Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nachos and Senryu

I know this is only my second quarter of college, but I'm beginning to think it's, like, required to take one long, miserably boring lecture, designed solely for perusing Facebook and playing online Scrabble. I'm in that class right now, but I have Leah on Skype and Passion tea in my left hand, so the PowerPoints about recessive genes aren't fazing me much.

School life is kind of slow and lazy lately. The foot of snow that covered every surface when we came back from Christmas break is now long gone, and it's been replaced by cold rain. My group of friends has been spending more time inside, and Roomie and I have been eating nachos at a rather disgustingly rapid pace. (Okay, okay. My pace is rapid and disgusting. Hers is normal and polite, but I wanted to pass off a little bit of the blame.) Tonight, I think I'm getting together with my new friend, Aaron, with whom I made the Nickelback jokes, to study for a Linguistics test, and then going to see a performance by the improv troupe whose Thundercats reference last spring was the ultimate influence in my decision to attend OU. ...Or I'll be too cold and snuggled in my bed to bother walking uphill, and will end up watching 30 Rock all night. (A quote from last week: "Oh, we're going to have fun! We're going to stay here and eat nachos and see who can fall asleep the earliest!")

In other news, The Situation situation is incomprehensibly fantastic. He's positively brilliant--shockingly, even-- but he thinks I'm the smart one, and we're always teaching each other things. He's complicated, but understanding each other is so easy and natural. And... I'm going to stop gushing now, before you all vomit onto your keyboards. Just know that I'm deliciously, deliriously happy.

Speaking of delicious, delirious happiness (which is a phrase I stole blatantly and bluntly from Megan McCafferty), Perfect Fifths took place in "real time" on January 19, 2010. In celebration, I reread the portions of the book that are written in poetry and swooned and mooned. Many of my blog readers have messaged to tell me how much they adore the Jessica Darling series, so, once again, if you haven't read Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty... do it. The first couple of books, while about a teenage girl, are jaw-droppingly smart, and the final book demonstrates what a masterpiece the whole series had managed to be, almost without your noticing. Trust me on this one. I'll leave you with a tiny sample of Senryu from the novel because, frankly, I cannot help myself.

XI. She writes
Stop, go, stop, go, stop
This train taunts and teases me
Just as you once did

XII. He writes
I like the way you
Fingertip-tap the paper
To count syllables

Sexy: Poetry. Not, like, rhyming "black" with "soul," but good poetry like John Donne and Shakespeare and Sharon Olds.
Unsexy: Eating butter.

Chipotle burritos this year: 2
Subscribers: 23,694
Nail color: "Mango Mango," L'Oreal


Gomezzio said...

I think eating butter is sexy. :P

You know what I also think is sexy? Pigtails. Headbanging. Copyrighted music. At the same time.

...Ok, ok, I'll stop.

Ida said...

Mmm, nachos.

And I bought Sloppy Firsts a couple of days ago, so I'll be reading that very soon.

ImJustDevin said...

I've read the first two books in the Jessica Darling series but, my library doesn't seem to have the third one. I guess I'll have to go to the book store to get it. (:

Stefan said...

to this day I'm always saddened because the improve group at our school made a sly reference to the gummy bears TV show (they're here, they're there, they're everywhere) and some how I was the only one laughing. My school needs more personality.

CRUNKRacoon said...

Haven't read sloppy firsts yet, but it'll be going on my reading list.

I won't judge you on your nacho eating habits. A disgustingly rapid pace is obviously the ONLY way to properly enjoy them.

Jordiekins said...

I'm beating you in terms of Chipotle consumption. You gonna let that happen, Hoover? C'mon, step it up!

Have a great day, yadayadayada, read ya soon.

Cece said...

I re-read Perfect Fifths on the 19th, too :) Thank God for Facebook, otherwise I would have completely forgotten, and been completely unable to tell Megan McCafferty just how much I want to be able to write as well as she does.

Margaret said...

Hayley! Did I ever tell you that I read Sloppy Firsts? Because I did. :)

Snottlebie said...

Deliciously happy? Yum. I want a bite.

Ergh, I'm a junior and in a couple days I have an all-about-college meeting with my counselor. It just worries; I hate making choices that will potentially close doors in the future (though it will technically open doors too...)

Also: Nachos. Mhmm...

Snottlebie said...

*it just worries me.

Typos. Grrr.

Kirsty said...

I do like the new 'nail varnish colour' feature.
I watched your 5AG vid before reading this and was admiring your nails and wondering what the varnish was, before remembering that you'd update us all on your blog.

Jamie said...

Just bought the entire Jessica Darling series yesterday. I can't wait until they arrive to start reading them! I hope they keep me sane as the onslaught of midterms begin next Friday.

Alice said...

I adore the Jessica Darling series! Kristy, I did the same thing! the second I saw your nails it was like "ooh I wonder what the name of that color is!"

Holly said...

Hungry for nachos now. Time to hit the kitchen!
And I will search for Megan McCafferty at the bookstore :)

Chelsea said...

It seems like life feels good right now ; )

I'm not quite at that place yet, but I'm on the cusp. It's approaching, and the precise moment of when I will achieve that feeling is unknown, but it will surely take me by surprise in the most wonderful of ways. The sun will shine and angels will sing, and for one glorious moment the world will rejoice. Or something like that.

Tamar N said...

I just got Sloppy Firsts out of the library and am planning on devouring it during my vacation, because we're going to Jamaica (SQUEE!), but there will be basically no internet and probably no TV, so reading it is! Not that I don't read. Please. I got out of bed today at 12:30, and not because that's when I woke up. I woke up at around 10, but I finished The Key To The Golden Firebird instead of, you know, being social and/or active. Yeah.

Snottlebie said...

Ok - I just saw this fan page on Facebook and couldn't help but laught out loud.: Every time I hear the word "Situation" I think of Mike "The Situation."

It's almost surprisingly relevant.

wanna be a daytrader said...

Um...I was gonna steal-er I mean "quote" something from Sharon Olds to write here..
But after looking at a couple, It was a little too far for me to go.

Well here, on this blog, at least....

see ya, Hayley

Scott said...

I didn't realize how much I like poetry until my English lit class last semester. Before that it was a chore, now it's incredible.

And you sooo don't want to get me started on nachos. Think about you and chipotle. Then move to Canada. Then become a boy. Then replace chipotle with nachos. And voila, you have a Scott!

Coralinehope said...

Thanks for dangling The Situation right in front of our faces then SNATCHING it if were eating butter or something nasty like that!

Larangutang said...

Woohoo, another book to add to my ever expanding list :D

gaby said...

I started reading the Jessica Darling series, because you mentioned them in a video, I LOVED them. Again, thank you, I don't think I'd have found it without you saying it.

I finished Fourth Comings on the 19th, which was perfect because everybody was tweeting things about Perfect Fifths and I didn't want to catch any spoilers, I can't wait until I start the final one.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Hayley, I'm sorry I'm so pedantic, but I really think it's necessary at some point in life to learn the difference between "phase" and "faze".

Phase: a cycle, stage, etc
Faze: to be taken aback, jarred, nonplussed, etc.




Allison said...

Okay, I'm a junior in high school and my mom has been pestering me for YEARS to decide on a college. I'm assuming Ohio is a large you like it there? My mom told me you can easily get lost in a crowd of people and it's difficult to make friends, but I think I would like it. SO, is it REALLY awful having to sit in a large class? You can email me at's okay if you don't though :)

Oh, and I LOVE your blog!

Anonymous said...

woot for senyrus!!! I get kind of get stupidly upset when people mix up hiakus for senyrus, so to actually see that people in the world do know what senyrus are make me unbelievable happy and i sound like a snob. But it made me happy when i saw that word: senyru.

Emily said...

I might try to pretend I'm not subtly burning with curiosity at your Situation situation, but I'd probably fail. Because I kind of am.
Nachos are best eaten at a disgustingly rapid pace. It's how the world works.

Charlotte said...

as far as the situation goes, I really am happy for you. I mean I was reading the screen and mindlessly put my hand on my heart. that's how genuine it is.

Its so good to see someone happy, even if they don't know you :)

Tom said...

"Not, like, rhyming 'black' with 'soul,'..."
I have no idea what that's referencing. Or if it's even referencing anything. And were I to google "black soul poem," I'd presumably get Maya Angelou.

Anyway. I'm digging the triumphant return (to blogging). No one can write about nothing quite like you. That's why most of us college students don't have blogs. We'd just be like, "Erg, school sux...bored now; i'll write more later!"

Anonymous said...

Are you a virgin, Hayley? Me and probably 100 others would like to know.

Anonymous said...

... The "Situation" sounds a little Marcus Flutie-ish. If so. I hate you.

- Sidsel.

joy isobel said...

Just read your tweet (: He's adorable! I'm happy for you, Hayley. Does he go to OU too?

Katie said...

AHHH now we know why you've been raving about pianos being sexy lately! Mike's a lucky guy. He should totally rewrite "Pianos Don't Get Chicks" into something like...pianos got me Hayleyghoover. Haha, I don't know. But that's so awesome, I'm happy for you two.

Nokorola said...

Am I really lacking in my repertoire of knowledge the place in time in which "Black and "Soul" are rhymed?

that's a weird sentence.

Have a happy day Hayley!

Olivia said...

Glad you're grossly -- I mean, deliciously-- happy. ;)

Seriously, though, I'm excited for you.

I read the first three Jessica Darling books and really enjoyed them (even though Jessica frequently annoys me -- she's very real). I paused at the fourth one before the holidays because I had other things to read. I need to get on that.

Katie said...

I tried to read Sloppy Firsts, but after twenty pages I wasn't really captivated. :\

Shea said...

Just so you know, my nails are an almost exact replica of your "mango mango". It's as if we're soul mates in the world of nail art.

Nile Plummer said...

Pass the blame lol, I now have an unusual craving for nachos

jessmcfadden said...

omg so mad that I can't watch you eat butter on youtube because the sound is broken on this computer! Hates it.

kira902k said...

I will definitely be reading those books now. I'm happy that your life is deliciously, deliriously (right D adjectives?) happy. I'm kinda jealous. But your life is yours, mine's mine, and I'll make do with what I have. :)


shaylaluna said...

How would I email you, if I wanted to?

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mademoisellesara said...

Please don't spam this blog!

JoshV said...

Because your recent blog/youtube/tweet communications have been about happiness and "food", I have two things to say:

1) I feel truely awesome for you.

2) I feel truely notsome for your bathroom.

Love ya!

justjustine said...

Are you aware that Kristina's Chipotle count is currently the same as yours? ;)

the apple that astonished paris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the apple that astonished paris said...

oooops, that didn't work. [tries again]


so, i got bored and inspired... and having done kristina's blog header as well, i thought i'd have a little play around... :]


^ for you. if you like it, of course. <3

January 25, 2010 12:15 AM

Jordiekins said...

Um,Hi... Hayley? Do that! *points up*

allison said...


nicole. said...

LOVE the new header!

Anonymous said...

I love the new banner!