Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm bored in my free period, and I just decided to google hayleyghoover. Apparently the most-searched item is "hayleyghoover blog." Craaap. You guys want me to blog?

I guess it's about time. It's become increasingly apparent to me lately how little the majority of the world cares about the youtube community. But it's like... our lives. Therefore, I'm going to pump the internet full of youtube references until those of us who thrive in this microcosm can feel at home.

Kristina, italktosnakes, sent me her love song to Alex, nerimon, the other night, and I knew I was doomed. It is SO catchy and SO sweet and SO cute. And now that it's posted, she has SO passed me in subscribers. (Don't get me wrong-- she more than deserves it. Look her up.) Anyway, I reacted in the only way I know how to deal with pressure. I'm posting a hip hop single on my channel after school today.


I guess I'm sort of nervous that I'm becoming a has-been before I've even been. Fiveawesomegirls has more subscribers now than it did last year, but it's losing its appeal to a lot of people. They wanted to know us, and now they do. So why do they still care? On a related note, it really, really bothers me how low Boh3m3's ratings and comments were on the video he posted this week. Boh3m3 is a BIG DEAL, people! It worries me to see the people I used to look up to and hero worship dropping off the radar. When was the last time Brookers put something up? You know what I mean?

Also, I've received the world's largest collection of hater comments this week. There must be a hundred. It honestly, honestly, honestly doesn't bother me to read "u r a fag" or "i h8 u," but ALL your feedback is "Die, bitch!" it can start to make you feel uneasy.

I don't know. I guess I'm a blogger now.


PaperCutter said...

Hayley, so glad you've started to blog! I don't want to speak for others, but I don't see you or any of the fiveawesomegirls a has-been. I still tune in, and I'm willing to bet a lot of people do too.

SaraGreen said...

I still watch!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

As long as you're having fun making stuff that you think is interesting you'll never be a has been.

v i n c e n t g r e y said...

um okay, maybe i'm late on the uptake but that hip hop video pretty much cemented a recently acquired hgh obsession. things fluctuate, the only things that last are the things that stick it out. so do.

seurat2 said...

Use your channel for any kind of video you feel like making. It is your channel, and if people don't feel like watching a vlog one they can skip it.

Em said...

I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome (well you're a nerdfighter, you already knew that.) But you're so talented at so many things, and you seem to have a lot of fun with what you're doing. So keep the awesome coming!

MonishaAyita said...

:( I freakin love your videos!!!! Don't give up!!

Kara said...

Wow i just read all of your blogs because i'm out of books.

You're a fantastic writer, it's very entertaining :D
Your life is fun. You seem so content It seems so nice. I wish i had a best friend like you. Thats one thing i'm always jealous of people who have that. I have never in my life clicked with someone like that. I've always had a Crap Load of friends and people know who i am but all i really want is one person i can always rely on and be myself around. You are a lucky girl. You are really cool. You have guta to be yourself and have fun and post it on the internet. You can sing, write, edit videos and Your funny! You've accomplished a hell of a lot and a hell of a following for an 18 year old. keep being an awesome person. Harry Potter<3

End of comment

The Dreamers said...

I was totally going to go back and read all of your old blogs like I do when I subscribe to people, but I am now seeing that you have like, 158 of them, so here's a comment for the first one telling you that I'm lazy!


Abbie said...

After reading your newer blogs I couldn't help myself I had to go back and read all your entries, and so I begin.
I have a lot of time on my hands :)
Oh and I still watch fiveawesomegirls it's become a part of my daily internet routine.
Have a great day!
OH BISCUITS,sorry I remembered I have biscuits