Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Painting and #dumbledore

"It's pretty!" says Mom, holding it out at arm's length with her head tilted, questioning. And then, "...I don't get it." Dad waves his hand in a bring-it-here motion, saying to my mother, "Of course you don't. Let me look at it some more." Dad stares at the painting for several minutes, under the dull living room light. Announcers on the television argue with each other about a baseball player. My sister argues with herself about whether or not the painter is gay. "As if it's your job to classify him in one category," Dad says, looking it up and down. I suddenly like my dad a lot. My brother says, "What's that, Haylzie?" and reaches out his hand. I transport the painting to him, and watch as he surveys it. "Are these hidden words?" he asks, staring closely at a small section. "No," I say, because I like feeling authoritative. "I don't think so," I add, as I realize I'm not. "That's cool," Tad says. I believe him. And, goodness, do I agree.

I'm talking about this:
Which Sebastian painted for me last night. It's a lot cooler irl, but I think it looks rather awesome here, too. I have some pretty incredible people in my life.

In other news (as if it's an afterthought!!) tonight I'm going to see the movie version of my favorite book ever written, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm wearing scattered Gryffindor garb (tie, scarf, probably robes, maybe glasses, might even splurge on an eyeliner forehead scar) and going with my brother, sister, and good friend, Kathleen. Kathleen will be dressed better than I will, which is precisely why I'm seeing it with her. Half of me is thrilled, half of me is [pure-blooded (lol)] nervous, like I've handed my best friend over to Warner Brothers and am waiting for them to create a clone. It'll never, ever be my best friend, but hopefully it'll be better than my enemies, you know?

As for VBS, the slow-burning torture burns slowly onward. Today I led kids around the third floor of the church in a "parade" to the tune of "Every Move I Make," allowing them to drown out the music with shakers and drum sticks and jingle bells. Four-year-olds have difficulty following in a line. I have difficulty smiling through chaos. It doesn't help that my partner is a singer/pianist/guitarist, whereas I just try to grin widely enough so nobody notices I can barely hit the high notes in "This Little Light of Mine." Ah, well. That's why I'm a superghettofly rap star. That, and my constant need to slap a ho.

Sexy: #dumbledore, especially this LOL-worthy tweet from @kristinahorner.
Unsexy: Michael Gambon. "DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!" No, Gambon, I didn't. But I might put my foot in your ass.

Chipotle burritos this year: 23
S'mores this summer: 3
Subscribers: 18,145

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Chris. said...

I really like that painting; Sebastian is one talented guy.
Completely jealous that you'll be seeing the harry potter movie soon, won't get to see it here until thursday, earliest :\ x3

Kay said...

I hate how they made Dumbledore spaz in the forth movie. It didn't even make sense with how he was afterwards. rawrawrawrawr.

Anonymous said...

So glad I'm not the only one who hates the movie Dumbledore.
Okay, so maybe I'm assigning motive a little (putting words in your mouth)...
But Michael Gambon doesn't exactly exude self-confident good humor the way A.P.W.B.D. is supposed to.
Pah, I say.

Also the line at our theatre started at six o' clock this morning and they sell only 100 tickets (no preorder), meaning that I will see it tomorrow afternoon when, in my crazy small town, there is no line and the theatre does not fill until five minutes before the movie starts.
Then I prepare to watch the hatchet job they will do to one of my favorite books in the series. SIGH. I comfort myself in the knowledge that I cannot possibly be as disappointed as I was in Prisoner of Azkaban.
...Please, God?

Brad said...

I'm sure the HBP movie will be great, even if it doesn't measure up to the book. No movie is as good as the book.

toastburntbread said...

the painting kinda looks like it is saying SO in big letters. maybe that's just me.
Harry Potter freaking kicks arse.
have fun hayley!!
tell us how it goes?

Afton said...

I hate living in a small town. We have no midnight movie for this Harry Potter. For the fifth one it was AMAZING the theater was full and there was lots of crying. Now I don't get to see it until Thursday because I work tomorrow and the theater man doesn't take bribes to show the movie to me. Would you show me the movie for $50?

Melissa Kendra said...

Oh, Hayley, I totally love you for sexy/unsexy today, and completely agree with you.
I'm also jealous of all you people going to midnight showings. I need to go see it. Soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Richard Harris...

And that painting is awesome. I wish people made things for me :P

Adam said...

so with you on gambon.
he's so harsh. he's good at playing hard london gangsters (see: L4yer Cake) and bad at being soft and kind and brilliant (see: dumbledore)

i miss richard harrisssss

Emily said...

I am very tired because I'm just back from seeing HBP myself, but I have two things to say: 1. I like the painting, and 2. I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AGREE WITH TODAY'S SEXY/UNSEXY!

That is all.
Thank you.

hopolko said...

The painting was nice, but I don't get it either :X

And Dumbledore was horrible in 4&5. Him yelling to shut students up? Really? Really?
I hope it'll be different in HBP though, maybe Yates gets it now.

Elizabeth... said...

That painting is lovely, I'm all for abstract art especially when painted by friends.
I'm going to be disloyal to my Ravenclaw internals and go as Bellatrix to see HBP tonight because she's much more fun to dress up as.
I think most of the actors in the HP films are fantastic except Harry and Dumbledore.
In the "making of" program the other day he was asked what the film was all about; (loose quote) "me and Harry have to go fight the bad guys so that good will win".
#shakes head in shame#


Anonymous said...

I'll be seeing the movie in approximately 48mins. I am so excited. Awesome painting! Sebastian is quite talented!

Tom said...

At like 11:55 tonight, my brother turned to me and said "When do you think somebody's gonna yell Snape kills Dumbledore?"
I laughed and said right when the title pops up. And then I got super pumped because I realized if somebody did, I could yell "Michael Gambon killed Dumbledore!" Alas, nobody in the theater was a spoileriffic asshole.
Also, Btdub, I loved the movie. Maybe not loved. It had the problems. Just like they all have the problems. But I adamently hated Poa and Gof and Ootp, like hated them with passion. This is a ridiculous oversimplification, but I felt like they all had the problems too and overall were just not good movies at all. This one had the problems but overall was not terrible. Maybe my expectations were too low or something but I was thourally enjoying myself quite a bit of the time.
(By The Problems, of course, I am referring to stuff like Lumos Maxima in the cave, and the burrow burning down. That feels weird to type. The burrow burned down. I was just sitting there laughing hysterically. I feel like even if you didn't read the book you would have thought that was random as fuck. It just...burns down. And then it's like ...Okay. Well then. We're back at school now La la la lala.)

Anonymous said...

'No, Gambon, I didn't. But I might put my foot in your ass.' - LOL ^_^

HBP was my favourite book too, so I'm kinda nervous for the film :S I have no doubt there'll be countless little things that annoy me about it, but I'm still uber-excited :) Hope you have fun!

- Ali x

Leah said...

Um. Do I lose artsy abstract points for thinking it looks like a swan and a lily pad?

Also, omghbpwehavetotalk.

Claire Corr said...


While the books are superiorly better, I still can't help being excited about the movie coming out. I think it's the music that gets me, it makes me get butterflies in my stomach. I may need to bring a wad of tissues with me, also, cause, well, we all know what's going to happen!

Enjoy the movie!


A.J. James said...

The painting is awesome please pass my oooohs and ahhhs on to Sebastian, I'm pretty sure that I am one of the few HP fans that didn't see half-blood prince tonight. I had to work. But I know I'll enjoy it.

Kaitlyn w/ a K said...

I've never laughed so hard at a dig at Michael Gambon, and there have been a lot of those. I even snorted.

Janelle said...

Michael Gambon is the definition of Unsexy.

Saw HBP today - So good!

VTBurninator said...

Hope you had a blast at the midnight showing! No midnight show here...first Harry Potter event that I didn't go to at I have to wait till I get off work tonight. So excited! I know the movie won't live up to the book, but it's kind of like new Harry Potter, yay! Anywho, I'm super glad you are back to the blog. I never commented before and now I feel like I should everyday so you won't leave again! haha I'm delusional...

No-Blood Joker said...

I went to the midnight show, it was the first HP movie release I went to go see, and I loved the experience. I saw someone who looked like Prof. Trelawny, and took pictures with her. Someone pointed a flashlight at the screen before it started and TONS of people raised their wands like they were doing 'Lumos'. The movie was really good, but, OF COURSE, could have been better. It's always like that but still.

kalimagination said...

Sebastian's painting is such a win. I love love the colors >,<

I've never been one to criticize, or even notice when something is horrible, so I've always enjoyed the movies for what they are: Lots of images flickering across the screen while some music plays in the background...with some talking every once in awhile. Based on that criteria, HBP was brilliant.
I didn't even know I was going until 9:30pm, and we had to drive almost an hour to get to the theater because my town wasn't doing a midnight showing. I would say it was well worth it if I wasn't so exhausted and didn't have work in 30min.

While I'm writing this novel of a comment, I should add that I'm really glad you're back :) Your blog is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable things on the internet.

Kristina said...

Haha.. woooo! I'm sexy today!

allison said...

Thank goodness Michael Gambon improved in Half Blood Prince...

89ravenclaw said...

Yay for the unsexy... except not yay because i wish we didn't have to suffer that

Gina said...

Some of my favorite parts of the #dumbledore phenomenon were the #notmydumbledore quotes that some of my friends started tweeting... that quote is totally a #notmydumbledore moment.

Hillary said...

I'm sorry if this offends you, but I think this painting looked a tad bit like intestines at first glance. It's all abstract and all, but now everytime I look at it, that's all I see.
Still like it a lot, though. (:

Nokorola said...

Howdy Hayley.

I'm so mad at my self for not getting to see HBP yet. It's really amazing that I live about 20 minutes from a theater that didn't sell out at all, and I couldn't find a ride to go see it.

The painting is very nice. That Sebastian kid is a real keeper.

Byeeeeeeeeeee for now Hayley.

Moi said...

My brother asked me the other day if I was in charge of the Harry Potter films what would be the first thing I would do. I replied; "FIRE MICHAEL GAMBON!!!"
I'm glad i'm not the only one.

I've seen the new film twice now, and I still can't understand why they felt the need to burn the burrow, and also where Bill and Fleur were...