Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Purely Good Day

Today was one of the best days I've ever had. I woke up to the sound of my mother putting together a little gift basket of tea and honey for my dorm room. I stretched out of bed with my hair still curled nicely from the day before, pulled on one of the dresses I bought yesterday (out of laziness, because I didn't feel like unpacking both a top and bottoms), and ended up looking about twice as cute as I ever would after trying. My sister made me scrambled eggs for breakfast, because she's awesome, and the two of us had a funny little chat while we ate.

I then sat with my gorgeous laptop on the leather couch, drank two cups of tea that were the perfect temperature and perfect level of sweetness, and read some of your responses to yesterday's book survey. I spent the whole morning laughing and smiling and commenting, because you, readers, are fantastic people. In the twelve or so blogs I got to, not a single one passed without amusing me. I'm honored to be read by such a witty and entertaining group, and my heart just leaped with giddiness when I saw how many new responses came in while I was out all day. I can't wait to read through the rest!

I left the house at about noon, after making plans to have lunch with TOLauren tomorrow afternoon between her college classes, and spent some time with Jess, painting our nails and eating Taco Bell. Along with our lack of sleepovers, Jess and I appear to have never taken a decent picture of the two of us, so we tried with her Polaroid camera. They're all ridiculous, obviously, because we're practically twelve-year-olds, but we now have three shots that truly represent our mouths-open-stupid-expressions friendship. After we argued about who got to keep them (I tried to sneak one into my purse, but got caught), we got to see our good friend, Elise, after her first day of 11th grade. We went for ice cream together and sat on Jess's roof outside her room, savoring the sun and the shade of a tree. Elise had to leave pretty early, unfortunately, so we said some sad goodbyes, and Jess and I had more adventures.

Conditions were perfect for swinging. It wasn't too hot, and the breeze lifted up the skirt of my dress and felt really summery and great. Our park was empty, as the moody middle school frequenters were probably doing homework (HA!), and as some kind of freak act of God, my mother decided not to text me every twenty minutes today. Like the world wanted to leave Jess and I alone to savor one of our final days together before we move. We walked from the park to my church in the later afternoon to quench our ice cream-induced thirst, where we discovered a new air hockey table in the youth group room. "Let's play!" Jess yelled enthusiastically, mostly to be funny. "No," I whined from the couch. "I don't even know how." Jess responded that she didn't know either, so that was reason enough for me to try.

AIR HOCKEY IS FUN. We're still not entirely sure we were even playing correctly, but we were evenly matched in our spasticity. We spent what felt like minutes but was probably hours jumping from side to side and screaming, pushing the little handle things much harder than necessary, and falling into fits of laughter. We played one round with two little handle things each, using one as a goalie and the other as offense, another round one-handed, and the last with the actual air on. I won the first match, but that stupid skank won the championship after I accidentally made several goals for her side. I never would have dreamt I could have the time of my life playing a simulated sport on a table in the youth room, but we left the church practically glowing with joy. Just one of those days, I guess, where everything is funnier and more exhilarating than usual.

By far the best part of the day, I unfortunately can't blog about. Jess loves having insignificant secrets that don't actually matter or hurt anybody, and this event will remain between the two of us. We pinky swore and marked the occasion in my phone's calendar. All I can say is that everything was perfectly legal, pure, kind, and in no way rebellious. We laughed so hard, however, you would have thought we'd gotten away with the greatest caper in history. And in a way, we did. Isn't cryptic ambiguity sweet of me?

We ended the night with a short, ceremonial trip back to our park, sang along to our cheesy summer anthem when God put it on the radio for the ride home, and now I'm going to go take a bath. Just to top things off. I realize I didn't really do anything all day, and that to anyone living outside the farmlands, we sound totally pathetic... but I feel purely, comfortably wonderful.

Sexy: My blog readers! I truly mean it when I say you're often the best part of my day. Also, captainO on twitter, who @replied me a long sound file of rain falling because he remembered from my blog how much I love thunderstorms.
Unsexy: When people have bad days at the same time I have awesome ones. If you can, send some twitter love to @sshephe (Sebastian) and @marlenanargle (Marlena) and, I don't know... tell them to smile and have a nice day. You could also tell @lnpage (TOLauren) to have a good first week at school. I'm not sure, actually, if you can send @replies to users with protected updates, but somebody ought to try. That'd be cute.

Chipotle burritos this year: 27
S'mores this summer: 6
Subscribers: 19,792

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. If you'd still like to complete the book survey, leave a comment with your blog address in the comments of yesterday's entry! <3


Anonymous said...

i want to have a day like that...i wish my friends and i did stuff like that

Bethany said...

awww I hope you have fun on your last few days with your friends!
Mine were lame, but that's probably because I'm stuck going to a CC for the first two years haha.

Julie said...

i like black eyed peas.... but I think this guy has a point...

and i'm glad you had a great day :) mine was pretty awesome too - cheers for good days!

GEORGINA said...

I really hope my last days hanging out and not actually doing anything with my friends before leaving for college is as enjoyable as reading this was.
Black Eyed Peas is our summer anthem too.

Brad said...

The days when I don't really do anything tend to be my favorite. Nothing pathetic about that at all.

I was feeling sorry for you the other day about how you'll be saying goodbye to your friends. Best wishes in college to all of you! :)

jessmcfadden said...

I don't remember EVER having a day that was so purely good from start to finish! You're my best friend and I love you a LOT! Maybe some day when I get tired of polishing my air hockey trophy I'll let you borrow it. Um. Or maybe I'll email you a picture of it instead.

Tonioniniiii said...

"this video is not available in your country" gah!
judging by the comments it's black eyed peas lol i love 'i gotta feeling' and even wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago. aside from this song me and my friends have spent this summer jamming to 'i know you want me' by Pitbull

hope you have a great time with your friends before uni, i know how it feels because me and all my friends are going all over the country to uni. So we are having some great times before we meet up again at christmas :)

i apologise for my awful grammar and what not here but it's four in the morning here :P (that's my excuse!)

but the name is Tarah. said...

Hayley, your comment on my blog had me practically glowing with happiness. Thank you for being SO awesome, like, all the time.

You and Jess are the perfect example of what best friends should be. And that's saying something, because I have a ton of favorite literary best friends and it means you're something special when you surpass the fictional characters I admire.


Nokorola said...

I'm glad that you had an awesome day, Hayley. Air hockey is always a good time. Enjoy your last days of vacation before Collegiate life kicks in, and make sure to always make time for air hockey in the future.

Indigo said...

I agree with you on that song being cheesy. It's so overplayed it's starting to drive me insane.

Your blog never ceases to make me happy.

HarryPotterNERDFIGHTER said...

I think 'I gotta feeling' is everyones cheesye summer anthem this year.

I am so Tierd. it 4am. So im sorry for the lack of articulateness.

But id just like to say that one of the best parts of MY day is reading yours and Kristina's blogs.

I love you guys. You're made of awesome.

Marlena said...

I love that you're this happy. Your shiny and magical life rubbed off on me while reading this, and even though all of the suck of the past few days and the general worries I have are still there, I feel slightly better. I love you. I'm really tired and headachey, though. Imma go sleep or something.

sophie said...

I just want to say that I had a pretty crappy day today, but reading this entry made me incredibly happy and I feel so much better.

Thank You. =]

Margaret said...

Twitter love: sent.
Tea craving: currently being satisfied.
Warm feeling I always get as a direct result of Hayley's blog: hasn't failed me yet.


Eddy said...

I'm glad you had a good day. I remember the summer after I graduated high school. It was the best summer of my life. So much fun before we all went off to different colleges.

Also, send some good thoughts to Kristina. I just read her blog and it sounds like she had a bad ending to her good day. She's a bit stressed with SITC coming up.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great day.
I have two more nights before I leave home. I'm in this weird state of semi-depression and semi-euphoria, where everything feels so temporary. Like it's not REAL anymore and REAL is the thing that's going to happen on Thursday when I pack my things in my dad's car and my parents drive me an hour to school.
I wish I had a best friend to be saying goodbye to, though. My best friend lives in New Zealand and I haven't seen her in two years.

Redcabbageispurple said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a wonderful day.
I meant to write the book survey thing and post a link to that, but I am lazy. (except I didn't abbreviate I am... ignore that) I might go ahead and do it and just submit it late. Like a late homework assignment or something.

Katy said...

Ah, the ancient art of pinky swearing, you can't break it, you know. :]


Ashley said...

days like that are so perfect. air hockey is like the best table game EVER.

Songs that are so pop you want to scream but so catchy and awesome that you just go with it and dance no matter how dorky you might look. the feeling's brilliant. Definitely summer anthem material.

Swings make me feel like I'm flying. Anyone else feel that way? :) pinky swearing is law.

It makes me so giddy. Summer is awesome.

traderbob11 said...

A comment from Hayley

I'll never wash my blog again!

Redcabbageispurple said...

I said I would give it to you late... so here you go.

A.J. James said...

I am very happy you had such a picturesque day, in less than eight days I am jumping head first into my own secret adventure. I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to it.

janitorbud said...

i love days like that.
i leave tomorrow and i wish i had a day like that with my bff.
do they know your subscribers will do that? i would LOVE to @reply to them telling them happy thoughts but not if they're going to react like "uhh.. why is this person telling me to smile"

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED AIR HOCKEY?!?!!?! That shocked me to my very core. I LOVE air hockey!

I so wish I had a relationship like you and Jess have. I've hada horrible day since the person I thought was one of my best friends has not seen me all summer and doesn't seem to care even though she leaves to go across country on Thursday which is also my 18th birthday. Sucks....Btw, you should totally make a 5AG video because that would totally make my birthday which, so far, is looking like it's gonna kinda suck...

Also I did the book survey on my facebook but I'm going to also get it up on my blog and leave a comment with in yesterday's blog =]


89ravenclaw said...

Sadmarlena is crazy unsexy.

And how the heck do you not know how to play air hockey; you just hit stuff! Now I want to make a HYIMYM reference but I can't remember if you watch it or not (if you do that crazy hockey game that Marshall plays with his brothers).

Scott said...

The fact that you probably read my blog has me literally grinning ear to ear. I wish that stupid tumblr would allow comments; if you'd left me one, I'd have probably printed it off and put it in a frame which read "BLOGGING IDOL'S BLOG COMMENT." Actually, I probably wouldn't have done that, I'm not that ambitious... But it's a cool thought. Where here, the word cool means incredibly creepy.


I'm glad you had a fun day today! Summer is supposed to be all about having days like that, but sadly, it rarely happens. Soak it up while you can! :D

Hannah said...

I smiled non-stop throughout this blog post.

Thank you for cheering me up on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Reading your blog always makes my day


Keep being awesome!

Caitlin said...

I can't really have days like that with my best friends.
Kate, she lives here in Liverpool, but far enough away for us not to be able to just go out whenever we feel like it, and anyway, we never get to do anything on our own.

Jamie, she lives in New Jersey, so, obviously, without a lot of money, that's not gonna happen for a while.

Phoebe, she lives in Ireland. I'm 99.9999% sure that she's going to be here next month, so I'm really looking forward to that, and if not, I could probably go see her next Summer for about £50 if she let me stay it hers! I'd just get the ferry across.

The weird thing is, spending days out with my older sister and one of her friends (well, our friends, but they're better friends with her) are my favourite type of days. She's going to college next month though, and none of her friends are going to the same college as her, so these days are going to be pretty rare now. -Sigh-

Nicholas said...

1. I <3 cryptic ambiguity

2. the best days are often the ones where you basically have done nothing :)

Anonymous said...

Hayely, this is awesome. I'm from a rural/suburban town too, so this is my ideal kind of fun! My friends do stuff like this all the time... it really is fun, isn't it?

(Oh and I am dying to know what you and Jess did... but secrets are secrets. Best thing to have with a friend)

Pippa said...

That day sounds perfect! I'm jealous because I leave for college tomorrow morning and I never got a day like that. My best friend of twelve years just did a drive-by goodbye at 10 AM this morning.

Oh, and I did the whole book survey on my blog yesterday, too.

I'm glad you had a nice day!

lindsey said...

Hey, Hayley. I did your book survey. Thanks for making my microcomputer class most enjoyable.

eibbore said...

I'm almost not sure I believe you about never having played Air Hockey. Ever? In your life?

But it's more fun than Guitar Hero AND DDR put together!


Glad you had such a great day. It's the little things that matter.

Julia said...

I just found Jess' "things I ate today" blog. It's amazing.
I just wanted to say that I check your blog about 7 times a day (a surprisingly precise estimate) and I can't help but smile whenever I see a new post. Thanks for making my day, every day.

Ginny said...

i know these days. i had mine this summer, helping my friend scrub the cigarette stains off the walls of her mother's new apartment (no air conditioning) and humming along to the radio. then later we drove out to see a film in the next town over.
it's great because while on paper it doesn't sound like anything, in those moments you feel everything special about living and human connection...and the world feels very comfortable and soft, if even for just one day

in any case, this was a really touching post and it made me smile<3 thanks

sparkletasia said...

Sounds like your day was one of those magical ones that crop up unexpectedly. I love them, they feel really unreal and strange when you look back.

Haley said...

Your blog yesterday was hilarious. FUCKING HILARIOUS. Thank you.

I had a dream that I met you at some random college in Europe where everyone lived in one massive room. You were really shy and quiet, and got even more so when I said I knew you from the internet. That's how I knew it was a dream. Because the European one-room college thing... completely possible.

I hope you have more good days before you leave for school! I myself only have a week left til uni... exciting shit.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would appreciate this

kira902k said...

I can't believe you have so much fun living in suburb/farmland when I can never figure out what to do here, downtown.
Maybe it's because we know that there must be something more to do that we can't just hang out at a park or anything. Hmph.

You inspire me, daily.


Jane said...

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