Friday, September 25, 2009

Tyra, Bonding, Cardboard

Goodness, I use my free time effectively. Through related video surfing, I've found myself watching an episode of Tyra-- yeah, seriously-- about a fifteen-year-old girl who's engaged and taking fertility drugs she ordered offline, hoping to have a baby with her eighteen-year-old boyfriend. He was her camp counselor, and now he lives with her mother, and the couple has unprotected sex twice a day. People are crazy.

"People are crazy," said the girl watching Tyra on her computer.

Hi! That happened yesterday. I had every intention of blogging in the afternoon, even started, as you can see, but my roommate invited me to go out with her, her best friend Heather, and Katie from Theatre. I agreed, despite the fact that I'd always gotten a vibe from them that they didn't like me very much, because all my school friends decided to go home this weekend. I dressed myself halfheartedly, hoping I'd hit it off with Heather, since she'd mentioned liking Harry Potter, and prayed I didn't somehow make my roommate hate me.

Well, alas. Heather and I did hit off-- seriously hit it off-- and in one night, my roommate and I became actual friends. After we waited for Heather's ditzy roommates as they spent a century changing clothes and teasing their hair, we broke away from them and Katie, Roomie, Heather and I had a dinner of Wendy's fries and Skittles-flavored hookah. Over smokey bubbles, I had a heart-to-heart with Heather, she successfully completed my challenge of naming all the Gryffindors in Harry's year, and we all acted like middle schoolers and took a lot of pictures. In a happy state, we made our way down to the party streets.

For the first time-- and you can quote me on this-- I had a ton of fun at a party in a stranger's yard. We made friends with some boy from Cincinnati, I defended my Creative Writing major to a couple of dumb guys who've never heard the word "vernacular" before, and Roomie and I somehow ended up doing the Hoedown Throwdown together. Later on, once all the fighting frat boys had left, we got to know a handful of guys, with whom we proceeded to scream "Don't Stop Believin'" in a circle. It was sort of disappointing when the party died down, but Roomie and I went home together, giggling and talking. Our dynamic has changed so much in the past couple of hours that I'm currently sitting in the corner of my dorm while Roomie's high school guy friends are in a row on my bed. Are you proud of us? Because I am.

As for today, I woke up at eleven, and before I showered or even brushed my teeth, I made the world's biggest post-breakup mistake and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Few movies are more beautiful, but I got kind of close to tearing up. The only cure for my film-induced heartache was a long shower and some productivity. Yes, I decided to brave the laundry room for the first time.

I had no idea how heavy half my laundry could be until I nearly toppled over and did broke one of my gorgeous, perfectly manicured nails in an attempt to save my underwear from spewing all over the hallway. Once I made it to the laundromat, though, it got better. I sat next to a cute boy for the two hours our clothes took to wash, but we didn't talk, because I took the time to get some writing done. The light murmuring sound of twenty spin cycles in tandem is really soothing and provides a good environment for concentration. Weird as it may sound, I'm kind of looking forward to my next laundry day. Next time, I'll only try carrying a load that weighs less than I do.

To burn off some energy, I had a Remus Lupins solo dance party in my room while I folded clothes, and was interrupted by the sound of Heather, Katie and my roommate, throwing pebbles at my window to be corny. They waved and came upstairs, when Heather said, indicated my laptop, "All the music on my itunes is wizard rock and showtunes." We hugged. I'm not kidding, guys. Things can be this good.

I was going to be a more active participant in the movie party currently happening in my room, but I was accosted by my RA's on my way back from the bathroom a few hours ago, and they put on these really sad puppy dog eyes and asked me to go with them to a charity event. I couldn't think of a reason to say no, and I didn't want them to have to register as a group at the event with no participants, so I saved them by having them register for a group... with one participant. It was okay, though, because it turned out to be kind of fun. It was for Habitat for Humanity, called Cardboard City, and the objective was to donate money for the homeless and build funny houses out of cardboard and duct tape in a parking lot. My group used giant rug tubes as pillars, and hung a flag from the tallest one. Another group constructed this brilliant castle with multiple rooms, and a trio of guys made a tower tall enough for them to stand in without ducking. I don't exactly understand how this benefits homeless people, but it was an interesting idea. And I got a free t-shirt.

As for now? I'm going to head over to my sister's house to bake cookies for her and her friends. It's good to bond with my peers, but they're watching one of the twenty American Pie sequels, and I don't think semen is funny. But maybe that's just me.

Sexy: Going along with the theme from last time, Cory Monteith from Glee. Sing to me and I'm yours!
Unsexy: How badly I need to buy a belt. I'm wearing really cute teal skinny jeans, and they fit really well, but they sit at the exact pre-ass point where not wearing a belt is dangerous business.

Chipotle burritos this year: 31
Bagel Street visits this school year: 4
Subscribers: 20,705

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Gomezzio said...

I'm glad you're having a great time!

You don't know how much your good times make me feel better. I found out today that in a year or so I have to give my first ever pet, a cat named Jojo, back to it's owner. :[

But yea, you make me feel better :]

Shauna Taylor said...

My school has a charity/awareness event similar to Cardboard Cities where people get together behind the central building on campus and sleep in cardboard tents or in sleeping bags for the night. It's interesting, though I could never do it. I'm too much of a wuss to sleep outside.

Your posts make me wish my Freshman year was this amazing.

Ida Ruda said...

Here I am at 4 am about to go to sleep, but of course I see you've updated so I have to read it. Gah, why does your life have to be so interesting?
Stop writing so brilliantly, it's messing with my sleep!

Caroline said...

I love Cody more than you.

That is all.


Eddy said...

This blog post makes me smile. Two and one half weeks ago, you were crying and saying you would being sitting in a corner and would never make any friends! You are such a wonderful person. How could anyone not want to be friends with you?

Anonymous said...

Woo! I baked cookies for my section tonight and between the dough and the cookies doubled my caloric intake for the day in doing so. ;) I left them on the table in the section lounge but I'm in my room with the door open and I just heard three guys walk by and shout "Dude! Unattended cookies. Grab some!"

I don't think I've met anyone who listens to wrock, but my roomie and the girl across the hall with whom I've seriously bonded are both HP freaks like me. Well, okay, maybe not QUITE like me. But life is gooooood.

Holly said...

Yay for socialising! I'm taking a leaf out of your book.
I usually hole up in my room, but tonight I'm going to meet up with a group of my nerdy friends (one of them is even a nerdfighter)! In fact, I'm so excited that I'll share with you our plan:
-Chinese food
-Drink lots
-Mario Kart Wii
Happy socialising to you too!

traderbob11 said...

Sounds like you've gone boy crazy.

And from where I stand(behind you) that pre-ass dangerous point is just great.

Hey you brought it up, I figured you wanted to talk about it.

I could spend hours here with the jokes,but since you only give me 4 lines......Just Crack A Smile For Me and we will talk later :)

elle said...

was the boy from Cincinnati asian and named Donnie or Devon???

Elizabeth... said...

You're all settled in now and your ability to make friends amazes me.
I go to Uni today.
Fingers crossed I find wizard rock lovers somewhere!


Scott said...

It's not fair how you get to meet some of the coolest sounding people on the planet. I have one other friend who's bat-shit insane about HP - everyone else from school just kind of looks at my time turner and says, "I like your clock."

They say university is where you're supposed to meet some of the most important people of your life, from your best friends to your spouse. I realize I'm only a second year, but so far, it seems highly unlikely.


allison said...


That sounds epic. Cardboard houses, cookies, Cory! It's very fun to read your blog!

And to commenter Scott: my parents met in their 2nd year of college and have been together for over 25 years. There's still hope. (:

xxTIFFANYxx said...

I knew you would have an awesome time at college! Im so happy for you Hayley :] And I never thought of you as the brightly-colored skinny jeans type? I guess we learn something new everyday! But seriously, you don't know how much of a good mood most of your blogs put me in. Hope everything in your life keeps getting awesomer!

Emily said...

@Scott - I think it varies for everyone. I was too busy trying to figure myself out and making stupid decisions to make too many lasting friends in college. I probably only had 2-3 because now I'm a very different person than I was when I first went away to school. I did go to grad school and THAT'S where I met my lasting friends/husband/etc. So everyone's experience is different and I certainly wouldn't stress about it.

Hayley - I love your blog. I actually read your blog and then Kristina's the other night right before bed and then had a dream where we were all hanging out in your dorm room. It was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley. Just wanted to say i'm really enjoying reading about your college experience. I started uni here in Swansea just over a week ago, and I've been finding it quite hard. I've never experienced homesickness before, but now that I'm five hours from home, it suddenly hit me. I'm a 20 year old who is shy around strangers but bubbly and loud around her close friends, and I'm a bookworm who also loves getting drunk with her friends and generally chilling. All of my flatmates, although lovely people, dont seem to like books, go out every night, and are confident and loud from the word go. It's a bit depressing. But I'm taking inspiration from you and am hoping to meet more people and feel a bit more confident!

Nokorola said...

Hayley, how exactly do you make every event in your life seem so darn interesting?
People still watch American Pie movies?

Making cardboard houses does seem like the best answer to the homeless problem.

Buy a belt and don't become one of those girls.

Have a wonderful day Hayley.

loveacrosstheocean said...

Although your intent was probably NOT to make me want to watch that Tyra episode, I kind of do...
thank you for sharing your adventures with us, I love this blog.

kira902k said...

I've found myself in that situation some times: watching Tyra (or something like it) and not being able to remember how I started.

Okay, the people you've met at your school seem way too awesome for reality. I'm so jealous! Why can't I be surrounded by wizard rock, harry potter, show tune loving people?


to_thine_own_self said...

Eternal Sunshine is one of my favorite movies <333
It probably would suck to watch it after just breaking up with someone, so I'm sorry about that.

But I am glad that you seem to be having a good time lately!


Ellery said...

This is SUPER random, but I feel like you would really like the song Electric Feel by MGMT. Definitely check it out. Love you and your blog! :)

VicMorrowsGhost said...

"...I nearly toppled over and did broke one of my..."

You did what? :O

Hee hee "pre-ass"

tranquilily said...

Today I checked to see if your blog was updated and it was the same one I read yesterday, so I closed it, and then it kept popping up over and over! Creepy! I think my computer is trying to tell me something...

Sean said...

holy crap hayley... i didnt realize you were such a freaking celebrity... geez...

Jessica said...

Seeing how much you enjoy college has made me check out Ohio University, and it surprisingly has all of the classes I want to take. Awesome!
Also, speaking of beautiful movies, you have to see The Fall. You just have to. Like, RIGHT NOW. It's even better than Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, even though that's brilliant. The Fall is seriously the most gorgeous, amazing film I've ever seen. Look it up on, if you get a chance. I promise you won't regret devouring it with your eyes (because it's impossible to simply WATCH a movie like The Fall).

Anonymous said...

Sigh I honestly wish there was such a thing as Eternal Sunshine. I would definitely like to erase my relationship of the past almost 10 years that has suddenly come to a halt and not by my choice. It is better to never have loved at all I don't care what anyone says. Just know you're not alone Hayleyghoover!

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