Sunday, July 19, 2009

Politicians and Dormitories

Living in this microcosmic electronic world of ours, it's easy to convince ourselves that we're normal. I walked my dogs around the neighborhood today while chatting to Marlena (fluffvondanger) on the phone for something like an hour, all about the Half-Blood Prince movie. I change my facebook status to be about my newly-replenished passion for the Black family tree, and I get a page of "likes" and comments, all from people who get it. It doesn't seem unreasonable for me to covet someone's silver time-turner, or to have a character card catalogue precursor to the lexicon from my childhood. So imagine how depressing it is to go from that security blanket of nerds to the empty, vacant real world.

Kelly (the sister closest to me in age) and I spent most of the day hidden in our parents' room, reading FML and TFLN, avoiding small talk with the masses of politicians scattered on our lawn. It was pleasant and fairly brain-stimulating activity, so I was irritated when my mother insisted I come outside and "network" with some man who edits video professionally. A few seconds into the man's one-way, forty-minute conversation, it became apparent that we do very different things. He's an advertiser who doesn't know how to upload videos to youtube. I tried to maintain eye contact and occasionally mock-smile, then escaped at my first opportunity. "Don't flatter yourself," I said to my very excited mother. "I only came outside for one of those chocolate eclairs." Well, the eclairs had been cleared out, and it was a long trip through a lot of eager strangers back to inside comfort. I ended up pretending to laugh at a lot of dadjokes about my hair and explaining that "Yes, I'm the youngest... no, I'm not really much of a Republican... yeah, um."

(I know people will ask, so once and for all, my political views are... whichever side is least represented among the company I'm in. I'm the family's Raging Liberal to my ultra-conservative lawyer sister, and the Heartless Conservative on youtube. In reality, I have conservative views on some issues, stemming from my religion, but I'm primarily a liberal-minded person.)

Oh! What I was getting at. An old family friend was giving my dad a hard time for going to see HPatHBP, throwing around things like "Dumbledorf" and "Ya gonna wear one of those tall, pointy hats?" I was already on edge from the whole atmosphere of the event, so I was at the point where it's hard to pretend smile. So I just didn't. And then: "What's that thing about Dumbledorf being a pedophile or something?" I bit the inside of my lip and closed my eyes. "I know Republicans can't tell the difference, but he's not a pedophile. He's just gay," I said. Some other joke came out of that, but I gulped my classy plastic cup of white wine and ignored it, running inside.

In other news, I've been on pins and needles since May, waiting to find out my rooming situation at Ohio University for the fall. I've been checking the website like crazycakes, refreshing my email, reading the incoming freshmen facebook group, tapping my fingernails. Finally, I received an email today announcing that I should know my room number and roommate(s)' name(s) by tomorrow. My thought process: What if we're really different and have nothing to talk about? What if she's really needy and I have to pretend to be friends with her? What if I want to be friends with her but she doesn't like me? What if we hit it off really well? ...Is my middle name on facebook still Fairytopia? 

I'm slightly (okay, SERIOUSLY) freaked out by the idea of college. I took some classes at a university nearby last school year, and I figured it out and everything, but for some reason I felt younger than everyone else. Like they were always staring at me. And, sure, I was a fake at the time, but they didn't know I was a high schooler playing dress-up. They thought I was one of them, and I still could sense how out of place I was. Will it be different at OU because I'm living there? Will it be worse because I'm not the stereotypical party type? Will it be better because my sister will be there as a senior?

Will I ever calm the hell down and just breathe?

My siblings (all OU veterans) and my mom keep trying to ease my nerves. Kelly says she was nervous and scared at first, but now she feels like Athens is her only home and like she's visiting somewhere when she comes back for holidays. My brother Tad's been a graduate for a year and a half, and he still hasn't coped-- fleeing to OU whenever he gets the chance. My other sister, Cori, wasn't the party type either, and she only had one friend on campus, but she fit in and loved her college experience. Just about the same goes for Tyler. They all say I'll love it, and that I'll be okay. Sigh. We'll see.

For now, though, I'm just going to keep listening to Kristina and Luke Conard's collaborative album, Songs in the Key of Email, on repeat, and stressing a little bit. Maybe I'll have another cup of tea with honey. Pray/cross your fingers for the news tomorrow!

Sexy: "You know what's sexy and unsexy?" said my mother earlier, unprovoked, trying to be cool. "People are sexy when they're themselves. You'll make friends at college by being you." Okay, she's corny as hell, but it's kind of sweet all the same. NO, I DON'T THINK MY MOM IS "SEXY," YOU PERVERT.
Unsexy: Friend drama. Bleehhhhhhhhhh.

Chipotle burritos this year: 24
S'mores this summer: 3
Subscribers: 18,305

P.S. I just played a million games of 20 Questions online, and it is just downright freaky. I played the Harry Potter version, and it guessed Andromeda Tonks correctly. Seriously! And look at this one:
I put "sometimes" for number eight because of "the talking stove," and it STILL got it right. My goodness!

Bye, guys. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Katie said...

You'll be fine at college. There are those Animal House party-hardy stereotypes (why can't I ever spell that word right on my first try??) but there should be tons of types of people there too. College is such a bigger and more diverse world than high school, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to find people you'll be able to bond with. Just keep your eyes and ears open for people who seem worthy enough to hang out with an awesome person such as yourself. :)

Sarah McLeroy said...

I don't know if you are aware but the literary studmuffin that is Marcus Flutie turned 26 today according to Megan McCaffrey's twitter. I know I'm celebrating, and I hope you are too.

On a more serious note, this is my first comment on your blog, although I always read. Sorry for being a creepy stalker. is scary. I knew no one where I went, and I was so freaked out. You'll meet people though, and the vast majority of people who are there are freaked out to.

Brad said...
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KaraDawlish said...

Im just going into highschool next year so i cant relate to the college thing but harry potter OMG. why do adults think they are cute by really just dumbing themselves down and saying "Dumbledorf" God i've heard that so many times it PISSES me off. €]^^_£&3$2 bums... At a family party once they were talking about dumbledore being gay and someone just loud and obnoxiously "Why did she have to bring that into it? Its so Uncalled for!" i just wanted to shout she didnt bring it into it she didnt thrust it in our faces she didnt even MENTION it in the books. Somebody ASKED. and he is a Character thats who he is she didnt write the story for us and no ones forcing you to read it so stfu!!!! oi makes me mad... And they are so misinformed too they know nothing about the subject why bring it up because its causing controversy when you dont even KNOW what your talking about.

Peiple are so RUDE. why do they HATE?! They were so Blatantley making fun of Matt on the radio today i wanted to scream. I mean okay surw Mtv does little things on wrock they try to include us we get it w/e but on the RADIO?!? and making FUN of Him!!?? Why did they have to bring it up then why cant they just leave us alone you know? Matt maggiacomo is one of the most caring winderful hard working people EVER. and they go straight up talking shit about him when he does NOTHING to be provoked. And this is like peoples first time hearing about him and they hear this shit. I doubt the guy even heard his music before. He's so talented while the people they play put probably not even half the effort i to their music got someone else doing it for them and yet they get so much praise and recognition and AHH. HARRY POTTER IS COOL WHY CANT PEOPLE LET US BE? i had a crap load of my friends all call in the station sperately requesting his music and saying how awesome he is and stuff rofl so hopefully that throws them off and they realise people actually listen to him...

Caroline said...

I felt the VERY same way about college going in last year. I even went home and spent the night after my parents moved my first round of stuff in. But after a while, especially in the dorms, you realize that every first year and every person you live with feels just as nervous and insignificant as you. And you bond that way lol. I had the time of my life my first year, and I'm sure you will too. Plus, I felt it easier to be myself around these people because they knew nothing about me and you hadn't gone through the awkward middle school years with them. I thought I would love moving home for the summer, but when I left, I felt like Harry a little; part of my heart was staying at school with my new friends. I had to be at a family reunion this weekend with extended family that I haven't met before. We went to see HBP with some cousins today and having seen it already, I was excited to see it again. Then three-quarters of my "relatives" come out of the theatre talking about how much it sucked, not knowing that I was at a midnight showing dressed up. And I couldn't say anything because I had to be civil. I feel your pain sista

KaraDawlish said...

Good Luck with the room mate!!!!! I dont know why but i just have a feeling college is going to work for you. Some people it doesnt but i feel like you'll be lucky :D

Hopefully it works out omg you must be going craaazy right now waiting!! Haha

Catherine said...

I own the Harry Potter Edition 20 Questions. The first time I guess RAB. And it KNEW it. It took ages for it to go on sale, when I did I finally bought it at Borders. It's so great and has wings like a snitch.

I'm sure college will be great. Not like I really know anything on the matter. I hope your roommate is fantastic though. It's funny that OU is in Athens because the University of Georgia is in Athens so when ever you say Athens I get excited for a hot second...

All right 'nough rambling.

Anonymous said...

I'll be the same way, probably worse, about college as you next year. 20 ?s just got Death right in the Harry Potter version. It's amazing!

toastburntbread said...

i was trying to think up something witty connecting what you said was sexy and how communtiychannel always says your mum rates me.... but i just couldn't find a fitting sentence.
I want film editors in the world to be like you, not like the stuffy guy you talked to. Just saying.

tigressflowers said...

It's not just the electronic world. All my friends are geeks of some variety mostly a mix of gamers, hard core sci-fi fantasy buffs.

So it's odd to work at such a bland store as Banana Republic. The people I work for are nice, but they just don't get it. They didn't get The Watchmen, they don't get Harry Potter, or know what Eureka is. It's really odd to listen to them talk about how their "guilty pleasure" is something like Battlestar Gallactica, when among my friends anything that they unironically enjoy would be considered a guilty pleasure.

rAm said...

Everyone smiles when remembering how nervous one was before entering college. Pre-college fear is so unfounded.
Gah, so many thing are coming to my mind right now. Im going to limit myself to say:
1.You don't need to be friends with a roommate.
2.College is not just about party people, its a huge anthill of lots of people of every kind, including those of your liking (and some you thought only existed in movies.)
3. Is like high school plus lots of freedom, way less drama, and with a more mature attitude toward classes.

You'll survive ;)

Jen said...

aww hayley i just gotta say that reading your blog is like...well i can't even explain it. it's like someone sifted through my mind and wrote this well thought out, organized, detailed story of some of my thoughts, ideas, opinions and worries. that sounds kinda creepy and i swear it sounded better in my head but what i mean is that i just feel like i have so much in common with you that when i'm reading your blog i feel like half the stuff i'm reading as far as (opinions and what not go)are things that i have thought about at least once and wished that i was able to find a better way to say what i'm trying to explain. especially with your reviews on things such as the latest harry potter movie. almost every single thing you pointed out was something i had thought about but the way you justified everything and how you explained it just made it that much better and THAT is what i'm not able to do and i'm glad you're so good with stuff like that cuz when i read your blog it sorta helps me and i'll just be reading something and be like "YES! that is what i was trying to say." or "i feel the exact same way but the way she's writing it just sounds so much better then any kind of thing i would put together" so basically the point of this rambling is just to tell you that you really have a way with words, your writing inspires me even just your little blog entries with their quirky comments and insightful outlooks and since we have so much in common its even easier to relate to, which is really good i mean, everyone likes to be able to relate to something right? and i just want to say that i hope i can learn to convey my thoughts as awesome as you can and be able to write in a way that keeps people intrigued even if its about the most random topic the way you do. so again sorry if this was completely creepy and didn't make any sense at all, i didn't mean to write an essay it just sorta came out like that :)

labyrinthalaska said...

I know what you mean about position, politics wise at least. In my family, my parents are pretty democratic, my sister is extremely pro-Obama, my younger sister is uninterested (she's 16, so understandable) and I'm a self-proclaimed "radicalist". Currently, I'm Republican, but I pick the most obtuse views on every topic. Where there is virtue, I take the extreme vice. And get berated for it constantly.

Glad to know though that you at least fought through the "conversation" with that guy.

As for college roommates, I have to wait til mid-August to find out mine. And I'm pretty nervous too. I'm just praying we have something in common.

Kaitlin said...

If I didn't chicken out of applying to OU (and somehow got accepted). I could say you could seek a friend in me. But this is just me being a complete creep. I believe my applications for OU, OSU, CCAD, UC, SCAD, and LA Film are still lying around my room somewhere... Hmmpf.
And you shouldn't worry about a college student thinking you're weird. Most people our age are crazy, weird, and open minded liberals (not that conservatives aren't open minded, but I think you'd see more conservatives at an East Coast school than you would in Ohio). Also, we're all whacky around this age. Trying to find out who we are. Hell, I had long brown hair at orientation, and once I saw my school ID card in a day I had cut it and dyed it light auburn. We change and do weird shit. What have I been rambling about?
No matter what. Stay away from drama, and talk to people. It's so hard, but so worth it.

ThePeterIs said...

I think the funniest possible roommate would be a huge HayleyGHoover fan. Just imagine how excited they'd be, and how much they'd fangirl you, and how much you'd be over it in a day. Ha!

Nah, but seriously you'll be fine. I mean, no matter what happens, you still have all of us. Just please don't go joining a sorority...I know fitting in is a big deal, but I'd rather see you stay unique.

Leah said...

You're really one of my favorite people ever, you know that?

You will be FINE at school. You're not a scaredy-cat like me. You'll find your people just fine.

Leah said...

I said fine one too many times.

Robynne said...

I've been going through the same thing with college. I should find out tomorrow who my roommates are, too, and I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. From what I gather, it's completely normal to freak out and we're going to be fine. :) You'll definitely find people who love you, and if you're stuck with a crappy roommate, it's only for a year. I had a friend who was particularly picky about who she got along with, so she didn't like her roommate, but she got through it and the next year she had a great one.

hannah = nerd said...

Like crazycakes?
Total Abundance of Katherines reference!

Anonymous said...

Just think... college will feel like your real home. Maybe the only place you'll have friends... I kid I kid

Sarah said...

That 20q stuff is FREAKY. I did the HP version and my mind was boggled. It got (mostly) everything right.

That comment you made about Dumbledore to that guy who said he was a pedophile? Oh snap, Hayley. Oh snap. (and I thoroughly agree with you on that point.)

Gah. College. Look, I still have to get through a LOT of high school, so I can't even say how your experience will be.

Although I'm leaning towards the "you're-worrying-too-much" side of the scale. :) You'll be Awesome. it's a name you can't just not live up to!

Elizabeth... said...

Oh, I'm recently finding out that I too get irritated by adult ignorance of my nerdy indulgences. I was talking to my parents about some technicality in the HBP film in front of two other women and Mum and Dad, I could see, wanted to join in but they just nodded making me look quite insane for getting so worked up, to which Mum explained to the lady in the yellow jumper, "Harry Potter". I just shut up then and rather than trying to be an open and talkative teenager I decided to go stereotype and put my headphones in. They weren't to know that the first song that came on shuffle was "Draco and Harry" so I was all smug and happy and probbly looking insane by giggling at what they probably assumed was some poppy radio hit.
I'm pretty nervous about Uni in September too because I don't know how I will function unless there is going to be someone to share my 3 hour in detail discussions of Potter or Dr Who.
In my experience, being appealing to strangers usually involves appearing quite average and I don't really do that very well. My only hope is that by doing Fine Art there might be enough eccentrics for me to feel safe.
But then again I'm pretty shy afk.

Whatsername said...

it's what everybody is going to tell you to feel better and to calm you down a bit, but still i honestly think you will get along at college just fine ;-)
i was just as nervous when i started studying (and that even though i didn't have to move to a new town) and i still feel like i somehow stand out because i look so much younger than everyone else, but probably that's something we just imagine. sure, there are going to be cool people and also really annoying people, but i am sure you will find a bunch of nice ones.
i cross my fingers for your roommate(s) to turn out to be part of the nice people!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you seem to enjoy being in the minority on purpose Hayley!
I have a really big family who (are wonderful people, but) are all very Christian and very conservative, and I am very not. This would be fine except that they LIKE to argue and always try to bait me into it by saying things they know will drive me crazy.
At our family cabin over the 4th, my cousins kept going on and on about how Obama shouldn't "suck up to Muslims" and shouldn't "apologize for our troops".
I tried to resist, but 10 minutes later it had turned into 9 people vs. 1. You kind of seem to thrive on situations like that, but I hate it! When they brought up gay marriage I actually just walked out.
Also, I'm a huge fan of Buffy, and of course my family makes fun of it based on completely wrong assumptions about the show. So yeah, I feel for you.
I LOVED that line about republicans not knowing the difference by the way.
About school, I can't offer much advice from experience because I didn't live at college, but all I can say is that I'm sure you'll figure out a way to be happy there, don't stress out so much about it.


Karen said...

Hm, I think everyone does the whole hyper-ventilating thing before starting something new. It's normal. I'm sure it's not so bad once you get stuck in. It's just the anticipation of it all. But your mum's right: just be yourself. If people already like you where you are, there's no reason why they won't like you at OU.

For now, just think of all the positive things you like about the uni, and stop worrying! "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere." <- Some wisdom from Van Wilder.

Caitlin said...

You know, I've read every FML.

You'll be fine at college (and someone there is bound to have watched your vids). My sister is going to college, and we all make jokes about her being too short, but she can't wait.
And everyone knows it'll be a lot better than high school.

You're awesome, so enjoy yourself (:

Karissa said...

I've been freaking out about college, too, mostly because I'm switching coasts from California to the East, but also everything you mentioned, I'm feeling. I got the list of people who are in my residential academic program dorm thing so I went and facebook stalked who I could. It was kind of unnerving to see the list of everyone in my living area (and who I'll share at least one common class with), and realizing that I'm the only one who isn't from the New England area. So, at least you're from Ohio and you'll have that in common with people? If this whole college thing doesn't work out, I figure I can always become a duck boat driver. It's a perfectly reasonable plan b, right?

Nicholas said...

You know I love you to pieces and I think you'll be fine at college, but I just have to tell you outright that it's my opinion that people who are as interesting and special as you, never really fit in. It's mutually exclusive and the sooner you accept that the better :)

You'll probably make some very nice friends at college, but just get used to people staring at you, because you are great and people will notice that. Some might not like it.

This came out weird. <3 ?

Caitlin Wenger said...

Are you going to Ohio State university? or one of the other branches called Ohio University?! I live in ohio and will be going to school close to there!

What are you going to study?

VTBurninator said...

Good luck today!! It's been a few years...ok like 7 since I found out the name, email address and phone number of my freshman roommate, but I'm super excited for you. My girlfriend and I just got into this huge discussion/argument (we have very different points of view about everything!) about living on campus and dorms. I went to Virginia Tech for undergrad and graduate school and it was mandatory to live on campus your freshman year. My girlfriend got her GED and commuted to the local state school with her older sister. I went to VT out-of-state and did not know one person at the whole 25,000 undergraduate student university. Sure I have crazy roommate and hall mate stories (I lived next to the Asian rave room, one of my roommates use to borrow my shower sandals and sleep with a tickle me elmo), but that's part of what makes college, especially freshman year, great! Most of the classes aren't much more difficult than high school (especially if you've taken AP and honors classes), so the majority of your time is spent finding your niche, your people. And now this is getting super long and I'm sure you stopped reading it a while ago...but it's going to be great and wonderful and awe-mazing. When you need cheering up let me know and I can tell you some stories!

partyweetow said...

My freshman year roommate and I didn't really have anything in common. She liked sports, partying/drinking, and not doing homework. I like to read, stay at home, and watch reruns of Daria and Doctor Who.

But we got along pretty well because we're both pretty laid back. We just weren't ever really "friends." More like, two opposite people who were forced to live together and decided to make the best of it and just be nice to each other.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to college in the fall, too, young for my grade - I turn 18 three weeks before school starts. The roommate situation is making me nervous. I'm supposed to find out at the end of the month. I'm...not that easy a person to live with. Well, no, it's not that. I'm just easily irritated by other people's issues and quickly lose sympathy for them. I know this from experience.

On politics: my parents call us "socially conservative, politically liberal". I'm not even sure what that means.

Kristina said...

Maybe this is me being selfish, but personally I cant wait to read your blog posts when you're away at college. xD

Also, I'm flattered you're listening to my albummmm. <3

Kristina said...

PS. I don't really like my school that much but I still have fun here because my life is awesome anyway. I don't know if that's reassuring or not.. I guess the point is it can only get as bad as your life already is, and your life already kind of rules.

allison said...

I did the 20 questions 2 days after Deathly Hallows came out.


I don't have to worry about college for another 3 years, but since you and my cousin are the same age (and she doesn't talk/share anything with me anymore), I'm kinda just going to get that whole 'watch the elder/encourage the elder' feeling through you. Hope ya don't mind... ;)

And you'll be fine; anyone would be lucky to be your friend.

Allyson;; said...

I JUST got my roomie assignment.
I'm a English- Creative Writing and Mass Comm double major, while she's a Clinical Lab Sciences and Microbiology double major.

POLAR opposites.

However, I think this will be an okay thing. She does LOVE Harry Potter.
I think we can get along on the love of Hogwarts alone. =]]

Also, you know what I was thinking? How AWESOME would it be if there was a hayley's blog readers gathering??? This would probably be SUCH a quality group of awesome girls. =]]

Allyson;; said...

**and guys!! =]

nicole said...

Hi, Hayley.

You HAVE to see this if you already haven't:

(By the way, you are close to my soul with the grammar-fairy business)

Kate Andrew said...

i think anyone would be lucky to have you as a roommate. :) i know i would. seriously. after the bad luck i had with roommates freshman year... but. don't worry about that. my current roommate is my bff. so. it'll be ok.
and don't worry about it too much. if your roommate(s) are horrible, you can get a room change.
and if they're AWESOME then you can live with them forever. :)

Jennifer said...

I have read your blog for awhile, but never left a comment so here it goes...
I really do hope everything works out with the whole roommate situation! I am going to be a senior in high school, and don't have to worry about that right now but I am freaking out about being accepted into collage haha. I played that 20 questions game too after I watched the Vlogbrothers video talking about it, and it got Ernie Macmillan right, CRAZINESS I tell you. I love your blog is the best one I have ever read! Oh, as a side note about the whole people talking about Harry Potter when they don't know anything about it makes me so mad. My dad is always making stupid jokes about the series when he know NOTHING about it, and makes me so mad because of the big impact it has had on my life.

Bridgette said...

My sister is going to OU! It would be funny if you lived in the same dorm and became friends. You will love college, everyone kinda finds their niche there.

Anonymous said...

dear hayley,

i can't help but ask for some advice. i was at a party on friday and saw a teenage boy who resembled one of the best looking authors alive... mr.john green. through the stalking tool that is facebook i found out his name. however i did not talk to this boy the entire night and merely freaked out from afar. does the wise ms. hoover have any advice? (i'm also kind of thinking that you would have freaked out as much as i did).

thank you,
the fb stalker.

Sarah said...

Because I somehow feel compelled to share my 2 cents (sorry) ...

1) Me and my roommate in first year weren't friends, but we didn't hate each other either. We were able to co-exist just fine, and now years later, honestly it's more of a distant memory than anything. So it doesn't necessarily have to be either friends or enemies. I can remember how worried I was before finding out my roommate situation though. Ahhh nervewracking. Good luck!

2) Re: worrying about not fitting in. When you get to university and spend time with other first-years (I forget what you call them in the U.S.), I bet everyone will be worried about themself - whether they are finding friends/fitting in themselves. So you're not alone!

3) It took me awhile to find "my people" at university ... months of trying to be myself and finding people who were ok with that, making friends who I wasn't that close with, and then finally finding friends where the friendship is more fun than work. Even if it doesn't happen right away, it will happen! You are awesome and I'm sure you'll eventually draw the other awesome people to you. :)

Tass said...

I have all the same worries about leaving for college. I've hardly been sleeping lately I'm freaking out so much. And unlike you I won't be anywhere near home (3,000 miles away in Baltimore when home is in western South Dakota) nor will I know anybody when I get there. I'm scared out of my mind.
However on the way there I'll be passing through your neck of the woods and even going to the amusement park you went to earlier this summer! That part I'm really excited about.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the rooming situation. I'm sure it'll be fine. Just relax. :)
What you said to the Republican about 'Dumbledorf' is so awesome. High five for that one.
And yeah, the 20 questions are freaky.
I wanted them to guess Michael Buckley, but they got John Green. Still, a youtuber. Close enough. :P

Jordiekins said...

The Harry Potter 20 Questions game knows who Professor Sinistra is.

NO ONE KNOWS WHO PROFESSOR SINISTRA IS. I didn't even know what to answer for half of the questions it asked. I've been playing all weekend.

Freya said...

Hayley, I want to hug you for what you said to the guy talking about Dumbledore. -Hug-

I Love 20Q

Anonymous said...

1. I played 20Q and it got Ogg. OGG. mentioned once. ONCE. in goblet of fire. GOBLET O-...y'all get me.

2. i'm a little surprised you're going the university route, since from your bloglings and vids I'd peg you as a liberal arts college person. im going to carleton in the fall and seriously am not worried at all cuz i figure everyone will be super nice and we are being set up to succeed, not fail.

Cece said...

Wow. TFLN can be so amusing. My friends and I spent a couple of hours on there last night. We found one in Best Nights about this guys trip on Ambien and how he was yelling at his mom because she lived with the Keebler Elves in their tree and they were pissed because she kept visiting other trees and how there were seven people sitting on his knees, but it didn't hurt because they were all in a bowl.
...Hah, now my one friend wants to get ahold of some Ambien. *sighs and shakes head*

I loove Harry Potter 20Q.

Monty said...

Hey, you're going to OU? Awesome. I was terrified to come too, but now I stay in Athens for the summmer because I love it so much here.

You seem pretty cool. You'll find your place too.

William said...

Ok, really? FML. TFLN? You are too good for that Hayley...