Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Lauren.

Celebrity guest numba onnneeee: Lauren/Lor/TOL

If you came to this blog expecting the usual deep thoughts, metaphors, and natural beauty that Hayley effortlessly spews here, then I’m sorry to disappoint you but the rest of this blog will not be as eloquent and grammatically correct as my friend.
Okay so this is the part where I’m going to talk about myself.
-I’m Lauren, and I learned how to spell my middle name a few years ago. It’s spelled Nicole.
-Hayley and I have been friends for 11 years.
-My words come out much faster than my brain processes them.
-I like playing the piano, taking pictures, and playing lots of video games.
-I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. Sorry if I just lost your respect by saying that.
-My favorite movie is The Fifth Element and my favorite musician is Beck.
-Monsters Inc makes me cry.
-I also think Chipotle is one of God’s greatest gifts.

Since my life right now consists of nothing interesting because all my friends left me (for Haiti and RFKC), I guess I’ll just tell you guys some history of me and my friend.

So hayleyghoover and I became good friends in second grade. We were extremely obnoxious. There was a girl in our class who just moved to America from China two years earlier and we decided it was our duty to give her American lessons. So whenever she meant to say “excuse me” she would say “accuse me” and in response, we would shout “YOU DID IT!” Not my proudest moment. We would also write stories together on an old 90’s story maker program on the classroom computers. I remember “The Small Apple” which was a never ending story of an apple who would have freak accidents and have to get plastic surgery to become a different random object. There was also “Stop Junior!” about a kid who would do bad things and get yelled at. We still quote from this story to this day. (You must read this quote in a British accent.) “Junior! If you would behave, you’re father would stop throwing lightning bolts at you!” Apparently his dad was Zeus? I don’t know…
Over the next couple of years our coolness just kept growing. We decided that Veggie Tales was all the rage and brought our Larry the cucumber plushies to school every day. We would sit on the top of the slides and sing Christmas carols and replace the words with veggie tales things. We would not let ANYONE go down those slides. But secretly, everyone wanted to be those two girls blocking those slides ;)

Skip a lot of years until you get to this past March. I was soooo bored. Hayley was sooooo bored. So we lay on my bed and whine to my mother. And you know how mothers are, the only suggestions they have are “go play cards” or “make a sandwich” and then my mom gives us money and says to go to fun n’ stuff. (It’s not fun btw. Just a crappy skating rink and an arcade.) So we drive with full intentions NOT to go to fun n’ stuff and get my nose pierced instead. She suggested we do something rebellious and I was too tired to disagree, so we did. I still barely remember it because of how tired I was.

OH I KNOW! I’m bringing sexy/unsexy back!
-Neil Cicierega. Specifically holding toy food in front of a camera.
-All video games. Speaking of video games, anyone play animal crossing? It has seriously taken over my life. The game kills anyone’s social life because it’s designed that you have to play every day. Also just got the sims 3 and not liking it so much yet. What are your opinions? I like talking about video games.
-Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and those roots!
-Boys that can draw.
-Justin Timberlake.
-Mika. I will never understand Mika. Although catchy, Lollipop still haunts my dreams.
-Um. Feral children?

Well there ya go. Forgive me, my last experience blogging was xanga back in sixth grade. Classic stuff there. I thought I’d just give you guys a little picture too. This is from the Moaning Myrtles show. And Hayley, although we like to poke fun at your fame, don’t take it personally. We do it with love and admiration :)

Keep checking for another secret guest appearance this week!

Chipotle burritos this year: Not as much as Hayley! But still a Chipotle fangirl.
S'mores this summer: Not a big smores fan. OH and I think someone mentioned they didn’t know what a s’more was! It’s a honey flavored cracker thing+ chocolate+ toasted marshmallow+ another cracker.
Subscribers: 1!


Nally said...

We've heard so much about you :P

I didn't know what a s'more was either. But now, I guess I do.

loveacrosstheocean said...

Nice to meet you! I loved the stories of you and Hayley, the lightening bolt dad story sounds SO COOL.
: )

The Vagabond said...

That's great. Hayley obviously has some very awesome friends.

I've messed around with the Sims 3 demo a couple of times while I was in the apple store waiting for my phone to be fixed and I wasn't very impressed. It doesn't seem like a very worthwhile purchase because there didn't seem to be many differences. I suppose it was a little bit more detailed than Sims 2, but I was very unimpressed. That could have been because it was just the demo, but I'm not prepared to spend $50 to disprove that theory.

I was also very sad to discover that it was impossible to make a Spock sim. :-(

Kasey said...

The Sims 3 crashes on me every time I go to build something. I do not like that.

Also, you are very cool, and thanks for the post! It was awesome.

GEORGINA said...

TOL :)
I haven't played the Sims 3 yet. A friend got it but I can't play it until I complete SSX3 on the PS2. Again.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Lauren! It's wonderful to finally meet you! Don't sell yourself short I think you made a fantastic blog post. It's fantastic to hear other sides of the story and meet the other people that Hayley can't shut up about.

Not being a Potter fan is ok, as long as you read at least one book before giving it up for lost.

You don't like the Sims 3? That's a real bummer. I love the Sims 2 and was going to get the Sims 3 with my leftover summer money. What's such a downer about it?

Missy said...

It's TOL! :O

Animal Crossing ruins lives, yes. I spent an entire summer playing that game! haha.

Allison said...

Animal Crossing is Nintendo brainwashing it. And I love it.

I need to have a Chipotle burrito; for goodness sake, one opened five minutes away from my house (via car) in February!

You brought sexy/unsexy back! <3

Joanne said...

I always used to play rollercoaster tycoon religiously, and made people pay like, $50 to use the washroom.
oh! and for the longest time, I honestly thought I spelt my middle name "Christine" with a "K." And, I could never remember if my birthday was on the 30th or the 31st.

Redcabbageispurple said...

This is a very rare time in my life where I wish I were still cool and still played video games... But, alas, I don't play them because they hurt my wrists.

Anonymous said...

VEGGIE TALES FTW!<333333333333

Freya said...

Oh my god its TOL! You are just as awesome as Hayley had described. Although I have to admit im a little dissapointed at the lack of Potter love. Aghhhh I want Sims 3 so freaking bad!

I agree about Mika, I never liked him. His voice is high, which is an achievement but its still shit.

Brad said...

I think you filled in for Hayley quite well TOL!

labyrinthalaska said...

Well done filling in for Hayley. The part about the two of you writing stories together made me laugh. I wish my father was Zeus...

Gavin said...

Oh Lauren, you had me at "my favorite musician is Beck".
Qué Onda Guero

Lauren said...


And I don’t like the sims 3 very much because it’s kindof slow on my computer and I’ve just become bored with live mode. Maybe it’s just me growing out of it. Maybe I’m Sims 2’d out…

Anonymous said...

Question: What does TOL mean? I haven't been reading Hayley's blog for that long and I'm curious, but not curious enough to read hundreds of old blog posts to find out.

Dan said...

Yay TOLauren! We've heard so much about you. It's nice to met you in blog form :)

Melody said...

Nice to meet you.
Oh, and I don't have any interest in Harry Potter what so ever. You didn't lose any respect for that!

CRUNKRacoon said...

lol! TOL, you make me crack up.
I happen to love Mika's Lollipop
and his name too.
I want to own a kitten and name it Mika one day, boy or girl.

Katy said...

Like real food but is toy.

Bianca23 said...

Lauren, we finally meet you!! Don't worry, you wrote a very good and entertaining blog. It's interesting to hear other people talk about Hayley hehe.

Are you going to blog now too? I see you've already written one.

Oh and I'm not a big Harry Potter fan either so you're not alone.

Christy said...

This blog was AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Nice hearing from yah TOL! <3333

Animal Crossing? Niiiiiice! I became an addict a few years back.

Hahaha, a friend and I did that to an exchange student too. Oops.


Cat<3 said...

For whomever asked what TOL stood for, it means The Other Lauren and its a reference to TOC(the other colin) in john green's An Abundance of Katherines. (she's The other lauren cause most people think of lauren fairweather(of five awesomegirls/the moaning myrtles) when lauren is mentioned in terms of the internet). (:

wow that was not meant to be so detailed (and sound so creepy). Haha(:

Larangutang said...

I finally broke out of my animal crossing addiction! That game is so boring if you really think about it haha.

Larangutang said...

P.S. My name is Lauren to lol. Just thought I'd throw that in there. Also, video games are amazing :]]

toastburntbread said...

you sound super awesome Lor. ;)
i hear a lot of people don't like the Sims 3, but today i was talking to some people, and they were telling me how awesome it was, so I guess it's either thing you love or hate. No inbetween.

Haley Slater said...

omg, it's teh legendary TOL! *faints*

...not really. But i'm still pretty excited :D

LOL The Chinese girl thing sounds hilarious. Reminds me of my English teacher - she's Spanish, so she says really weird things and then lectures us about pronunciation while I sit and facepalm in a corner.

I've never had Chipotle. Or s'mores, and I think I'm definitely missing out on something the way Hayley goes on about it.

toastburntbread said...

TOL- means "the other Lauren"
like in the book by John Green called An Abundance of Katherines, the main character is called Colin, but another character also has the same name, so they call him "the other Colin" or TOC.
There is the Lauren from Fiveawesomegirls and there is the other Lauren who is writing in hayley's blog!

Elizabeth said...

I play animal crossing too it is addicting, it helpe ruin my social life along with YouTube and Pokemon

marchhatter said...

I knew a friend who would go to conventions and log into the animal crossing stuff on his ds and then run through people's towns and steal all their flowers. He dubbed himself the flower thief.

Elisa said...

Ahh, Beck. Gotta love him.
I was kinda-ish-sorta 10th row for his concert at Austin City Limits festival last year.
He came on 15 minutes late and left 15 minutes early without dooing an encore.
More of the moody type, I guess.

Nice to find out more about you, TOL! :]

Kristen said...

Hi Lauren. I enjoyed your blog post very much! I don't neccesarily hate Hollister, it's just that I don't trust an estasblishment where you can't look into the store, music is so loud you believe you have gone deaf by mearly walking by, and noxious fumes so pungent you're suprised your nose has not detached from your face. Abercrombie and whatever comes in second but only because you can somewhat see whats going on in there.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I was all laughing and nodding and smiling while reading this blog...until.
Until I got to the part where you put Mika under NOT SEXY.
He is the physically hottest man in the world, and his music and personality and AWESOMENESS are very very sexy.
But maybe I can forgive you for that because you put Neil under sexy. And I gotta agree with that. :D

Anyways, pretty funny-awesome blog. Yipee~!

joy isobel said...

You did an awesome job, considering the fact that you had huge shoes to fill :) I think "Stop, Junior!" should be posted on this blog, it sounds like a very amusing masterpiece.

Sebastian said...

To agree with Kristen, why would I shop at a store where the lights are so dark I can't see the clothes, and the horrible perfume gives me a headache? I went into a Hollister once and never. will. again.

Jordiekins said...

Shall we fix that subscriber problem?

What's your youtube account name? I don't think Hayley would mind you using her fame to earn some subs.

Luana said...

Hey TOL! hahah nice blog post, like mostly everyone else mentioned, it's nice to meet you! Video games! i LOVE video games, i was ridiculously obsessed with any sort of "tycoon" type games until last year. Roller coaster tycoon was unbeatable though--no arguments. Also, sims = love. I haven't purchased sims3 yet, but i'll always love sims2 no matter what.
I loved making characters; that was my favorite part!

I think we can all help change the number of your subscribers given your username :)

Mikey B said...

Animal Crossing is awful. It's like Neopets on Speed.

Well done on the fill in.

A.J. James said...

TOL!!! I just got back from the Portland Gathering and it was sooo awesome to see a guest blogger here... you did a fantastic job... hope to see more of your words in the future... ( I bought Sims 3 as well and was also not impressed by it, I have only played it once in the month that I have owned it.)

Rachel said...

TOL! It's a pleasure to meet you. You sound like a very interesting person. We've heard so much about you from Hayley. Oh, and the crackers on s'mores? Those are called graham crackers. [=

MegTao said...

It's so great to read a blog written by you after hearing so much about you from Hayley! :) I'm not a big video game player myself. The last one I played for any length of time was Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on Gameboy Advanced, which I only got because I really liked the theme song on the commercials...

Still haven't beaten the second part where you play as Riku... *sigh*

lindsey said...

Oh how I have longed to meet TOLauren. And you did not disappoint!

I also had a Chinese-American friend when I was in elementary school. We always forced her to be the Yellow Ranger on the playground.

Kate Andrew said...

feral children are the most unsexy thing.

good job blogging! XD

jennyxdoodle said...

i have to disagree, but with only one thing. Mika being Unsexy. I love Mika, like way more than any other musician or artist. He is definitely sexy.

Katie said...

we may have been great friends if you liked harry potter.
and lived in my state...

Kay said...



Nokorola said...

Hi Lauren!

-Monsters Inc. is a very heartwarming movie.

-'she would say “accuse me” and in response, we would shout “YOU DID IT!”' --Awesome.

-Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are great. (I'm looking forward to the Saved By The Bell reunion!)

That is all.

Kat said...

I am totally late with this comment, but I had to chime in because:
-not loving HP kind of does the opposite of making me lose respect for you
-But I adore Mika, so. Seriously, the man is RIDICULOUS. Exhibit A:

Plus he speaks fluent French, and that is supah fun to listen to ( par example).

LalalaLisa said...

I was on holidays and so am very late catching up on my blogs, but tis very nice to meet you Lauren! Though there had been little doubt in my mind of your awesome, it was just now confirmed by your mention of Neil Cicierega, who as we all know is a god. And it's comments like yours that make me hesitant to buy Sims 3 before going away for the rest of the summer, cos I reinstalled Sims 2 the other day, and it's so good, I don't think they could make it better, and the fact that it's been getting quite meh reviews from my friends...
And I first found out what a s'more was from Hayley, in one of her videos I think, before I just thought they were roasted marshmallows, cos I only ever heard them in a campfire context..