Friday, June 26, 2009


After yesterday's unintentionally philosophical blog post, I figure we all deserve a lighter fare for today. Jess took this photo with her phone last week at our park. Despite my evident narcissism (hello, I write about myself every day of my life and expect strangers to read it!) I'm not including the picture just so you have another chance to look at me. It feels like me and Jess. The essence of our friendship. This picture is what it's like to be a new high school graduate and to have a best friend. And... stuff. Other corny stuff.

Anyway. Tonight we had a family dinner to celebrate my brother's acceptance to his first-choice law school. With dinner came a celebratory wine, which I suppose I can blame for the difficulty I just had typing the words "celebratory," "difficulty," "I," and "words." My body's doing that whooshwhooshspinnywhoosh thing right now, and my fingers feel full of adrenaline and stupor. I... don't know if any of that made sense. Moving right along.

I was, once again, incredibly appreciative of your thoughtful and interesting comments yesterday. I'm impressed with your ability to express your religious beliefs on the internet to someone you don't know. You guys are, all in all, an interesting bunch of folks. Thanks for taking the time to both read and comment; it means a lot to me.

On an unrelated note, Sebastian's coming over soon, and I think we're going to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's a favorite of both of ours, and although I have it memorized, it'll be interesting to watch it with him. And drunk. 

Chipotle burritos this year: 22
S'mores this summer: 2
Subscribers: 17,602

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Elrich89 said...

Ahem! Religious beliefs, or lack thereof, please.

[morgan.] said...

I LOVE the picture, Hayley!

I also love how you really value the input and views of your readers/viewers. It makes the experience more enjoyable as someone you reads your blog and watches your videos. <3

Oh, how strange...the two ads are for Trojan condoms and asking "Is Your Man Gay?"

Caroline said...

I envy your pink hair. I wish I had the guts to do something like that. You're a beautiful girl, Hayley G.

CRUNKRacoon said...

Seriously, Hayley, I think you're the only person that can write that and be considered some kind of brilliant literature piece.
If you were a book, I'd read you. ;D

Maya said...

That picture is amazing. I spent about three minutes just staring at it. It's that amazing.


ThePeterIs said...

Why do girls always look more attractive upside down? I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

the picture is pretty but I couldn't help but notice a bulge.
and yes. I looked there.

Shelby Rebekah said...

your hair is still spectac. yes i abbrev, cuz its magnif.

lovely movie, eternal sunshine. the heroine also has abnormally colored hair :)

Stefan said...

that photo is a book cover waiting to happen. In fact it might have already happened and I just can't find it.

Melissa Kendra said...

I'm in love with the picture, I'm glad you put it up.
And, something just occurred to me: do you parents let you drink? like, go out and party and get drunk, drink? My mum is pretty Christian, it's how we've all been brought up, since my grandfather is a minister, and she almost killed me when I came home drunk one night over a year ago. And your parents seem to be more Christian than my mum, if that makes sense.

Lynn said...

I've always been a lurker and have never commented on your blog posts, but I wanted to say that I check your blog religiously and it really motivates me to write in my own blog.

Oh and FRICKKK (I sound like Elliot Reid) THAT PICTURE IS PRETTY.

toastburntbread said...

that is my favorite movie.
You also like one of my favorite books. I like your taste ;)
whooshwhooshspinnywoosh! That is the perfect adjective for being drunk! ^^

jessmcfadden said...

Haha I wasn't even going to put that picture online because it was going to mess up the proportions of my facebook album!

seurat2 said...

Very nice picture, if someone took a pic of me that good I'd post it too. Your description of being a little tipsy is as usual, both charming and accurate.

Larangutang said...

well at least you'll get a new outlook on the movie :P

Catherine said...

Some days I just feel too dumb and irrelevant to comment. Or I'm just really tired. Have fun watching your movie. I think I've seen part of it.

Katy said...

Great movie.
You seem to be very happy today. It's like reading the end of a Sarah Dessen book.

labyrinthalaska said...

Your hair is amazing, just so you know.

And congrats to your brother.
Also, speaking of best friends, I know what you mean by that picture feeling like the essence of your friendship. My best friend and I haven't hung out too much recently, but Sunday we're going to a concert and I'm just excited because we've been friends since I was born... next year with college separating us will be difficult.

Anonymous said...

have fun tonight hayles =] we'll all be thinking of you. what's up with you and that sebastian guy anyway??

Anonymous said...

omg the pic looks too cool! it just looks so colorful with your pink hair, tuquoise shirt, and purple shorts.

**have a sparkling day**


sophie said...

Your ability to write while tipsy is impressive.

Unlike, say the kids at my school;
one of whom just put "beer is gud." as his facebook status.

Sebastian said...

I agree! Tell us more about this Sebastian kid!

Chirstina Lee said...

You are very colorful in that photo. It's beautiful. Stefan is right. It would be perfect for a book cover.

ginger jones said...

Drunken posts ftw.

I didn't realise you were talking about Haiti in your vlog I thought you said Hady and presumed it was some odd part of the states.

My aunty fosters many kids. One kid came to her because his dad burnt his ear with a freakin' poker.

Scott said...

Yes. Oh my gosh, yes. Whooshwhooshspinnywhoosh. That's so... apt. I wish I was wooshwooshspinnywhooshing right now while watching good films with a fun person of the opposite sex.

And your pink hair is still pink. You and your conditioner bottle must really be serious. XD

Freya said...

That, I must say, is a lovely picture its actually quite artistic. Does Jess do photography?

Hope you had fun with Sebastian.

You should have him as a guest blogger, he seems like fun.

Steve said...

that picture it really beautiful, i love the colours.

also i love the whooshwhooshspinnywoosh!

Sam said...

I love your infallible ability to use big words, PLUS spell them right...While drunk. It's amazing. I also love how you said the picture describes the "essence of you and Jess' friendship". Beautiful. I have a few pictures that capture an essence not unlike that.

Have a wonderful day/night, Hayley. :]

Ben said...

You're very good with your grammar and punctuation when you're drunk. XD

Dan said...

Sorry I didn't comment on the religious beliefs post. I don't really know what I believe so I thought it best to not offend other people with my appearance of agnosticism.
You look truly beautiful in that photo and it's always a pleasure to see you.
It's really nice to know that you read all your comments. It makes the commenting worthwhile to know that you value the views of others.

Congratulations to your brother also. I'm sure he'll have lots of success.

revolutionaryred said...

Smoochies with Sebastian, I hope?

I'll leave a more interesting comment next post, but untill then, I propose the intitiation of 'Team Sebastian'. Because he sounds cool, and your ' it's complicated' sounds like a cool place to be.

Missy said...

I always love it when you say things that only make sense to you. :) I don't know why, but it's cute.

@Stefan I hadn't thought of that, but you're definitely right. Haha.

Nally said...

I wish my hair actually stayed pink when I dyed it. It went all white when I washed it and I looked like I tryed to dye my hair even blonder than it is.
Then when I let my friend dye it purple, it went grey and dead.
I'm going to stop messing with my hair. ANYWAY, my rambling point is; your hair looks nice.

Kira902k said...

I love the colours in that picture. Vividness = awesomeness.

Nicholas said...

Ooh... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. One of the movies I have to buy on DVD one day, even though it makes it feel less special to watch them. If that makes sense.

"Row" by Jon Brion is just a genious track in that movie and little Frodo Wood is as creepy as ever (or is that just my impression of him?).

Lauren said...

HEY LOOK! I have a face now!

I love that picture! You should post awesome snapshots of yourself every post! I won’t think you’re a narcissist.

Marlena said...

I totally understand what you mean about the picture. That's what I thought when I first saw it; it captures a feeling.
Also, pictures of you are good, because you are pretty, and I like your face.

A said...

I really hope you continue to address religion here - as someone who is struggling to find God for herself, it means a lot.

Steve said...

i've been looking at that picture for about 5 minutes now, and maybe it's because i'm a little, ahem...whooshwhooshspinnywoosh... but there's something about it that is literally amazing, i love it.

Julia said...

Alright, Hayley. I've been reading through these posts for the past three hours or so. (You know, nbd.)

And you are obviously quite the underage drinker. And your parents are obviously aware of it. And you are obviously Christian.

It just all seems so hypocritical.

Because I am shocked by your honesty, I am going to be honest with you and tell you that I am judging you a bit. And I understand that your honesty is much more valiant than mine and really I'm just being a bitch.

But I would like to say I'm adoring your angst. It's very entertaining. You've also changed a lot from the person you were at this time.

I appreciate how candid you are with this community, and for about a year I've been reading this blog and you've talked about how much you love it and how attached you are to it. And I never really got it, but reading these posts, I do.

Just... I'm reading this and starting to realize who you are, and though my opinion of you is changing slightly, I really admire you.

I'm sixteen. And I want you to understand that this is out of love, not hate.