Sunday, June 14, 2009

BOY DRAMA and Logging?

Before we begin, I need to tell you something awesome. I keep notebooks and pens on the floor by my bed (I have a bedside table, but that's for my phone, lamp, loose batteries/thumbtacks and garbage) in case I think of something brilliant as I'm falling asleep. I often flop over sideways and scribble thoughts down with droopy eyes, but they're usually illegible, nonsensical, or embarrassingly emo the next morning. Today, however, I awoke to this: "Everything I need in life that isn't a food or a friend is some blogging, some vlogging, and some snogging. Not so much logging, but I'm not that picky." I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF WRITING THIS WHATSOEVER. I nearly died. Wow. Okay. Back to our regularly-scheduled melodrama.

Some signs that you maybe have relationship issues:
--You don't finalize your breakup with the boy you've been flirting with since you were twelve-- not because you're heartbroken or nervous, but because you care so little that you'd forgotten about it.
--You finalize said breakup over a minute-and-thirty-eight-second phone call, ending with, "Cool; I'll see you later," on your part, and "Peace out," on his. *
--You go from practically pining for a boy you represent with the name of a pop star one night, then having a joyous conversation with him the next day about how great it is that you're over each other, and sort of almost mean it. **
--You have a thing with a friend for, like, a week, immediately regret it, then sort of want to have a sort of thing with them a few months later.
--You and your friends beat each other up to show affection.
--You go to a party with the person from item 4, run into the person from item 1 who's with another girl, text Item 3 during the encounter, and find it all really funny and nonchalantly nonawkward.
--And, most importantly, you leave the party at eleven so you can run home and blog about it.

*My phone conversation with Andrew (roughly):
Him: (very chipper) Hey! What's up?
Me: (equally friendly) Hi! Hey, I listened to your voicemail!
Him: (mild hesitation) Ah, yeah. So... you seem pretty okay with it.
Me: (happy as ever) Oh my gosh, yeah! I'm definitely very cool with it. And so are you?
Him: (cheering back up) Yeah, yeah! Well, I'm on my way to [our mutual friend's graduation party], so.
Me: Oh, okay; I'll probably stop by at some point. 
Him: Cool, well.
Me: Cool; I'll see you later.
Him: Cool. Peace out.

The party was FUNNY. Jess and TOLauren spent the entire time cracking up and begging me to go sit in a little circle with Andrew and his sixteen-year-old Abercrombie babe, just to embrace and stroke any amount of awkward tension we could muster. I did, for a bit. "You know what's funny," he said at one point, avoiding eye contact with me, "is that--" I cut him off and finished, "I accused you of being interested in her [the junior girl], and you accused me of being interested in him [my friend]?" He laughed and nodded, and I cracked up and head-bobbed. "I totally don't care," I told Juniorcrombie. "Don't feel awkward about this at all, okay?" She half-smiled. Terrified.

Goodness, I'm glad high school is over.

**The conversation with Justin Timberlake began when I started feeling inexplicably melancholy at my friend Seers's graduation party. Even though JT and I have been dissonant for a long time, and even though I went without speaking to him for weeks, and even though I preach for hours on end about how much I despise him, I naturally look to him for comfort. The reason he can hurt my feelings so deeply is because he understands my feelings deeply. The reason I hate him for being a bad boyfriend is because he's such a good friend. Anyway, he instantly made me feel better, and we ended up playing a game called Say Nice Things to Each Other in a Strictly Platonic Way to Make Up for Some of the Hatred. And... it felt kind of pleasant! Half an hour ago, I received this text that I want to immortalize: "Hi. Just wanted to talk to you. I love talking to you. Days are carpe'd when you talk to me often." So... here's hoping friendship is possible. I'm skeptical too, guys; don't worry. But I'll keep you updated on any progress/digression.

ANYWAY, on a note completely unrelated to my raging estrogen, I squee'd with joy while reading yesterday's blog comments. First of all, thank you for participating! At the present time, the post has 119 responses, and each one is cute, funny, or interesting. I feel for you, Kylie, who by chance received two Aaron Carter songs. Props to ivebeentheatrefied for being decked out in Jonathan Larson. Poor ifmemoryserves suffered an Ashlee Simpson attack, reminding me of this great video. All in all, I loved each and every comment. Thank you.

Chipotle burritos this year: 21
S'mores this summer: 2
Subscribers: 17,232

Bye, guys! This blog lacks continuity at best and sense at likeliest. If you're totally lost, ask questions in the comments, and I'll try to sort it all out for you when I'm not half asleep. Hopefully tomorrow. <3


April said...

You never know what can happen when you talk to an ex-boyfriend after a while of not talking. Mine has started to check in on my via facebook every few weeks. So far it's been completely uninteresting, but I look forward to the day when he finally says something that I'll be able to laugh with my best friend about afterwards.

Catherine said...

I kinda did get confused. But it was probably counting was involved. Hmm. Now I'm gonna go to sleep.

A.J. James said...

s'mores are soo good and a worthwhile addition to the tally count... hmmm, i kind of wish junior-crombie had a blog so we could see that from her perspective... No one misses High School HGH that is the beauty of only having to live it once...

Tom said...

I do the bedside notepad thing too and sometimes they come out neat. Once I woke up to find the phrase "Even you and I will exist from time to time," which I sorta liked.

lindsey said...

Usually anytime you get back with an ex it ends up making things worse and wayyyy awkward. But I'm sure you know that.

But yeah, JT sounds like an interesting fella. Just let me know whether I'm supposed to like him or hate him because I'm not really sure anymore.

Faith said...

Oddly this post has made me jealous of your life. I'm working on the itunes thing, btw. Knowing my itunes, it will be all Jonas Brothers and Avril Lavigne. But that's cos itunes always plays the stuff I never listen to anymore.

That Kid From Brazil said...

Is your boyfriend called Justin Timberlake?

Yeah, I guess I'm kind of totally lost, haha.

I love the way you write, Hayley, it's so nice. I admit I have to have a dictionary around sometimes, but it's awesome!xD

A-Man said...

When and hopefully you are in college( which you failed to mention what you are going into) the drama that is happening now will escalate and happen in the next phase of life. My cousin who just got done with her first year told me this today. Cousin said that when she got back home after the 1st year to her hometown, no one changed and history repeated itself. Just a heads-up for the upcoming nonsense.

ZippedTight said...

duuuuuuude andrew took sarah to the grad party? how awkward.. ha. and ew, abercrombie chick? please. sarah doesn't even deserve that name.. more like wanna-be. i effing hate her. she tries soo hard to fit in with some of us.
ugh when i first heard about andrew cheating on you with sarah.. i wanted to tell you so bad. i hate when people cheat, it's happened to me recently. and seriously i wanted to punch sarah.. but sense i don't know you, hardly, i kept my mouth shut and it appears you found out anyways. kinda lame i got on and stated following your blog, but i'm kinda an undercover computer geek as well.
oh btw, tonight at a grad party you came up in conversation.. someone thought a certain person from '08 sounded like you, and then i learned who "vandalized" your truck.. my guess in earlier post was right. it was that crew.
anyways, i absolutely hate that sarah and andrew can be together now... shes an idiot. hes about to go away to college. whatever, at least you aren't hurt by it.. i still kinda wanna punch him in the face for cheating on you and all that. ugh.

Just, Ale said...

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me in a terribly written letter. (He wanted to b-r-a-k-e up.)
Now he's dating my best friend. Everyone thinks I'm mad, but oddly enough, I'm not.

By the way, I think everybody needs some blogging, some vlogging, and some snogging in their life.

You make me smile.


Leah said...

First thought: "I should be a whiny bitch and complain about how you never talk about how I'M a fun and good friend."
Second thought: "That's annoying."
Third thought: "Ugh. Pity mentions are worse than no mentions."
Fourth thought: "The transcript of this thought process would probably be more entertaining than any actual comment I could come up with."

My life is a sad life.

Oh, but you insisted on going to bed before I could tell you I'm probably getting a job tomorrow. So, I guess actually today. So... that's happening.

And this post was honestly remarkably coherent- the only problem was the failure for the footnotes to make it to the actual... bottom of the post.

Leah said...

Why do I talk?

Katy said...

Please try not to fall back into a think with JT. You're out of high school, you don't need that anymore. Go out and be an INDEPENDENT WOMAN before professing your love to this guy who hurt you so badly <3

This coming from the girl who hurt him so badly.

... twice.

Anonymous said...

Woah. So, that could have been awkward. haha. Very glad it wasn't. Props for talking to Juniorcrombie. heehee.

Hope everything works out well with all involved. Though I remain very wary of JT.

Also, "logging"? LOL. I used to keep a notebook by my bed too. Just-before-sleep thoughts are fascinating. In those moments, everything makes so much more sense.

Anonymous said...

Woah. So, that could have been awkward. haha. Very glad it wasn't. Props for talking to Juniorcrombie. heehee.

Hope everything works out well with all involved. Though I remain very wary of JT.

Also, "logging"? LOL. I used to keep a notebook by my bed too. Just-before-sleep thoughts are fascinating. In those moments, everything makes so much more sense.

Alex Cee said...

Writing while half asleep usually yields the best results.
It seems like everything is coming together in your life in almost peaceful harmony. Kind of a nice way to start the summer. Or it at least seems that way with all the mutual partings and mutual whatnot.

Marlena said...

Maybe logging would be good? Y'know, express some emotions by hitting trees with axes? Like one of those smashed-glass mosaics, only more detrimental to the environment.
Just an idea.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, Hayley. I love you. Squee.

joy isobel said...

Oh Hayley, I will never grow tired of reading your blog. Every time I see a new post, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning.

Anyways, I think your readers need to know what exactly is going on with Justin Timberlake. Do you still despise him? It's looking like not so much anymore. Whatever, we all know you're going to meet some cute, funny, nerdboy when you start college in the fall anyways ;)

Oh, and Juniorcrombies are pretty much the bane of my existence.

Alyssa said...

This doesn't pertain to your post at all, but I finished reading "Charmed Thirds" today, and remembered something I wanted to comment on a while ago: You have a very McCafferty-esque writing style. Is that weird to say?

It makes me jealous that you're done with High School, and I've got to suffer through two more years. xD It is sad that I have encountered many Juniorcrombies already.

Phyllis said...

Not to be mean or anything but i just read ZippedTight's comment and it made me want to barf.

On another note, I don't really get this whole JT thing. Has he apologized? Is he really awful or was just being mean to spite you? What's the deal?

VicMorrowsGhost said...

"my friend Seers's graduation party"
I can't help imagining them as a blind peasant girl with a rag tied over their eyes dramatically pointing at people shouting YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!

Erin said...

I'm a tiny bit confused about the whole thing with JT, but I think that might be because you're conflicted on how you feel about him and that's getting relayed in your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow so i just read this and zipped tight sounds like they started stalking you because they don't like someone and are to cowardly to say anything?
But that situation is hilarious! I was really going to die laughing. It appears that juniorcrombies are everywhere these days haa i love that term

Julia said...

I'm very tempted to put the vlogging, blogging, snogging quote on my youtube page. I think it's hilarious. :)
I write down stuff like that sometimes.

Gerarda said...

Did you know in Australia we spell oestrogen with a 'o'?

natnel56 said...

I understood every bit of that...does this mean I'm a little too obsessed with reading about your love life? Yes, I think it does. Be scared lol

But I feel for you on the ex-boyfriend thing. It's always going to be awkward but its great your finding humour out of the situation, something that you are always able to do, I commend you <2

Chris. said...

Has to be the most complicated hayleyghoover blog i have ever read. I was confused at the first asterisk, and then there was another!! I'm easily confused, and i really enjoyed reading it, so i guess i'll let you off. All your 'yaay for finishing high school' makes me so jealous, 2 more years left to suffer through.

Anonymous said...

have to admit that blog was slightly hard to comprehend, but i figured it out in the end.
You sound like a highly amusing person to be friends with.
Oh, boys. *shakes head*

Natalie said...

I have a little pads by my bed as well, but I always tear pages out but get abnormally upset when the rings look really huge compared to the amount of pages left in it.
Yes, I am aware that I'm slightly insane.

Peace out XP

Sara said...

the half sleep mind is crazy. This morning I had a dream between the time that I first woke up and when I got up that I was in a relationship with my best friend's little brother, who partially through the dream became Nick Jonas. It was weird.

Catherine said...

I don't know if I should be upset that you caved and talked to JT, or if I should be extremely jubilated that, after this conversation with JT, you are not wallowing in a pit of pity and self-despair.

Anyway, yay for Hayley! Yay for final-ness with Andrew and yay for getting along with Justin Timberlake. Yay for not needing logging? =)

ZippedTight said...

to respond to the haters on my comment..
i tell sarah everyday that i hate her. she laughs and thinks i'm kidding. but really, i'm not.
i don't post shit about her on the internet because i can't talk to her face.. that's immature and stupid. she probably doesn't even read this blog. not sure she'd know how to find it.
and it pisses me off cause i thought andrew and hayley were really cute together.. and really andrew is just as bad as most of the other guys in '09
i guess why i'm posting under this name and not my real one, or simply messaging hayley on facebook is because all the people that talk shit about hayley or consider sarah and andrew to be a good thing are people i'm around everyday. so no need to start more drama when i can share the information and opinions i have on the topic via anonymity on the internet, right?
plus it's more fun this way.. i enjoy following people i know via the internet. HAC and hayley post some pretty entertaining stuff :P

Jessy said...

I got really really confused. But I hope that I did understand it in the end. It just proves that you can write.
And I like to think that you inspire people to write Blogs themselves.
Oh and that you keep a notebook and some pens beside your bed is a really good idea. But since I'm kind of lazy and forgetful I would firstly never ever tidy my room properly and secondly step on some of those pens, when I have to let my cat in. In the middle of the night.

BenCracknell said...

Hey Hayley.
I know that your probably way to busy for this, but if you ever run out of material, and your looking for something a bit lik your style to read, then you should come and check my blog.

It's baisically me bitching and my day. Wait, that sounds really depressing and emo. But if i dont agree with something, then i write about it.

You have to read it to understand.

So come by and check it out.


btw. amazing blog as usual. x

toastburntbread said...

hayleyghoover, can i take "everybody needs some blogging, some vlogging, and some snogging in their life. "
and put it under my favorite quotes on facebook? plleeeeaassseee? *asks in super whinning voice.

Scott said...

I haven't checked Twitter in three days, but when I saw your tweet advising blog readers to get ready for a bomb this afternoon, I immediately stopped what I was doing and ran here as fast as my rural-Canadian internet connection could get me. Not disappointed.

Rachel said...

I sometimes do that whole bedside notebook thing, but I can never decipher my chicken scratch in the morning.

I loved that part about Justin Timberlake; very eloquent and funny.

annaface said...

So I read this last night after returning from a grad party but wanted to read it again. And I get the lovely ad at the bottom of the post:

"Feels like nothing's there!"

x0brittx0 said...

i envy you for being able to be friends with the ex. maybe i haven't gotten to the part where i don't hate his guts but i definitely couldn't play the "say something nice" game with him.

Sarah said...

Haha your life is certainly more interesting than mine! Even without all the boys - the s'mores alone are making me jealous. :)

Re: JT - I think that after a breakup, only you can know whether you are able to be friends with your ex. And sometimes it takes a while of alternating between friendly/not friendly to figure it out ... that process sometimes just needs to happen. So good luck with that is what I'm saying, lol! Keep us posted...

Nazrine said...

Ok... that's sort of confusing.

I really like the idea of the bedside notebook thing :D

Freya said...

First off the thing you wrote mid-sleep is GOLD.
Secondly, You and Andrew have a straaange, strange relationship (Not that we hadn't already discovered that).
Thirdly, Im glad you and JT can talk now, but protect yourself Hayley, 'cos he doesnt deserve to be your friend if he starts acting like an ass again. You are far too lovely and loving for that kind of abuse.

Janet said...

I was scared on yesterday's blog comments. So many people commented I thought my little blurb would get lost. But we're back to the 40s again, so yay!
Oh, and I'd like to it weird that I thought your before-bed jotting SHOULD be made into a new Hayley rap? I'm just saying. ;)

89ravenclaw said...

I have nothing actually to say. I've been cleaning all day, and am too burnt out to think of anything witty or entertaining. But I will say this:

I'm going to see you in less than 2 months. Holy frickers. It's about time.

ifmemoryserves said...

I have to admit, I squeed internally when you mentioned me. Is that sad...? Eh, whatever.

ifmemoryserves said...

Also, you've inspired me to keep a notebook next to my bed. I'm sure my thoughts right before sleep would be quite interesting to read in the morning. haha

Rebecca said...

Youtube recommended this to me after watching your 'I Like Boys' video

Anonymous said...

Psh. getting back together with ex's can totally go well. you're not even talking about getting back together though... you're just talking about friendship. so why not? good luck! <3

erin meagan said...

"Everything I need in life that isn't a food or a friend is some blogging, some vlogging, and some snogging. Not so much logging, but I'm not that picky." That is great.

I loved reading the comments with all of the playlists too! It was so cool, and my results were ridiculous.

Kaitlin said...

Counting how many smores you've eaten?! :) Hayley, you're too cool. Well, That note made absolutely no sense to me either, but I'm glad you're on good terms with the Ex boyfriend thing. Also that you may sort of be friends with Justin Timberlake. Kind of.

Christy said...

You don't need LOGGING in your life? HOW DO YOU LIVE?

Nokorola said...

Hayley, awesome bedtime poem.

'Juniorcrombie' is my new favorite nickname.

Glad to see you getting along with *all* your friends.

::allison:: said...

Wow; I'm not the only one who writes stuff in notebooks under their beds and has no recollection of doing so!

inkstainedpages said...

Hayley, I am now halfway through the third book of the Jessica Darling series, and I understand why you like it so much. She reminds me of you a lot! :)

Kylie said...

If I wrote down what I think at night before I go to bed, then the whole world would hear about the fact that the guy on the Pringles can must be british since he has a large mustache and Pringles are labeled as "crisps" on the can. You must be very brave.

Continuity is for the weak.

and, yes, I fangirled all over the place since you mentioned my name. But I'm still cool. Because real fangirls man up to their squee sessions.