Thursday, May 21, 2009

Geek in the Pink

A brief synopsis for those who asked why I hate my exboyfriend, Justin Timberlake, so much: Once upon a time, the boy I was in a really intense relationship with told everyone we know everything I'd ever confided in him, sent my diary to my sisters and friends, and started up with another girl before I realized we were broken up. It was really cute how he found ways to torture me, like being insanely jealous of the most platonic of my friendships, telling me my teeth look much more yellow in person than in videos, pointing out that my legs were really prickly an hour after I'd shaved them, and telling me that I looked stupid and gross when I tried to look pretty. He wouldn't let me talk to other boys, but he wouldn't be "in a relationship" with me on facebook for months. So, to those who accused me of overacting for not wanting to talk to him... there ya go.

Chipotle burritos this year: 19
Subscribers: 16,189
Days left of high school: 2ish; mostly just one

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


April said...

Your pink hair looks awesome. And also, you're adorable.

Devin Jane said...

Oh, love.
That is horrible.
But I am so... I think "inspired" might be the word... to witness how you are getting through it.
You are truly a role model.
You didn't deserve any of it, but some of the the ways that the experience changed you may be for the better... actually, I'm sure of that.

And now I can SURELY give you a 10/10 on your text message conversation. I, probably, would have gone into some state of misery, while you, Hayley, showed him that you weren't going to talk to him... and you were pretty funny and witty about it too!

I'd like to be just like you.
And I thought that even before I heard about that jerk Justin Timberlake.

(: I'm sure I sound very silly. But whatever. You really are someone to look up to!

Nokorola said...

You're awesome Hoover.

JT's really an ass huh?

Haley Bird said...

the pink is awesome!
i dyed my hair purple last summer...
my mom wasn't a fan either.

Juna said...

I dyed my hair pink when I was in 4th grade. My mom let me cause I was in a play.

I was the coolest 4th grader EVERRR. And I think the teachers were a little scared of me at first.

Ha. xD

::allison:: said...

JT sounds like a total loser. When I mean total, I mean he looks like the byproduct of Crabbe taking a polyjuice potion of Goyle, then vomiting into the toilet. JT is that vomit.

Sorry for the graphic description- LOVE the pink hair. If I did that, I'd be sent to live in a convent. (Live the life of a nun w/o guys AND awesomely colored hair...)

Anonymous said...

what an were in an abusive relationship to be honest. I'm glad you're out of it. That's not sane.
What a total looser.

joy isobel said...

Okay, I redact my comment from yesterday. He deserved much, MUCH worse than that text. He sent your diary to your sisters and friends?! I would destroy him, like rip him limb from limb. Dear lord... I hope your new boyfriendthing treats you better.

Also, I love your hair :) I thought immediately of Tonks when I saw it.

Nokorola said...


So are you Punk now?

SnakesAndWorms said...

Some people are just compulsively like that. I don't think it necessarily warrants rudeness and nihilism, but purely based on what I've heard, I think you've handled yourself wonderfully.

I recognize that some people have simply been cultured to do irrational things that hurt others, and don't know how else to live. But I also think that it is up to us to recognize the unhealthy relationships we might find ourselves having with these people and to separate ourselves from them, because we shouldn't have to tolerate it. To do so, I think we need to be blunt sometimes, (your text convo for instance).

I also think you've done a good job of finding that balance between holding it in and smiling about it and going on a path of destruction and hurting his feelings like he had hurt yours. Letting yourself simmer for a while around your friends is great.

So yeah...high five.

Sponge said...


I love you, I really do, but PLEASE, in 2ish days, do not rub it in that you are done with school. I don't know about others, but I still have a week or so to go.
Oh, screw that... you deserve to go nuts after hating school for so long. Hooray for 2ish more days of school for da Hoover!

And by the way, your comment about The Fray and the lead singer having cottage cheese in his mouth made me laugh out loud.

Also, I think you need to write a book. I would buy it. I'm pretty sure the rest of the world would, too...

Allyson said...

Okay, so the rating of your text message after that explanation just rocketed SKY HIGH.

Khy said...

1) Your ex is an ass.

2) Your pink hair is awesome.

lindsey said...

Ah, I wondered if we were going to get the JT backstory. Well, I am actually curious as to why you were with him as long as you were. I know that's intrusive. Sorry.

He's an ass. Whatever. Your hair is the sex.

Catherine said...

First, I must say I love the hair. I've also been thinking of doing something different with my hair, except I was thinking more along the lines of cutting a good 6 inches off. I'm kind of afraid to dye my hair because I've never done anything to it before.

Also, I feel like people should have realized you wouldn't hate someone without just cause. People who thought you were being harsh obviously don't know you as the kind and loving individual you are. If you weren't that kind of person, you wouldn't even care about a bunch of nobodies like us. =)

P.S. It's a mom's job to disapprove of anything that makes us not their perfect little angel. She'll warm up to it eventually.

P.P.S. I noticed how incredibly gorgeous you look in your Twitter picture today. This is kind of creepy but I thought you might enjoy that information.

Gavin said...

Shenanigans are great.

Loving the hair, hot stuff

89ravenclaw said...

Bah, who needs him.

already commented on your hair in the comments on your video

Leesa said...

Love your pink hair! Are you going to keep it for graduation or is it temporary (a wash out)?

bassrocks9 said...

Justin Timberlake sounds like an immature asshole. Isn't it funny how easy it is to fall in love with those types?

And revenge is never so sweet than in the form of well-done pink hair dye. Seriously, I love it. Some people cannot pull it off at all, but you were obviously born for it.

So I don't want to rub it in, but guess who I saw tonight? JOHN GREEN, ALEX DAY KRISTINA HORNER AND LAUREN FAIRWEATHER. In the flesh. Leaky con 2009. Alas, I had to leave before Kristina went up to play because I am only 15 and *ahem hem* I had to go with my father. Seeing as I was too chicken to introduce myself to any of the aforementioned, and I had to leave at 9:30 anyway, I would just go. :(

Hayley I love you so very much. Please do not ever change.

Sarah said...

Oh gosh the pink hair is really cool! I like how you're nonchalant about it, just going to dye your hair after school...

it also looks really cool in the front like that. it has it's ~own thing~ going on when it's styled like that, not like what it usually looks like when people dye their hair.

I dunno if that made sense, ha.

JT is, um, ridiculously stupid. For lack of a better word.

Tom said...

Fuck Justin, you deserve better better better.
Pink Tonks hair is so so lovely and so...correct for you, or for internet personality you at least.

Get Ashley'd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

Pink hair = Amazing! It's so cute!

Ex Boyfriend = urg. idiot stupid people. You really didn't deserve that. At all.


acroatic said...

I agree, fuck JT.
In the least literal way possible, unless you wanna add "with something hard and sandpapery" to the end of it.

And I love your pink Tonks hair. Yay for being almost done with high school!

Laura said...

I love your pink hair, and I'm also incredibly jealous of it.

I dyed my hair pink without my parents permission in eighth grade. Trust me, no parents are ever a fan of the pink hair.

x0brittx0 said...

sometimes i wonder if, when he reads your blog (which i'm totally sure he does - he's just that skeezy), he gets that he was a douche bag?

one day when you're a famous author writing novels about boys like him who contract incurable, rare diseases from eating too many packets of ketchup, i bet he'll turn to his dog and say yeh. i dated her once. she was better than me so i had to bring her down a notch. and then i bet his dog will fart and walk out of the room.

dogs have a sixth sense about these kinds of things.

Believing_Be said...

I second Sponge on you writing a book. You're just much too clever and entertaining for your own good.

Not to mention fabulous. I don't know many people who could pull off pink hair the way you do. :)

Missy said...

Your pink hair is amazing, JT is an asshole, and you're adorable.

I once put temporary blue highlights in my mother did not like them either. Haha.

Anonymous said...

We forgive you for lying.

Gabby R said...

Hayley... I'm sorry. I feel really bad, even though it's not really my fault. It kind of makes me want to cry.

I still say you should burn everything. Do some wild Indian dance around the flames. Or something.

W. Murdock said...

Wow, Pink Hair = Hot and another thing that Scumbag Justin Timberlake is missing out on... :)

Lulu said...

your hair looks wonderful! you are a beauty!

lanna-lovely said...

Wow, I wanted to kick him in the crotch before I even made it a third of the way through the post. What a dick. O.o

Oh and I'm totally jealous of the fact you can dye your hair pink and have it look awesome - if I tried that, I'd look like a complete idiot (I may or may not know that from experience... okay, so it was just the spray in stuff, but really, I looked ridiculous). :]

A.J. James said...

His loss my deer pink haired friend... his loss...

Laila said...

You look absolutely gor-gus. Did you get it cut it too?

rustandthestardust said...

you look increasingly stunning in every video you upload.
that man sounds loathsome.

itjusmar said...

I think you are doing amazing with the whole justin timberlake situation. Not many people can deal with situations like these, trust me i know a few. It's like they think they have to keep contact with these kinds of people. you can't be 'friends' with people who do things like that. So you are defiantly doing good with everything.

inkstainedpages said...

Aw, Hayley, that's awful. :( How long were you two together?

And by the way, you are great at pulling off pink hair. It's very cute!

Emily said...

First of all, your hair looks AMAZING! Really, cute beyond words!
And also, I really admire you for the way you're handling everything that's going on in your life. Your ex was/is horrible, and you really seem to be rising above it all. That's hard, and that deserves some respect.

The Vagabond said...

Your hair looks amazing. Also, I love the song. You're just awesome and I'm sorry you had to go through a crappy boyfriend. He's lucky all of your fans don't know what he looks like. Then he'd really be sorry after we met him in a dark alley somewhere. JK, but only kind of.

Caitlin said...


i bump my 9/10 to a 10/10, and think you should have been bitchier.

sincerepraise said...


Don't spend another second pining or stressing over him. This guy is a textbook abuser. It was only a matter of time before he started hitting you. I don't blame you for not wanting to talk to him ever. I personally thought you were being extremely nice to even reply to his text message with something rude.

Listen, I know a guy who knows a guy and... Let's just say this could be all over with in short order. LOL

TheOtherJessica said...

Man, Justin Timerlake is a jerk.

Your hair looks AMAZING! You are so freaking beautiful!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I was going to launch in to a scathing tirade about jerks who do jerky things during break ups but then I saw your vid and now I'm all enamored n' stuff.

Nicholas said...

Well... that sucks. I honestly don't think there's anything positive to say... ehm.

You look gorgeous with pink hair (if you hadn't realized that already) ;)

Claire said...

Ha. There are many swear-words that could easily describe that boy. He doesn't deserve your time of day, Hayley, nor did he EVER deserve you!

Scott said...

Just when I thought I couldn't want to hug you anymore than I already do... I'm so sorry you went through all of that. I now give your text messaging an 93/10. Here's a story of my own that is going to be way too long and which you probably will A) not read, or B) start reading, then get bored of.

On October 5, 2005, I found love. Now, I know what you're thinking - "Scott, you were 15, and in grade 10. Go listen to some screamo and try to find yourself." But no, I swear to you that it was real, untangable love. The girl was a complete vision- I'll admit to being vain, because that's what fist drew me to her. But she had so much more than unparalleled good looks; she had a 98% average, was Christian, was amazing at sports, and everyone wanted to be her friend. From October 5th onwards, she never left my mind, and I never left hers. We text messaged (which at the time was revolutionary), wrote each other notes, she insisted on borrowing one of my shirts to use as pyjamas, talk to each other on the phone until the first one would fall asleep, and we would always find some reason to hang out. Fast forward to grade 11. In November, the girl of my dreams has her first real boyfriend.

It wasn't me.

I was blindsided, we still did everything the same, except that now, I wasn't the only one who was allowed to see her cry, and we wouldn't lay in bed on the phone anymore, hoping that the 10 hours that separated us and our next meeting would fly by. I remember what it felt like when I found out about the two of them being together; like the pressure from the vacuum of space was suddenly concentrated on my stomach, my head was in a vice, and my hands were attatched to that obnoxious machine at the hardware store that mixes your paint for you.

As any over protective boyfriend does, the-love-of-my-life's new XY chromosome had an issue with her talking to boys. In particular though, talking to me. The last conversation we had for a very long time was comparing marks on an AP biology exam. For once, I had 96 and she had 94. Now that I think back to that moment, that's the last time I've ever felt any form of control over a situation involving her.

And then, after virtually pulling a Margo from my life, calls me one day in the middle of June. She asks me to meet up with her, so I went down to the baseball diamonds in the middle of the pouring rain, and we sit together, just talking, under a dug out shelter. And then she drops a bomb on me. You see, I guess she thought it would be appropriate, after unleasing the vacuum of space onto my abdomen, to tell me that she currently had feelings for me, and didn't know how to act on them.

How did she choose to act on them? By not talking to me for more than five minutes at a time over the next 12 months. I've moved on, but one doesn't usually just erase the RAM associated with the first time they've ever felt so vulnerable yet so safe towards another human being. What happened to Perfect-Girl and Jealous-Boy?

They just got engaged. I never did lend her my t-shirt to use as pyjamas; it was my favorite, dark blue, white writing. I still wonder every day that I see it sitting in my drawer where my life would be if I had just simply given her that shirt. Vacuum of space, my old friend - it's good to see you again.

I guess the point for the longest comment in the history of comments is that I know what it's like to be so controlled by a person that you feel like a slab of meat on a string, and how awful it feels. And I'm really, truly sorry that JT ever thought it was okay to hurt you like that.

People often say that with out the bad, we'd never know what's good. Sometimes, as I'm sure you'd agree, you'd just like nothing more than to curl up in a ball on a squishy armchair and tell them to fuck themselves.

Scott said...

And for the record, your pink hair is bitchin'.

Anonymous said...

Ok, then I think when you were texting him the other day you were being a hell of alot nicer than he deserved. But congrats on staying so cool and witty when if I was you I would have wanted to text him back in ALL CAPS telling him exactly what an asshat he was. So well done for being the better person in quite probably every way imaginable :)
- Ali x

anna edelstein said...

Scott, your story broke my heart. Being well written helped. I had a similar experience. In fact I'm going through it now, so you've just encouraged me to stop ignoring him.

Hayley, your pink hair suits you, it makes your eyes look even more astonishing. I'm really glad you did what's right by you and refused to talk to him.

Erin said...

Your hair looks amazing. You look like such a rebel now.

Anonymous said...

First of all, LOVE your hair. You look gaawwwjus dahling.

Yours and that guy Scott's stories above me are just heartbreaking. That someone you trusted so much would turn around and stab you in the back like that is just beyond belief to me.

This is the kind of thing that actually makes me glad I've managed to stay away from falling in love so far. Well, mostly anyway.

I hope your new boyfriend treats you as amazingly as you deserve.

Kamikaze said...

I break my lurking spree to simply state:

Wow...your ex is a douche.

Cait said...

Oh My God, you're hair looks AMAZING. Also you look more gorgeous in that video than you ever have.
Also, I'm impressed at how restrained you have been towards JT. I probably would have neutered him =P

You're fabulous as always.

Sara said...

Wow. Your restraint in the text conversation is very impressive. I would have set him on fire or something crazy like that. You're really brave Hayley.

Anonymous said...

I hate with no measure- so I'm pretty awed at how civilised you are.

I LOVE the pink hair, especially the little ssh at the end- freakin' gorgeous.

Sofia said...

Fuck him. You hair is smokin'!

Rebecca said...

You look fantastic!

And seriously, that boy needs a reality check. Upside the head, preferably.

emperessemma said...

Your ex is a bitch. Now, people say boys aren't allowed to be called bitches. However I say eff them. :)

Considering that's the way he treated you he is lucky his genitailia are still attached. (I'm assuming you would have told us if you had brutally removed them as would be expected.)

Caitlin said...

1. Your hair > everyone elses hair.

2. Your ex is a twat and deserves to be repeatedly bitten and kicked by very angry badgers.


hayleyghoover said...

I, Hayley G. Hoover, hereby decree that I am a dirty slut who loves eating worm-filled feces.

Becka said...

Hayley, new hair is beautiful :) I've always wanted to dye my hair an outrageous colour, but I don't have the guts :) I commend you for it.

... I don't think I'm going to ask about that comment just above mine.

Sarah Arant said...

I love your hair. I wish my hair held dye so that I could do something like that.

I think it's completely understandable that you aren't talking to Justin Timberlake and don't want too. I just got out of a relationship that I ended, but the guy has felt lead to share with his friends and family that I can't cope with the break up and I can't handle all of this. He's made me sound like an emotional wreck, and shared everything we've talked about with his friend. Then his friend chose to leave sarcastic comments on my Youtube videos, and message me on Facebook informing me I'm a self centered brat who can't get over my ex.
SO I think it's perfectly acceptable to not want to talk to Justin Timberlake anymore. I understand completely, seeing how I'm in the same place right now with my own Justin Timberlake.

Nazrine said...

wait... and he's still, like, breathing? Can I visit you and straight up murder his ass or something??

ahh your hair looks so awesome!! *extremely jealous*

Rebecca Mcgrane said...

Hayley, what he done to you was horrible,the amount of words i have for htat boy is endless.
your honestly an inspiration to me
Keep smiling :) Oh and I love your hair.
Your blogs are amazing i always look forward to reading them

x0brittx0 said...

did i miss something? why did you just flame yourself in your own comments?


Chrissi said...

I love your hair! It suits you really well.
By the way, did you get extentions too? Your hair looks longer, but that could just be the video.
Also, "Justin Timberlake" sounds like an absolute jerkbutt!

Much Love


The Blazing Snow said...

Oh, I see, now. Wow, how can he expect you to be suddenly cheery with him now?

Okay, so now I cast my vote at around a 6.5. I mean, you shouldn't have responded at all, but you did handle it well.

intothesunshine said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR. Ah. I could never, but on you, it looks awesome.

Your ex-boyfriend's definitley an a-hole. I'd be just as rude, if not more.

Jay said...

I too now hate your ex-boyfriend.

Looking very hot in your new video, by the way. Just thought I'd say :)

seurat2 said...

You don't nned me to tell you the pink hair looks great. And the less said about the ex-boyfrind, the better. So, uh, hope the weather is nice where you are?

Faith said...

Ouch. That sucks. I don't think you were snippy enough to him!

On the other hand, you're hair is awesome and I'm so freaking jealous.

Gillian said...

I luv your blogs ! been reading them everyday for a while now.
My addiction to your blogs has taken over my addiction to youtube.
you're hair looks amazing.
I am jealous. ;)
you inspire me.
Justin Timberlake sounds like the hugest prick ever.
PERFECTLY understandable why you wouldn't want to talk to him.

tashiana said...

Justin Timberlake is a whore, and I agree with April about your cool, pink hair.

Louise said...

I just want to let you know, that since I started to watch your you-tube videos, I've been a whole lot sure of my self. You are such a good role model, and I absolutely looove your hair. Pink is your colour ;) Anyways, just think of the fact that you are my biggest inspiration right now! So don't feel sad, or yeah, just don't think of that stupid boy. JT is a jerk okay? :P

I love all that you do, and keep being yourself. Without people like you, people like me would not survive!

Keep thinking pink Hayley :P

Rachel said...

Hey Hayley.

Have been reading your blog for a while now just haven't posted a comment, so i decided now would be a good time.

I love your videos and i love your blog! It cheers me up when i read it, you have such an amazing sense of humor!

I love your hair!! wish i was brave enough to do that, tried to put a copper colour in my hair before but i kind of turned out to be ginger, so i'm leaving the hair dye for a while.

Hayley_leesha666 said...

Justin Timberlake is a douche.
Your amazing and beautiful and talented... its a shame how people react when they feel inadequate!
xxxx hayley
PS: pink hair looks freaking awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, he is such a Hitler...

Katie said...

So, this Justin Timberlake fellow doesn't seem worth the time/effort/energy of being angry at him, I'd say just dump him from your memory bank. Be civil. No catfights at the wedding, I don't want to hear about anything like that. I think you should be civil and prove to him and everyone that you are obviously the bigger, better, pinker person.

A said...

JT is an ass. I'm telling you, sic us on him. We'd take care of it.

shakethedust said...

What an ass! I only just now rated your comeback to him and scored you (and you got a high score out of me). To summarize: He deserved every word, and this explanation only confirms that for me. Good riddance, I say.

I already commented on your video yesterday, but your pink hair looks awesomely hot. I had pink (dark dark, almost red, pink) in my hair for about a month and half up until about 2 weeks ago. I had to go back to natural because the upkeep was too high maintenance for me--I'm a brunette, so I had to lift color to get it show up.

Rock that pink hair!

Lydia said...

Woah, sorry to hear about JT Hayley.
However, your hair is beautiful!

P.S. Scott, your story is heartbreaking. Hugs for you. <3

addy said...

and that is all.
except that i actually can't contain my anger at justin timberlake. wow, what a prick. im so sorry.

The Blazing Snow said...

Oh, yeah, your hair is absolutely amazing.

Britty said...

I always love your blog posts where you pull away yet another layer from the youtube do-no-wrong persona that when I first started watching your videos I created in my mind. I equate it a lot with Paper Towns. You are Margo to me (not that I'm madly in love with you, except in a non-lesbian, girl-crush, fangirl way). You were this perfect little person wrapped up in your youtube box, and since I started reading your blogs another lay pulls off of you and you start to actually seem like a real person to me. The posts are making you seem less like what I think you are and more oh who you really are, which is like an adventure every day to see another layer fall off. Keep it up.

In other news, I started reading Sloppy Firsts and I couldn't put it down, I'm now halfway through Second Helpings. Thanks for the great book recommendation.

Christy said...

Geek in the Pink is such an amazing song! Also, your hair looks awesome. JT sounds like a meanie, and sounds like he never deserved you.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair. :)
I dyed my hair pink once & it didn't look nearly as pretty.
It suits you.
I suggest you keep the pink hair forever. :)

Carly said...

I recently got out of a relationship that sounds like yours with JT's. We'll call my ex, AFI. Mine...was a bit more rough (honestly don't feel like spilling the details) but I find it empowering that you are talking about it. I have trouble talking about my relationship with AFI because it brings so much damn pain out, and regret, and all of these other things that just aren't nice feelings to have.

On a lighter note, I really like your pink hair. At first, it did remind me of Tonks a bit :3

Sometimes reading your blog makes me want to just reach out and hug you. At least someone in this world is feeling some feelings that I have myself. No one understands half the time, and if they do they read it out of a novel (y'know?)

<3 Carly

Freya said...

Hayley, you're lucky not to still be with him. My mum works in an outreach centre for Domestic violence against women and because of this I know alot about domestic abuse, and Hayley he is a future wife beater. He doesnt deserve you or the time of day. <3