Sunday, October 4, 2009

Becoming Nocturnal

I didn't sleep last night. My roommate and most of my school friends went home for the weekend, so there weren't a whole lot of nighttime shenanigans available. PJ came over to watch Mean Girls and make references to internet memes, Erin flopped around my room in a stupor for an hour, and then I just sat in my dorm with the lights on until 6AM, when I took a four-hour nap and woke up refreshed. I have no idea what I did in this time, because it would have been a good time to blog or write a paper or something, but my Safari history seems to think I watched Family Guy on Hulu and repeatedly checked the comments on my new video. All news to me. Either I've recently become an insomniac or somebody slipped something fizzy in my tea.

My dad came down and took me and my sister to dinner on Thursday because he had to go to a business conference near Athens. I only got to see him for about two hours, but it was nice. My mom sent me homemade soup and lightbulbs. I probably could have made a video that night, but I couldn't work up the energy between avoiding studying and dancing to the Whomping Willows with Erin. However, I finally found a way to download the old iMovie HD to my laptop, so the production value on the stuff I make at school will go uphill from now on.

Friday, Friday, Friday. My second and last class of the day (the one for which there was a quiz scheduled) was cancelled, so I only had to be at my waste of time freshman seminar thing that morning. After those two hours of torture, I trekked through the rain back to my room, where I hibernated in order to finish recording my TWK song and video before Erin and I went for a midnight walk around campus. It was the perfect autumn temperature, the lights from the restaurants were all blurry and pretty, and the thousands of people my age in cute heels and fall hats were all laughing and screaming and being awesome. Erin and I were totally sober, but I've never felt more drunk. We didn't even do anything all night, but it was an awesome sort of nothingness. We yelled "Party in the USA" and caused scattered strangers to join in our singing and nod their heads like yeah. The cold air deflated my perfectly-sculpted curls until my reflection in the bathroom mirror was all bedraggled and blushed and chapped as I brushed my teeth at three in the morning. As the Black Eyed Peas would have it, Friday was a good, good night.

Which brings us to the present. I tried Big Mama's today, which is a little burrito shop that some claim is "better than Chipotle." It was interestingly fruity, with mango sauce and sweet onions, but the common comparison to my favorite food ruined my Big Mama's experience. First of all, I'm disgusted that people would put false idols before Chipotle, and second of all, it wasn't anything spectacular. I have to tell you, though, that as I swallowed my last bite, I couldn't help but think, I need to tell my blog readers about the guilt I feel having eaten another foil-wrapped burrito. Forgive me, Chipotle, for I have sinned.

Sexy: Call me a freak, but flannel. Flannel is sexy. "I like that plaid is coming back," said PJ yesterday. "It's nice to know that we, as a society, are willing to give it a third chance."
Unsexy: Chewing with your mouth open! I did a double-take at this guy the other night, but the second he took a bite of pizza, I cringed and averted my eyes.

Chipotle burritos this year: 31
Bagel Street visits this school year: 4
Subscribers: 20,870

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.
P.S. I tried changing my blog so the background was black and the words were white today, and it lasted about an hour. I wasn't sure about it, but commenter Karissa said it hurt her eyes, so I took that as advisement to change it back. <3


Tom said...

The wine cone vid is like 70% good fun, 30% really creepy. Nice job with the garagebanding, or what I can only assume is garagebanding.

Scott said...

I always say when I comment on your blog how I want to be living your college life, and I just realized in the past week, I pretty much have.

- Met an awesome girl who is obsessed with Harry Potter on the same level as I am. Like, she understood my "Make Love, Not Horcruxes" t-shirt reference. AH!
- A girl sat next to me in my Cell Bio class with "NO DAY BUT TODAY" written on her notebook. I turned to her, and said "There's only us, there's only this." We both started screaming, it was great.
- Last night, my friends and I went to a hooka bar, went and ate burritos, then watched Mean Girls until 4 in the morning.

I can now speak on both of our behalves when I say life is good. :D

Anonymous said...

WAAA! Black background! Surprised me. :P

I so agree about the plaid though! I *love* lumberjack shirts!

Karissa said...

I know how you feel... There's a burrito place on campus that tries to be Chipotle and everyone loves it apparently, except for me. They don't have real salsa, just horrible mild or hot sauce that has no flavor and literally made my lips swell up. (Strike 1) Then, they advertise guacamole even though they pretty much never have it. (Strike 2) To top it off, the burritos fall apart because they don't heat the tortillas long enough, on top of the staff not knowing how to wrap them. (Strike 3)

Sadly, the nearest Chipotle is an hour and a half away. (I know this because my mom decided that it was necessary to take me for a birthday burrito there before flying back home last month. I was impressed and slightly disturbed that she had such commitment to getting Chipotle, haha.) /random story time over.

p.s. I like the new blog colors, but they kinda hurt my eyes. ]:

Allyson;; said...

Sounds fantastic. =]]
I saw Into the Woods today, and thought of you. It was a fabulous production put on my many envious Theater Majors at my college.
I remembered why I love that musical. =]]

Redcabbageispurple said...

I honestly have never had Chipotle. The closest thing, from what I've heard, to Chipotle is Moe's here in Florida. I promise that if I ever see one when traveling, I will immediately pull over and get a burrito.

allison said...

Plaid is rad.
Also, I love those insomniac nights (well...during the summer at least.) I like writing on nights like those because my self consciousness seems to melt away and all my strict "you can't do this, no, you shouldn't do that" thoughts go to Narnia and I write something really awesome. Hulu is a godsend.

loveacrosstheocean said...

I absolutely adore nights like the one you described, no alcohol involved, but you feel drunk. SO good. Also, your new video is completely amazing. I already commented it saying I keep replaying it, and complemented your wordplay or something, but if I were to actually point out every single thing I loved, I'd sound like a legit creeper. I digress.

Rennie said...

I love the winekone video. I'd actually never watched any of his videos, but after you posted that I gave them a try. I love him! He's super mega foxy awesome hot. Thank you for opening my eyes to his awesome.
Also, where did you find how to download the old iMovie HD?!?! I've been looking for a decent download of that for ages, and I can't find it. Link s'il te plaƮt!

Holly said...


Would you... ummm, mind sharing?

PJ Scott-Blankenship said...

I might start reading your blog from now on.

I'm glad you did include something we spoke about last night , but you did not include Erin's "I would not be very re-cip-ro-ca-tive."

10 minutes agoooo I saw yoooou.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a regular commenter, but I read this blog religiously.
However, I have a purpose to comment on this particular post...HOW DID YOU GET IMOVIE HD?!? :)
If you could tell us in the next post that would be great.

iwishiwereaWeasley said...

You're such a cool person, Hayley! I love reading about your Nothing's people like you who inspire Nick and Norah type nights.

traderbob11 said...

How about a body of black with letters of a soft pink or purple color on your blog?

Some strange coincidence my blog changed to black with white letters on Saturday. Hayley, have you been sneaking peaks at my blog again?

Oh--and my name is BOB--NOT TONY

See ya Hayley, (not as much as fricking Tony though) :)

Maria said...

I loved the winekone video. I have a feeling that Tony might just check under his bed for you tonight... just sayin'. I never stopped the flannel... it's so COMFY!

Kayley said...

I love you. <3 Every time I read your blog, I crave some Chipotle soft tacos.

Where did you find iMovie HD, btw? xx

seurat2 said...

I've always been kind of nocturnal so I identify with this change in you. It will probably only last through your university days though, 9-5 workdays tend to beat it out of you. I believe Chipotle is prepared to forgive you for straying but you need to go and scarf one down right away.

Anonymous said...

I pray that the Chipolte Gods forgive you Hayley. I pray.

Margaret said...

The Wine Kone video was EFFING AMAZING. I don't even watch him and I loved it.

Just a question, no implications: Have you tried Taco Del Mar? I just need to know.

Elizabeth... said...

I'm used to the colour layouts of the blogs I read and I think if you did change it I'd be rather confused!

I haven't located quite so many internetly people as you have, or those who share my Potter passion as much as I do but they're all fab. These times are some of the best in my life. XD

Rosianna said...

I watched Mean Girls yesterday. It's because we're in sync, my sister from another mister.

kira902k said...

Black background, white text does indeed hurt eyes.Don't do it.
Also, I can't believe you failed Chipotle! I'm sure that chain restaurant can NOT survive without your purchases. :P
Also, it sounds like you had a good week. Iloved your WineKone song. :)


Caroline said...

Wow, Hayley. I wrote flannel is sexy in my notebook a few weeks back. I can't wait till it gets cold enough to wear it here. I hate the Texas heat.

Sean said...

haha. i agree. big mama's is not as good as chipotle... buuut i do commend them for having a larger selection of ingredients... mashed potatoes... who'da thunk it?

Nokorola said...

Nice video Hayley. Plaid is pretty nice when not abused. So, have fun with all your college stuff Hayley. Have a good tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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