Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My unborn children already hate me.

I don't feel like blogging about anything that matters. Here is my current list of potential baby names, despite the fact that I'm eighteen, unmarried and unpregnant.

For a boy:
--Seren. I made this up one day after staring at the word "serenity" for too long. says it's a girl name, but I've never heard it before, and Sereno is stupid. Seren is, by far, the most likely out of both of these lists to actually happen.
--Greysen. Obviously I couldn't have a Greysen AND a Seren, but a) I think Grey is really, really cool and I can't name my kid entirely after a dingy color, and b) I love "en" at the end of boys' names.
--Jensen. This one is unlikely, as I prefer the proceeding "en" names, and it's also the name of my directors' daughter, but I like it, too.
--Silver. You've got to admit, Silver would be a hardcore name. Especially if he were some kind of artist. Or... black athlete. You know what I mean? I'm embarrassed to say I got this idea off the female character of the same name on 90210.
--Garrett. My late paternal grandfather had the world's coolest attic filled with books, interesting nicknacks, and toys, which he called his garrett. It's a normal name, and has pleasant emotion attached to it.
--John. Of course I wouldn't name my child after John Green! I'm not THAT predictable! (...)
--Sirius. I'm mostly kidding about this one (Ha! Get it? Serious?), just because of the pronunciation. I think it looks really cool written out, though.
--Puck. As much as I would love to name my son after Puck (A Midsummer Night's Dream), I don't think I could curse his childhood by giving him a guaranteed swear-word nickname. It worked for the guy on The Real World in the '90s, though.
--Jess. It's a sturdy guys' name (Think Gilmore Girls!), and it would be cool to name my kid after my best friend.
--Marcus. Yes, for the Jessica Darling series. Don't judge me.
--Moritz. I love it, but I would never dare.

For a girl:
--Charlotte. I've been saying this since I was little. It's the only name I've fallen in love with and managed not to use for a main character in a novel, so it's still fair game.
--Viola, but we would have to fight to enforce that the emphasis is on the first syllable. Viola, not Viola. One is a beautiful nod to Shakespeare, and the other is a string instrument.
--Margo. Partly because of Paper Towns, sure, but mostly because I always wanted a Marlo, until Heart of Darkness ruined it for me.
--Olivia, although Jess says I'm not allowed to have it, because she likes it better than I do.
--Emelia and Morgan and Roxanne, but they're already in my novels-in-progress. Same goes for Cole and Bryce and Jack on the boys' side. (I like Morgan for a boy, too, but how much would my son hate me if I named him after my own female character?)

I know I'm weird. What are some of yours?

Chipotle burritos this year: 18
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Days left of high school: 8

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


sponge said...

I vote "Puck" for guys and "Charlotte" for girls.

I also really like the name "Ruby"...

Adam said...

Jess is a DOUCHE
he is not sexy!

Anonymous said...

hmm i love the name Hayden for a girl, and Keegan for a boy
**have a sparkling day**

Leah said...

I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation about a thousand times... (wait. yes. "Sams are proficient." We totally have.)

If you have a little girl and name her Charlotte, I am going to call her Charlie. I know you hate it, so I'm warning you in advance. You really can't stop me.

Anyway. If he exists, my boy will be Joshua. My girl(s) will most likely all have either traditionally boys' names (Jordan) or girls' names that can be shortened (currently thinking Veronica -> Ronnie).

HeyLukey said...

id totally call my son Dexter after well Dexter in the popular TV series Dexter

i always liked the name Holly as well but then again im the guy so proberly would have to ok the names through the mother* to be first.

*this is someone i have yet to meet, or have i and i just don't realize it yet!

JJC1138 said...

I like Areth for a girl, because it was the name of one of my ancestors who was named after her parents ("half of Arthur, half of Ethel").

For a boy I like Freeman, partly because I like the sound of it, and partly because I think that the fact that we're all free and in control of our own lives is something that is worth remembering from time to time. Maybe he would remind himself and the people he meets of that.

Janelle said...

I love Ava Jayne for a girl, and have since I can remember. Other options are Josephine and Bridgita (But its italian and people would pronounce it incorrectly - much like the Viola thing for you hehe). And for a boy I really love Dylan and Andrew. And whilst there is a pleasant Mugglenet affiliation with those names - I liked them before I discovered the Harry Potter Universe.

I think all those names are lovely. I particularly like Charlotte. I think is a really lovely name and really you just can't go wrong with it. I really like Jack for a boy too but I can understand that you would be reluctant because of the character thing.

Have an amazing day - I hope you're well :)

A.J. James said...

As terrible as it is I have always adored the name Sabastian for a boy, or Alexander (mostly as someone with multiple names it would be nice for my child to be able to chose his own nickname, and Alexander has a pleothra of them...
Most of my character created names are carefully selected Adjectives and Verbs... I tend to be fond of Chase....

As far as girls names I have a deep urge to name a daughter with a name similar to mine... as I am Adam Jason James Brooks... I would Liker her to be Autumn Jessica Jaims Brooks... Much like you, I can at least be sure she will hate me in advance.... I think as a compromise I could just name her Jaims I have always thought that would be a great girls name...

Caroline said...

I like Anastasia for a girl.
Andrew and Ian for boys.

joy isobel said...

I love all the boys names except I'm pretty much morally opposed to "Silver". I'm not sure why I hate that name so much, but I do. Charlotte's one of my picks for a girl as well, except I think I'd call her Chuck like in Pushing Dasies :) I also really like Max, I'm a big fan of boys names for girls. I haven't thought about boys names as much, but I'd most likely end up naming them after a favorite book character (i.e. Holden, Miles, Neville, Ronald, Fred, Scout, etc).

Juliana said...

I really like Jess and Marcus (but I'm totally associating them with Gilmore Girls and Jessica Darling series --both of which I have crushes on)
I also like Neleh. I like weird names for girls and solid common names for boys, its weird. Oh wait, no. Girls: Chloe, Zoe and Madelyn.

Meghan said...

Lily Kathryn is what I'm planning on naming my first daughter... Lily, after the main character in The Secret Life of Bees, and Kathryn after my mom. I haven't really thought about boy names yet...
And, oh, Heart of Darkness. What a wonderful book. I never actually read it, yet I managed to get an 8 on the practice AP essay we wrote in class.

SarahKeeler said...

Graham and I fight about this a lot. I think we're settled on the following girls names:

Lisa (family name, first or middle)
Anne/a (as a first or middle name after Joanne Rowling, her mom and Anne Frank. God, that's sentimental.)

I like August for a boy, but I can't name my son after a fictional character I created. Also, I am in love with fictional August.

QUENTIN THEODORE (Leah chose this one. Graham hates it but I don't care.)

Graham likes the names Guinness and Hunter for a boy. Oh, Lord.

SnakesAndWorms said...

I am going to have all kinds of fun with names since my last name is Sleezer.

If I ever have a boy, I am seriously considering naming him Julius, so he would be Julius Sleezer. If not that, than probably Ebeneezer.

If I have a daughter I'll probably give her a hippy name like Moon Child.

Stefan said...

my wife and I have them all picked out although we have way too many names and we're really jumping the gun as kids are still kinda far away:

we're only having 3 tops and hopefully only 2. yeah and only one boy name.. we don't like any others so hopefully that will work out.

Kaitlin said...

Hahahahah Heart of Failness. I agree that I would never name my child after someone who cracks at being their "true" self until the very end.

Before my sister and I was born, the name Quintin James was chosen if my parents had a boy. Well, they didn't and my sister and I have sworn that whoever has the first boy, would pick that name (James is also my father's name).

I'd pick (something) Mae if I had a girl. Ethel Mae was the name of my great-grandmother and she was the world to me, and all the other women in my family. So, I wish to commemorate her by name, but I wouldn't use Ethel, though I like the name, 8 year olds typically don't. But the girl would be Ava or Sophie (name I was almost given) Mae.

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

My (female) teacher's name is Serrin. I think that spelling can be pulled off for a guy though.

I love the name Averi. A bit because of Bermudez Triangle, but I just like it ending in i instead of y. I like "en" ending too. Your list is awesome. I may steal a few =]

Gabby R said...

My cat was named Puck. He died. I love that name, but it always makes e sad.

Also, I used to want to change my name to Viola. Or Violet. I also wanted to dye my hair that color and get purple contacts. So.

I love the nae Charlotte. I also love the name Jeremy (but with a slight french accent.) Though I think I'd rather date someone named Jeremy than have a kid of that name.

Anonymous said...

I really the name Reisher---which is a last name I heard once and loved---for a boy. And either Margo, Marion ("mar-eee-un" not"merrry-un"), or Carson for a girl.

By the way, when I glanced at "Charlotte" under your girl names, I thought it said "Chipotle." I was about to suggest some kind of support group.

anniebmarie said...

Oh I have thought about this way too much.

Laura (my first child's name will be Laura Ann just going with family tradition)
Dorothy (Dot for short)
Adelaide (Addie)
I'm also quite tempted to name a girl Abba.
I used to be sure I was going to name my girls Luna, Sol and Summer, but that would be even worse than Abba!


Britty said...

Boys Names
-Davis. I'm not sure why but I've loved that name since I was a freshman in high school
(note: I just realized that Andy and Davis are the first and last name of the guy that tortured me all through high school for being a nerd.....DAMNIT!)
-John. Not only for it's biblical connotations, but it's a strong name...and the name of my favorite movie soundtrack composer John Williams. Yeah I'm a nerd.
-Gus or Park-Both nick names for my favorite boss. Both his first and middle name were long Greek names that I'm not even going to attempt to spell. Anyway he was really influential in choosing my career path and became like a favorite uncle to me, I would be proud to name one of my boys after him.
-Scott and Logan. As crazy as it is, I really want twins. Seriously if I had twin boys, I would want to name them Fred and George, but I couldn't be that mean to them so I settled for Scott and Logan (from X-men)....whoo haaaa NERDFIGHTERS!

For girls
-Kiwi. I chose that name for my daughter when I was like 10, and even though I will NEVER name my daughter that, I still love it.
-Norah. It's such a beautiful name, and have you ever seen a girl named Norah who wasn't beautiful?
-Adahara. Granted this is the main character of one of my long forgotten attempts at a novel, but it's the name of a star that you could only see if you had ultraviolet eyes. As such if all humans had ultraviolet eyes, Adahara would be the brightest star in the sky, brighter even than the sun. I think it says a lot about what my hopes and dreams are for my daughter.
-Sadie. It was my great grandmother's nickname.
-Ellie. It's a shortened cuter version of one of high school friends middle name, Ellen. I'm no longer friends with her, in fact I don't even like her but the name has always stuck in my mind.

Sadie and Ellie would be my choices if I had twin girls. If I had a boy and a girl their names would just be one off of each list.

Becca said...

I'm going to name my kids Hayley. All of them.
Boys, girls, everything.
I will have 2-3 kids named Hayley.

Just saying.

Joey said...

I know this is WAY too much of information for a comment on one of your posts but, in my dads family all the sons were named sort of ending with "en" or "on". Like, my dad's name is Nelson. And his brothers are Roland and Alan. One of their siblings, my aunt, named her sons Lincoln, Clayton, Warren and Colin.

Even creepier is that my grandparents named their first born Bernard and then named all the consequent children by one letter of the name, like...

B- Bernard
E- Eleanora
R- Rochelle
N- Naomi
A- Alan
R- Roland
D- Delsy

Talk about family planning... eh? My dad was the youngst and since they ran out of letters I think they took the middle one 'N' and thats where his name came from...

And my moms name is Hedwige. Yes, Hedwig with an 'E'.

Speaking of favorite names, I haven't really thought of any. Though, since I'm a die hard Vanessa Carlton fan, some of my friends think that I'd name my daughter Vanessa and my son Carlton.

People are so presumptuous.

Sarah Arant said...

I'd give you reasons behind the list that will follow this, but it's midnight and my mind doesn't function properly or with grammar that would be Hayley Hoover approved.
Therefore, I give you a list.

For girls. I am going to, despite if my future husband hates it, name my daughter Eia Liane (and I actually came up with that before I ever knew there was Eia Parselmouth or Liane Graham. Now when people hear that, they assume I'm fangirling)
I am also a fan of Margo, Corinne, Lorelei, Alice, and Erin.
For boys. Toby, Garron, Aiden, Josiah, Alex, and Charlie.

Some of them are typical, but I'm trying to aim outside the typical. When you're cursed with the most over used girl name of the early 90's, you learn to not torture your children in the same way. Yet, you don't want to name them something like Blanket.

Johanna said...

Ah! I have always secretly loved Moritz and Puck, though there is no way I would subject my children to the torture they would undoubtedly endure if I named them either of those.

For a boy: Noah, Evan, Ari, Jonah, James. I like simple names.

For a girl: Cecilia/Cecily, India, Ruth, Iris, Margo, Georgia, Anna, Lily, Annika, Norah.

I'm a little obsessed with names.

Michelle said...


well once you get pass the whole suicide could be a nice..strong name! ;)

I personally had my baby names picked out since I was 7.

Lily,Lucy and Sophia.

I had liked Isabella..but Twilight ruined that for me.

Braedyn,Declan,Rhys,Ian and Owen.

My future kids will hate having normal names. Sadly I refuse to name my child Banana.

Gavin said...

I met a girl called 'Layla', i loved that one . Great song too.

Maybe 'Rudiger' for a boy.

Kate said...

I love thinking of baby names! I've had a list going for... oh, probably 5 or 6 years =)

For girls:
-Rachel (Simple, but I've always loved it)
-Evangeline (Evie for short)

For boys:
-Micah (My brother is competing with me for who gets to name their Micah son first...)

I got so bored one day, I even paired up middle names. What can I say, it's fun!

ivebeentheatrefied said...

I loooovvvee the name Moritz! Like Moritz from Spring Awakening!! :D It would make me very sad though when I would call my kid Moritz with the context of the show and everything... anyways, I also like the name Margo too. I like the name Eden for a girl and Jeffery for a boy.

taylor said...

For girls, I really like the names Layla, Amelia, Gaby and Sasha. For boys, I like Parker, James and Ben. I used my old favorite name on my puppy, Lily. :]

Ovdoors said...

This comment isn't really anything to do with your blog but I figured that if I left this on the blog I'm actually talking about, then you would never see it since it's quite an old one.
On your 'Soulage' blog you said how you thought that your soul was age 14 and then you described 14 year olds and how they feel and how you yourself felt at that time.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for that. I'm currently 14 and right now (to me at least) life is pretty much how you described it. I experience all of those feelings on a daily/weekly basis and didn't think that many other people did.
The reason I'm thanking you is because it's nice to know that someone else felt all the things I'm feeling now and managed to pull through and be Awesome =)
I always read your blogs and watch your videos so thank you for those as well ^.^
Thank you for making me feel like I'm not totally alone in these feelings and that there might be some hope that they'll go away soon =)
<3 Laurel x

Anonymous said...

Emilia is my middle name :)
And Luna Ariana (both HP references, of course) is either what I am changing my name to, or naming my non-existent child. And I love Bella Rose. But Twilight kind of ruined that.
And I love solid, old-fashioned guys names. James, Peter, William. And I would legitimately name a child Remus. Or Sirius.


Anonymous said...

for a girl i've got:
Ivy - it's my god-mother's name
Aribella - i think i mighht've made that up
But i also like Rosi.

for a boy
evan or aiden.

don't go TOO crazy on names though. i have a friend who had a baby in september and named him Kieghan (pronounced Keegan). the poor kid is going to have to correct people ALL the time.

Olivia said...

Yey for Olivia!
But I wouldn't recommend it.

I like Charlotte, but only because then I could nick name her Lottie, like from the Little Princess which is one of my fav childhood movies. It's also just really cute for when she is little and then if she went all tomboy when she was older, she could be Charlie or Chuck. But always Lottie for me :)

Kaitlyn said...

Hmm. I think I will make my own blog post on this topic. I love thinking about names. I've been making lists of potential baby names since I was about 12.

Ariane said...

I mostly speak French, so bear with me if some of these may sound weird in English haha !

Maena <3
Haley (yesss ;-))
Ambre (not a typo, that's just the "french" version of Amber)

Nathaniel <3

Adolfo said...

Can't say that guys ever think of baby names for their future kids.

KaylaLee said...

I have first names and middle names picked out that sound good together...

For Boys:
Lukas Purple
David James
Izaak Brave

For girls:
Sakura Lee
Lily Green
Oasis Faith

I know most of them aren't even real names, but I like them anyway. Lol.

I really like Seren and Charlotte :)

sezzabearz said...

I love how a lot of your boy names were originally associated or discovered from what was supposedly a girl's name! ;)

I haven't really thought at all about what I would name children, etc. but my sister did have a baby a few months ago and in that time, the whole family was throwing ideas out there.

My brother came up with Furious, which we thought was an epic joke... but he was deadly serious. However, the more you look at it and the more you say it, it's pretty cool! I'm not saying I would actually go through with naming my child Furious but I can sort of see the appeal and how cool is Fury for a nickname! haha :)

I think Roux (Roo) is an awesome boy's name. It's just looks really nice when written down. I wish I had a 'x' in my name!
On a more normal level, I really like the name Toby as well as Koby. Link? I think so.

As for girl's... I like the name Zara.

Scott said...

I love any name that ends in an 'ie' or a 'y'. I'd love to name my son Alfie. And I absolutely love the feel of the name Lemony, but would never make my child go through life being named after produce. I also love classic/beautiful ones like Molly and Lily.

However, I've decided that my favorite baby names are: Boy) Sebastien, and Girl) Violet.

Kylie1403 said...

i LOVE the name Olivia! its on my list as well. Has been for years! i tend to make a lot of Olivia's when i play the sims.. And I also design them to look like how i would wnat to look and dresshow i would wnat to dress lol... im so lame

Kate Pauley said...

I've always fantisized about writing a novel in which the main character is a boy whose other was either crazy or horrible ean, and married a white middle class guy called John Black, and named their son Sirius Lee Black... just because of the lol factor. I feel you could build a whole novel out of the agst that child would feel just towards his own name.

Before Bellatrix was introduced into the HP books, I had always wanted to call any girl I had Bellatrix, because of the amazing nickname capasity it has... but now its kinda sorta ruined.


Love your name choices, but you really have to be careful about names, because honestly... hurtful nicknaes really suck.

Anonymous said...

oh, baby names. you had to write about this so i could see when i need to be writing a paper, right? right.

i want a boy first and i want him to have his father's name. i'm scarily old fashioned when it comes to 'passing on the family name', legacy, continuing the line...yeah. this may partly stem from my obsession with the malfoys...too bad i don't like any of their names enough to attach them to my children.
jonathan/john(ny) christopher (in tribute to the #1 man of my heart...and my old high school teacher i was in love with...and john green, i suppose)

both of my sisters already took the names zoe and naomi...grr
chloe ariel
vanessa jasmine

clearly i have some more brainstorming to do, but not right now.

oh, and please don't name your son puck.

Karissa said...

When I first started reading the Babysitter Club books when I was little, I absolutely loved the name Margo. (Mallory Pike's little sister, if you need a refresher or never read them.) Anyway, I don't think I'd name my daughter Margo now. I mean, really, can you imagine how many Margos and Alaskas there are going to be in a few years? Then again... all of us nerdfighters could totally DOMINATE THE MOST POPULAR BABY NAME CHARTS!

You know what I really hate about favorite names? When I have one that I really like and then I meet someone who sucks with the same name, so it's pretty much checked off the list of potential names.

For some reason I've liked the name Clover for a girl ever since I was little. I think it was just my inner hippy working its way out. I gotta admit, though, I still kind of like it. :]

A said...

I've been in love with the name Amoryah (Am-or-eye-uh) for a girl. (Ryah or Ryan for short.)

I love boys names for girls, too, so Taylor, Jordan, Elija... And Lily, of course.

Boys would be Jason, Brian, Albus Severus, or Edward Cullen. Clearly.

I suppose the father might get to have *some* input.

Sara said...

I love the name Holden but I wouldn't have enough guts to write it on the birth certificate.

Harper Lee

Peter [Parker]
Robert [Downey Jr.]

Hayley_leesha666 said...

My names are as follow:
girl: Maddie,Paris. Lola
Boy: Grey,Jett, Elwood

:)can our kids be friends? :)

Robert said...


(not thought about these as much)

Staci (pronounced like Stacey)

Arletta said...

for boys:
Jesse Link
(I think Morgan is a really cool boys name too. like Captain Morgan)

for girls:
Caitlyn (yes, I'm aware of the weird spelling)

Katy said...

Personally, I'm absolutely in love with the name James. Also Spencer.

First boy: Spencer James, he'll go by James, since it's not first-middle, it's all first. I think it sounds cool. Also having ridiculously long names ROCKS. Especially if I did that hyphen-last-name thing with my significant other.

Spencer James Charles Westhoff-Smith. Yesssss.

First girl: Juliette. Like Juliet, only with an extra "te." It looks so pwetty. Also it will at least initially avoid the Romeo and Juliet connection. Also, if you watch Psych: nickname is Jules. Which is totally cute.

Yup. I'm weird, too.

Dan said...

Those are some cool names you've got there. I haven't given my unborn children names yet except maybe Sean for a boy.
I used to think Conifer was a good name for a boy until someone told me it was a plant.
Haven't really thought of a name for a girl.

Have a good day!

barefootfiona said...

I have to let you know - in the UK, I'm pretty sure Roxanne is a chavvy name. That's certainly what springs to mind for me. I love 'Charlotte', 'Silver', 'Puck' and 'Jess' (Gilmore Girls ftw!)

I've actually made my list in the form of a blog, since I have so much to say about them all ><

Valerie said...

I have a tendancy to get my favorite names from books too- like Lily! But you know, you can use one of those names for a pet if you're worried your kid will hate it... Yes, I did name my dog Sirius. He's a black lab!
I've always liked the idea of naming children after grandparents or other ancestors, but if I did that my children would be named things like Jeanette and Wilbert. My kids would hate me.

Aly said...

I've had so many potential baby names ruined by novels/stories I've written/people I've met who have those names...

Indigo said...

I've always liked naming inanimate objects, like my iPod is named Luna (obvious HP reference), and my laptop is named Majescules, which is a reference to a frezned video xD.

blondiehelsinki said...

Moritz is near the top of my list... Such a lovely name. Reminds me of Spring Awakening, obviously. Other favourite boys' names include Levi, Aaron, Casey, Paulie, Indy, Neil, and Ponyboy, though that would just be too mean.

For girls, I prefer Zoë, Emily, Iris, Scarlett, Elenore, Marianne, Natasha, and Holly.

Anonymous said...

If you have a boy you should call him Oberon like the guy from A Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm sure many boys would like to be named after a king of the fairies :P

Anonymous said...

Well, because my name is Charlotte-- I think you should go with Charlotte. My middle name is Leigh.. I just think it has a nice ring to it.. Charlotte Leigh.. :)
I love names..

For a girl..
I always loved the name Lily and Emily (pretty standard).
For a boy..still haven't decided.. but I have always been attracted to Atticus.

Brynne Annae said...

I have a cousin named Greyson. His dad joked about wanting to name him Greythor (at least I think it was a joke...considering that he usually appended Dragonslayer as a middle name), but my aunt is a little more staid.

Whenever I consider potential names, I can't help but pair them as first and middle. And, of course, they WOULD have to match the last name. But these are my current faves:

Gwynneth Pearl
Talitha Zeleia
River Briallen
Catrin Daniella

Mirren Morgan
Brennan James
Conlan Briar
Eliam Ember

Having a rather unusual name myself, I happen to like them.

Johanna Jezebel said...

Your names are so fun! I also love VIola, but not ViOLa. It always reminds me of Shakespeare in Love and Joseph Fiennes running around Elizabethan England shouting "VIola! VIola!"

My favorite names for boys are Jasper, Dexter, and Spencer. I'm clearly big on the -er sound for boys, but Spencer is my brother's name so I guess it sunk in. ^_^ I'm constantly changing my girls' names ideas, but lately I really like Delilah and Naomi. I also decided a few days ago while I was re-reading Carpe Jugulum that my first daughter will be named Esme Weatherwax Lastname. I decide this every time I re-read that book but WHATEVER she's awesome. I should hope my daughters are half as strong as Granny Weatherwax. :)

dyslexic I am said...

I have always been very fond of the name Donovan for a boy.

For a girl, definitely Ava. Hopefully that name dies down a little in popularity before I am prepared to have children.

proudveggie said...

I've always had more boy names in my head than girls...I don't know why...

Boys: Aidan, Caleb, Isaac, and ever since I saw Spring Awakening, either Melchior or Moritz...but maybe only as a middle name.

Girls: Jennifer (not shortened to Jenny. Ever), Ophelia (but that's currently the name of my violin, so that might be weird)...and...I don't know, I really don't have girl names.

The problem is, going to an all-girls' school, you always meet a girl who will ruin a name for you forever. I'm sure if I went to a mixed school, the boy names would be ruined as well.

Anonymous said...

For girls, I really like Kathryn or Tatiana, which is a russian name that my parents were going to choose for me. Despite the fact that some truly terrible nicknames could arise from it, I still feel let down that I am a Rachel, and not Tatiana.

Or I may call her Veruca, just for jokes.

Rosianna said...

YOUR children are going to hate you?
Names + middle names:

- Hermione Elizabeth
- Alaska Rose
- Lorcan James
- Jordan Lysander
- and mayybe Ophelia Grace

Also, for a long time I wanted to call one of my children Liesl.

Rosianna said...

Oh, I weirdly also love Leighton, Peyton and Taylor for girls, inspiration heavily taken from One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. Those names are absolutely not common here.

omgitslouise said...

I loved Alice and Bella, but I don't want to name my kids after Twilight characters. Especially Bella.

I really like Rosaria, Amelia, Ella, Charlotte, and Margot, for girls.

For boys, probably David, as it's a family name, but I also like Aden, James, John (strong name, not after people ;]) and Thom.

I think about this stuff way too often.

Becka said...

I love ridiculous names, that no one really wants their kids to be called.

Like Grunhilda.
And Ermintrude.
And Percival.

Really, it's a good thing I don't want kids. I'd be incredibly irresponsible with naming them.

But if I did have them, they'd have to have some literary connotations- either writers (current faveourites are William, Oscar, Emily and Charlotte) or characters (Harry is an obvious faveourite, as is James.) Traditional names, that I know are references to my faveourite authors and characters, but aren't too obviously so- so no Albus Severus' or Atticus'.)

Anonymous said...

I love Viola (pronounced VIola) as well!

When I was younger I legitimately wanted to name my daughter Tuesday, because it was my favorite day of the week. I got over it.

My favorites are:


Amory (I love the sound of this one but would never use it. It's like AH-murry not uh-maury.)

Joanne said...

I like Charlotte and Greysen from your list.

I would name my kid Titan so that he or she would never be bullied. Think about it: would you honestly try to beat up Titan?

Realistically though, Tanya and Tyler.

Margo said...

Alaska ( i absolutley loved it when i read looking for alaska. i love it as a name) or Charlie for a girl. Andrew or Nate for a guy.

and for girls, I VOTE MARGO :)

Anonymous said...

Prosper (I would never actually name my son that though! He would probably have me arrested for child creulty. I just like how it sounds)
Bella (Even though I'm not a fan of Twilight I still like the name)

Anonymous said...

I got to name my little sister when I was four (I don't know what my parents were thinking) and so I named her after my favourite film at the time "Annie" (she was lucky - it could have been pocahontas).

Now I have deceided to stick with the musical theme and go for "Calub" (from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers") for a boy. However I am not too sure about other names from musicals, I may have to scrap that idea.

I also like Tom, Indigo (for a boy or a girl), Rachel (although I have trouble spelling it) and Jessica.

Carrie said...

Haha, at first I misread Charlotte as "Chipotle," and I was like. . .that's an interesting choice.

James is my favorite boy name!

Anonymous said...

If I have a girl, I want to name her Ruby, but I also love Charlotte, Aria, Mae, Violet, and Nora. For boys, I like Luke, Porter, Ian, and Adrian.

Josie said...

I have had a list of baby names for many, many years. Some include Dillan (which got taken by my aunties dog) Cameron, Felix and Oscar for boys. I prefer boys names to girls names; I don't know why this is.

Katy said...

Even if my future children, that is, if I ever have any, will hate me for the out of dat names I'll give them. I'm thinking something along the lines of Alice, Lucy, and Noah.

Rachel said...

For a girl, I lOVE Charlotte, Ruby, and Sarah [even though it's really common, it's my best friend's name], and Samantha/Sam. And Crystal and Rebecca. For a boy, Jacob, Sam, Jason, Brett, Seth, Aiden, Austin, Tim, Darius, and Grayson. So many names. Of course, I won't be having a kid anytime soon. So I have PLENTY of time to decide.

Cristen said...

I have decided that i'm having three kids in this order. Nothing like nature or science will get in way of this either.

First a boy named Liam James. Then a girl Jenna Rey and then another boy Bertram Graham [he would go by Graham not Bertram].

Catherine said...

Wow! Way more comments since I last commented on a previous blog yesterday. I like the name Grey to. My friend's brother's name is Grey.

"sponge said...
'I vote "Puck for guys and "Charlotte" for girls.

I also really like the name "Ruby"...'"

- I had a teacher who had a daughter named Ruby, he also had a daughter named Stella. I liked that pairing a lot.

I love names.

Claire said...

I'm a big fan of Lilith for a girl and Julian or Jack for a boy.

brookerochelle said...

-Atticus (I just got done re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird, so the name is kind of swimming around in my head)
-James (this is by far my favorite name of all time)
-Phineas (no idea, it's just really awesome, and plus I love the name Finn)
-Michael (though this is unlikely, because I've told myself I can't name my children after anyone in my family)

-Felicity (again, not really any idea why)
-Claire (see above)
-Rebbecca (if I were to name one of my children this I'd probably name her Rebbecca Claire)

Andrea said...

Boy - Aiden, Grant, Liam.

Girl - Lilly, Allison, Catherine.


and one will have the middle name Jorden (spelled like that) because it's my middle name, also my mothers maiden name.

adrivein said...

Heart of Darkness is by FAR the best book I [didn't] read all year in AP Lit. Therefore Marlow (or Marlo, if that's how you would spell it)should not be crossed off your list. Use it as a middle name, at the very least.

Hannah Missouri said...

Would Memory be too strange for a girl's name?

Poroma said...

shasta for a boy or a girl. from the chronicles of narnia. the horse and his boy. the character is not one of my favorites, but that name is wonderful. the only problem, is that in bengali which is..what my family speaks it means reasonably priced/cheap. but whatever, i don't care! i'm all for reckless names.

HeartsGlow4U said...

I'd probably name my son Harlowe or mabye Adam (I will not curse my son with a name no can pronounce correctly and spell wrong like mine). For a girl, and I know it's probably sounds weird, I really like the name Scout.I think I first heard it on some discovery kids show when I was 10 and I havent been able to get it out of my head since then. If not Scout then probably Kendall, or something off the wall like Hikari (which means light in Japanese)

Larangutang said...

Hmm I like the names Erinn and Bailey for a girl, and for a boy I like Aarron, Aiden, and Hunter (kind of)

Anna said...

I kinda have these names that I love, but what never name my children, like you do. And then I have my "safe names" that I find normal and bearable for my child to live with for the rest of their lives.

safe names.
-Sophia (which is also my confirmation name)

-James (i love Jamie too)

crazy names
-Evanangeline (that's too long for the poor girl to write! but if i did name her that, I would call her Evie or Lina)

that's it.
you and i, hayley, seem to have very similar name tastes.

Bobina. said...

Ha I know a guy named Garrett. It's totally fair as a boy's name.

Hmm, I haven't much thought about future baby names. If I want something creative I will look in the same baby name book my parents looked in, since I have never (ever ever) heard of anyone else with my name. I love interesting names, it let's you define what it means to be a [insertnamehere].

the apple that astonished paris said...

YAY baby names, i plan these out far too much. xD i am positive my unborn children hate me more than yours hate you:



... :D

bailey. said...

i have a baby cousin named serenity,
my uncle was on meth for a while, and went to rehab, and believes that serenity is what he was granted afterward, and so when he got married and had a kid, he named her serenity. it's pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

dont be so fucking stupid.
Seren is a girls name, you did NOT make it up.
It is a welsh names and means star.
Get over yourself!

Nokorola said...

I like Alexander, cause it's classy, but if you cut off the last 5 letters, it's Alex the 'fun' guy to hang out with.

Nokorola said...

The commenter above me is a complete asshole.

[morgan.] said...

I'm most definitely catching up on your blogs right now.

I'm glad you like my name, tehe. I'm not always in love with it...*shrugs* The most amusing usage of it was when I was a senior in high school on the cheerleading squad. There was another Morgan, I was the captain. Yep, you guessed it, I was Captain Morgan. She was simply Other Morgan (no lies, even the coach called her that).

Here are some names that I like:

Boys: Wyatt, Christopher, Elliott, Ralston

Girls: Cyann, Cealcy (yes, one I made up), Fallon

Margrét Snæfríður said...

I love names!



These are all Icelandic names, if you were wondering.

Kara said...

I really like the name "Tyler Alexander" Both fairly plain names but the combination sounds fantastic if you ask me! I love it! It would be a first and middle name i guess, as opposed to just one name. And it's kind of hilarious because those are two of the Remus Lupins. Now i just need to make it my goal to marry a guy with the last name Toby! Call me boring but a name i have always love and been really attatched to is Sam. When i was little i had a dog named sam (well i still have the dog) and i got. Bunny& i tried to name it sam too but my mom wouldn't let me. Ha to bad! I'm sure my kid will LOVE being named after my dog! Haha.

Kara said...

I have thought about this before and it's a slightly wierd thing to think about but youtubers kids;

It must be some kind of wierd experience to see your parents on the computer screen, doing their thing. Especially if they don't do it anymore and you just find out randomly one day. It's wierder even more so than actors, i think because youtubers are lesser known. And people tend to be more in their element being themselves as opposed to somebody else a director tells them to be. But to know your parent did that and people watched and be able to watch them yourselves must be such a strange surreal experience. Lol and a little off topic but you are going to have some cool kids if you have some one day :) your just too cool yourself to Not have awesome kids

Anonymous said...

I love most of your names and love how they all have some sort of meaning to you. I really like the names Charlotte, but I would identify it too much with the city in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

I think "seren" means "star" in Welsh

ohhbowiex3 said...

This is something I've been thinking long and hard about for quite some time now seeing as I want children soon lol...


Ever Kinley/Ever Noel (from the book Evermore)


Jack/Jacob (though too common for my taste)
Connor (I would not name him this if I already had a daughter named Honor)
CHARLIE (love this name for boy or girl)

Lauren said...

Please name your child this.

Childs said...

I think "seren" means "star" in Welsh