Monday, April 19, 2010

I love my dad.

I come bearing two of the following things: good news, a grin, and the immaculately-conceived second coming of Christ. I don't want to spoil the fun in guessing, so I won't tell you which ones are true, but I'll give you some hints. 1) My professor really liked my first short story, and always gives me little looks to let me know that he approves of the points I make in class discussion. 2) I'm eating hot salsa, and it's delicious. 3) I'm not pregnant.

I fully expect you to guess in the comments.

Hi, guys! Even though I've been posting something every day this month, I feel like it's been awhile since we sat down and had a real chat. My past couple of updates have felt more like we're exchanging hurried waves in a crowded hallway. I'm in the mood for a relaxing cup-of-tea conversation.

So. On the topic of conversation, I got the opportunity to have an extensive talk with my dad this weekend. Just the two of us, standing around the kitchen, eating chips and musing. Truly, one of my favorite pastimes. There's no one I respect more-- not Jo Rowling, not the founder of Chipotle, not even Carrot Top*-- and I value his opinions so much. I don't often talk about my father online, because I feel like our relationship is almost too important and personal for me to discuss haphazardly, but he probably deserves a little more screen time around these parts.

I am ridiculously fortunate, as a somewhat chaotic, artistic person, to have such support from a man who thrives in discipline and order. It would be easy for him to push me to get a practical degree, or to roll his eyes at the idea of writing for a living, or to think of youtube as a waste of time. But I receive nothing but praise, encouragement and positive advice from my dad, who believes I'm talented enough to make a living off an art, and who would willingly help support my broke ass if I ended up living in a cardboard box on a street corner. He honestly wants me to be happy in life, and he tries to help me get there. I have an exceptional father, and I will never be able to sufficiently praise him for all the good he does.

Forgive me for that grand proclamation; I've just spent the past few days doting on my wonderful parents, realizing more and more how lucky and undeserving I am. I think I'll write up a "Why I Love My Mom" post soon. I have such beautiful people in my life.

In unrelated news, I was wondering... do you have any questions for me that you'd like to have answered in tomorrow's blog? I don't ask simply because I'm too lazy to come up with new things to discuss each day (although that's, uh, part of it), and I don't just want you to inquire as to, like, my favorite potato product**, but if there's anything you have legitimate interest in knowing, feel free to comment. I'll try to get to all of them tomorrow. See you then!

Chipotle burritos this year: 14
Subscribers: 27,248
Nail color: "Green with Envy," ORLY (I need to change it!)

*Haaaaaaaaa. Sorry.
*Unless you're (somehow) actually interested. Then feel free to ask.
...Sweet potato fries.


Mike Lombardo said...

"I love my dad."
[obligatory your-mom joke here]

Just kidding. Hi Mrs. H. <3


I'd like a post dedicated to television. you know, something educational!

Daniella said...

What colour are your eyes? I always thought they were hazel but in some videos they look blue.

Alcnor said...

What... is your favorite color of nail polish... OF ALL TIME?

Cat said...

What is your favorite thing about the internet? What do you do when you can't sleep? What other blogs do you read? Who are the people that you look up to the most: family? internet? famous people? etc.?

triciamacmillan said...

Aren't sweet potato fries more of a, well, sweet potato product? That's like saying that your favourite kind of cake is a pie.

Marwa said...

Your father sounds like a wonderful man :)
My question is what made you first realise you wanted to be a writer? Was it an awesome book you read or a documentary you saw or something? I know you said you've always wanted to write, but it'd be interesting to know how it all started.


Jack said...

Questions I'd like answered... ok, I know you've probably explained it somewhere but I'd still like to know how you're both proudly christian and pro-gay rights. I appreciate both very much- especially the latter- but it still confuses me a little bit. feel like sharing?

Jordiekins said...

Are you participating in BEDAugust? That's when MJ is doing it.

So, how's that Bad Romance coming along?*

Would you rather be Pansy Parkinson, or Bella Swan for a week?


Would you rather your boyfriend be abusive, flat, funny looking Edward Cullen, or, um... Argus Filtch?

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

What kind of shoes do you wear?

Do you wear plain socks, or colorful socks, with patterns and flowers and puppies and candy and kitties and horcruxes and dollies and strawberries and other cliche, girly stuff?

Favorite band that you don't talk about on the internet?

Favorite movie?

Last time you ate meat?

Um, bye.

*Honestly, you can stop reading here. The next few questions aren't important.

Christina said...

This post was so cute.

What is your favorite part of Ohio University?

What is the one thing that can always make you smile no matter what?

When is your first novel being publish? I cannot wait to read it.

toastburntbread said...

I'm right in the middle of high school at the moment, and it sounds like your life has changed quite a bit after going to college. I guess my question is, did you ever envision who you are and where you are, when you were still in high school?

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I don't think you have a grin; it's probably one of those stupid tricks like when teachers ask a question on a test about a number and they have an answer that is like 24 that's wrong because the correct response is none of the above since the number was actually 25. So basically I'm saying you don't have a grin; it's probably just a smirk or something...

I'm glad your dad is so awesome and that you don't take that fact for granted. He seems like a great guy from all that you tell us about him =)

As for questions! *Thinks really hard* I want to know if you couldn't make it as a writer because you lost the ability to speak English or something ridiculous that will never happen, what other major would you like in college and what other career would you pursue?

Anonymous said...

First off CONGRATS! on your professor really liking your short story! Didn't we tell you that you were worrying for nothing?

Secondly, your father sounds like an incredible person. I feel exactly the same way about my dad, that you feel about your dad. I love conversing with my dad, even though they end up in arguments most of the time. He's also the person I respect most in the world, and whose opinions I value the most. I love my dad too =)

Now, question time.
Is your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?

Katie said...

Sorry, not going to humor you with the Two Truths and a Lie guessing game.

My question is...why not just get a FormSpring [again]?!? All the cool kids are doin' it! Just kidding.

What's your favorite childhood memory?

What's your favorite thing about Mike? How can you guys stand to be so far away from each other??

Is your middle name Grace?
....Okay, fine. Gangster. Whatever, it was worth a shot.

Sarah Mowrey said...

Bah, I want to be witty and ask a really awesome, funny question but I can't do it. Darn it.


Is hiding post-it notes with 30 Rock quotes into your "friend's" dress shirt pocket creepy or like, awesome?

Would you date my avatar?

Do you catch yourself bluffin' with your muffin on a day to day basis?

That should be sufficient?

Tom said...

Here's something I feel like you must have thought about before...

With writing, what are your thoughts on the whole idea of "inspiration"? Are you one of those people who thinks that one must just sit down and WRITE and that hard work is all that is required, or do you believe in, I don't know, Muses, or whatever?

(*high five for people who cannot write well ending sentences with "or whatever"*)

Also, should there have been a comma after "of", before "inspiration"? (Honest question. *sucks at grammar*) AND SHOULD THE COMMA AFTER " 'OF' " IN THIS PARAGRAPH HAVE BEEN A SEMICOLON? AHHHHHH
(You don't have to answer these. I'll just take ninth grade English again instead.)

The Dreamers said...

If you could master one skill, what would it be?

Anonymous said...

I have found that you never really learn to appreaciate your parents until you live away from home.

Questions for tomorrow:
So we know you can sing and that you love hp...why no wizard rock?

If you could change one thing about your youtube.internet experience what would it be?

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladened swallow?

Summer reading recommendations?

Would you ever do a webseries?

- Sue G.

Anonymous said...

I have found that you never really learn to appreaciate your parents until you live away from home.

Questions for tomorrow:
So we know you can sing and that you love hp...why no wizard rock?

If you could change one thing about your youtube.internet experience what would it be?

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladened swallow?

Summer reading recommendations?

Would you ever do a webseries?

- Sue G.

alylurker said...

I guess all three 0:-)
Question Time!
Why are you so awesome? xD
What would your patronous be and why?
Whats something that always brings up old memories for you?
Are you going to Infinitus?

alanasays said...

It's always fascinating to me when people have these amazing relationships with their fathers. I think it's because I've got such a terrible relationship with mine. It's nice to know that it's not like this with everyone and that there are some good Dad's out there doing their job. :-)

Anonymous said...

We want to hear more about your short story and your (hot) professor who gives you approving looks :-)

Dinah said...


1. What did your short story end up being about?

2. Will you ever get a PO Box?

3. Do you have any desire to come to Canada/have you ever been to the Pacific NorthWest?

4. (A little more serious) I know both Kayley and Lauren have expressed on their blogs (or maybe just in Kayley's comment section) that they sometimes resent aspects of having an internet fanbase and occasionally find it more frustrating than rewarding, so what are your thoughts on the whole thing, and how do you keep yourself from feeling that way if you ever do?

5. You're awesome. Not a question...but still.

Jordiekins said...

Oh, I forgot to answer.

Um. Numbah 2 is falls.

Anonymous said...

Who is your all time favorite long-lost friend with whom you visit haunted insane asylum grounds and psych yourselves out WAY TOO MUCH over the wrong building?

I kid.

Do you believe that there was some sort of conspiratorial relationship between Zordon from The Power Rangers and Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple and if so, what was said relationship?

Aileen said...

Best college experience so far?

Kristen said...

What is your favorite perfume or some of your favorite scents?

Mitya said...

What are your views on postmodern literature? Do you love it? Think it's a scandal? Necessary? What is your favourite 'period' of literature?

seurat2 said...

Your parents sound awesome. Mine are pretty great too, and yes, we are lucky. You seem to have plenty of questions already, but as an art nerd I'd be curious to know if you have a favorite painter or sculptor (or video artist etc) and if that art has a place in your life in the same way that I know music and literature play an important part.

Sarah said...

Questions I would like to ask Hayley G Hoover - ponderousness!

1) What character to you feel you best relate to from a novel written by John Green? (Personally, you remind me a whole lot of Lyndsey from An Abundance of Katherines - at least that is what first came to mind)

2) If you could have any animal as a pet, wild or otherwise, what would you pick?

3) What is the most magical experience you have shared with someone you love? (Story time!)

4) If you could have dinner with three people (alive or dead) who would you pick, and what would you order for dinner?

5) Favourite time of the day and why?

6) Did you know your name (Hayley G Hoover) anagrams to

Her Holy Voyage

Much love Hayley

Ida said...

Who do you find to be the better writer: Stephenie Meyer or JK Rowling?
That was a joke question but feel free to answer it. (It's obviously Meyer right, she's got the mad skills... right?)

Also, who's your favorite Brontë?

Lauren said...

How to you find the motivation to post everyday? I mean, I'm so glad you do, but from recent experience, I find it hard to post a solid, worth while post everyday. How do you do it?

Sidsel said...

The story of you and this Mike Lombardo! I'm a sucker for love stories.

VTBurninator said...

No need for coffee this morning after being scared half-to-death by Carrot Top and his guyliner!

Congrats on the positive feedback on your short story! Would love to read it or see a passage :)

On the questions front I got nadda for now, but I like some of the questions other people have been asking so I'm sure tomorrow's blog inspiration is in good hands!

Elisabeth said...

As the second coming of Christ, immaculately conceived or not, can only be good news, that means that if 3) is true then 1) is also true. The only other option is that both 1) and 2) are true.

Since I have no way of knowing whether you're grinning or not, the question is, are you the bearer of good news? I don't think the fact that your professor liked your short story is good news - you've already known about it for, like, at least a day, probably, so it's not news anymore.

Since nothing else you talked about could be construed as news, the only possible news in your post is that Christ is here again. So now we also know that if 1) is true, 3) is true.

2) can't be true because if it is, that implies that only one of 1) and 3) are true. But we know that if one of 1) and 3) are true, the other is also true - but we can't have both to be true because only two of the three options you presented are correct.

Thus, 1) and 3) are true, and you're not grinning.


The Vagabond said...

Yay Question Tuesday/Answer Wednesday!!

I'm going to ask HP related questions because that's all I can think of.

1. What would Amortentia smell like for you?

2. What would your favourite subject be if you went to Hogwarts?

3. In the HP movies did you like the fact that they added fine arts such as choir and band to the school or did you like the lack of them and find it odd?

Anonymous said...

Favorite non-Chipotle related food?


Jane said...

1. Congrats on the short story! although I don't think any of your readers were surprised he liked it.

2. Do you ever feel overwhelmed going to such a big university? Was it a big transition from high school?

3. Why do you belong in Gryffindor? (the phrasing of this keeps coming out sounding more combative than I want it to be--I think you do belong there, I was just wondering why you think so)

other thing: If I remember correctly, the immaculate conception was the conception of Mary, not Jesus, because Mary was born without original sin and that let her have Jesus. Which sucks, because born without sex is such a worse phrase in my opinion. and immaculate conception is such an awesome phrase, and it made sense, since sex is kind of messy. So, yeah, that always made me mad, but I think that's how it actually is, unfortunately.

Natalie said...

I'm glad the story got a good response, and you weren't cast out for using improper punctuation :)
I've been reading through the comments and people have asked some really good questions, but I think I'll go for the cliche 'if you knew you only had one day left on earth, what would you do and why?' 'cause I reckon you could come up with an interesting answer for it.

BenCracknell said...

I have so, so many things I would love to know.

1) Would it be okay, with your permission, to call you a friend? I always refer to you as, "Someone of the Internet," But I would love nothing more than to be able to officially, although we have never met, call you a friend?

2) Would you ever consider doing anything else for a living? Say, if writing didn't work out for 20 years, what would you do in the mean time?

3)*Would you please repeat after me, so I could print screen and squeal like a fan girl?* Hello to Ben Cracknell in Lowestoft, England. *Please feel free to insert comment afterwards*

4)How are you so possibly awesome? No, "Oh, that's my parents fault." I want to know, gurl!

5) Apart from English, what was you favourite subject at school? And worst?

I know that's quite a heafty list, and a lot of them are pointless. But, if you manage to answer them, I will be greatly greatful.

Sean said...

Which house is Mike in? (I know you aren't going to answer ALL of the questions on here [or at least I ASSUME], but you'd BETTER answer this one {...or not}.)

Anonymous said...

Question: Do you play Farmville, Hayley?

Anonymous said...

I totally admire your ability to actually follow through with writing. I love writing and I think it would be amazing to do it professionally but I always lack time to commit to it. So questions re that.

1. Where do you get most of your inspiration for your writing from?

2. How do you overcome writer's block?

allisonz said...

What is your favorite thing to dress up as?? You have so many costumes in all of your videos haha :]]

Natasha said...

Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year? I'm going to try it for the first time and I can't wait!

Anila said...

I'd still like to hear what you thought of the Glee premiere! Because I know you said somewhere that the Will/Emma relationship was too soon after he separated with his wife, etc. I wonder what you think about the direction of their relationship in the premiere...

Anonymous said...

what is a talent or skill you wish you had?

alyson said...

Our dads sound similar. Mine is the same way about order yet he is always excited to read something I've written and is supportive of my career choice.

I don't really have a question. I think I had something else relevant to say in this comment but now I can't think of it. So I'll leave it at that.

Erik said...

What I was thinking about today:
Are people inherently good or bad?

Callidora said...

Your dad sounds absolutely wonderful.
As for questions I request that you answer those that Jordiekins left. Especially the question about socks and how horcruxes are "girly." You have some amazing commenters.

Claire said...

I started by reading all the comments, but man are there too many. Phew. So forgive me if someone's already asked some/all of these questions.

What's your favorite poem (pre-1950)?
Favorite contemporary poem?

If you had to listen to only one song for the rest of your life (I know that's a tragedy, but bear with me), which one would you pick?

If you could travel any place in the world regardless of cost, where would you go?

Julia said...

Is your middle name Gertrude?

Favourite FOTC episode?

Favourite movie (stupid question, but I actually want to know.)

Favourite nail polish?

What do you get on your Chipotle burritos?

Favourite website excluding Facebook, Youtube and Twitter?


Leah said...

Dude, when are we hanging out? Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Hayley.
I know it's a topic that a lot of people like to avoid talking about on the Internet (and elsewhere) for obvious reasons, but I've always wondered about your faith.
It's hard for me to type "faith" and not feel as if I sound like a total religious nut. And a huge part of me wants to delete this comment altogether, but a bigger part of me wants to hear what you have to say. I'm a Christian, and I've been taught not to be ashamed of it. But you must know as well as I how difficult it is to proclaim that and not worry about how you'll be accepted afterward. Since you are Hayleyghoover, though, everything you say is gold to so many people. You can use that! I'm not requesting that you give a sermon or rant about God's Good News. All I want is for you to share, honestly and with no regard to inhibitions, what God means to you.


RhianonLives said...

Oh wow, question day :D I'd like to know... Uhm, how you feel about the USA in an international level, you know, what the country represents and everything. Also, how do you feel about president Obama, in all honesty? And how much do you know about the European Union?
(Leave it up to me to make question day boring -_-)

Anonymous said...

What did you end up writing your first short story about? Would you be willing to post it? :]


C said...

How did you and Mike meet? kinda sorta been dying to know this story :]

Anonymous said...

What is the current story you are writing about? I honestly cannot wait until you get published.

And also, what's your favorite book of all time?

Ida said...

Do you speak any other language? And what other language would you like to learn? You can't say French, it's against the rules I just made up.

Hallie said...

What Hogwarts house are you in?

Joanne said...

How did you get out of Hell (highschool)?


no seriously, near the end, how did you manage to motivate yourself to do any work to get you into university?

accioweasley said...

What kind of person where you when you were younger? (See, my friends say, "OH MY GOD, SHE'S LIKE YOU WITH HIPS!"
"Yeah, well, still.")
Also, have any of your favorite books changed?

Madhu said...

I'm really jealous of you right now. I love my family, but more in a "im-compelled-to" way rather than a "i-admire-you-more-than-anybody" way. And that's not okay.

kaylaann93 said...

I was actually just thinking about you not yet doing an answer questions blog and was so glad when I read that you were gonna do one that I actually exclaimed "Yah!" to no one but my empty bedroom...

ANYWAY, how is the running thing going? What is your routine? And most importantly what do you listen to?

I have just started running again and was wondering.


Ansley said...

If you don't, I might cry.

daiana said...

How did you and Mike get together?

How did you decide which college to go to?

What did you score on the SAT?

Catherine said...

Hayley G Hoover, we talked about you carrying the unborn child of Christ...

mercia j said...

Do you think it's practical/sensible/worthwhile to be an aspiring writer or actress or the like when there's thousands of other people who aspire to the same thing?

And I'm not trying to be mean or offensive to you, an aspiring writer, because I'm one, too :]

socks said...

You always say that college is way better than high school. I'm a senior in my last 32 days of high school and going to a place seme-far away for college.

Is college better than high school? What makes it better (besides the no parental rule thing/living away from home/being independent)?

The way you described your dad reminds me of my grandpa.

Morgan said...

I've been with my boyfriend/best friend for two years and in the fall he'll be moving. I'm anxious for us, and excited for him, but I'd like to know if you have any tips on the long-distance thing. Making it easier, ect.

Also, someone mentioned your favorite thing about Mike, but I think you should give us your top five because that's hard. :)


lanna-lovely said...

Two questions:

1. What are your top 10 (or 5, if you can't be assed with writing 10) favourite movies of all time? And yes, this is me just fishing for movie recommendations cause I'm in a movie mood.

2. What is your definition of love?

I ask lots of people this question (including Vloglovers on youtube, who made videos answering) and so far no two people have had the exact same answer, which fascinates me because love is such a universal feeling.

It kind of makes me wonder if we're all feeling the same thing to the same degree when we label a feeling "love" - but I like to think it's just something that is too much for words, no definition will ever do it justice but it's fun to see people try.

You, being a writer, I would like to see your answer (especially seeing as most writers will write about it in some way at some point in their lives).

On another note, I think it's so awesome that you really appreciate your parents and don't take them for granted. As someone whose dad died, it really bothers me to see people that don't get how lucky they are - I've seen people say they wish their parents were dead, just because they didn't allow them to get their own way or because they got into trouble for doing something bratty or stupid, they just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I have a question- you know how in all the teen fiction we read it's all about growing up and the moments teens have that are their "breakthrough moments" that turn them into different people? Have you ever had one of those? What was it?

Also, how do you feel about earlobes?

Kai said...

Do you have any advice for theatre auditions?

Anonymous said...

Can you post a picture of your family? You made me really curious now...

Morgan said...

Also, is Jess a celiac or does she just not want gluten in her beautiful body?

taraupshall said...

Hi Hayley! That is great that you have a supportive Dad. I've grown up without one and I've always wished for someone in my life to help me with life in general.
What are your views on marriage? Do you feel it is necessary? Would you be fine with never marrying?Anyways, I enjoy your blogs...keep 'em coming!

Madeline said...

You do sound like a lucky girl with awesome parents! I am lucky to be so blessed as well. My parents just kind of roll with the punches these days when it comes to me and my sister, who are both very crazy and artistic (my sister especially!). My dad, who wouldn't have been caught dead at a high school football game or musical when he was a teenager, has been to more of both of those than he can count in the last seven years, and he honestly loves them.

Nicoley said...

GRR I totally missed this one when you posted it :( but I just read it and I must say that our dads are very much alike. He is willing to support me in my endeavors even if they aren't what exactly what he hoped for me to be. But he still loves me unconditionally. :)

Nokorola said...


You're parents always seem awesome Hayley, you are lucky.

Are sweet potato fries really a potato product? Are sweet potatoes really potatoes? And, what about Naomi?(random site, but I couldn't find the video anywhere else.

-Phillip(is still watching Mandy Moore)