Saturday, April 17, 2010


"That doesn't make any sense," I say. "Nobody's going to think it's funny."
"Yes they will," Jess informs me. "They love me. I have a beautiful and adoring audience. Write this in your blog...

"One day, I came home from school. Jess was a magical unicorn master. She showed me the challenge for eating powdered doughnuts in three minutes, as thus was pertained by* Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. Thusses, (that's t-h-u-s-s-e-s), I refused her challenge, but raised her one, with a jar of pretzels and a quadrangle of homemade cookies that my mom won in an auction. On Degrassi that day, um, the, um, mystical chocolate factory diva salad was real. It just got real. And the uniforms were covered in sequins. The end. That's all I've got."

So, uh. That's my best friend, trying to be as weird and nonsensical as possible. She's sitting next to me right now, as we have an unofficial cookie-eating contest, and she continues to dictate stupid paragraphs, which I'm promptly ignoring and not transcribing into this post. "You're embarrassed of me!" she says. "You don't want your blog readers to think I'm crazy, you don't like when I call your boyfriend and ask him what he had to eat today...."

So, readers, to prove my undying loyalty, I ask you: do you think my best friend is crazy? And what have you eaten today?

Chipotle burritos this year: 14
Subscribers: 27,157
Nail color: "Green with Envy," ORLY

*She understands that this means nothing.

P.S. The big secret I alluded to last night has been revealed all over twitter, so I can now proudly announce that two of my favorite people, Lauren Fairweather and Matt Maggiacomo, are finally engaged! Send your congratulatory tweets here and here; they deserve it.


Kai said...

Yes. I do think your best friend is crazy.
But, is it okay if I don't mind?

to_thine_own_self said...

Yep. She's crazy.
But in a good way!

And she's right...I did think that was funny.
...I think. It's so nonsensical I don't know how I feel about it, really.


Aaaand what have I eaten today? Like lots of pizza.

Madhuuu said...

whoa really? engaged?
but they're so young!
but they're so in love :)

SillyJaime said...

Your friend seems rather fun, actually. :]

Robyn said...

She's not crazy, just wonderfully... creative.
Today I ate:
One banana
One soy hot chocolate (or drank, rather)
Two bowls of cereal
Homemade french fries
Apple pie
... and that's all I can think of.

Lauren said...

she's crazy, but i'm sure that's why you love her!

today, i ate hotcakes and sausage and an entire chipotle burrito, i feel like a champion

daiana said...

HAHA Jess isnt crazy...well maybe a little. I am jealous of your friendship!!!

And i never knew Lauren had a lover. Aww go her!

Alexis said...

Crazy may not be the opportune word...just a little, er, different. :)

I have eaten lots, mostly food that's terrible for me. Chicken sandwich from Wendy's, Pizza Hut pizza, and some cereal. Yeppers.

I did not even realize that Lauren had a boyfriend, but perhaps I'm out of the loop. Still, yay! How exciting!

Megan C. Sullivan said...

Yes she is crazy but in a good way.... (that's what people say to me to be nice)

and what did i eat today... well i made meatloaf but it was not loafy.. bummer

Katherine said...

1. Jess is an amazing kind of crazy. :)
2. 3 hotdogs and some mac-and-cheese. (I know, healthy right? Yeah. I realize it's not. *sigh*)

Stephanie said...

Do I think she's crazy? From the sounds of it, yes. But I also consider myself and a majority of my friends crazy. In fact, I think having a little bit of craziness in life is important!

I had some Mexican candy today. that's really the only thing interesting. Tamarind and chili flavor. I wasn't a huge fan of the chili in candy the first time I tried it, but it's grown on me.

Phoenix said...

Your best friend is the best kind of crazy. Best friends usually are.

And today I ate pizza. Lots of pizza. And some hash browns. God, I'm healthy.

Marlena said...

Don't worry, Hayley. She's just as sane as I am.

Today I ate:
-2 Cadbury eggs
-A bunch of these pistachio crisp things
-a frozen lasagna meal thing from work
-a piece of bread
-a granola bar
-lots of Arizona green tea
-a burrito
-ritz crackers with cheese

Kristen said...

Yes, she is a good crazy but I think both you and I know you wouldn't have it any other way.

What I Ate Today
1.Strawberry yogurt and grapes
2.McD' hamburger and fries(I try to avoid this as much as possible so it only makes sense you would ask this question on the day I falter)
3.Subway footlong turkey sub with veggies.


....that should say it all.

Have a great rest to your weekend Hayley and Jess!!

Caroline said...

Today I ate two bites of cold pizza for breakfast, some rice at a friends (I'm a vegetarian and that was I could eat from the takeout they ordered), and penne alfredo, and a sprinkles cupcake. *nom nom nom*

Julia said...

Of course she is crazy, Hayley, but why on earth should that mean that she is not awesome?

And I have eaten... Cinnamon toast crunch, string cheese, steak, and garlic fries. And some Malley's chocolate, because Malley's is so delicious!

Marie said...

Crazy friends are the ONLY kinds of friends =D

I ate:
french toast
some energy bar thing
a hot pocket
1 chocolate chip cookie

Alice said...

I ate black bean soup, goldfish and bagels. What Jess said made PERFECT sense to me (say "hi" to her unicorn for me!)

Arletta said...

What best friend ISN'T crazy?
I ate:
another kind of soup

Chirstina Lee said...

She is the right amount of crazy. The perfect balance, I would say.

Like many of the other people hanging out in your comments, I had pizza for dinner. And there was a lovely chicken salad sandwich for brunch.

jessmcfadden said...

Every single person who has commented on this blog called me crazy, and they all think I'm your spunky TV best friend! Ugh so over my adoring fanbase.

Chirstina Lee said...

@jessmcfadden Normal is boring! I'd rather be crazy.

Chirstina Lee said...
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Krazy_4_Kelly said...

That paragraph sounds like something my best friend and I wrote when we decided to write a story together on aim a few years ago so yes, I think she is crazy xD

and I ate pizza and wings from Papa John's. I ordered pizza for lunch then my sister came home and asked to order pizza so we got it again for dinner. I am now sick of pizza.

Anonymous said...

Haha, as I was reading your question "Do you think my best friend is crazy?" my mom said "She's crazy." So I guess she's crazy, but in the best possible way.

And today I ate toast, hot dogs, rice, roti, curry goat, an apple, and cake.

Sarah said...

I think your best friend is delightfully quirky and charming.

I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some macaroni and cheese and two caramel rolls. (Slept right through breakfast, heh.)

Niki. said...

She's wonderfully crazy. =].

And I don't quite remember what I ate... hm.

Kate said...

yes, she is crazy- but in the best possible way.
also. i ate chocolate, and fries and a baked potato. . . soooo healthy, i know. but to make up for it i ate an entire bag (7 servings) of snap peas.

alylurker said...

Yep, she's "entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are."
Alice and wonderland <333

heytheremeranda said...

Your best friend reminds me a lot of my best friend. <333. haha.

So what did i eat today?
I had a chicken bowl from Chipolte's and some home made cookies.

healthy, i know.

BenCracknell said...

Oh, I think Jess is completley crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Who on Earth would like to be normal? At the end of the day, we have, like, 80 years of life, and I know for a fact that I will not be spending mine being "normal", and "fitting in". I will spend my time being loud, singing, dancing and having fun. So Jess, I commend you.

Today has only just started, so I'll tell you what I had yesterday, instead.

-French Toast
-Four Grapes
-A Tuna sandwich
-A chocolate chip cookie
-Chinese styled pork noodles.

Have a good day!

Ida said...

Yes, I believe she might be crazy. She's a keeper. I have only eaten toast today, since I just woke up. I mean, come on, it's only 12.48 pm.

Sidsel said...

I love crazy.

Left ovet burgers.

I'm reading Sloppy Firsts AGAIN (I didn't intend to, I swear, but it was just so pretty.)

partyweetow said...

Yes, she's crazy, but in the best possible way. Also, I haven't eaten ANYTHING today. I know, it shocks me, too!

Eff said...

I suppose she's a bit crazy, but then again, all the best people are.
I should have eaten cake today, someone stole it from me thought.
Isn't it annoying how people always eat you cake?

Natalie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalie said...

Jess is great! I think we should all I have little mini-Jess to get out when we're bored or upset, I'm sure it would cheer us up! And, I ate fish and chips today, as I am an English stereotype.
I'm dead happy for Lauren and Matt!

accioweasley said...

Yes, I do think she's crazy. But... I also ask my best friend's boyfriend similar questions. :P Jess is great. We love her nonsensical stories.
I ate cheerios and a bagel today. In that order.


Riechan said...

all the best people are... ;)

Emily. said...

Yes, in a good way, and I've eaten an english muffin, cheese eggs, and a burrito.

RhianonLives said...

OMGAWSH, yay!!! I knew it!!! Ok, no I didn't :3 I'm so happy!!! Matt and Lauren are perfect together.
Now to you and Jess: best friends were created with the purpose of nonsense. Me and my best friend once wrote a short story in which Merlin and Arthur have a long dialogue regarding shapeshifting and in the end Merlin flaps his ears and flies away. We're awesome like that.
Today I ate a sandwich, lamb, cookies, another sandwich, and a chocolate dissert. xD oh wow.

Alyce said...

That was one of the best stories ever!
Today I ate Special K, Chinese food and ice cream.

kira902k said...

First off, thank you for making all of this past week's blogposts relatively short. I just got back from vacation and I didn't have that much time t o spend on catching up. BUt I was able to, so yay!
Your link to the iPad as something funny made me laugh. A lot.
And yes, Jess is crazy. She seems awesome though.

Sorry for this extremely badly phrased comment!
Goodnight! <3

Angela said...

she's not crazy, she's brilliant! jess seems amazing haha.

Olivia said...

She is crazy, but all the best people are.

Pizza, ranch dressing, cake, home made bread, chicken, assorted cookies, mac and cheese, a barbecue sandwich, other stuff I've forgotten. (We had a potluck after church.)

So excited for Matt and Lauren! They're completely adorable.

Manuel said...

A good kind of crazy :)

Nyssa M said...

yes, you're best friend is crazy, but all the best people are! And I have eaten a pancake with a lot of syrup, and a cup of English Breakfast :)

Sammie said...

Hahaha...oh man...I guess we're all a little crazy? lol. And i had a salad and a slurpee for lunch! A very non-healthy delicious salad!

Madeline said...

Yeah, your best friend is crazy, but so are all of mine. I don't think I could have a best friend who wasn't.

Also, I am SOOO excited for Matt and Lauren!! See how much better the world is now that Harry Potter exists and causes awesome things like this?

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Yes and Nilla wafers in cream cheese frosting.

Nokorola said...

I think the HGHResponds video has already answered that first question.

-I've had half of a blueberry bagel today. It was good.(which may go without saying)


ohhbowiex3 said...