Friday, May 29, 2009

You're tryin' to say, "It's time for business;" it's business time. Ooh!

Before we get started, it should be documented that my life at age eighteen is composed of one long string of bad decisions. I feel like every movie my elementary school guidance counselor showed me is being chucked out the window. I'm sorry, Mrs. Stanley. I'm sorry, DARE officer. I'm sorry, those I effect negatively on a regular basis with little or no consideration.

On an unrelated note, because I am oh-so-skilled when it comes to avoiding uncomfortable topics, except for when I make appositive allusions to them, here's a pretty song to listen to while you read, as per commentor S's suggestion.

Aaaaaanyway. Yesterday I accomplished practically nothing I'd intended, and instead spent several hours building a tower out of dice while my guy friends played Dungeons and Dragons. I'd witnessed their dorkatry before, but have always been too fearful for my femininity and sanity to learn how to play. I therefore watched my friend Sebastian lead Andrew through some kind of complicated mathematical process involving elves or gnomes or something, and announced repeatedly to the distracted boys that I would be roleplaying as a magical pink unicorn named Princess Gallops. This consisted of them ignoring me as much as they could while I occasionally neighed. Goodness, I'm cool.

As for today, I got Jess, TOLauren, and my other friend, Sarah, to come over in the morning for a waffle party. Much syrup, butter and powdered sugar later, we went into a combined glucose coma, where I remained until now. Basically, I did nothing all day but bake cakes and cookies and watch the whole first season of Flight of the Conchords. Don't get too excited from my thrilling stories, guys. Like seriously. Don't pull a muscle or anything from all that excitement.

Okay. I suck. I know. I just didn't want to go two days without blogging at all, and I already let you down by not posting the fiveawesomegirls video I made for yesterday. I got home too late-- it was already Friday. Stupid time. Stupid days of the week. Stupid everything. I'm gonna go to bed now, actually. Night!

Chipotle burritos this year: 20
Subscribers: 16,358

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


itjusmar said...

I think its nice to know that you also sometimes don't do much but...hang out. I'd be kinda jealous if your everyday activities were always so interesting and epic, unlike mine. As for the 5AG video, it's okay, there's always next Thursday. Have a goodnight sleep. =]

A.J. James said...

Well thank you for dropping us a line, as I am sure you have picked up on, we all really enjoy every tidbit we get from you... I wouldn't worry too much about the poor decisions, as cliche as this sounds... Honestly these are what the years ahead of you are for... Poor decisions now help you make the tougher decisions later in life...

MmM CyNtHiA, OpInAnDo said...

Hi Hayley!! I love that movie! "Once"!!!!! *-*

Anonymous said...

woooh a new post! i seriously kept on going back to this page like every 5 minutes for the past hour in hopes of a new blog post. and it's here! yaaaaaay!

**have a sparkling day (well, night. unless you r reading this**


Adrienne said...

oh, how i love bad decisions. so thrilling :)

Anonymity said...

ok, so between yours and kristina's blogs i spend about 50 minutes waiting to find a blog there occasionally checking throughout the day. And once in a while; everyone needs to play Dungeons and Dragons as a magical pony named princess gallops, right? Once my friends and I were waving and cars and waved at a Prison Enforcement Bus. And for all we knew there was some fat guy in shackles waving back at us.

Sara said...

Oh, I can assure you that my day was as equally exciting. Get ready for this one, it's mind blowing. I ate custard and stared at geometry problems, hoping for them to magically make sense all of a sudden.

Brad said...

"my life at age eighteen is composed of one long string of bad decisions" - Welcome to the club Hayley. Don't sweat it. The more you screw up, the more you grow.

Sitting through a D&D session stacking dice? Wow, you're a trooper. I flashed on 'The Big Bang Theory' with you playing the role of Penny. Shame on those guys for not letting you play along as Princess Gallops.

S said...

So that song is AMAZING. I'm glad you took my suggestion :) I've now decided I must A. Download that song. and B. See Once.

Also, you should have just posted your 5AG video anyway! I don't think anyone would have cared if it was early on friday rather than late on thursday. We just like to see your face xD

A.J. James said...

PS do you know it has been 7 weeks since your last Dailybooth update.... For Shame miss hoover for shame. ;)

Katie said...

I'm going to search for hidden meaning in your song choice entitled "Lies." This entire blog is a fraud. What you REALLY did today was probably just too intense for your blog readers to know. I bet you went on a road trip. To Hawaii. Or skydived (Skydove?! No, apparently not.) off of the Eiffel Tower after taking a hot air balloon trip all the way to Paris. Or you finished writing, editing, publishing, and selling your novel all in the last 24 hours. That'd be tight.

thephotoman said...

Ah, just learn to play D&D. It'll help you get through college without serious damage to your psyche.

Rebecca said...

If it makes you feel any better, you get to make you bad decisions and have waffle parties. So far, being eighteen has brought me many bad decisions and zero waffle parties.

On Wednesday my glasses broke in half. I used the opportunity to dress up like Harry Potter. Goodnight.

Tom said...

I left a comment on your little poem jawn the other day but didn't say anthing about the poem itself, so I'd like to amend that:
That was really good. I totally understand the feeling of being young and doing young people things and being all too aware that this is, like, what you're supposed to be doing. Like the young people in movies. It's "The Good Old Days" as you said, but the self awareness kills some of the magic.
Also, when I clicked on the 32 ounce coke link and and saw it was going to urban dictionary, for a second I thought it was going to be an alcohol slang thing.

Once was amazing. I love it when movies get made for no money (i.e. Reservior Dogs, Clerks, Slacker) that are so much more brilliant than most of the hundred million dollar films Hollywood puts out every year.

Also, when you have nothing to write, you should take the fun easy way out - answer reader questions.
For instance: Has the Andrew become anymore aquainted with hayleyghoover now that he officially holds the rank of boyfriendthing?

VicMorrowsGhost said...

"my life at age eighteen is composed of one long string of bad decisions"

That IS being 18. :D
Your doing it perfectly. If you don't make them now you'll make them when you're 28 and then they're much worse.

Bianca23 said...

Wow, a waffle party! That sounds like so much fun!

Wednesday you said in your blog that you'd talked to JT more then we would approve of. My question is: what did you two talked about? Was it only a cursing kind of talk or actually a normal talk? Maybe I'm too curious but I want to know ;)

x0brittx0 said...

i love it. even what you consider unexciting is epic.

pink unicorns named princess gallops are OBVIOUSLY the shitttt.

ps - 18 is like that for everybody i think. and if you don't do it at 18 you'll do it at 16 or 46. so feel confident that you picked an appropriate age to do outrageous stuff.

Nat said...

Someone was going to explain Dungeons and Dragons to me, but I declined. There's a store in the mall devoted to it... it's scary.

Courtney said...

"A combined glucose coma" has got to be the best phrase ever. Not even kidding.

89ravenclaw said...

Binary solo:

The Vagabond said...

Haha. Dork parties are fun. The other day my friends and I got together at about 9 AM to watch the National Spelling Bee on ESPN and then met up again that evening to watch the Finals. It was a pretty fun day and the spelling bee was pretty intense. We were sort of disappointed that the cross-eyed kid from last year wasn't there. He would always go back to his seat and stare at the camera for about thirty seconds even though it was supposed to be a candid shot. He was missed.

I understand if you wouldn't want to watch the National Spelling Bee, Hayley. It might bring back painful memories. I am of course referring to your 5AG video where you told us that you misspelled the word two.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

"oh, seriously, you're gonna make mistakes; you're young." if you've never heard of the band metric you should check them out cuz they're awesome and i just quoted a lyric at ya. BLAM! but it's true.

mmmmmmm waffles. sound divine.

you need boring days to make the fun days more fun. it's not a party if it happens every night. or, er, every day. you know. and there i go with song lyrics again (postal service).

"do you like having nice conversations?"

Anonymous said...

I love "Business time" and Flight of the Conchords!

joy isobel said...

You may think you life is boring, but I recognized many made of awesome things. For instance, Once and Flight of the Conchords Season 1 are both completely amazing. Also, I wish I was cool enough to throw waffle parties.

Anonymous said...

As I'm sure others before me have said: It's good to not be so overly-scheduled every once in a while. Take a break...relax and enjoy the fact that high school/exams/etc is over and done with. I would love to have a break but between a summer internship and my regular practically full-time job, I can offically kiss any free time goodbye for a while. Enjoy this time..if not for your sake, do it for mine!

Nokorola said...

Hayley, your unaccompanied day sounds more fun than most of my better days. Though this actually does a better job pointing out my lack of excitement than it does to combat your feelings of time wasted.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm going to get crap for this probably and I'm just going to assume this was the result of your glucose coma but I just wanted you to know you used the wrong form of "affect" in the first paragraph. Please don't hate me. I just used a massive runon sentence in this comment so I guess I'm susceptible to grammar critique as well.

Tara said...

So Hayley, I wanted to comment on your comment a few blog posts ago where you say guys who order the burrito bols are unsexy.

Totally agree.

First of all, I live in Canada, where we don't even HAVE Chipotle, so the few times I can get them while in America is bliss.
I was in NY recently with some people from my university, and I saw a Chipotle and said we had to eat there no matter what.
This guy we were with ordered the bowl because the burrito "looked too big".
This of course prompted the rest of my friends to do the same thing.
What could I do now? Be the only person who ordered the "HUGE" burrito and look like a fat ass?
Dejected, I ordered the bol. :(

Katy J said...

Hey, don't stress about not accomplishing your list. You're allowed a break. And I say, SEIZE IT! :D It actually sounds like you had a nice day chilling with friends. And that is the best kind of day one could possibly imagine. :D

Anonymous said...

i've had dreams of ruining a D&D game in that way. i just think it'd be SO much fun!

Anonymous said...

I loevd the part about the unicorn and the neighing. Priceless(: