Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Questions, Part 2

You guys make me feel... important. And that's saying a lot, considering I was accosted on the street tonight by a guy who pointed his finger at me and exclaimed, "You! You're... that... girl! From YouTube! You're so-and-so's sister, and you're on YouTube!" So, once again, thank you all for your wonderful questions, and for recognizing me as a person, rather than a sister or Some Girl. I think I'll get back to normal blogging tomorrow, but if you have any more burning questions (or really want me to answer ones I've ignored the past two days), feel free to nag me. I'll see you tomorrow, lovelies!

Izzy and Alexis ask:
"Why did you start using YouTube?"
Answer: I searched Google for a full video of the original cast of Rent, and I found this tiny little website called YouTube. It had an itsy bitsy community of real people (TheHill88, boh3m3, thewinekone, brookers, etc.) being hilarious in front of webcams, and as soon as I stumbled upon ifancythetrio, I had a feeling I could be good at vlogging.

Alylurker asks: "What do you think of Glee? I love it to pieces but it's just so bad!"
Answer: Sigh. The majority of the time, Glee seems to be nothing more than a nauseating attempt to sell autotuned covers of popular songs. However, once in a blue moon, it has the ability to be extremely clever, and a lot of the dialogue is very real and funny. I was talking to The Situation about this today, and he said (perhaps rightfully), "Nobody would like that show without the music." But honestly? I think I would prefer it without the music. It's one of the only shows I've ever seen that doesn't live up to the high bar of its pilot episode.

Tamar asks: "If you could choose to be born in any different time period, what would you choose?"
Answer: I believe I was born at the absolute perfect time. I got to grow up alongside Harry Potter, I was one of the first couple thousand members of YouTube, I'm part of the first generation to be lightyears ahead of its parents when it comes to understanding technology.

Katie asks: "What's your favorite YouTube video? What's your favorite of your own creations?"
Answer: I have hundreds of favorite videos, but the first one that comes to mind is this. My favorite of MY videos is this one. I don't know why. It's pretty much the only one that doesn't make me cringe if I have to watch it again.

Sue asks: "Favorite John Green book? Favorite Hank Green song? Who is in your guilt-free three?"
Answer: 1) An Abundance of Katherines. 2) "I'm Not Edward Cullen." 3) Harry Potter, Paul McCartney, Scarlett Johansson.

Mickey asks: "Favorite non-mainstream YouTube channels? How do you make friends in college?"
Answer: 1) JustMargaret, Friendswobenefits, alliteration1247, sonofastitch. 2) I guess I just got lucky. I met a lot of my school friends because they recognized me from the internet (yikes!), and I bonded with some of the girls on my floor pretty easily. My advice is to keep your door open, to make comments to people in your classes, and to be overly friendly until everyone settles in.

Seanababy16 asks: "Do you have any regrets? Do you believe people when they say they have no regrets at all? If you could meet any real person, living or dead, and one fictional person, who would they be?"
Answer: 1) A year ago, I thought people who claimed to have no regrets were lying. And crazy. But I've come to realize lately that every decision, every action, and every thought puts us somewhere we're supposed to be, and I'm happy enough NOW that all my past suffering seems worth it. 2) Jo Rowling and Hermione Granger. I feel like Hermione's account would be the most accurate and insightful of the main Potter characters.

Jordan asks: "What about Elizabethtown makes it your favorite movie?"
Answer: It's like... this beautiful commentary on life after losing a loved one, wrapped up in Romantic Comedy's clothing. Simultaneously poignant, funny and pretty.

Ayamizuno asks: "Is Secret Assignments the same book as Finding Cassie Crazy?"
Answer: Yes. And it's one of my top five all-time favorite books.

Sarah asks: "Do you like Jaclyn Moriarty's other books? Why is Lacey your favorite John Green character?"
Answer: 1) Yes! I adore all of them. In fact, if we're excluding Jo Rowling (since she's barely human), Jaclyn Moriarty is my favorite living author. 2) I've always been a sucker for the "tortured soul popular girl" characters. It must be a lot of pressure to maintain the image of being "perfect," but nobody ever feels sympathetic for the pretty ones. It reminds me that everyone has pain, no matter how much they appear to be in control.

Lewis asks: "What's your favorite Pokemon?"
Answer: Psyduck always amused me. But I would kill for a real Pikachu.

Ben asks: "Do you seriously, legitimately read all of your youtube comments?"
Answer: Yes!

Alex asks: I get different images from your writing and your videos. In your videos you seem a lot more lively and crazy, and in your blog you seem very pensive and emotional. What are you most like in real life? How would you describe your day to day attitude and personality?
Answer: I think 5AG Hayley is who most people see and know, Hayleyghoover Hayley is who I am with my friends when I'm in a good mood, and Hayleylujah Chorus Hayley is who I am with those I'm closest to.

TheGingerHermione asks: "Are there any movies that make you cry every time you watch them?"
Answer: Well, I sort of have this problem. I've never really been good at crying out of sadness or strong emotion. Mostly, I store it all up and then explode over something small and stupid, about once every two months. But if I were to cry like a normal human, I'd probably cry over Half-Blood Prince. And I get very upset about the series finales of good TV shows.

Chipotle burritos this year: 14
Subscribers: 27,308
Nail color: Chipped and nasty.


Lauren said...

These Q&A posts were really fun to read! I hope you do some more soon :)

Cece said...

I clicked on that Chickens video and laughed my ass off. My mom walked into the room while it was playing and repeated "That is some funny stuff!" for 5 minutes.

Clicky pens or pens with caps?

Christina said...

This was fun. I think it is funny because I was just thinking about your pizza roll video today because I was wondering what type you get since you don't eat meat.

Margaret said...

Hayleeeeey! :D Thank you. Obviously for pimping me, but also for, like, being my YouTube inspiration and being a really amazing person to secretly idolize and everything. Yeah. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh god, Chickens Inspired by Chickens gets me every time. Scratch that. Tyler Oakley gets me everytime.

Also, Opinion on Lady Gaga?

Katie said...

I know it's silly but when you said Hayleylujah Chorus Hayley is who you are with those you're closest to, I smiled. Us blog readers are special! :) I'm glad you feel you're able to share more personal things with us.

Kelly said...

I haven't watched that pizza rolls video since you posted it and I feel like I know you so much better now as a result of your blog. While I was watching I kept noticing inconsistencies. I'd be like, "WAIT? WHAT? No nail polish?!" and "only SIX pizza rolls? No!" I also have the random burst into tears moments over the stupidest things. But I also tear up EVERY time I hear Slughorn say, "But that's life! I suppose, you - you go along with and suddenly... poof." It's the most beautiful, simplistic, yet perfectly delivered line I've ever seen in a film. And I love having insight to the Hayleylujah Chorus Hayley :)

Snottlebie said...

I was almost going to ask you "Mugglenet vs. Leaky Cauldron", but then I remembered one of your old youtube videos and caught myself.

Q: How's the shower situation in college?

Q: Favorite microwavable food?

Q: Do you believe there are truly shy people or that those shy people haven't quite met the right set of friends to open up to?(I mean, obviously there are shy poeple but do you believe that a shy person is *always*/can always be shy?)

Niki said...

Like, for realzy (yeah, this is serious business), every time I see the brand ORLY I think of that white owl that says 'O RLY?'
It just won't go away! D:

Anyway, I'm in looooove with the q&a stuff.
What's your favorite non-youtube band or singer? :)

Emily S. said...

So i read the bottom of the post where it says the time it was posted and it said 8:30(its only 8 where i live) and I'm like "whoa! Hayley posted a blog from the future!" Later did i realize we're in different time zones......*sigh*

Coralinehope said...

That thing about keeping it all in and then exploding over something little? Yeah, that's me too. It's usually in front of people too, which sucks.

alylurker said...

I'm the same way when it comes to crying. Like I didn't cry when Snape died in the books, yet I cried when I heard the mudbloods song peace, and love, and happiness about Lily and Snape I did.
Also thanks for answering my Glee question. I love the dialogue more than the songs as well!

Catherine said...

"Hayleylujah Chorus Hayley is who I am with those I'm closest to."

That made me smile. I'm happy I can be a part of this.

P.S. My new job is going fairly well! The cook made me a veggie wrap which I ate in your honor the other day.

Anonymous said...

Gawd. I know what you mean about crying at series finales. I SOBBED through the last twenty minutes of the Dollhouse finale, both times I saw it, and I wasn't even all that emotionally attached to it till then. I also cried through the Return of the King, because it was the end of something. I have no doubt I'll BAWL at the end of the second DH movie.

Sigh. Endings.

Oh, speaking of. Any particular thoughts on the upcoming Harry Potter movies? I feel totally out of the loop but I'm mostly scared they're going to ruin them.

Sarah said...

Thanks for answering my (and others') questions! My favourite Jaclyn Moriarty is Feeling Sorry for Celia ... it still cracks me up every time I read it. And the chickens video gets funnier every time I watch it.

Someday, if you feel like answering more questions: Since you seem to be a nail polish expert ... how do you maintain your nail polish? Mine chips after a day. Do you let it go chipped for a few days, redo it every day, or do you have some magical trick to make it last longer?

The Dreamers said...

Psyduck? What?!??!

And just curious, I know you weren't being serious, but who WOULD you kill for a real life Pikachu?

Also, I just wanted to let YOU know, that you made me feel special. Although, I feel like a total creepo stalker, because I read your blog, and watch all of your videos, so I know like, everything about you.

Oh, and if you hear a branch breaking in the middle of the night, don't mind me, and that glare is just the binoculars.(totally kidding, probably not too funny, but I'm sticking with it! The delete button is for CHUMPS.)

Allison Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I cry at the series finale of good shows too! Oh, and how/where did you meet The Situation? :)

Madeline said...

I love what you said about Hermione's version of events probably being the most accurate. I think that's so true! Although her version would probably be peppered with lots of sighing and eye-rolling every time Ron did something stupid. :)

Charlotte said...

I'm the same way Hayley, I store everything up for about 2 months, then cry my eyes out. last time it was because my mouse died. i cried for 3 hours.

1) What is your favorite Harry Potter character of all?
2) Any hints on how I can learn better grammar?

I've been trying to prove to my teachers that I can write (i realized i loved writing after reading Harry Potter), but they'll nag me about every mistake i make, so they haven't promoted me to a higher English class so i ca learn more. :(

Julia said...

Ok, Hayley, I agree with you on almost everything, but Paul McCartney? Paul McCartney?! Blech.

Casey said...

I love these Q&A posts of yours. They're interesting.
And I do the same thing with crying. I didn't before, but now I do and I don't know why. It may be because I hate having migraines and crying normally gives me one, but it could be anything. I just haven't figure it out fully.

Melody said...

I actually cry more often while watching movies/TV shows than I do in my actual life. There's usually at least one moment in every Doctor Who episode that makes my eyes well up, at the very least. And the Season 4 finale had me so hysterical it was embarrassing.
When I do cry in my actual life, though, I sort of destroy everything in my path, and it usually takes a few hours before I can completely stop.

Melody said...

What memory or memories would you use to conjure your Patronus? What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised? And lastly, what is your favorite dinosaur?

Melody said...


Creamy or crunchy?

Chirstina Lee said...

The pizza rolls video is one of my favorites. It's just so freaking true!

side note: your hair always looks amazing. it makes my hair sad.

ThePeterIs said...

No way! We share 2/3 of our guilt free three! Just swap out Harry for Luna, and we're good. We should contact Paul and Scarlet and ask if they'd be down for a foursome.

Dinah said...

Yes to Chickens, yes to your thoughts on Glee and yes to you being you!

Can we somehow make a Hayley inspired by Hayley video? That would be awesome. I guess Yearbook inspired by Yearbook was pretty close.

ALSO, I would have put money down that your favorite HGH video was the Lonely Goatherd one! I know that's one of my faves. I understand about the cringing thing though...

Lindsey said...

"I've never really been good at crying out of sadness or strong emotion. Mostly, I store it all up and then explode over something small and stupid, about once every two months."

I do exactly that, but the explosion of emotion is usually over missing someone. It can't be healthy though, can it?

Katie said...

Yeah! The Pizza Rolls video is my favorite of yours too. :) It's been on my favorites since you first put it up. Oh, and Elizabethtown is freaking depressing!

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

These were really fun! And also knowing that how you are here on your blog is most like who you are with those you're closest too makes reading your blog seem even more special and meaningful. You feel truly honest and open whenever you write and I would be really upset if you were to stop blogging any time soon so please don't haha

Also, I am going to nag a bit because I'm really curious. I think it's interesting to hear what people think they would be if they couldn't do what they know they were meant to do. Because, I'm like you, the second I knew I could be a psychologist and get paid to listen to others lives and help them through tough times, I was sold, so thinking of another career or major to suite me is really difficult and I'm just curious what you think you would be besides being a writer or an English major.

Anonymous said...

I typed this out on my phone a minute after you posted this entry, so I could send it to you when I got to a computer. Here goes:

Hayley, I'll admit to creepily refreshing this page every two minutes for the past fifteen. And almost every hour since it became Wednesday. I was thinking/hoping that you would choose today to answer my question! I spent a long time typing it out on Monday, because it was difficult for me to ask without sounding like a nut. But I am really curious about it, and I hope that you address it soon. If you forgot, it had to do with faith. If that doesn't ring any bells, read the comment I left on Monday's entry, because I can't write it out again without being overwhelmingly naggy.

And just so you know, I thoroughly enjoy reading anything you blog about. This question thing has been fun. The Year of Secret Assignments is one of my favorites, too. Spent some early high school days playing it. Haha.

Elisabeth said...

I asked this last time, and it's the question I always ask for things like this... If you could have any superpower, what and why?

I vote that you answer a question from the comments on your previous post every time you write a new blog. I liked reading your answers these last two posts.

Manuel said...

Thank you for answering all those questions! Your blog is the best read to kick off my day.

Those explosions over little things by women are freaky but i have two sisters and i'm used to it. :]

Happy Earth Day for you!

caliowin said...

Hey Hayley. I enjoyed reading your answers to questions from your blog readers :) and am happy to have found out that Finding Cassie Crazy is actually the same as Secret Assignments, which means I've read and LOVED one of your favourite books. Will now look up the other US/UK names of the Jaclyn books.

Have you ever seen 'Garden State' the film with Zach Braff? It's probably my all time favourite film. It reminds me of Elizabethtown, but a bit better imho, so you'd probably really enjoy it if you haven't seen it. It is a bit darker but I love the sentiments and atmosphere of the film. Also totally understand the whole season finale thing. Supernatural is particularly mean sometimes. Can't believe there are only 4 eps left ever. Sad times.

Hayley, would you like to send me some pizza rolls? I'd send you something English of your choice in return. I mean pizza.... in a roll? madness. I really need to get my ass over to the states and experience these things.


Sidsel said...

Do you really think Jaclyn Moriarty's books are better than Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series?

I liked the former enough but I'm absolutely addicted to JD! (I' starting to admit that I might even kinda like them better than Harry Potter! Oh! I didn't say that)

What is your take on why EVERYONE seems to be able to relate to Jessica? I mean - we can't ALL be like her. Or can we?

How are you and Jessica similar?

Alexis said...

I find it interesting how you say that you become more and more personal as you move from 5AG, Hayleyghoover and Hayleylujah Chorus, because I discovered you in that order. First found the 5AG, then watched you on your personal channel and now I've been reading your blog for the past month. So it's like I'm getting to know you further!

Christina said...

If you had to switch lives with one of your family members for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

VTBurninator said...

Yoe hoe...whaddya know? Ok no, that wasn't a question, that was just me being weird and slightly fuzzy-headed the way not sleeping long enough makes your face melt. Love the Q&A, yay!

I never would've guessed Pizza Rolls was your favorite video (for some reason I always thought it was Too Old Broadway...maybe cause that's one of my favorites lol), but I'll admit I often break into "Hot n Cold" because of you!

Manuel said...

Her non-mainstream youtube favourites are awesome. I subscribed to all of them.

partyweetow said...

I cry every time I watch the last episode of Friends. ^_^

amy said...

Are you vegetarian? It rings a bell that you are...
If so, how hard is it to get decent vegetarian food at your college? I have heard from numerous sources that vegetarian food is nigh on impossible to get hold of in the USA. This concerns me as I am due to begin a study abroad program in the US next year and i like food!!

I am super psyched for the chipotle opening in London next month. I am expecting great things.

baz said...

oh you dont like glee anymore? i partly watched it after you posted keep holding on from episode 7 last year. you...actually played a part in this obsession of mine.

Antonia said...

Good call with the Pizza Rolls video - that's probably my favorite of yours as well. :)

/Sofia said...

Okay need writing advice Hayley! :)
How do you get started when writing fiction? And how is your overall process?

Emma said...

QUESTION YOU SHOULD ANSWER :) : Are you going to share any of your writing on your blog? Like perhaps the short story you wrote?

Larangutang said...

I'm the same way about a show's series finale. It makes me so sad to not be able to know what's going to happen next and to know that I'll never see a new episode again! lol

Tom said...

This might sound a little ego-trippy, which I guess it is, but mosty I just want to point it out because I find it hilarious and weird (weirdlarious, if you will). All four of your favorite unsuccessful* youtuber's are (inexplicably) subscribed to me. Seriously, man, wtf @ that. I don't even think they're all subscribed to one another. I feel like the only other people they're all subscribed to would be like you and 5ag and vlogbrothers and other big people. CRAZY, man.

*Lol, obviously. I kid the underlings. Considering I am much more of an underling than any of them and I try hard to make good videos and stuff, I realize that they are not in it for any "success," just like myself.

barefootfiona said...

Margaret and PJ are so brilliant. Not only as people, but also as eloquent, amusing vloggers(anf bloggers). I'm glad you think so too!

Lewis H said...

Haha! I totally agree with you on the answer to my question about your favourite Pokemon. It brings back so many good memories of being a small child and sneaking out of bed really early every morning to watch an episode of Pokemon before creeping back and being exhausted all day. Thank you for these question posts, Hayley. I've really enjoyed reading them. It's posts like these that make me love your blog so much; you seen so much more accessible! Your comment about your blog style being how you speak to your close friends made me smile :)

RhianonLives said...

Darn it Hayley, I asked you at least two interesting political questions when you first asked for questions and it's a little - well, I won't say disappointing, because it's less than that, but more than annoying, that you've only answered trivia. This is me, officially nagging you.

KaraDawlish said...

i like what you said about lacey :D

it's weird, because i see the same person on all of your different internet outlets... haha clearly since you are. but i mean i guess i see very clearly how the different parts of you fit together to make hayley. =P

haha same thing with the crying. only movies i ever cried at (honestly...) was bridge to terabithia when i was ten, and The Last Song. LOL Never thought I'd come out of a miley cyrus movie bawling... Never cried at a book =/

TheGingerHermione said...

aha yay x)
k i have another question now that my first was answered :P

Is there an inside joke or funny experience associated with you suddenly loving the word "happenin' " or was it just random?

shaylaluna said...

A few random things I feel like saying:
I sometimes think about crying and feel like crying and nothing happens.
I love every side of you I see.
I used to try to start all of my comments along the lines of, "Great video/blog/whatever, I feel like're awesome." Now I feel like I'll just try and talk to you like a friend.
I was thinking about the different ways text can be read and how an opinion of something can be so skewed by just text. Do you have any comments on that?(Is that even a question?)
In my English class a few weeks ago, my teacher mentioned that "alot" is not a word. I whirled around to my friend Catie and before I had begun singing she pointed her finger in my face and said,"Don't even dare singing that Hayleyghoover song, because I know that's what you were going to do. You're the only one who likes it because it fits you: Grammar, Annoyances, and it's really odd."