Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shoes, Twilight, MASCULINITY!

The sky was threatening to rain all morning. A gloomy disposition, a couple hiccups of thunder, a few droplets escaping here and there. Well, I don't know what you guys did to make it so upset, but now the sky is outright bawling. Water is flying in every direction at record speeds, my street looks like a mote, and I couldn't be cozier, sitting cross-legged on my bed in the near-dark, listening to Jack Johnson. I've told you before about my obsession with rain. I swear, sometimes I feel like it's a present just for me. It's a Thursday, I'm comfortable, and my microcosm is taking a shower.

On the same subject, I've spent some time today looking for a good pair of rainboots for school. Rubber boots usually seem impractical, but on the brick hills of Athens, everyone seems to think they're a necessity. After searching online a little bit, I'm happy with this decision. Rainboots are cute. So far, I like these ones, in either that purple or the kelly green on the left, and these ones, and these in yellow, like Coraline's.

I'll also need these-- not because I know or care anything about shoes, but because I already have these and a similar white pair, but they're worn out, and it's as if they were made specifically for my feet and color preferences. Oh, and I'm dying to find the boots Emma Watson wears in the Hogsmeade scene of the Half-Blood Prince movie. I searched google for their name, and it turns out a few other girls have been looking as well. Said search also led me to this, which is quite possibly the funniest non-sexual Hermione fanfic I've ever read.

Anyway, I'm going to go film a fiveawesomegirls video. I have a ton of unused footage from the past couple of weeks that I'll have to dig through, and I need to address all the people who took the video I made with Lauren and Nina the wrong way.

Sigh. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I actually like Eclipse, and parts of the first two books are rather good. It wasn't until Breaking Dawn that I lost most of my respect for the series, and it wasn't until all the exaggerated, mostly undeserved hype that I tired of the fan response. Guys, I like the Twilight movie enough to own it. My relationship with Twilight is similar to my relationship with Degrassi. They're entertaining in the mind-numbing way, part of me will always feel connected to them, and I would probably be willing to own a small piece of fan paraphernalia for both... but if everywhere I turned, girls were dressed head to toe in pictures of Craig Manning, or threatening my friends with the information that JT York is so much hotter than their boyfriends, who should just go die... I would grow to hate Degrassi. I may not wait up at midnight for the New Moon movie, but I'm going to go see it. And I'll probably make jokes about it. Just as I make jokes at my own expense, and about the tendencies of people my age. Most of my channel is made up of jokes! I can't comprehend why the Twilight ones are the only jokes people take to heart.

Wow. I don't think this blog has ever been so gagtastically girly. We need unbiased balance! Quick! Watch something masculine!

Sexy: Chick-fil-A milkshakes. I had my first this afternoon, Cookies & Cream. Despite the fact that it was only a "small" and I feel like it'll be the cause on my death certificate, it was pretty great. It was as if they packed the thickest, hardest ice cream into an airless cup, then covered it with a good two inches of whipped cream. I've never had to suck so hard.
Unsexy: Whatever just went through your gutter-bound brain after reading my previous sentence. Come on, you perv.

Chipotle burritos this year: 27
S'mores this summer: 6
Subscribers: 19,545

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Alyssa said...

Rainboots are awesome. Just sayin'.

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, Americans call those 'rainboots'? That is adorable!

And I'm sorry for how patronising that sounded. In the UK, they're called wellies


Bethany Kozel said...

Awww The rainboots are so cute!!!
Btw, that Hermione story is just pure win.

Elly said...

I totally get that about Twilight! I think once all the hype gets hyped, saying 'I don't hate Twilight' is basically declaring yourself a rabid fangirl, it's just so much easier to make jokes about it :)

Melissa Kendra said...

Personally, I like the kelly green boots from Target the best. I really should invest in a pair. Birkenstocks in the Spring time do not work.
And I also like how many tabs I had to open reading this one blog post, but I don't mind, I like looking at shoes, and it almost makes me feel like we're shopping with you.
I'm sorry if that sounded slightly creepy xD

SlytherinSweetie said...

Those rainboots are super cute! and as weird as this sounds, I've never owned nor ever worn a pair of rainboots. O.O

And I just flat out don't like Twilight. I may go see the movie, but I really hate New Moon. I think it's the second worst in the series. The way she depends on Edward is scary. But I don't constantly insult it or anything.


Marlena said...

The rainboots with the black and white dots are adorable. I vote for them.
That fanfic....HAHAHAHAHA. SO GOOD.

Shelby Rebekah said...

if you're gonna get rainboots at target, then these are OBVIOUSLY the way to go

eclipse is the only book i would consider mildly tolerable from a writer's standpoint. actually i don't consider any of them anywhere near well written so scratch that last.

Not Really Rufus Wainwright said...

If I get hooked on Chick-Fil-A milkshakes, I'm totally blaming you.

Eddy said...

This week is awesome because there are 2 videos with hayleyghoover and you are blogging again. All is right with the world again!!

Indigo said...

That Jack Johnson song cheered me up, he's so happy :D

And I know what you mean about Twilight, it's crap, but it's entertaining crap. And fangirls are vicious o.O

Catherine said...

I like the purple boots the best. beeteedubs: The Hermione fic was hysterical.

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

Speaking of shoes, I adore these sandals:

I'd like to own a pair of rainboots but I think it would be a waste of money because I would be too self-concious to wear them to school. They'd make that squeaky noise all day and people would look at me funnily.

Also, I totally get what you said about Twilight.

Sarah said...

I can't believe how many rainboots Target sells ... I like the pink plaid ones. Jack Johnson is perfect rainy day music.

I'm not sure why people don't get the Twilight humour, but I thought it was funny!

Anonymous said...

Rainboots are awesome. Twilight superfans are ridiculous. That is all.

Olivia said...

I bought rain boots when I started college last year. And I'm really I did. I have black ones with polka dots from Target.

I feel the exact same way about Twilight. It can be difficult to explain how you can both immensely enjoy and hate something, you did an excellent job.

Olivia said...

*And I'm GLAD I did.


Brad said...

Unsexy or no, when you make a statement like "I've never had to suck so hard", my brain screams

"That's what SHE said!"
"That's what SHE said!"

I blame it on The Office.

kaitlin said...

The Hermione fic was hilarious.
I like the polka dot boots the best. The sneakers are wicked cool.

WTF?! Sneakers isn't in the dictionary?! *is indignant*

kira902k said...

I adoreeee rain, as well! It makes me so happy, I normally run around the house squee-ing when a rainstorm starts, and then immediately curl up with a book.
The rainboots are awesome, I like the yellow and polka dot ones.
I know what you mean about Twilight. It's fun. But I wouldn;t call it GOOD.
Im going to go read that fan fiction now.


Mariah said...

I agree with 'Shelby Rebekah' that the leopard print ones are awesome. However, I liked the purple ones out of the ones you said you liked.

Anonymous said...

I like the polka-dot rainboots the best. Hayley I love your blog, it makes me laugh (:

Katie said...

Ahhh your sexy set me up, jerk! And ditto to what commenter Brad said about blaming The Office.

I read "Harry Potter woke up goth" after reading Hermione's story, and the gruesome description of what he did to his scar...well, let's just say I shouldn't have tried to imagine what it looked like.

Yay for blowing up things! Especially Mr. Manly Man's epic countdown to the blast, haha.

Siena said...

"The Boy who Lived but dressed like he’d died"

Nokorola said...

Hayley, just don't float away whatever you do!

The Rain boots seem like something HGH worthy.

Eclipse? I love that gum! ...oh, that's not what you're talking about? Nevermind.

and "I've never had to suck so hard." That's what she said! (I just had to do it though it was already done.)

Keep it classy Hayley.

but the name is Tarah. said...

This is completely off topic, but Hayley, I just finished The Secret Year of Assignments and would like to say that I now owe all of my literary happiness to you.

allie said...

Rainboots! I've never met anyone who has the same opinions on Twilight like me. I'm not alone! :light out of nowhere:

TheBlaireWitch said...

I was about to type in "That's What She Said"
and then I read Unsexy.
Don't judge me :)

notaclareintheworld said...

I had the polka dotted ones from Target, but the rubber split after I had them for not too much time. This has happened with a lot of my friends and Target rainboots, too.

Go for the Coraline ones, those are the best quality. :D

traderbob11 said...

I love how you make up these pet names for me!!
The purple tennis shoes will match your hair. Oh crap, that sounded gay-err I'm gonna need some rain boots cause I stepped in it now.
I gotta go work out or build something or ah...
Later Hayley

Samantha said...

Do you see the ads that get put up? Because someone thinks that this is the target audience for condom ads.

Larangutang said...

I feel the exact same way about Twilight! It's the fans that annoy me and the books somewhat now that I'm re-reading Harry Potter again adn reliving the amazingness.

shay said...

I think I remember what boots your talking about. So I googled it to and found this....

but thats probably out of your price range.

I also vote yellow rainboots!

erin meagan said...

That fanfic is HILARIOUS! love.
Wellies, yay!

shay said...

I found this in my searches for her boots. Cool but kinda stalkerish.

Anonymous said...

Rain boots! I suppose that makes more sense than "gum boots" as we aussies call them! :P Speaking of which, I probably need some, even though its coming up for Spring (XDXD)

That FF was god.

Skinny Malone said...

Another blog from Ms. Hoover that puts a smile on my face, even if it was quite on the feminine side, ha ha. :)

On another note, those Chick-Fil-A milkshakes are off the chain in goodness, but like you said, they will probably put it as what killed me on my death certificate, ha ha. If you love peaches, then you should definitely try their peach shake since it's absolutely delicious.

Take care and stay blessed, Hayley.

Natalie said...

Your sexy/unsexy section ws particularly hilarious today!

I know what you mean about Twilight, I was on the train the other day, giggling into my hands while listening to three thirteen year olds passionately arguing about who gets Edward.

toastburntbread said...

i think people should just ignore all the fan girls, and ignore all the haters, and just watch and read twilight, and see for themselves if they like it or not.
because then they are forming a true opinion and are not being a biased person.
hating it for no good reason is as bad as liking it for no good reason.
And this, is my opinion on Twilight.
LOVED the rainboots! I personally adored the purple ones.

eibbore said...

I'd get the wellies with dots on them, they are v. cute.

Not a big Twlight fan, read the first and it made my brain hurt. But, what I'm hearing you say is I should read Eclipse?

omgitslouise said...

Please get the wellies with polka-dots on them, they're so cute!
And it's so cute how Americans call them rainboots!! :D <3

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Rainboots? Booooring.

Anonymous said...

I feel alot more masculine now. I will mentally cancel it out by saying those wellies were ADORABLE :)

And I like Twilight but I still find it funny when you guys mock it. The only problem I have is when you look at the comments section of some videos and it's all 'Lol, that'll show those STUPID Twilight fangirls!' and 'You like Twilight? GTFO.' That's not the fault of the people who make the videos but it just makes me a little sad. Feeling like you have to hide your fangirliness for something is like, well, being in high school :S

And I apologise on behalf of the Twilight fandom for those sucky excuses for human beings that won't leave Lauren and Matt alone.

x0brittx0 said...

the kelly green ones are the cutest!!

HarryPotterNERDFIGHTER said...

Hahahahaha, You were just ASKING for the un-sexy comment.

Ahhhh The Hermione fan-fic is made of EPIC win.

Hope you find the right Wellies.

Chris said...

Wow, that hermione story was ... amazing. I half expected the 'new hermione' to rip Ron's clothes off at the end. And that masculine video made me want to be a lumberjack. thanks.

Elizabeth said...

"What happened? What happened?! Life happened, Ron. Life happened."

I can't read that without bursting into laughter.

Anonymous said...

i laughed so hard at the movie scene from elizabethtown!
and i really want some rainboots now!

Adrienne said...

definitely go with the purple ones.

travelisdangerous said...

I think Rusty's house isn't the only thing that exploded.

Tass said...

I got argyle rainboots last year and I love them. People hate me when I wear them because I jump in all the puddles but I have too much fun to care.
And as to Hermione's boots: I watched Half-Blood Prince in iMax the other day (before seeing the display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago [it was freaking amazing]) and I was eyeing her boots with jealousy as well
I'm in Ohio right now and, even though I'm more than likely not in the same region as you, I've been watching for you everywhere I go. Ok, that sounded insanely creepy and I apologize.

Callidora said...

The yellow rainboots are amazing!

Gabby said...

Um.... Hayley. Problemo.

I'm just really insulted that you would even consider making fun of Twi-Twi. I mean, I get that it's a joke channel and stuff, but, like, Twilight is sacred. It's the best thing in the world and how dare you insult it. I'm unsubscribing.

Um. Yeah. No. I can't keep it up. (twss)

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