Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey Guys

I'm Sebastian, your other celebrity guest!

I've been thinking about what to write, and I don't really know. I had a brilliant revelation last night as I was falling asleep, but I forget it. So I'll just write, and hopefully it'll be entertaining.

Things I've recently discovered:
- Donovan
- The word soigné
- Crusader Kings

Ten minutes ago, I finished my first Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions, but I haven't had near enough time to process it. So I won't be talking about that. Next I'll be finishing the last couple chapters of Eats, Shoots & Leaves and then diving headfirst into The Fountainhead, which promises to be a very long, trudging and dreary journey into the wonders of capitalism.

Oh, Harry Potter! I could talk about that! I've read and own all of the books, and the quidditch one and the bestiary one, and they're good. Well, OK, I didn't read the first book; I listened to it. Close enough, right? My favorite is Order of the Phoenix. I'm just not into them in a geeky way like you guys and Hayley.

Not that there's anything wrong with being geeky! This is sort of embarrassing for me, but I used to be into Halo in a really, really big way. I missed Homecoming freshman year to go to a Halo gathering several states away. I own the first three Halo books and The Art of Halo. I camped out at the release of Halo 2. I was pretty involved in the fan community. Before that, it was Pokemon -- I read fanfic, I tried to write fanfic, I had an Angelfire site and about a million Expages sites (for those of you who remember those -- weren't they great?), my first AIM screenname was pokemaniac829287, I played the Gameboy and N64 games, I played Pokemon cards. Currently, I'm not really particularly geeky about any one thing -- kind of in a lull. I'm sure something will come along sooner or later.

Somewhat tangentially from the geekiness thing, what do you guys think about pulp? I've sort of recently come to realize that everyone has their pulp, and those who don't are really, really uptight. My dad watches war movies, Jess listens to pop music, Hayley reads Twilight, and I like H.P. Lovecraft, scifi and zombie movies. You can be as high-minded and pretentious as you want, but everyone needs to relax with something downright trashy.

Hey, do you guys think that Hayley's ads are going to be for Halo or Pokemon now? My blog is very photo-heavy, without many words, but I once posted something about mangoes. All of my ads have been for mangoes ever since.

Yeah. So. Um. Not sure what else to write about, so I guess I'll rob Lauren's wonderful idea of bringing back the sexy/unsexy list.

- Hayley
- Johnny Depp (and, by extension, pirates, barbers, and people with scissors for hands)
- No Doubt
- Things made of white plastic

- Justin Timberlake
- Pollution
- Owning too many cats
- The Black Plague

Well, kids, that's it for me. Lor may be making another appearance at some point, so keep your eyes peeled.

Chipotle burritos this year: No idea. As much as I love them, I think I'm still in single digits.
S'mores this summer: 2, I think.
Subscribers: 5


Gomezzio said...

You were wrong about the ads- Now they're for Trojan condoms and 'Read Biblical Hebrew Online.'
It relates perfectly.

Allison said...

I wish the ads were for pokemon:
mine were cotton, free sex offender reports, and special needs camps.

Johnny Depp is sexy.

Lauren said...

I think you should be called Sebastian: Pokemon Master from now on.
My pulp would have to be vh1 reality shows. No matter how much I tell myself I won’t watch them, I end up watching every episode. Their stupidity entertains me I guess. But I draw the line with any show starring “New York”

A.J. James said...

My addiction is Spider-Man i was at the Portland gathering this week and some how managed to sit underneath a poster of Spider-Man at one of the restaurants we ate at... which started a photo war... as far as my pulp... i have no idea.... I love ridiculous mysteries... so maybe that... great job Sebastian...

maurrr said...

Aw what a bummer... all of my ads were for PNC. I'm not quite sure why...
And oh my gosh I love the movie edward scissorhands! Definitely very sexy.
Great job on the blog; you do it *almost* as well as Hayley, and I'm only saying that because few people can write with such effortless beauty like she can =]

moi said...

great job on the blog!! I loved reading your post!

Brad said...

If you like zombie pulp, you should check out 'The Zombie Survival Guide' and 'World War Z' by Max Brooks. Very cool books.

'The Fountainhead' is... meh. I know Ayn Rand has a lot of fans, and it's become very trendy to read her books, but I'm not a fan.

Not Really Rufus Wainwright said...

My ads were for Trojans too, like Hayley's always are.

Hey, Sebastian, what's your YouTube/Blogspot name? I'd love to read and watch more! Anyone who likes both Hayley and Johnny Depp are sexy is OK in my book.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sebastian! It's nice to finally meet you.

Huh, all I have is an ad for Skype. No fun.

Laura said...

I LOVE NO DOUBT! I just saw them in concert. :)

I wish ads for mangoes would pop up everywhere.

CRUNKRacoon said...

I think I approve of Sebastian. And not that it's my place to say this, but you're welcome to blog any time.
Or...wait you have a blog?
I think I'll so search for that. =]

CRUNKRacoon said...

Oh and I just noticed that all my ads were Johnny Depp. Amazing!

Phyllis said...

Hey, The Fountainhead was one of my favorite books of all time. Don't read it thinking its a big push for capitalism. The characters are great, no matter what they represent. There were times when I just couldn't put it down. A lot of it is written really well. Have fun!

Sarah said...

I love how the unsexy lists are somehow always listing Justin Timberlake at the top.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the first person I've encountered whose favorite Harry Potter book is Order of the Phoenix. Normally that sits towards the bottom of the list.

Katherine said...

I keep being confused as to whether when you guys say Justin Timberlake is unsexy, you mean actual Justin Timberlake or evil ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. I know what Hayley means when she says it but not when you and Lauren said it.....

Also, now that you said you have a blog I am really curious what it is so I can go read it ^__^

labyrinthalaska said...

My ads were for some food website and Public Enemies (new Johnny Depp movie), which I plan to see.

Good post Sebastien. I can relate to the pokemon phase you had. I've gone through every sort of card game... pokemon, yugioh, magic: the gathering, and I even have some Harry Potter cards. Thank god on being past all that.

Catherine said...

Just was at a No Doubt concert a week or so ago. You just got mad points for mentioning them. I whole-heartedly approve.

Adam said...

A. how was no doubt?
B. did you know that ione skye is donovan's daughter? i just found that out.
C. Hi!

Nazrine said...

LOL my ads were about meetic (a Spanish dating site thing), something called a Love Thermometer. I think the universe is trying to send me a message.

Johnny Depp is amazing :D

Sebastian said...

Brad - I own the Zombie Survival Guide, and World War Z is on my list. I am prepared. As far as Rand, I read Anthem and loved it (partly because I have a fetish for dystopia). She has fantastic diction, and I want to read something else of hers to see if I like her.

Adam -
A) So awesome. (He's referring to the concert I went to)
B) I'd never heard of her, but she was in But I'm A Cheerleader and Wayne's World, so I approve!
C) Hi!

Anonymous said...

The ad is currently of a "Geek 2 Geek" dating site that is trying to appeal to Harry Potter nerds. How appropriate. x]

Anonymous said...

hahah i enjoyed this =]

toastburntbread said...

I'm very thrilled that you were the guest blogger! We've heard so much about you!
My brother read fountainhead, and seriously, he will NOT stop quoting her books ( i was going to say the authors name but the spellings hard. It sounds like Ann Ran, but with more of an "i" sound. )
So if Hayley has an new love spree with capitalism, I'll blame you and your quoting.
I'm very glad that a guy has finally admitted to the sexiness which is Johnny Depp.

Robynne said...


Thanks for exposing your geekiness as your first impression on us. Very nice. And using the word "tangentially."

joy isobel said...

Oh man, Hayley's poor blog has been plagued with ads about condoms and other lovely things for the past month or so. The current one is something about SATs, so it's improved haha. Anyways, we welcome you with open arms if you like Harry Potter :) Also, Vonnegut is awesome, but yes, you do have to let all the awesome soak in for at least a few days.

Christian the Heretic said...

(For when you finally read this) Hayley, I kindofsortoftotally swooned internally when Sebastian listed you as the first thing under "Sexy".

I need to read some more fanfiction.

You're a total bitty. In the guy sense. In any case, Hayley is lucky to have you. Your hair is simply magnificent. And if Hayley is even vaguely fond of you (which, I'm sure by now you know she is), that speaks volumes about your levels of awesome. Meaning, they are high. Not high in the THC way, but high in the skyscraper way. That's all.

Oh, wait, no. That's not all. I've never heard of calling one's guilty pleasures "pulp". Is that an Ohio thing? You guys are crazy. My pulp is fanfiction. I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for eight years and Twilight fanfiction for a little less than a year.


Kaitlyn w/ a K said...

The ad I see now is "Harry Potter vs. Twilight." Oh dear. Hahaha.

Scott said...

I love how you, like me, are not afraid to admit your Johnny Depp man-crush. There should be more guys like us. haha

And I'd have to say my pulp is The Hills... Masses, please don't hunt me down. I love the music they play, even though it's way too mainstream pop, and all of the drama, and the girls. Although if The Hills had more zombies, I'd like it even more.

Anonymous said...

I love ANTM, it's a shallow show but I adore it.

Anonymous said...

Nice job bud. Rand is a chore so good luck.

Sebastian said...

Christian - My hair's a lot shorter now, sorry. I just really like that picture :P

And I sort of use "pulp" as a catch-all, stemming from this definition -
4: a magazine or book printed on cheap paper (as newsprint) and often dealing with sensational material

It's not quite the right word for it, but people know what you mean usually.

Gerarda said...

i like how you assume all of Hayley's readers are obsessed with harry potter. I'm not saying it might not be true but it's still funny.
I don't know what a homecoming is... so I can't really judge, I think Fall Out Boy explained it once on Australia tv. they failed.
I think you should listen to Muse. Then you would become obsessed with them and there would be no lull. =)

sophie said...

I really liked this; it made me laugh harder than it probally should have.

Adrienne said...

The ads for me were both smartfood, those supposedly healthy granola bars or something.
unfortunately, my guilty pleasure is the tv show Gossip Girl. god, it's addicting. worse than twilight.

i agree, johnny depp is extremely sexy.

Nally said...

Johnny Depp WINS.

Anonymous said...

what's your blog? or is that creepy?

Katie said...

My ads said "Only in a woman's world" and had a link it told me to click...but I think I won't. I don't even know what was being advertised, but it looked like a game or something.

My pulp is...texting too much. I see groups of teenagers all with their phones out, texty-texting away and I scoff at them. But I can't put my phone down for extended periods of time unless I'm with my boyfriend because he disapproves.

Also, note to Hayley. I approve of this Sebastian fellow!

Ravenclaw2313 said...

My adds are for:
Free Sex Offender Report
Youth Leadership Programs
Weight Loss Summer Camp
Emily Dickinson

Pretty good range actually, but I still wish they were for Pokemon. I remember being into Pokemon (mostly the games for me) and after that I was big into Yu-Gi-Oh, you ever get into that? Or Digimon? My brother and I have started watching that again and I still love it.

Freya said...

My ads were for trading your games in. Which makes a little sense.

SEBASTIAN! I asked Hayley for you to a guest blogger :) I dont know if thats why she asked you (I doubt it), but im glad she did.
You seem very lovely. Also your Nerd side is VERY welcome here. The Potter Fandom is awesome though, you should give it a try.

My Pulp...hmm Twilight I suppose. But only the first two books, I refuse to read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn ever again. I suppose I indulge in some bad pop music from time to time as well. Taylor Swift.

Nice reading about you Sebastain.

And Yes you Sexy List is pretty awesome.

Katy said...

Hayley obviously has good and geeky friends. What's not to love?

Rachel said...

Sebastian! We've heard many things about you. My pulp would have to be books. All books.

My ads were for Afro American Publishing, getting rid of unwanted books, 'Nan's Journey', Harry Potter series, and Harry Potter movie polls.

It was nice to meet you. [=

Christian the Heretic said...

Well that's a damn shame! You should grow it out again. It makes you look like an (admittedly attractive) angsty poet. Women definitely go for that sort of thing.

ANYWAY, yeah, not really the right word. That's alright, though. You're a little off-beat.
You have to be to hang out with Hayley...IN A GOOD WAY.

x0brittx0 said...

i agree that sebastian's name should be pokemon master. like - drop the sebastian and just call him pokemon master. or pokemaniac.

my ad was for twilight. boo

Nokorola said...

Hello Sebastian!

-Donovan and Vonnegut are both awesome.

-Nice 'Sexy' list choices.

That is all.

Jess L. said...

My Pulp is definitely secret life of the american teenager. The first season, (well the summer part) I used to watch the moment I got from from marching band (love love love dvr!). I now watch all of the episodes via the interwebz. Also, brittany spears' first CD... *blushes*

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