Thursday, April 2, 2009

God, I really cannot do high school anymore.

God, I really cannot do high school anymore. I'm in my free period right now. I need to pee. You'd think this would be a perfect situation, it being free period. However, last time I peed in free period, the teacher assigned to patrol this room flipped out on me for leaving without permission and then proceeded to walk with me to every free period activity for the rest of the week. The last time I needed to pee in free period, I made a point of asking permission. She told me to do it some other time.

CALM THE HELL DOWN, PEOPLE. I can vote. I can buy a house. I can get married. I can smoke. I can go to prison. I can have sex with a 99-year-old man. I can run for some political offices. I can't rent a car, but I can buy and drive one. I am, according to the United States of America, an adult. And yet, because some aging woman needs to find somewhere she has control in order to feel worthy and special, I cannot empty my bladder when I want. HIGH SCHOOL IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS BIZARRO WORLD.

On a related note, I've found that I really don't like my AP Literature teacher. I love her, because we're obviously wired the same way if Hamlet gets both of us hot and bothered, but I don't like her. The other day she was doing what she does best, listening to my private conversation with my best friend outside her class, and it went something like this:

Hayley: God, I really cannot do high school anymore.
Jess: --
Teacher: --Yes, you can. All eighteen-year-olds wake up one day and start rejecting authority and thinking they're smarter than all their teachers and dragging through school. You'll get over it.

Don't you just adore when people who don't know you... tell you about yourself? On the contrary, ma'am, I woke up and started rejecting authority the moment I was born. I don't think I'm smarter than all my teachers, but I'm intelligent enough to know that they're people, and people are awful. And perhaps I'm not talking about being sick of school. Perhaps I'm talking about my depressive disorder with my best friend, and perhaps we don't need interjections from a cruel, jaded fifty-something-year-old woman.

Siiiigh. I'm just very sick of being treated like a subordinate by people who are just trying to validate themselves by taking out their own frustrations and self-analyses on others.

I'm going to introduce this blog to the fiveawesomegirls viewers today. I'm also going to admit to having a dailybooth and link to my twitter. Three things I've been putting off. I've been reading a ton of stuff lately, so I think I'm going to talk about that, too. I basically just want to get a video up in the event that Liane (lianeandthemusic) can't tomorrow, because I hate seeing only one 5AG video in a week.

Oh oh oh, and if you're reading this, please go leave some kind of friendly comment or nice message to Kayley (owlssayhooot). I don't care where you do it. She's having a bad couple days, and anything that can lighten her mood would be appreciated. Also, Leah (professorspork) is really stressed lately and Kristina (italktosnakes) is, as you probably know, having a hard time. Let's pull our own microcosmic Project for Awesome and let them know we love them.

Sexy: Bringing creative insights to class literature discussions. Defending your opinions, but being open to other points of view.
Unsexy: Faking laughing in hopes that everyone around you will see how fun you are.

OH OH OH OH OH OH OH. Another thing that's unsexy? Watching a beloved TV show writhe in pain as it's left to die. Last night's Scrubs featured only two of the main characters, and it really seems like they're trying to write Elliot off. Urrrrrgh.

Weight: 137
Chipotle burritos this year: 9
Subscribers: 14,674
Days left of high school: 34

Bye, guys. See you later tonight. <3


bratpop said...
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IFTBA said...

On the brightside, you can BECOME that aging woman who tells people when they can and can't pee. Like, right now. And be way better at it.

itsbenJARmin said...

You can't go to pee when you want? That's really odd, although it may just be just jealousy. You can control your bladder when she can't.

Melissa Kendra said...

At least you're not graduating a year late, and have to do an extra year of high school in a pathetic small town.

Tesni said...

Stupid thing about having to have permission to pee. At my school we just asked, and the teachers always said yes, and you were never stopped for walking in corridors even if you were supposed to be somewhere.

Chin up, only 34 more days! Then you are free. I shall go give love to Kayley.

Leah B said...

*insert pathetic, unconvincing "I'm not stressed!" insistence here*

Katy J said...

I'm kind in the same boat, so I feel your pain a little. Keep strong, chica. 34 days and you are OUT OF THERE! :D <3


erngirl said...

I'm a senior as well. Now that we've done all that's "required to graduate" I feel like they're just keeping us there against our will. And having to ask permission to go to the bathroom when you're a legal adult is ridiculous. I cannot wait for college. :)

Adam said...

I feel the exact same way about school. At least you're almost done.

Kat said...

I don't know if this is because I'm from California and went to school at an outdoor school and la la la, but my school never kept that close tabs on us. Your experience really is ridiculous. Maybe the reason I loved high school so much and didn't really want to leave is just because I was lucky. My high school kicked ass, and I guess I just always assumed most people who wanted to get the hell out of high school were in the same boat, because there definitely were kids at my school like that... But I guess now I can... well not relate, but understand more why someone might be so desperate to get out of high school. And it's great that you're ready for the next stage of your life. The transition to college was tougher than I expected it to be.

thealphabet said...

I *FELT* the same way you do about school. A blog I read recently told high schoolers to enjoy it, that these were the best years of my life, and honestly, if they were, I would be dead by now.

As someone no longer in high school, I can safely say, it get's better. Older people still (for the most part) dismiss everything you'll ever think or feel or say, but at least you can stand up for yourself without getting an in-school suspension for swearing at a teacher in the classroom...

Anyhow: You are the awesome girl that made me start watching 5AG, and you look out for your girls, but I wanted to say, Hayley! You're great! I am so amp'd about this blog.


Corey, from Chicago

Kira902k said...

this is the first one of your blog posts that i've read, and ih ave to admit, i love it.
is it weird that although i'm only in gr 9, i feel exactly how you do about high school?
when will i get out?
Honestly, I can't stand much more of the teacher's belittling, and the ignorant classmates.

I also really love how you have the Sexy and Unsexy, and the count downs/ups.
great ideas.

Luna Star said...

This is the first blog of yours that I've read...and I love it =] You make so much sense!! I high school, because they're always really condescending to us and everything. *sigh* At least you only have 2 more months. I have two more years!

High School definitely is not the "best years of your life" if you ask me.

Oh, and this might be "frowned upon" promotion, but my friends and I, partially inspired by the 5AG have our own YouTube project, and I would be honored if you would check it out!

Long Comment...Sorry!

karamelle18 said...

Jealous that you're 34 days away from being done with high school. I'm stuck somewhere in the 45 day range.

Alex said...

I am so glad you started this! I just read all your entries and completely understand why the internet was dying for Hayley to blog!

I also wish you'd post some of your writing; poems, short stories, unfinished things that you think will never go anywhere but are probably really good...
you get the idea.

You have such a fun writers voice even in your blogs. So much dry humor and sarcasm-I love it!

<3 Alex

Maris said...

Although this may be the smallest thing you said in your blog, I completely agree with your thoughts on Scrubs. Best show ever, worst season it's had. Even though this is the last season, I think the switch to ABC really screwed up the show and made it less entertaining. =[

pottercake said...

Oh my goodness, I know I said this on your last post but the whole Bridget Jones feel at the end makes me oh-so happy. Like, I want to start a private LJ for myself and include that.

Also, I can't wait for you to be out of high school too.
Alsoalso, faking laughing so people think you're fun? I think I started that so many years ago, that it's just the way it is now. That was slightly emo, but I'm over it.

goldberry2000 said...

I hope that your feelings on school change; I know its been said a few times in the comments, but school, especially upper school (i don't know what the american equivilent to upper sixth is, soz), is the best time of your life (until university, I'm told). I kind of understand what you mean about the authority thing, and I think it's crazy that you can do all that but still have a basic human freedom controlled against your will (slight exaggeration, but the point stands). It wasn't quite the same at my school, as once you were in sixth form (last two years), you were basically on-par with the teachers. You had a crapload of freedom and there was no pressure to do things you didn't want, etc etc.

Okay, sorry for the tangent; I liked reading your blog for the first time, and enjoyed writing this comment, too.


Nathalie said...

Hello Hayley! I'm a 5awesomegirls fan, but actually I like your videos the most (don't tell the other girls) So when you said you were doing a blog I decided to come stalk you around here to. And twitter. Creepy, I know. But I swear I'm just a fan and have no creepy intentions.
I can't say highschool was bad, but it's certainly very annoying. I remember sitting in classes, specially in my last year and thinking: 'God, why am I even here? I hate this subject, I won't need this subject in the future and this teacher thinks he/she's so amazing, but he's not'
To help matters, I got accepted to college very early, in September, when most students only get their results around November. So I felt like I really could do without all the boring classes you know. However I still had 3 more months to attend so I could graduate.
I used to stay home at least one day at a week, skipping classes, with my mom's blessing. She is a teacher by the way.
But now when I think about it, I kind of miss those days...because yes, class was such a bore and the teachers are just people like any one else except they like to boss students around and have the authoruty to do so, but it was a time when I didn't have as many responsabilites as now, when I saw a lot of friends eveyday that I haven't seen in years now. Also I had a lot of fun messing around the halls and making jokes during class. It's just something that we experience once and then never again. Like everything in life, it has its ups and downs, and is wonderful when it ends and you feel like you've accomplished something and get the freedom to move on with life and do other things. But just try to enjoy the few days you still have in highschool while they last you know. It may not seem like, but you'll probably miss them someday.I guess. Oh and please ignore your teacher...she seems evil.
Since I am following you around twitter and youtube, I think it's only fair you can stalk me if you want to as well, so there's a link to my blog somewhere around this comment!
take care!

thealphabet said...


At my high school, our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad principal ordered our teachers not to let us go to the bathroom unless we had explosive diarrhea.

Those were her exact words. Explosive diarrhea.

Goodness gracious. So when you really gotta go, just think, somewhere, in a public high school in the city of Chicago, someone knows how you feel. Because mutual suffering is better.. right?

Sara K said...

Hey Hayley, try to not let it get to you. High School will be over before you know it. I can hardly believe my first year of college will be done in less than a month. Speaking of which, I'm going to come visit school once I am back, but I feel terrible because I realized I will be out of the country during this years graduation. Good luck with the rest of the year and I hope I will be seeing you and everyone back home soon!

bryan said...

college will be better. believe!

Catherine said...

At least you're not going to graduate but have do MORE senior year subjects so you can get into the uni you want, while you're twin sister lives it up at uni.
On the upside I can legally go purchase and drink alcohol but you can't. That's a little weird also, you can't drink and you can't pee.

MonishaAyita said...

Hey Hayley!
I just wanted to put in my two cents in a probably failed attempt to be insightful.
I totally agree that it's really annoying to not be allowed to do something as little as pee when you want, but here's just some validation for it.
Perhaps you should not get so mad at your teacher. They can be a little rude and abrasive about stuff like this (which is unexcusable) but usually, it's not really in their control. For example, they have no idea whether you will actually go to the bathroom and pee, or shoot up some heroin. Honestly, I am often suprised to find out that people who seemed completely reliable and trustworth do something stupid like that. Also, if that did happen, your teacher would probably fired. I'd be pretty pissed if I let some punk go to the bathroom and got fired because they decided to be a dumbass. Just sayin'.
So, instead of blaming your teacher, or even the administration, blame the stupid kids that ruin the fun for everyone and are the reason these privlages are taken away.

On a less obnoxious note, I'm a senior too and I can't WAIT for may 31st!!!!

Nadia said...

I HATE when teachers listen to my conversations.
Around Election Day, my school decided it would be "cool" to play patriotic music in between periods. And although I have no problem with this, our speakers are terrible and old, making the sound quality miserable to listen to. So I was walking in and turned to my friend and asked, "Is this music really necessary?" Then, some guy teacher turns to me and says in this "offended" tone, "Um, this music isn't scary. This is what our troops are marching to in Iraq. So, no, it isn't scary."
I just stared at him. I mean, honestly, if you are going to listen to my conversations - at least know what I actually said.
Not only that, but I honestly doubt that's what our troops are marching to in Iraq.

Kaitlin said...

I am so happy to hear that there are other people in the world who are in love with Hamlet! My entire AP English class thinks I'm insane, which is not entirely new, but come on. Crush on a fictional character? Surely not all that surprising.

I'm also counting down the days to the end of high school, we have a paper chain in the English room and have to climb onto the radiators every day to pull a loop off.

Hope someday you can get back at that old woman by somehow impeding her peeing ability!

Annaaaaa said...

Rather the same here. We had these passes, you see, one pink one for girls and a blue one for boys. Then we had to sign out with exact times. And outside the bathrooms, there was a strict teacher who sat there glaring at us as we walked in. Who also made us sign a little log.

So basically, the school knows how often you do your business and how long you do it.

Just what I always wanted :|

And also, the bathroom passes are cardboard, so they're almost always wet. I think about that as little as possible.

Kristen said...

Okay,so I just started reading your blog and it is hilarious! Thanks for creating something that makes people smile and decreasing world suck, and yes it does suck alot. Now I'm a couple of years removed from high school, but I remember it somewhat resembling a prison. I thankfully never had a teacher that would jump into one of my conversations and twist my words, but you're almost out of there and onto much greater things. Good Luck!!

Leesa said...

So you will be going from high school to college, where they don't tell you when to pee, but they still consider you an underling. Well, basically you are.

Just remember that colleges are designed for the professors, not the students. You can cut class and they won't care. You can read a newspaper and most won't care either. One will, and that professor my take a lighter to one of the papers. Think of it as entertainment. Just let it be someone else. And delight in voiding your bladder any time you please.