Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Juggling, Answered Questions, Sexy Hands

I'm sitting in Theatre right now, a good ten minutes before class is supposed to start. There are about fifteen other early people scattered around the room, most of them on computers or zoning out. It's pretty normal. Oh yeah-- except for the blaring 90s punk music and the kid standing in the front of the room, juggling. He's clearly performing, but nobody is watching him. Not a soul seems to notice that there is music playing. And that a boy is juggling. Did somebody ask him to do party tricks before I got here? Are they also wondering what the hell is going on, but are just too nice to stare at him? I'm staring at him. I don't see how you could experience this and not be dumbfounded. He is juggling!

Anyway, it's much later now, and I'm writing this in the dark while Love Actually plays in the background for the third time this week. I sat down with the intention of writing at least 2,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel, and have instead carried on a very long, very funny conversation with one Mr. John Green. He likes my novel's concept and says I'm a good writer. Teeheeheehee. Oh, and Michal just came over, so she's across the room, also writing, in the dark. Other than that, very little has been going on around these parts, so I've decided to use tonight's blog to address some comments from yesterday's entry.

Partyweetow writes: "I don't know how this could be, what with your burrito count always on the rise, but in that picture, it looks like you lost weight."
Well, for one, I am actually losing some weight, but it has nothing to do with my eating habits and everything to do with the fact that NaNoWriMo creates a kind of stress that can only be released through running. Also, it's not like I go out and eat three other square meals a day and THEN add a burrito on top.

Kelly writes: "I said you were one of my favorite authors/someone who inspires me to write in my NaNoWriMo profile. I mean it :)."
I am both incredibly flattered and incredibly worried for you. I've never published a book! You should be inspired by talented, accomplished people!

Tom writes: "Regarding the uncomfortable pinkness [of your new layout], it's the same as how I feel checking out Maureen Johnson books from the library. Or when I attempted to read Sloppy Firsts on an airplane, and my brother kept glancing at it, so I was trying to hide it, and he was like, 'You're really embarrassed of that Gossip Girl book, aren't you?'"
Yours was the most convincing argument I heard against my trial pink blog layout, because even I am embarrassed to be seen reading books with teenybopper chick lit covers. It's a shame when good novels are encased by pictures of teenage girls with their heads chopped off. I would never willingly wish the same fate for my blog.

Tenley Nadine writes: "Are any bloggers really professionals? I guess it depends on your definition of a professional."
If you make money doing something, you're a professional. Many people write formal blogs about their complicated areas of expertise, for which they get paid, so they are professionals. My area of expertise may be my own uninspired sense of humor, but so long as I receive even a slither of revenue from it, I figure I can call myself a professional if it makes my term paper sound more impressive.

Eff writes: "What's up with the shortness and Ihavenothingtowrite-ness in the latest posts? And I'm not digging the layout."
Well, I'm currently competing to write a novel in thirty days, so by the time I finish my homework and thousands of words of creative prose, I don't have a whole lot left in me. And as far as the layout is concerned, I cut down the girliness a smidgen, so hopefully you'll be over your lack of digging by the time you read this post.

Gina writes: "I love yours and Kristina's blogs, so it is very confusing to me that you both have friends named PJ. In my head, this is one person who does a lot of commuting. Just so you know."
Yeah, that's a bit of a problem. Maybe I should start calling mine "PJ the Boy." Also, you share a first name with my NaNoWriMo novel's protagonist. Trippy.

PamB writes: "You should make that wagon wheel in the background into a coffee table like in When Harry Met Sally."
I understood your movie reference way before I could find the wagon wheel in that picture. It was my uncle's house, and he lives far away, so I'm not terribly familiar with its decorations. But the next time I visit, I assure you, I'll ask him to make it into a coffee table and then yell about it.

Seurat2 writes: "I have decided to bet on Kristina winning the Chipotle war. Don't hate me."
I do not hate you, because I've enjoyed your comments in the past, but I can't lie and say Kristina and I didn't have a heated conversation about this comment. While the two of us have some kind of inexplicable need for constant competition, the recorded consumption of my favorite food was never intended to turn into a battle. First of all, my body type is significantly more suited to storing food than hers is, and second of all, I am positive that she doesn't love Chipotle as much as I do, because she doesn't discuss it half as frequently. I had not planned on gaining twenty pounds this month, but if that's what it takes to stake my permanent claim, I am willing to sacrifice myself for the cause.

Sexy: I've probably told you about this weird fascination of mine, but I am extremely attracted to hands. Particularly seeing big, masculine hands do gentle things, like untangle knots. Perhaps it's because men are unaware that girls are checking out their hands, so they can't put on a show about them, or primp them in some annoying, unattractive way. Hands are just natural and unpretentious.
Unsexy: The 10K Crisis, as I like to call it, when you get to the first NaNoWriMo milestone and suddenly want to throw your laptop out a window, pull out your hair, and cry. Michal's already deleted half of her work in frustration and has had to start over. I've been staring at the blinking cursor in the middle of page 34 for hours.

Chipotle burritos this year: 35
Bagel Street visits this school year: 4
Subscribers: 21,529

Bye, guys! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. <3


Eddy said...

Thank you for changing the color of your blog. I thought I had a strange case of pink eye when I checked your blog yesterday.

I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year, but then I think I got swine flu. I ventured out to vote yesterday because of R-71, the domestic partnership bill in the state of Washington. This was the first trip out of the house all week, but I thought it was important enough to venture out. Maybe I'll write a novel about beating the swine flu.

Ida Ruda said...

I've got to agree with the not digging of the new layout. Mostly because the old one was so simple, easy to read and not "look at me, I'm a blog so my posts have to be all centered and squished together".

New layout or not, your blog is the blog I get most fangirly about. I wouldn't say it makes my day, but I get fucking happy when I see a new post.

And I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year as well, but then realised I'm a reader, not a writer. Hope I'll be able to read your novel though, and any future works I'm sure will get published.

Holly said...

I agree with you about hands! And arms as well, provided they're not too hairy.
Awkward point to make, but my Chemistry teacher has the nicest hands I've ever seen. Actually, I think lovely smooth hands are somehow connected to athletes and exercise.
I hate exercise. My hands are wiry and veiny. Blergh.
Good luck for NaNoWriMo! I think you've almost doubled my word count.

xxTIFFANYxx said...

It is really comforting to know that I am not the only one already freaking out over NaNoWriMo not even 5 days into it.

This year is my first time doing it, and I have never really had experience sitting down and forcing myself to write. In fact, I wasn't even aware of what exactly it was until around October 28th, and so I jumped in head first with no planning what so ever! But I am enjoying it a lot, I will admit. I've already blogged quite a few times about it, and I SERIOUSLY doubt those will be the last!

Liking the layout change, much more simple and less "ooh ooh look at me!" Though I do miss your old banner. The new one is nice, but I just favor the old one.

seurat2 said...

I was kidding about the whole chipotle war thing, I just find it wildly amusing that you two are so competitive. Sorry if the comment caused any problems. I will now sit in the corner for a while as punishment, metaphorically speaking.

Rennie said...

I got into a debate (argument) with one of my peers about Chipotle being better than any other burrito-making establishment. I used some of your arguments that you've mentioned in past blog entries (i.e. the delicious cilantro-ey guacamole, among other things) and won. I feel like I need to defend Chipotle because of you.
I want a burrito.

Abby said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only person who likes hands. I like guy hands that are kind of veiny... do you know what I mean? Is there a word for that?

Chirstina Lee said...

For NaNoWriMo are you a single space kind of person or are you a double?

I'm a fan of the double.

RoboFillet said...

I actually really like your layout as it is now. I don't know what it was like before because I was reading your blog in an RSS reader. The flamingos remind me of Alice in Wonderland. I just finished reading that a few weeks ago and it's one of the cleverest things, like, ever.

Oh and sorry to break this to you, but I have ugly hands. Think Smeagol's hands. I can do the Smeagol voice too. It's epic.

Tom said...

Wow, thanks for killing my enthusiasm for the fact that I'm about to hit 10,000 words hahaha. I feel like such a naive first year now.

On a less sarcastic note, thanks for unpinking the border and for including my Sloppy Firsts airplane thing. Made my day. I think I've only told that story to one other person, and my brother probably wouldn't remember it, so that's cool that all your awesome nerdfighter readers will see it. And presumably laugh.

I wonder if you've yet noticed the brilliant irony of the hands thing: that a while ago you posted a link to a foot fetish video you thought was hilarious. Not so funny now, am I right?!?! Just kidding. I know there's a difference between being weirdly attracted to hands and porn.

Redcabbageispurple said...

Holy Crap! I'm still on freakin' page 12! (unless I double space, that is...)

Margaret said...

Page 34?! Is it odd that I find this extremely impressive? Is this double- or single-spaced?

Thyme said...

um, yeah, I'll jump on the wagon with you and say that guys hands can be really sexy. You said it perfectly ;)

The Fat Girl said...

I stumbled across your channel when I was searching for Nano videos, and now I must say I'm using it to procrastinate whilst participating in a word war on Scribbirati.

Mairead said...

I am already over a day behind in NaNoWriMo. I am hoping for a miracle like the one Kristina had.

As for CristinaLee, I like 1.5, and at 150% view. It is optimal for writing.

Vuraaa said...

I've tried to explain my attraction to hands before, but everyone thinks it's strange. I think I just like strong, masculine hands because they seem protective and it means the guy USES his hands and isn't feminine or weak. Which sounds sexist. But I can't help what I am attracted to.

Anonymous said...

I often read your blog, but I never think to read your comments. It was neat to read your responses to some of them. I however just thought that this one: "What's up with the shortness and Ihavenothingtowrite-ness in the latest posts? And I'm not digging the layout." was rude. Are we paying you to update your blog? As far as I'm aware you are doing us a favor by providing us with a window to your life and something interesting to read. So if you don't have time or anything specific to write about.. then you don't have to. You don't owe him/her anything. Thanks for allowing us to read about your life.

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I'm making my comment like a John Green video and dividing them into parts

Part 1: I love the new blog layout. I also felt a bit as uncomfortable as I would reading Maureen's novels when reading your blog at work and such. This new layout will make it look like I'm actually doing some form of homework which is wonderful.

Part 2: Someone started juggling at the Vegas nerdfighter gathering before Hank came on. It was weird/cool. Juggling is one of those very awkward things that you aren't exactly sure how to comment on or respond to, I suppose.

Part 3: I think your count thing should include your NaNoWriMo word count so we can keep up with your process and also so you can feel accomplished when looking back and seeing how much you got done daily.

Part 4: What do you get on your burrito? I've always wondered this and spend way too much time trying to figure out what it is you would order on your burrito. Do you change it up or stay consistent?

Part 5: I love you and your blog makes me happy <3

traderbob11 said...

John Green, you ole name dropper you!

You can probably drop the Mr. part now that you two are talking for hours.

Try calling him, Hey Green, he likes it!
uh, maybe
(did I mention to never take my advice yet?)
See ya Hayley

Sarah said...

If it makes you feel any better I think flamingos are pretty manly. That's just me. Anyways, people just scroll past the top to read the rest of blogposts so it doesn't really matter :D

Faith said...

10K crisis...? I'm at a 5K crisis... should I be scared? I'm really glad one of my main characters is a talker, now... I'll just throw in a scene with her. And I'll make the breakup scene really long...

j-net said...

I have a thing about hands too! Good to know I'm not alone in thinking they are...or can be at least sexy.

Chrystie said...

I'm insanely jealous that you talk to John Green :) Oh, if it were me, him saying my writing is good would make me life. seriously!

I enjoy your blog and I think this is the first time I've actually commented. Hi!

I added you as a writing buddy on the NaNoWriMo website and you have kept me ahead of schedule. I'm very competitive also. I'm at about the same mark as you too. I can completely sympathize with the wanting to throw your computer out the window. I think my novel is written in the wrong tense. It just now came to my attention. It's taking everything in me not to change it. ahhh!!!

Heather said...

I totally feel the same way about a man's hands. SO EFFING HOT. I mean, when I see a pair of nice looking male hands, I just can't stop my mind from wandering. Anyway, I'm going to end this comment before it gets to be too graphic. But just know that I share your strange obsession.

Kkthenerdfighter said...

I personally love the flamingo on your blog.
While you are at the 10K crisis I am at my 10 word crisis which is not a good way to start my first NaNoWriMo.
*sigh* Any advice for someone who just doesn't seem to have enough hours in the day?

Savannah said...

Juggling should be an individual elective that you can take in school. More useful than sewing. And colleges always look for unique talents on applications, right?

Your 34 pages still make my 5 look like mere chocolate chips next to a cookie cake. :/ I second the request for advice. How do you find the time?

Emily said...

I find hands strangely attractive, too. I always thought that was really weird, so I'm glad you feel the same way. :D
I haven't yet made it to 10k. :[ I'm just passed 7k, and I've really just started my second chapter and I'm having THE HARDEST TIME introducing my FMC and her secondary character friends. I think my problem is that my first chapter and my MC had very very specific things they needed to accomplish, and my second chapter just needs to...introduce my FMC and her secondary character friends. Ugh. How on earth have you managed to write so much?
Also, I just want you to know that I really like your new blog layout.

Meagan said...

I would love your blog even if it was the color of baby poop.

That other girl said...

i thought you added a pink layout when i saw it was like maybe ur being ironic btw it may shock you that I've never ever had a burrito not even sure if i no whats in them.

oxiigen said...

Oh Hayley. You are truly so awesome! You are my inspiration to keep going on my NaNoWriMo novel despite it being college application month for me and the million other things I have to do that consume my time. But seeing your word count up at 10,000 already makes me sit my little tush down and WRITE. So thanks :)

Moh Razmjoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott said...

I'm at 10K, loosing so much steam.

And the fellow Wrimos in my city aren't even COOL to keep me going. I'm going to, obviously. Here's the colourful cast of character who graced the pre-NaNo meeting.

1. A 49 year old man, who either drank coffee and smelled like urine, or drank urine and smelled like coffee. It would've been a biohazard to have gotten close enough to tell. He also tried to tell me that YA Fiction isn't a genre, and that I'm going to encounter huge problems because I'm writing to an audience that doesn't exist. LIES. FITH.

2. A girl who is writing metaphysical fantasy. I thought that sounded outrageously AMAZING, until she told me that her idea of metaphysical fantasy is 49,996 words of normal fantasy, finishing with "then she woke up."

3. A boy who told me that my novel won't be taken seriously by my target audience unless it involves a troubled vampire. (At this comment, the 49 year old man told me that if wrote vampyre instead of vampire, that I would at least have "good garbage.")

4. A man in red crocks. 'Nuff said.

Okay, so there were more people there, and this is obviously a biased list of the lame Wrimos. But still. WAHHHH.

Marissa said...

I have been 100 words away from the 10K milestone. Now I'm worried I'll cause my laptop permanent harm. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your novel sounds interesting, will there ever be a chance we can read it?

Natasha said...

Yesterday, I had successfully completed 5294 words by the end of day 2 of Nanwrimo. I felt quite pleased with myself until I saw you had tweeted that you had written double my word count!

This somehow inspired something in me and I then managed to get my word count up to 11392 by the next morning.

So, thank you Hayley for giving me a kick up the bum to keep writing!

This is why I love Nanowrimo.

Cece said...

I'm only at about 4,000 words on my novel :( Maybe tomorrow night, when I can spend all night writing, i'll get some kind of fantastic inspiration and thousands of lovely words will fall into my head and spill out onto my laptop.

Then I get to take a 2 hour road trip with a guy who has really nice hands to Ohio State to hang out with some of my other Nerdfighting NaNoWriMo-ing friends for the weekend :)

Katy J said...

I can't imagine how you can do NaNoWriMo and college at the same time. You're one tough cookie. :D

Ravenclaw2313 said...

I'm incredibly far behind on NaNoWriMo, but I'll make it. I live for doing things under pressure, it's when I'm my best.

So this juggling boy. I mean I know he was obviously juggling, but was he good? Did you ever figure out why he was there? Why didn't you sneakily record him with your webcam?

VTBurninator said...

Arrrrgggg I've been knocked off my Nano course with no land in sight...You've found this message in a bottle because I figured I had enough time to write this message but not the same number of words for my novel...send caffine, chips and another extra hour (or two) of life!!

Carina said...

Hayley! I finally figured out how to work this website and I've decided to stop stalking you and actually comment on your blogs more than once every couple months.

You are so right about the sexy hands (particularly John Krasinski's hands) I've tried to tell my friends about this phenomenon to no avail.

And while Kristina is a worthy contender, she is no match for your burrito prowess.

K. B. L. said...

When I was younger I sometimes had trouble sleeping at night, because I used to have a lot of ideas for stories that just needed to be put into words. I was really eager to write back then.
The last couple of years I haven't quite felt that way about writing,it became more of a burden because of all the essays with topics already decided, but reading your adn Kristina's blogs where you're talking about NaNoWriMo I kinda begin to feel that way again =]

Nokorola said...

You mean you're not used to seeing people do random things in the front of your classrooms?

Hayley, keep trucking(Never though I'd use that phrase) through the 'Wrimo, you know you'll be happy with the result when you've finished. Oh, and don't through your nice laptop out the window Hayley.

Nate said...

I wish I were having a 10k crisis. I'm having a no time crisis. I take comfort in keeping ahead of Michael Aranda's word count by a narrow margin.

Wiiliam said...

Hi Hayley! I read your blog on a frequent basis, and by frequent I mean in a way that's actually kind of creepy, but I don't think I have ever commented. So I felt compelled to leave a comment, just letting you know that one other person in the world thinks you are kind of awesome. Oh, and if you are ever in California, even remotely near a place called Santa Barbara, you are obliged to venture to 879 Embarcadero Del Norte to experience a burrito us locals all concur is like 20x better than Chipotle. Also, my Nanowrimo is coming along quite nicely, since it seems to be a prominent topic of conversation here.

Paula said...

oh boohoo, 10K what a struggle. i hate you, im at what 2000? but actually i dont hate you. i love everything you do. except when you complain about being way ahead in nanowrimoing. but other than that i lovess itt.

allison said...

I just felt the need to point out the two ads on your page:

PIMP your page
Purity rings.


kira902k said...

Hi! I haven't had time to comment on your blog in a while, but I'm still here reading. NaNoWriMo is deathly stressful.
And I like your blog layout now. It's cute. I have to get used to it though.
Does that mean your a professional video maker? Because you get paid for your youtubez?
I'm so jealous of your word count right now. I have only 2000 because I've had way too much homework to even consider NaNo. :(
You're cool. :)


p.s. I think you win the chipotle competition.

Madhu said...

i dunno why people dislike the layout and say its too girly, it totally isnt!
its fine
i come for the writing.
is it weird that you dont know me yet i know so much about you?

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Sexy hands?
I have big many hands and untangling knots is pretty bloody tricky for them. So it would probably be accompanied with a stream of expletives. :P

Freakish Lemon said...

I completely agree with your "Sexy" for this post. Large manly hands. Fantastic. Thank you for making me think inappropriate thoughts in the Writing Center. XD

I just wish my hands were bigger and more manly. My right hand is pretty close to my ideal because it's more muscley than the other due to knitting (so manly) and such, but the other... such a disappointment. No one will ever be attracted to my hands. D:

Anonymous said...

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Eff said...

I am over my lack of digging.

Just to add Hayley, I would still read your blog even if the colour made me puke. Just giving you my opinion.

J O D I E said...

You have a fetish for hands. I have a fetish for arms ! Three cheers for awesomeness.

J O D I E said...

Oh, and i almost forgot. What exactly is chipotle ? I know i'll be hated forever once i publish this comment. I must be missing something, or maybe it's not popular in the UK. Right. now that question is over with, i'll go hide from the mob of people with pitch forks and torches trying to hunt me down for my ignorance when it comes to popular American food !

Anonymous said...

Writing in the dark seems an effective paradigm for a novel in itself. The image very well encapsulates the vision of a culture in which everybody writes, and nobody reads, everybody expresses themselves, and nobody cares. The constant clatter of typewriters creates a sense of commonality, much in the way that creative output and social networking converge online to form the content stream, the circulation of the communal body, which itself sits in a totality of light and colour equivalent to the dark. There is no orientation in the multitude; canons are formed by loudness, loud universal canons and softer ones forming by proximity. Since it's too dark to read, content never enters into it; its production is profoundly social, its consumption almost solipsistic; in a way, it's the process of pruducing as such that is consumed, the written matter a byproduct. Well, it's probably been done.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering. Do you have a lot of direct speech in your Nanowrimo novel, because you said you were at page 34 at 10k. I´m as far and I only have 22 pages and I´m worried I have too much direct speech. I even use (nearly) double spacing.

- Sidsel

SigneHansen said...

Hayley.. I think your blog (as well as yourself) is seriously awesome! Even though your latest post have been slightly nanowrimo-affected.. ;D
Also: I'm only at 4000 words and my computer just broke down.. For a first time nanowrimo'er (?) that's not really a good thing, is it? :(

Anonymous said...

I love juggling and 90s punk music!
Also: I don't care what color your blog is, as long as you keep up with all the wit and whatnot.

Meghan said...

Just so you know. Whatever your last blog was about.. the one that got deleted.. I'm glad you found a healthy way to get it out there.

We definitely compare in our ways of bottling anger.
Although I've never met you, reading this every day kind of gives me hope that one day I'll get to college and realize that life doesn't suck so bad as long as you roll with the punches.

You roll with the punches extremely well. And I hope things start to turn around soon. You don't deserve crappy friends who treat you crappy. You deserve happy friends who.. treat you happy? Haha. That wasn't intended to sound retarded. I just hope things get better soon for you.

KateyMatey said...

<3333 - That was for your last post. We've all been there. Just be around the people who do appreciate you, they'll put a smile back on your face in no time :)

<3 Allison said...

This is a hug for the deleted post.
This is a Chipotle burrito for the deleted post.
[ ]
This is an annoying emoticon, telling you that things will get better.
You don't deserve people who treat you like dirt.

Anila said...

So you probably deleted that last blog entry on purpose, but I just wanted to say it was actually a really mature way to deal with things. And I commend you for it. I honestly can't say I'd react similarly in such a situation (in fact, I have been in such a situation, and handled it completely immaturely.)

Basically, I just wanted to say that you're allowed to get roaringly angry sometimes. Let it out. Call a friend and give 'em an earful, that's what they're there for. And I'm sure you've got a ton of good friends in reserve despite that one shitty one.


Norman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Norman said...

I always find it so interesting just how much a person can care about something that neither adds nor takes away from their lives. Your blog color? Really? How this can upset someone, I have no idea.
Check this out. I am a 33 year old married father of two. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs over 400 pounds. If pink should mean anything to anyone it should be me, right? Happily, it does not.

What I love is the fact that the width of the blog is shorter so I don't have to read all the way across my screen to get to the next line. See, I didn't like the last layout and I never said one thing about it. Ha!

P.S. please put an excerpt of your nanowrimo novel on your profile page. I love your writing, (even if you have to write a scene just for the excerpt) THANX!

Gomezzio said...

I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but the new side ad is 'Is my man gay?'


Morgan said...

You make me long for college. Our views on high school are verbatim.
You are adorable and remarkable.
Can I have dibs on the ARC's of your novels? Please?
Also, you and Jess are lucky to have each other.

Maggie said...

Hayley. G. Hoover.

I adore Love Actually! The scene with the cue cards outside Keira Knightley's home (forgive me; I do not remember the characters' names) was utterly romantic. I cry EVERY FREAKING TIME. It is a film with the perfect mix of romance, comedy, and drama. It makes me laugh, cry, and squeal, all in one sitting.

You are NOT alone in your fascination with manly hands! However, I have more of an abnormal fear of men with small hands. I believe this phobia was struck in me when I was in middle school, as I was the tallest kid in my class from sixth to eighth grade-- save for one girl aiming to join the NBA, but she has grown to be well over six feet tall, so I suppose she cannot count.

Anywho, I developed an irrational fear of being asked on a date by a boy who was shorter than me. I feared that his hands would be so much smaller than mine that if I were to try to wrap my palm around his, I could only succeed in allowing him to hold my finger.

My current muse, however, has enormous, strong hands that are in extreme contrast to his thin, long frame. He's an artist, too, which means that I can admire his fingers as he sketches architecture or a portrait.

I feel like this is too long, but I will continue.

I read the post that you deleted earlier, and I wanted to let you know that while I am unaware of the details of your situation, I have definitely had my fair share of crushed expectations and broken friendships. I hope you pull through it, soon, and remember that you have hundreds of readers/viewers who can empathize with your situation and truly care about you... despite not knowing you as well as your family or non-blogger friends.

to_thine_own_self said...

I, too, read the post from the other day that you deleted.
At least you got your emotions out in some way, even if you took them down later.
Hope things get better for you, Hayley!

Oh, and P.S. I'm anxious to hear what you thought about Taylor Swift's SNL hosting job. Seeing as how you're into drama and were in plays (like me) in high school and whatnot =]]]
I thought she did a fabulous job, myself.

Anonymous said...

I love your description of hands....That sounded strange.

behunn said...

Hayley i miss you and i'm sorry that your mad/sad! Xx

Holly said...

One week sans Hayley's blog! I'm starting to get withdrawl symptoms. I hope things clear up... for both our sakes.

Sarah said...

Hey Hayley!

I read your blog all the time, though this is the first time I have commented.

Just wanted to say I really miss your posts and I hope you're okay... even if the sentiment is coming from a random from halfway around the world (tehe).


Tanairi said...

I've probably never commented on your blog,
even though I check it just about as religiously as my Facebook, and that kind of makes me feel like a creeper. Oh well.

I've noticed that you haven't posted in a while and so I just wanted to say: COME BACK HAYLEY G. HOOVER!

It is very rare that I go the way of Kanye West and type in all caps, so I hope you understand the urgency.

I really hope you're okay.
I didn't see whatever post it was you deleted, but I just wanted to let you know that there are tons of people around the world who really think you're an awesome person, deserving of only more awesome!
Just through this blog you inspire me, personally to write more, read more, be myself...more (as cliche as that sounds), and to some day find out what a Chipotle burrito is.

DFTBA & please come back soon!
We miss you here in the blogosphere. :)

Ida Ruda said...

Happy new year! yay! peace out!

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