Sunday, April 17, 2011

I try to blog in French.

Bonjour ! Demain, j’ai un examen dans ma classe de français. Je besoin étudier beaucoup, parce que mes compétences de langue terminent avec l’anglais. Il y a probablement dix erreurs dans ce paragraphe. Mais, j’ai déjà besoin d’écrire un blog, donc je fais deux oiseaux morts avec une pierre. (Si le français est votre langue maternelle, j’espère que vous n’êtes pas mort à cause de cette traduction horrible.)

Hier soir, j'ai regardé le film Tangled avec mes amis. Je ne l’ai pas détesté, mais je ne possède pas le même amour pour Disney qui la plupart des gens que mon âge a. (Pouvez-vous terminer une phrase comme ça ? Il n'apparaît pas correct.) Avez-vous vu le film ? Vous l'aimez ? PJ dit que Rapunzel a l’air de moi. Je pense que il est fou. Je n’ai pas les taches de rousseur, je n’ai pas les yeux énormes, et bien sûr, mes cheveux ne sont pas longs de quinze mètres. Carina dit que l'homme a l'air de La Situation, mais mes amis savent n’importe quoi. La Situation est identique à Prince Eric de The Little Mermaid. C’est évident.

Pour le petit déjeuner, j'ai mangé le pain perdu, les fraises et une banane. Pour le déjeuner et le dîner, j'ai mangé beaucoup de céréale. Voulez-vous entendre un secret stupéfiant ? Les Reese’s Puffs ne sont pas faits avec le lait ! Je ne les ai pas mangé puisque j'avais huit ans, et ils causent probablement l'obésité, mais ils sont comme les bonbons ! Je les ai mangés au dessert. Délicieux !

Aussi, j'ai des nouvelles. Ce mois, j’ai perdu cinq livres. Je me plains trop. Les bonnes choses arrivent sans le fromage. J'ai plus d'énergie, et j’aime courir quand j’ai mangé des nourritures saines. Aujourd’hui, j’ai couru trois miles ! L’enfer ouais !

Je dois étudier maintenant. J'espère que vous avez un beau jour et je vous verrai demain !

And for the rest of you:

Hello! Tomorrow, I have a test in my French class. I need to study a lot, because my language skills end with English. There are probably ten mistakes in this paragraph. But I already need to write a blog, so I am making two birds dead with one stone. (If French is your native language, I hope you are not dead from that horrible translation.)

Last night, I watched the movie Tangled with my friends. I did not hate it, but I don't possess the same love for Disney that most people my age have. (Can you end a sentence like that? It doesn't look right.) Have you seen that movie? Did you like it? PJ says that Rapunzel looks like me. I think he's crazy. I don't have freckles, I don't have huge eyes, and of course, my hair isn't fifteen meters long. Carina says that the guy looks like The Situation, but my friends don't know anything. The Situation is identical to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. It's obvious.

For breakfast, I ate French toast, strawberries and a banana. For lunch and dinner, I ate a ton of cereal. Do you want to hear an amazing surprise? Reese's Puffs aren't made with milk! I haven't had them since I was eight, and they probably cause obesity, but they're exactly like the candy. I ate them for dessert. Delicious!

Also, I have some news. This month, I've lost five pounds. I complain too much. Good things happen without cheese. I have more energy, and I love running when I've eaten healthy food. Today, I ran three miles! Hell yeah!

I have to study now. I hope you have an attractive day* and I'll see you tomorrow!

Chipotle burritos this year: 5.5
Nail color: "Plum's the Word," Sally Hansen
Miles run today: 3

*I tried. "Lovely" isn't in my French vocabulary.


Marlena said...

Who eats half a Chipotle burrito? Freak.

A Place to Be said...

Is the pizza ad intentional?

Laura said...

Yesterday, I essentially ate just cheese and I kind of never want to look at it again. So I figured this was as good a time as any to try the non-dairy thing for a while, as well! I will be looking to your BEDA blogs from this month for support.


Meh said...

Je n'ai pas voir le film "Tangled" mais je veux regarder. Si Mike est comme "Prince Eric" c'est un problem pour toi! Eric est très impulsif et étroite dans la tête, non? Tu as la même texte pour ton classe de français comme moi. (C'était dans une vidéo de ton chaîne plus tôt) Bonne chance pour ton examen! (bises)

apples_and_pancakes said...

Well, I guess if you split the burrito with someone else it's okay. My mom prefers to save half for later and I wish I had such will power because I would be able to enjoy it longer. But eating half a chipotle burrito and throwing it away? That's sinful.
I've been a vegan for a year and three quarters and I'm learning things. I knew about the Oreos, but I did not know about Reese's Puff cereal. What other exciting discoveries have you made?
I liked Tangeled and all but the pacing seemed kind of off to me. I don't think you look like her and I do agree with the Prince Eric thing. I don't love Disney, so I'll say that this is one of the better films from them that I've seen in a while. I liked the oil painting part of it and the singing. I had been missing the Disney musicals.
French!Hayley is very enthusiastic I see.

Christina said...

Ton français est meilleur que tu penses! Tu dis beaucoup que tu ne parles pas bien le français, mais je trouve que ce n'est pas complètement le cas. Bien fait, il n'y a pas trop d'erreurs.

En fait, j'ai vu Tangled avec ma mère hier soir et je l'ai bien aimé. Mais Finding Nemo reste toujours mon film Disney favori.

Dean said...

Well done. I noticed a few errors that I would have made myself, but I totally understood the whole thing without having to consult the english translation once.

I encourage you to blog in French in the future (it'll help me to keep my French in practice reading you!).I find that writing in French, with a limited vocabulary, I'm forced to be more precise and pointed.

Felicitations! Bien fait.

Jude Rosenberg said...

So happy! I understood about 85% of the French part of the blog post without having to look at the English part! Gold star for the day!

Margaret said...

Aw, I really liked Tangled. I feel like the general consensus is "Meh," so I usually pretend that my reaction to it was equally lukewarm, but the truth is that I bought, "When Will my Life Begin" and "Mother Knows Best" on iTunes pretty much immediately, and listen to them every day.

seanababy16 said...

Salut Hayley! Je suis vraiment impressioné avec ton français! J'espère que reçois une bonne note sure ton examen!
Aussi, j'adore tes postes. Je les lit chaque jour et ils me font toujour rire.
Merci beaucoup! :)

Karen said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your french blog. Especially the literal translation of "Hell Yeah". :D You did pretty well, except that "besoin" is not a verb ("J'ai besoin de...") and I don't think you can use "apparait" the way you did. But otherwise, well done! Good luck on your test!

Abbie said...

I loovvveeeddd Tangled. That might be because I saw it with my 8 year old cousin who was SUPER SUPER excited to see it. But I loved the style of the animation and the scenes with the paper lanterns over the lake. Gorgeous! The songs were cute, too. :)

Rachel said...

J'aime Tangled beaucoup! Je pense que c'est si bon que les vieux films de Disney.

Also, I'm jealous of how easily you lose weight.

JulGra said...

Tangled est fantastique! J'adore le Disney, mais j'ai quinze ans. J'ai eu un examen sur le passe compose avec avoir dans ma classe de francais en le 13 avril, et je sais quelle tu as dit parc que de cet examen. Zut, ce n'est pas facile ecrivez en fracais! Je finis.

Okay, I tried. I know I left out accents, and I'm impressed that you took the time to add them in. Can you tell that I have a limited vocabulary because I'm only in Francais Deux? I had to try to say "but" instead of "even though", and just tell you that I knew what you saying instead of saying I was proud of myself for knowing what you said. Also, I couldn't say last week, so I just put the date. Plus, I don't know if facile actually means easy - it's one of those words I just picked up from my teacher - I don't know the infinitive for "write", and I don't know the word for quit.

Also, I would like to tell you that I made chocolate chip muffins today and that I accidentally said that I'm fifteen when I've been sixteen for a good month now. Oops...

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara said...

Je te comprend!

Mon mineur en Francais m'aide.

ET: (no more French for me...can't think of vocabulary quickly...)

I just noticed Laura reads your blog (see yesterday's comment). I love the small-world community YouTube and Nerdfighteria creates.

Congratulations on your successes in French and food and energy.

MegsChronicles said...

Bravo Hayley! Tu devrais écrire plus souvent en Français! Il y peut-être plus de gens francophones qui lisent tes "blogs" que tu le crois ;)

Sarah said...

I thought I was going fairly well reading and understanding your French until I got to the last paragraph and I could have sworn 'livre' meant book so I thought you said you lost five books... I think losing five pounds is much better and also makes a lot more sense, haha.
Good job on the French post! Even though I have a fairly okay understanding of the language I'd be damned if I could write a whole blog post! Looking forward to tomorrow's installment :)

Jess said...

I'm almost done with French 1, and I understood most of that! Yay!

TheGingerHermione said...

So I read the french version, because I'm Canadian and that pretty much means you can speak french.

It was mostly really good!! Especially the conjugations :)
I'm not gonna lie though, there were parts where I was like what is she saying? And switched to the english part.

I'm impressed though! :D

KW said...

J'ai vu Tangled hier soir aussi!
I liked it -- it wasn't Hercules though. Hercules is THE Disney movie (Scar cameo, anyone?). Haha, my mom asked my 9 year old brother if he liked Rapunzel better as a blond or a brunette. He said blond. Sigh. My brother is a . . . guy.
Congratulations on the health benefits of your suffering! Great job!

Kara said...

Magnifique! J'aime beaucoup l'expression "enfer ouais"... Je vais utiliser cela en classe maintenant.

Bonne chance sur ton examen! À demain! :)

Anonymous said...

I did not know reece's puff's counted as healthy food, or that it helped you run! whoa!
I loved tangled! such a cute movie.

Sarah said...

Ahhhh j'ai pris le temps d'écrire un message en francais, et puis j'ai reçu un message d'erreur! Bahhhhh...

Bien fait, Hayley! J'ai bien aimé le lire. Tu devrais écrire en français plus souvent! C'est une bonne pratique pour toi et pour moi aussi. (Excusez mon français, je suis encore à apprendre!)

Bonne chance pour ton test, tu feras bien! À demain...

helene said...

Salut Hailey!
Ok, inutile de tuer des oiseaux. On dit simplement:je fais d'une pierre deux coups.
Et pour répondre à ta question, on pourrait finir une phrase par un verbe, mais tu as 2 autres problèmes --"je ne possède pas le même amour pour Disney QUE la plupart des gens de mon âge." Arrête-là; si tu veux un verbe: ONT (parce que la plupart des gens = pluriel).
Je ne suis pas sûre que Rapunzel te ressemble: elle a les cheveux légèrement plus longs que toi!
Bravo pour le régime sans fromage, même si ce n'est pas très français...
Et continue à bloguer en français!

Sylvain said...

Im impressed Hayley! :)
As a native french speaker I can tell you that you should blog in french more often!
I understood everything you said.
Even if you had a couple of little mistakes everything was really clear.That's very good.
Someone said in a previous post that "livre" was wrong when talking about your weight but its not.It's the good translation for "pound" when talking about weight.Of course it means "book" too.
It's funny when you talk about dead birds to say "I killed to birds with one stone".In french its almost the same phrase, we say "faire d'une pierre deux coups" which is "make two strikes with one stone".We dont actually talk about killing birds.
Anyway you should change the title to "I BLOG IN FRENCH", you didnt just try you did it! :D
Beau travail! ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me here?

I saw the beginning of the post and I'm think, "okay, this whole thing is going to be in French so you'd better break out the previously buried French skills."

And even though I hate french I read the whole thing, just for you.

And then realized there was an English translation.

Gee. Thanks.

Marie said...

The Spanish major in me tried to read the French in Spanish...even though I don't understand French.

I don't even know.

tranquilily said...

Yeah, French! I am going to France this summer for 2 months and I haven't spoken French since high school (about 4 years), so I need to practice a lot. But I was proud that I understood most of that post!

Cat said...

I think I'm going to cut out dairy now, since you attest to it helping you out. How many hours of sleep do you usually get on a daily basis? Because I become so tired, and I'm trying to find away to surpass this.

Nyckeija R said...

Considering how little French I know, I was surprised by how much of that I understood. Though reading it did give me a headache.

Jordiekins said...

Bonjour, Hayley! Pardonnez-moi s'il vous plait pour mon mauvais (?) francais*. Cela a ete une annee depuis que j'ai utilise mon franfais du tout. J'espere... Okay, I'm not going to do that anymore.

I hope your exam goes well! I, like your friends, am an adult with a huge place in my heart for Disney. I, a straight male adult, cried during that scene of Toy Story 3. You know, THAT one. When did you cut your fifteen meter long hair? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO MAGIC NOW?

Well, I guess this is the end of today's commenting. Read you tomorrow!

* I should really learn how to add accents and junk to letters. I have no idea how to do that.

Kat said...

Ahaha, l'enfer ouais. Love it. Should I say, "aime le"?

Ton francais n'a pas l'air trop horrible. Bien sur ce n'est pas parfait, mais il n'y a pas trop d'erreurs. Je me souviens pas a quel point j'ai commence a reconnaitre quand j'etais en train de faire des erreurs, mais cela arrivera.

Une chose qui devrait etre evident est qu'on dit "j'ai besoin" et non pas "je besoin" -- cette phrase manque une vebre autrement, haha. (De la meme facon, "je n'ai pas envie d'ecrire ma dissertation (mais il est a rendre demain... donc...).")

Hopefully the lack of accents isn't too confusing. Also I am lazy and now type French the way I speak, which is to say without ne's. So... sorry about that? Bon courage pour l'examen!

Anonymous said...

Ah bon travail! J'adore lire ton «blog» en francais.

Aimee said...

I was totally prepared to use Google translate for your blog post, but thank you for posting it in English as well.

I love the movie Tangled, but last time I watched it, my friend pointed out that Rapunzel's eyes are proportional to her boobs, and I don't think I'll be able to watch it the same way ever again...

Anyway, I'm glad you're having a better, cheeseless day and I hope you can make it through the rest of the month. :)

Anonymous said...

Hayley! I was at Reading Terminal Market (It's that place in the National Treasure movie when there are large amounts of food present and hiding behind stands) and they had those peanut butter chocolate things you made on your channel, buck balls, or something (I think it was something different, 'cause that sounds innapropriate). Those things are freaking amazing.

Scott said...

Très bien fait! Tu parles maintenant les deux langues officielles du Canada! #achievements

Victoria said...

Merci pour ce blog en Francais, Hayley! Mon Francais et aussi horrible, donc, j'ai un immense besoir de lire et ecrire en Francais. Et apparement je suis en peu masochiste, parce que je repondre en ce langue meurtrière.

Phew.That was just painful. Anyway, good luck on your exam!

chocohall said...

Je m'appelle Emily? Wo bu zhi dao. Wo xi huan cheese. :(

Sidsel said...

I can't believe I put the whole thing into Google Translate only to find out you´d done the job for me. Anyway, yes! Tangled! Watched it two nights ago and I really liked it despite being a fellow creature who doesn't just loooove Disney movies to death. Lion King´s fantastic but more often or not I´d rather watch a movie with real people. A friend of mine (with no analizing skills if you ask me) said is is because I don't have an imagination. The Anne Shirley in me wanted to kick her ass.

MELANIE. said...

I'm glad you posted this in French because I also need to revise for my exams. And I understood most of this! Yaaay!

Freya said...

I'm extremely pleased that I understood most of that. I'm terrible at French, I got put in the good French class purely because the teacher likes me. I failed the first test and the second test I got just about a D.

CeliaAnn said...

MAN, I want to learn French. I should also really see Tangled all ready.

my creative space said...

I went through the whole thing and tried to read it in French before I saw the translation underneath.

Rachel said...

Hah. I took a break from studying for my french exam and headed over to your blog, feeling slightly guilty...and then noticed that it was written in french. Hell yeah to multitasking.

J'ADORE Tangled. C'était un film très mignon. Et je pense que PJ est correcte: toi et Le Situation semble beaucoup comme Rapunzel et Flynn. (yeah, french is not working today...ANYWAY)(Also, your french is better than mine and I live in Canada, where french is an official language.)

Clémentine said...

Bravo Hayley ! C'est génial que tu puisse écrire tout un blog en français comme ça ! Et bonne chance pour ton régime anti-lait, en tant que Française moi je ne survivrais jamais sans fromage hahaha :D

cj. said...

Bonjour, Hayley! Je suis jaloux de ton francais. Le francais est un peu difficile pour moi, malheureusement. Mais, je comprende tout les paragraphs! (Comment dit-on "yippie!"? Teehee.)

Oui, j'ai vu le film 'Tangled'. Moi, j'adore! La musique est jolie et le film est tres comique. Je l'aime bien.

Merci beaucoup pour ecrire ton blog en francais aujourd-hui; je besoin practiquer parce que ce weekend, pour Easter, j'irai au Paris!

A tout a l'heure! avoir un bon jour/l'apres-midi/soir. :)

A.B said...

Je sais pas si ce serait utile pour vous, mais il y a une chaîne de collaboration sur YouTube où ils parlent/font les vlogs en français :

L’enfer ouais ? Est-ce que cela traduit ? Je suis pas française mais je l’apprend depuis 5/6 années. Vous écrivez bien le français ! N’êtes pas découragé :D Quelques phrases semblent d’être traduites directement de l’anglais mais c’est pas grave – j’ai compris. Bravo !

Kristina M. said...

Je sais que vous obtiendrez un "A" sur votre examen. Bonne Chance!!

JulGra said...

Hayley! I have suggestion for one of your next posts: Your Zombie Apocalypse Soundtrack!

Put your iPod on shuffle and see what happens!

The first song is the overall theme for the apocalypse.
The second song plays when you kill your first zombie.
The third song plays while you're being chased by a horde
The fourth song plays when you kill your loved one
The fifth song plays when you find a group of survivors
The sixth song plays when you meet your new love interest
The seventh song plays when you make your final stand
The eighth song plays when you think you've survived it all
The ninth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you
The tenth song is the end credits

DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

i was in love with tangled ahaha

Kathryn Elizabeth said...

Dear Hayley,

This is creepy, I promise. Just so you know, going into this comment, it's weird. :) And now, the comment: A friend of mine goes to the same college as you, and apparently you sat near her in the dining hall yesterday. She told me about it, and I squealed a bit.

You are kickin' some major butt in this no-dairy thing, and you know it! Woo! Go Hayley. :)

Sincere fan love,

Lauren said...

I'm impressed (because I know absolutely nothing about French) lol.
Good luck with your French test!

toastburntbread said...

hey Hayley, You're french was very good!
I liked your use of verbes, were you could of just used avoir you used possèder, and your pronoms? I just learnt how to properly use CODs this year, and that being my sixth year of french immersion, and here you are using them like a wizard!
Tu vas faire très bien! Je le sais. :) Bonne Chance!

Beth said...

I didn't like Tangled. Rupunzel's Revenge (the graphic novel by Shannon Hale) is just so incredible that it was just meh - her Rupunzel is so kick ass.

nelamonster said...

Ton francais parait tres bon! (je suis desolee de n'ecrire pas avec des accents francais, c'st trop pour ma conaissance du clavier de l'ordinateur).
Je suis polonaise mais je frequente la classe bilangue francaise a l'ecole. Le nombre des lecons du francais est ridicule. De plus j'ai la chimie, la physique, l'histoire, la geographie, la biologie et "le gouvernement" en francais. C'est ce qu'on appelle l'enfer.

Audrey said...

That's so funny, because we are currently watching Tangled in French in my French class! Anyway, I can kind of see the resemblance between you and Rapunzel. It's in the shape of the face.

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