Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some More on the Ghosts, and Bullets

One thing about college that's less than thrilling is the fact that teachers expect you to read hundreds of pages in two nights. I'm currently sitting cross-legged on my bed, twisted around cords and wires from my laptop and phone, glancing helplessly at the dog-eared third of my Theater textbook I'm supposed to read by tomorrow afternoon. I want to brush the stale taste out of my mouth. I want to snap my fingers and have the pages magically seep into my brain. I want to pee. But, more than anything else, I want to blog quickly.

In bullet form, today I:

--Woke up around ten, spent a few hours lounging around the room with the shade pulled down and the lights turned off, watching videos and eating the perishables out of the minifridge. Painted my nails, took way too long a shower, paid too much for more required school supplies, lazed my way to class.
--Discussed religious misogyny with an actually diverse group: a Buddhist, a Jewish girl, a starch Atheist, an evangelical, a half-ethnic Muslim, and several shades in between.
--Made a fiveawesomegirls video, showing off my dorm.
--Had dinner with Katie, the girl from my floor/theater class.
--Spent way too long talking to Sebastian on Skype and a few seconds doing the same with Jess.
--Discovered old diaries from middle and high school, taking me back on first dates, through embarrassing horror stories, and to some really terrible metaphors.
--Sighed loudly and considered hitting "PUBLISH POST" prematurely just so I can feel like I've accomplished something.

In other news, the ghost stories get creepier. The girls next door couldn't get their door to open from the inside, and my roommate couldn't manage to pull it open into the hallway, either. Another girl from our floor reports showers turning themselves on, which reminds me that the other day, I assumed I'd accidentally hit a shower as I walked by, though I hadn't felt myself knock the handle. And, because we're not nervous enough already, a bunch of us are going to go visit the creepy hospital remains this weekend. *scary music*

Sexy: The fact that, even though it's a lot of reading, I get to do homework for a class about theater.
Unsexy: The fact that my roommate just turned the light off, at ten, despite the fact that I'm obviously doing homework and have to maneuver my way down from the bunk at least twice more.

Chipotle burritos this year: 29
Bagel Street Visits this school year: 1
Subscribers: 20,278

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Eddy said...

Today is awesome because we have a hayleyghoover blog and 5AG video.

Take your video camera with you when you go ghost hunting.

Allison said...

This blog cheered me up after an absolutely awful first day of school. The guidance dept screwed me up big time, and now I have to drop an advanced course for another advanced course, which makes that advanced course look less impressive because I'd no longer be a year ahead.

Your sexy is sexy.
How'd ya like glee?

Faith said...

I'm glad you like college. And I hope we can somehow see your Asylum video, even though your video camera isn't working with your new computer. :-(
That is really creepy about the door not opening thing. javascript:void(0)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your visit to the creepy hospital grounds. You should take pictures to see if you capture anything.

Anonymous said...

Are you being serious with all this ghost stuff? I would be completely freaked out.

Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now said...

Oprah used "your" song.

Anonymous said...

I just related your story to my roommates and I just referred to you as "my friend" in the context of the conversation, which is either incredibly creepy or mildly amusing. Probably a bit of both. So yeah, don't tell me I'm creepy, okay?

Julia said...

Ok, quick college advice from an old pro - don't read so much! As long as you skim them and brush up on the highlights before exams, you'll be fine, so don't kill yourself!

traderbob11 said...

Love the nails

Oh and I'm thinking of changing my screen name. But then people would know who I was-I kinda like the animity anomity -I'm not even gonna try to spell that word.

See ya Hayley

Margaret said...

That's about the only thing I'm not looking forward to about college: the homework. (POORLY WORDED SENTENCE) :)

flitwicks_choirgirl said...

that's one thing I do like about my course is that we don't have to do all the readings that other people do.

looking forward to hearing about the ghost busting adventure. :)

Ravenclaw2313 said...

I love that the add is for Goosebumps. Also you better have a camera on hand for ghost hunting. That will make a fantastic video.

Good to see that classes didn't ruin college for you.

to_thine_own_self said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing about your adventure in the old hospital. Haha.

All of this ghost talk is getting me in the mood for fall, for some reason.


Oh yea! I commented on your 5AG video, but forgot to mention that I loved your nail color. So yea. Lol.

Kirsty said...

Hayley I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with this blog...I'm moving to University in a week and it is so so comforting to read your blog and to watch your videos about the change...I sort of feel like, by following your blog, we sort of made the change with next week should be easy, as I've basically done it once already :p
Thank you :]

jennyxdoodle said...

Hayley you are the only reason I blog anymore. And you are the only reason I started blogging again after taking a quite a long time off from blogging. In high school I had a livejournal that I happily recorded my life in. Thinking one day this will matter, one day I will need to know this. And then as myspace and facebook came out I sadly forgot about my poor livejournal. I actually still have it and sometimes use it. But i find myself using blogger more and more often and you are to thank for that. thank you for helping me remember that recording my life is important to me. you really make a difference in peoples lives miss.hoover you really do.

LadySidi said...

Ghosts! <3

Katie said...

So creepy! In agreement with the above comments reminding you to bring your camera to capture any more creepy moments on film!

lindsey said...

Your dorm room is adorkable. Isn't college awesome??

eibbore said...

Loved the 5AG video today! We're on a increasing trends of you girls making videos. *happy*

Have a good time ghost hunting.


kira902k said...

Remember to bring your video camera when you go to the hospital!


Kelly said...

AGH Hayley just so you know, after reading your blog last night I went on to have what was possibly the scariest nightmare I've ever had, and of course it involved a ghost with a blood curdling scream like a banshee...

Anonymous said...

It took me a second to realize that you were not talking about actual bullets (as in bang!bang!). HaHa...I am in desperate need of sleep and a meal that doesn't come out of a machine...gah!

Can I say your college sounds so much more interesting than mine? All mine has going for it now is that it has a (sorta) new coffee cart.

Nokorola said...


Guinea Pig Poet said...

While I love watching your videos (creepy stalker? not really!), I must confess I like your blog better. You're so much more insightful here. Glad to know you're enjoying college, spookiness and all.
You're inspiring me to pick up the slack on my poor blog, we'll see how well that goes once I go back to work. For now though, I'm enjoying writing.


Casey Rose said...

Have you been possessed? Because you haven't posted in a few days and I'm worried.

Adrienne said...

your blog posts are kinda like the Harry Potter books. beautifully written with a large following that is desperate to read more. each post leaves you hungry for more, and we're very demanding. it's been three days- we're ravenous! did the ghosts attack you? please post again soon <3

ginger jones said...

I find myself continuously checking your blog each day because I miss you posts. Creeper as.

stageoflife said...


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