my best friends' birthdays on the same day makes for a very happy day.

Leah said...

I promised myself I would comment on all of these, but I find that if I refer to... ANYTHING that made up the body of this post, we'd get in a fight because you know my opinions on the drinking and the in-love-with-asshole-being.

Oh. Oh. Wait. Sams are proficient!


Leah said...


babyporridge. said...

I have masculine handwriting & I'm also sort of an asshole. Love me, please?

I love my daily dose of Hayley. I will be shattered when April ends.

Kristi said...

Haha, did you see Kaitlyn (kaitlynwithakay)'s tweets when she went to New Orleans?

Jim said...

When you google "How to stop being in love with an asshole" Google will suggest "Do you mean 'How to stop being in love with a guy'?"

Also I hope John meant for underage tweeters to stop drinking and tweeting, instead of the other way around.

travelisdangerous said...

Adam said...

I always get all flustered when you talk about me Hayley. Skype moaarrrrr!

Marlena said...

I should start commenting on your blog, since it makes my life generally better.
Hi. I like you.

grace said...

I want the article too.

Robynne said...

And John Green has moved his way farther up the awesome scale, if that's possible.

A.J. James Brooks said...

So I wrote my BEDA today on your suggestion of How to get over the Ass Hole
hope you enjoy it.

Raven Zoe said...

Everybody looks cute until you turn the lights on, yeah, yeah?

Lucy said...

There is always the "Well it would be legal for me to drink in Belgium (where you can buy alcohol from 15)" excuse.

Katiee said...

I actually have a friend who's dealing with the same problem, and has written like. Numerous blog posts recently about this. For the most part, they're a bit sarcastic, but I figured I'd link you anyways:

JulGra said...

Woaaaaaaahhh. Okay, I'm a bad person, and I'm totally judging you for underage drinking right now. I've been watching you on the Tubes for at least whenever this was posted, and I've been following this blog for maybe a year and half? And you have NEVER struck me as the type to drink.

I know, I'm a bad person. But this is totally changing my opinion of you. At least the past you. Sorry. You can hate email me if you want.