Sunday, May 24, 2009

ABBA is the only thing scarier than incest and cannibalism.

So I finally did it. I finally watched Little Miss Sunshine, and it was absolutely everything it was made out to be. It's maddeningly sad, hysterically funny, and so, so true. I fell passionately in love with Dwayne, which I think is okay, because he's from a different marriage and therefore doesn't have my last name. If you have never seen LMS, go get it immediately. I put it off for years, after everyone I love and admire in this world persuaded me to watch. Worth. It.

I'm tired. Here are some unrelated lists from the top of my head.

Romantic comedies that don't suck:
--How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
--10 Things I Hate About You
--Bridget Jones's Diary
--Music and Lyrics
--Can't Buy Me Love

Things I always purely appreciate (that aren't obvious):
--The fact that Kayley (owlssayhooot) uses the British spellings of words.
--Alan (fallofautumndistro), whose birthday is today.
--Rosianna (missxrojas)'s voice.
--Google AdSense paychecks.

Chipotle burritos this year: 19
Subscribers: 16,243

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Joanne said...

Thank you for existing, Hayley.

joy isobel said...

Little Miss Sunshine is possibly my favorite movie of all time. I'm pretty sure we all fall a little bit in love with Dwayne :) He's just kind of adorable.

Tom said...

Something like two months ago this girl in my gym class was like "You remind me of that guy in Little Miss Sunshine." I asked "Which guy?" and she said "The suicidal one." Then she clarified it was because I was very sarcastic or something like Steve Carrell's character.

A.J. James said...

Little miss sunshine is a fantastic movie.. and post secret is awesome....

:allison: said...

Thanks for introducing me to postsecret!
Jessica Darling, and postsecret. Wow.
Little Miss Sunshine pwns xD

Gavin said...

How about incestuous members of ABBA practicing cannibalism? That would be pretty scary.

Rachel said...

Little Miss Sunshine= BEST MOVIE EVER <3

Steve Carell was kickass as Frank, wasn't he?

Even the shortest of your blogs are brilliant, thanks for sharing the awesome Hayley =)

Larangutang said...

gotta love the dancing scene. that movie is amazing.

Faith said...

I really need to see LMS. I want to, but I need to find a way to watch it without my dad knowing, 'cos he would look up a review on a Christian review website which gave it a bad review and not let me watch it.

lindsey said...

LOL Faith... I'm sorry it's not really funny but it kinda is. Your dad is strict. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I haven't seen LMS. I really, really need to.

Kayli said...

When you say Can't Buy Me Love, are you talking about the super cheesy '80's movie where young Patrick Dempsey is the dork who pays the popular girl to date him and she agrees because she spilled something on her mom's truly hideous outfit? Because if so, yes! I absolutely adore that movie.

Stefan said...

it's so awesome that you liked LMS.. esp after all that build up.

I agree that I could listen to missxrojas talk forever.. which, lets face it, is convenient cause she would if you let her! Can't want for her videos on school subjects!

Katy said...

Little Miss Sunshine has been my favorite movie for a long time now. I absolutely adore it; it's basically the perfect any-time movie.

Angsty? Little Miss Sunshine.
Happy? Little Miss Sunshine.
Looking for a laugh? Little Miss Sunshine.
Cuddling a boyfriend? Little Miss Sunshine.


Basically I loved everything you mentioned in this blog. <3

89ravenclaw said...

all I have to say is ABOUT TIME

Anonymous said...

Really? The character of Dwayne has a different last name? Hm I never knew that.

"I hate Everyone"

"What about your family?"

Underlines "Everyone"

Ahh angst. People who have never felt that way frighten me.

The Vagabond said...

I fell in love with Dwayne too. He's so silent (obviously) and conflicted... anyway.

I like using the British spellings as well. I've been counted off for it too. Silly peers (peer editing). I think I started doing it after reading the British versions of HP. <3

Anonymous said...

The title made me laugh, but it also made me feel sad...

Just before I read your blog I posted one about how I'll be listening to ABBA alot this week.

And Little Miss Sunshine is one of my favorite movies.

And I love you for existing and for having a brain that can entertain me at work.

Nokorola said...

Little Miss Sunshine is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Now it appears that I must move Music and Lyrics up on my mental list of movies to see.

Hayley, keep the ball rolling.

Hayley_leesha666 said...

Little Miss Sunshine is quite possibly one of the best ever movies and you may quite possibly be one of the most amazing people alive.

thought you aughta know.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I really love your blog; it's becoming a regular part of my daily internet routine. Not many people are a part of this routine of mine, so I think you should feel honoured. I'm glad you finally watched Little Miss Sunshine, it is a FANTASTIC movie. I'm pretty sure I cried the whole way through it.

Thanks for making my day, everyday. I know you won't, but DFTBA.

Kelsi =D

Nicholas said...

Movies like LMS, Amelie, Eternal sunshine, etc... should be appreciated by everyone. Like certain music (ABBA, John Denver, etc), I just can't trust people who dislike movies like LMS.

[morgan.] said...

mmm...Little Miss Sunshine and Can't Buy Me Love. I haven't seen the latter in quite some time. I shall find that online or rent in sometime soon. I haven't seen Music and Lyrics but I really want to. I'm glad you think it doesn't suck because that helps with my expectations. I also agree that Rosi's voice is fantastic...I love it.

Janelle said...

Coming on here always makes my day better. My best friend left to Europe so every time I miss her heaps its always nice to come on here and read a well written blog entry.

Hope you're enjoying being free from high school! xx

Janelle xx

Erin said...

I love watching romantic comedies. Even the incredibly cheesy, made-for-TV ones. I can't help myself. I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, but I'll try to get my hands on it since you recommend it so highly.

Lucy said...

I didn't know Kayley used British spelling for words, but now I do her awesome levels are even higher than I thought possible.

I saw a comment on youtube the other day which said "you spelt 'color' wrong so I'm unsubscribing" - really.

Lotte said...

Don't you just love that movie? I know I did :) My bf has a thing for these cute VW vehicles, so he couldn't get any luckier watching the movie, lol. By the way I LOVE your pink hair! Just had to say that :) I suits you really well.
Postsecret is cool, have you ever posted your secrets on there?

AlanDistro said...

Music and Lyrics is almost as great as 10 Things I Hate About You.

And thanks. <3

MegTao said...

I'd like to add P.S I love you to the non-sucking romantic comedy...or is it considered a romantic drama what with all the sad that's mixed in there?

Cat(: said...

I love your random titles(:

You know you could liike write a story with them cause they all show up in a list in the side? That would be sweeeet(: although i guess it would require a bit of planning cause they show up as you write them...

i said...

you are so wrong about "how to lose a guy in 10 days". worst movie ever.

i can add a few other movies to your list, though:
-pretty woman
-notting hill
-high fidelity (if that counts)


Bee said...

PostSecret is awesome, but has sadly lost some of its innocence and beauty. To me there is something sweet and sad about submitting an entry detailing personal burdens to a site that is most likely viewed by those who submit to it, or at most viewed only by an obscure few. It's still good though, I hope it helps people.

Anonymous said...

Gah, Little Miss Sunshine was on last night and I decided not to watch it. Now I feel like I should have seen it.

I love postsecret. I've always thought about what mine would say if I were ever to send one in.

barefootfiona said...

10 Things I hate about you ais one of my favourite films for three reasons:
1. Julia Stiles is in it, and she is one of my absolute favourite actresses. Mona Lisa Smile and Save The Last Dance are also two of my favourite films. Coincidence? I don't think so.
2. The song at the end is 'I Want You To Want Me', one of the best songs there are (in my opinion).
3. It's got a good grounding in Shakespeare. And everyone needs more of the Bard in their lives.

annie said...

You rock for dying your hair and for writing this blog and for being so candid even when you get bad feedback!

Anonymous said...

I love Little Miss Sunshine. It's just so... right.

Also, whenever 10 Things I Hate About You or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days come on TV, I drop everything and watch them. Same goes for Music and Lyrics, although I think it's under appreciated.

And Postsecret is awesome!

Rachel said...

Yay for you! You finally watched Little Miss Sunshine. That movie is definitely on my top 10 favorite movie list. Bridget Jones' Diary is awesome too.

Anonymous said...

ahhh little miss sunshine. i think that was the only movie that my entire family watched and enjoyed together, and fell in love equally. because it was almost scarily similar to us.

"quick, everyone, just pretend to be normal."

maureen johnson would not be happy with the title of this blog post. hahaha.

everytime i read your blog i get hungry for burritos.

Kristi said...

I absolutely love all of those movies. :)

Becka said...

You love Postsecret too!!!

And the Brittish spelling of things.

Actually, it's quite good I like the Brittish way of spelling things, on account of me being Brittish. It does help.

peacefultruth said...

Unrelated to this blog, but...
I read your essay in RED today, probably for the fifth time. It's just so refreshing. The boy in the essay, it's not Andrew, is it?
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.

erin meagan said...

I love postsecret, and i also sometimes use the british spellings of words.
You have a great blog, keep it up! :)

Carly said...

Little Miss Sunshine is my favorite movie all time. I also fell into a deep love for Dwayne :] Though, one of my favorite parts is when he found out he is color blind. He's just adorable, and aah totally huggable.

You know the ending where they all dance? Yeah, my best friend and I spent about thirty minutes replaying that and dancing exactly like them. Good times.


Valerie said...

Little Miss Sunshine! Amazing!

And I checked out postsecret, and it's really cool!

Christy said...

How scary would an incest couple who were cannabalistic and only listened to ABBA be then?

Anonymous said...

This is so you don't wait years to see another great movie:

Also, if you fall in love with pajiba please don't spread it to the internets, I like keeping it a kinda secret.

Anonymous said...

:) I love youuuu. So damn much.

simona said...

you should join postsecret community :)
it's a forum where the members can discuss PS/share their own secrets.
my username is silenceisgolden, so you should lemme know if you join gurl!

Lees said...

Au contraire, Hayley!

ABBA is the bomb. Tell me this doesn't make you smile, even if it is because you're laughing? Take a Chance on Me Wow. It just gives me shivers. And great confidence in my dancing ability, and just about everything else they try to do in this video. Looooooove them.

Great movie too. Have you seen There Will Be Blood? There are two Paul Danos!

Rosianna said...

Your voice is better. I just sound like Prince Charles with a stick up his arse. It's like hello Captain poshsocks. Self-deprecation aside...

You should check the little box on my Facebook profile page - you know, the one under the profile picture? Something there may be of interest to you.

Also, when you don't post a blog entry, I just refresh your blog page like a mad woman.

I am sure I was going to say something else. I have the memory of Dory.

Indigo said...

Sorry I didn't comment earlier, but lms is my favorite movie ever!!! The acting is just to amazing, and the dance scene always makes me laugh. Hope you are well ^_^

aubriane said...

I agree with all of the romantic comedies, and have some that are approximately as awesome:
the Wedding Singer
Down with Love
Two Weeks Notice[but only if you are a fan of the Hugh Grant Character. you know, the repetitively charming/salacious/good-looking older man]

Kara said...

Same here! Haha i finally got that explained to me! A couple words i always spelt very oddly& i knew there was something funny because it was RIGHT. Just not in America... I'm really kind of confused as to where i picked up the British spelling of some of these words. The obvious answer is the internet but why would i choose to use those as opposed to the spelling i was taught& see every day we may never know! :P

I think i was British in a past life. I love reading your blog! Your a phenomanal writer! I can't wait u till your a famous published author so i can read all your books

Daisy said...

I'm pretty convinced that you absolutely must add She's the Man to your list of romantic comedies that don't suck. Seriously. It is one of my favorite movies ever. You have to watch it. :D

"ABBA is the only thing scarier than incest and cannibalism." That is the best title EVER.

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Perkinslgzj said...

Thank you for existing, Hayley.