Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lotsa videos to make.

Hello, girls. It's Thursday.

I think I'm going to link to this blog in my video today. (Pressure! Woo!) I'm not sure what I'm going to do for it yet. Maybe I'll make fun of Kristina/Alex (italktosnakes and nerimon) and Lauren/Matt (devilishlypure and thewhompingwillows) and do something cutesy with... my dog? An inanimate object? Eh, we'll see.

In other youtubely news, I have an old school hayleyghoover video written and started, including a clip from a very special guest. Someone way out of my collab league. I'm excited. I'm not positive yet, but there's a good chance this one will include even more terrible singing. I can't explain why I've felt so inclined to grace you with my straining vocal cords as of late; I promise it'll be over soon. Anyway, if I have time to record it after school today, which I... probably won't, it'll go up either tonight or tomorrow. However, it's much more likely that you won't be seeing it for another week, as I'll be in Florida for my spring break. I'd like to keep it as timely as possible, though. Ughhhh. Again, we'll see.

Also, there's a really, really, really funny and cute fiveawesomegirls collab video in the works. I'd like it to go up this Saturday, but I'm still waiting on clips from the ever-so-busy Lauren and the recently-struck-voiceless Liane (lianeandthemusic). Once I get 'em, though, I can edit and send it to someone else to post this weekend. Hahahahahaaa. You guys'll like it.

Oh! I was walking my dog the other day and got an idea for a short series of sorts. There would be several videos spread over a long period of time (think Annoyances), and they'd all be under a minute. At the present time I'm thinking they'd be more... crafty... than funny, but knowing my tendency to turn everything into some kind of joke, who knows. They'd open up a lot of opportunity for video responses, too. What are your thoughts on that? I've received a lot of feedback lately asking me not to post as many videos outside of my usual style. Give me a y/n in a comment on here, my Thursday video, or my channel.

People have been asking for more Annoyance videos, too. I wrote one a couple months ago that I really liked, but I CANNOT FIND IT. And now I know I've built it up in my mind so much that if I ever do find it, I won't want to make it. Baaah. I'm sure I can think of five things that annoy me on the spot. If that's what you guys want, let me know.

I love this. It's sad how much of my life it occupies, but I LOVE IT.


Scott said...

I think anything new to 'our' share of the youtube playground would be good right now. Especially since youtube is apparently about to undergo some really weird corperate changes.

Who am I kidding - A little more Hayley in our lives wouldn't be too shabby either! And as for the possibility for video responses, anything that brings youtubers together isn't a bad thing!

And regarding your first blog post...

<3 Hayley, I think you're super-d-duper. Keep up the awesome work!

100 flaming comments, you've been pwned by 1 nice comment.

lovethetube said...

I think that you should definately post videos which you consider outside of the usual style. Variety is good, i am up for watching any video you post. :) Best wishes.