Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rescue Missions and Loitering

Good afternoon, blogosphere. Is there any word (coined by old people who have no idea what they're talking about) more nauseating than "blogosphere?" I'm going to start referring to this as "The 'Net," too. And going to dinner at Wendy's at four o'clock.

Anyway, how's it going? I talked to many of you last night, because my roommate decided to do a BlogTV show and I tweeted the link. It was fun, and she did a really good job, but I made the mistake of looking at a computer screen for too long a period of time before bed. All my dreams were of streaming video and twitter and usernames and all kinds of other mundane things that should not stay in my brain after I've shut my laptop. Blah.

The only other notable event of this week occurred yesterday. This cool girl from down the hall, Kelsey, had taken a bus to go to a dentist or something, and when she was done, public transport passed by her twice, stranding her. Freshmen aren't allowed to have cars on campus, but I have access to my sister's, because she's a senior. So, with the help of Erin's directional sense and my secret agent-like badassitude, Kelsey was rescued. ...It was significantly less significant than I'm trying to make it sound, to be honest, but so little has happened lately. So let me have this one hurrah.

Oh! I went home this weekend. I got to have Panera with Lor, and pretty much got kicked out of a Walmart with Jess for loitering, because those are the ways kids have fun in the farmlands. My oldest sister and brother-in-law were on vacation, and my brother was... out of state for some reason, I think... so my visit was rather uneventful. Other than seeing friends, hugging my parents, petting my dog, baking, and taking a bath, home isn't a whole lot different from school. Especially when the majority of your time is spent on your bed, talking to The Situation over Skype.

Ah, yes. So we've come to the one topic you're all dying to know more about. And I could tell you, but The Situation would probably extract way too much pleasure from the attention, and he doesn't really need any more. All you need to know, I guess, is that I have literally never felt so consistently overjoyed, and that he is inordinately good at being... good. Really. Look up the word "good" in the dictionary, and he pretty much fits all six definitions.

Again with the gushing. I apologize. Gross.

Sexy: Katrina (walllofweird on youtube). She just @replied me to tell me to update my blog, and I will, because she is lovely. And because I was already finishing when I saw her tweet. But mostly because she's lovely.
Unsexy: Having class until 10PM, as I do on Tuesday nights. The unsexiness of the time block is definitely counteracted, however, by the fact that I get to giggle the whole time with PJ, who sits to my right and is utterly fantastic, a million times over.

Chipotle burritos this year: 2
Subscribers: 23,945
Nail color: "I'm Not Really a Waitress," OPI


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment about the nail polish color. I'm not really a waitress is my mom's favorite AND my aunt's. And no, that does not make it a "mom" color. That makes it an awesome color, because Mom and Aunt alike are inherently awesome.

Like Hayely. Thanks for constantly brightening my day with witty writing - something the world seems to be strangely devoid of.


to_thine_own_self said...

Once again, Hayley, we are wearing similar nail polish.
Every time! Haha.

Anyway, I'm glad that The Situation is going so well and that you seem to be having a good time of things lately.


Snottlebie said...

Is that a new layout/banner type thing-a-ma-bob or am I just really slow/dense, it's been there for months?

Also, it's kind of my goal to get kicked out of somewhere for loitering, like a rite of passage or something like that...

CRUNKRacoon said...

Well, now don't I feel weird that I actually say "blogosphere". I can't believe that missed the BlogTV chat last night.

PJ DOES seem like a coherently awesome person. You tweet about him often enough, and I know he reads these (maybe). So, HELLO PJ!

CRUNKRacoon said...

Oh, btw I like your new banner thing. I made one myself that I'm quite proud of. I'll probably start making Blogger layout-type things as another way to procrastinate. *sigh*

Margaret said...

Even the "Unsexy" is good. You're TOO happy, Hayley.

Chelsea said...

That show was crazy fun. Your friends are cool. I felt really ridiculous in the chat haha xD

Scott said...

BlogTV was so fun last night! You Ohio Universitarians are a fun breed.

Anonymous said...

GURL! Your new banner is BANGIN'!

PJ Scott-Blankenship said...

That is such an exaggeration, it's only like a thousand times over.

CeliaAnn said...

I'm really likin' this Situation situation x]

Jordiekins said...

I've had such a boring week. I thought senior year would be so much more fun, but it's been a drag.


I'm so glad I have friends, though. We made a pact to them every monday. This past monday was "Manic Moustache Monday", where we all donned fake moustaches for the day. Next week is Mismatched Monday! We're wearing different socks (I typed "sox", excuse me, I'm tired)/shoes and other clothes that shouldn't ever go together.

Today was awesome because I wore cheesy cologne. It staaank.

See ya soon.

alyson said...

Being from Kansas, I completely get the hanging out at Walmart thing.

I've also got a class until 10 on Tuesday nights which is a bummer, especially since I have no PJ to kill time with.

My life is very boring.

wanna be a daytrader said...

Were you inviting most of the World to meet you down at Wendy's? Or did I miss a joke :)

See ya, Hayley

Belen said...

I love this awesomely happy Haylee :D

Happy to hear "The Situation" is treating you well. Oh and you should totally come up with a Superhero name for future rescue missions!

Katie said...

Your new banner is so cute!! :)

fireinthexdisco said...

I love that you're updating with your current nail polish now. It makes me really happy, since I recently got obsessed with nail polish too. :D
You should try For Audrey by China Glaze, it's a gorgusss color.

I think this is the first time i've ever really commented on your blog, but I've been reading it for a while now. I'm glad things are going well with The Situation, he seems like a really cool guy.

Anonymous said...

Ha - you and I have matching Tuesday night classes! :) Mine goes 7-10 PM and is required for my major (history), meaning I have no choice in the matter. Not my favorite thing. On the other hand, like you, I sit next to awesome people. I also have a really great (if internet-illiterate) prof. So that's all good.

TheSituation said...

*lurk lurk lurk*

DaisyJo said...

LOL at the comment above mine!

Nokorola said...

Relating to the "Blogosphere" comment Hayley, I think you should coin a term to call us readers... like Hooverites, or HGH'ers, or something that doesn't sound stupid.


Good job rescuing Kelsey, and getting kicked out of Wal-Mart, and all that other exciting stuff that makes my week sound as boring as it is.
So, that was a ramblefest of a comment.

Have a good day Hayley!

to_thine_own_self said...

Hayley, I know I've already commented this, but I must tell you:
The founder of Chipotle is going to be on Oprah today!

I thought you, of all people, would like to know. Haha.

Emily said...

Haha, me and my friends usually end up at Walmart when we're hanging out and bored. That or McDonalds. Usually both. God bless America.