Monday, November 2, 2009

He was a sk8r boi. She said, "See ya later, boy!"

Today, I:

--Got into a really fascinating discussion about William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying in my English class, and realized that I do, after all, love that book. I was skeptical in the beginning, pegging it as one of those "Omg, look how talented I am; I don't even need to use proper punctuation because it adds characterization and makes me look cutting-edge!" types, but now I understand. If you've read it, can you think of many things more beautiful and miserable than the analogy about Jewel's mother being a horse? Can you?
--Watched half a recording of Death of a Salesman in Theatre, and wondered why nobody warned me ahead of time that today would be Awesome Literature Day.
--Filled out an anonymous evaluation in TWQP's class, and answered the question, "How much effort did you put into this course?" with, "As far as work was concerned? Practically none. I did, however, devote many an hour and heaps of effort to staying awake during lectures."
--Talked to the lovely Michael Aranda on Skype.
--Had a plate of tofu fried rice and a bowl of ice cream, covered in whipped cream and other such deliciousness.
--Rented Love Actually, which I plan to use to distract myself from working on NaNoWriMo. I deserve a break, anyway, after the 8,000 words I wrote yesterday. Yeah. Eight. Thousand. Bitches.

Sexy: Love Actually, while we're on the subject. Nice work, Richard Curtis.
Unsexy: Dragging on dead relationships and clinging to comfort instead of moving on to better things. This may or may not be a specific reference to one of my friends, and she may or may not be standing next to me while I narrate what I type. I'm jus' sayin'.

Chipotle burritos this year: 35
Bagel Street visits this school year: 4
Subscribers: 21,460

Bye, guys! Hopefully I"ll see you tomorrow. <3


herfordship said...

ouch...that unsexy reminder just made my heart skip a beat, which then made me wonder who came up with that little saying...

i'm glad my mind's been in a wandering mood lately :)

to_thine_own_self said...

I love Love, Actually! One of my favorite movies.
And man, I'd say you deserve a break after writing that much. I'm up to 5,599 so far. Have no idea how you managed to write 8,000 so fast. Whoa.

Larangutang said...

Lemme just say, that title made my night. Kudos on the word count. That's crazy. I won't even state my lousy number until I bring it up to par.

The Vagabond said...

Why rent Love Actually and have to take it back when you can just buy it for ONLY $ 7.50 at Target. Get on that, girl.

That was my Sunday. Church, Target where I only intended to buy this green hoodie (which I've been walking past and admiring for it's colour and, less importantly it's warmth) and Home Alone. Instead I walked out with said sweatshirt and DVD, but also Love Actually and Elf and some winter socks with penguins that are sliding down an ice hill, but it looks like they are just sliding down your leg to the tips of your toes. : )

Then I had some pumpkin pie and watched Love Actually. Twice.

Now off to Target with you!

Nicola said...

Love Actually is the ultimate guilty pleasure movie.

Anonymous said...

8,000 words? Really? I thought I was lucky to get 1800. D: I envy your ability to write that much in one day.

Kristen said...

I must say my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw your word count last night. I'm only half way to that but I'm happy as long as I'm over the daily suggestion. Enjoy your well deserved break awesome girl!

Maya said...

She wasn't good enough for him.
Or maybe it was
He wasn't good enough for her.

... I don't remember. It's been ages since I listened to Avril Lavigne.

Savannah said...

I don't know whether to congratulate or hate the fact that you've already got more than four times as many words as me.

I guess a little bit of both. Congratuhations from me to you. Keep on truckin'. [=

Margaret said...

Haha, I've done that before. (By "that," I mean tell it like it is on an anonymous survey for a teacher.) It's quite satisfying.

Katie said...

Can I make it anymore obvious?

You are awesome. The end.

Dana said...

Love Actually is wonderful. Not a guilty pleasure movie. More like a scream-to-the-heavens-how-much-I-love-it movie. I cannot count how many times I have watched it.

Also, did you know that the little girl who sings at the end has a youtube channel? She hasn't updated in a while, but some of her originals are wonderful, in my opinion.

Congrats on NaNoWriMo. I hope that at some point we will get to read some of it. Or maybe learn a little bit more about what it is about?

becca87 said...

You are insane with the word count. It puts my 4,493 to shame. Great job though, keep it up!

I love Love, Actually. Sadly I've only seen it once, but whatever. It's still amazing.

Steve said...

hayley g hoover you are too good at Nanowrimo. You're making the rest of us look bad!

Elizabeth... said...

Woah, your ability to WriMo amazes me.
Love Actually is, agreed, fantastic.
Although I really didn't like DoaS when we studied it, we had to compare it to the Great Gatsby in an essay and IMO it doesn't stand up to that comparison.

alanasays said...

You're the only person I can think of at the moment who would be as excited as me about the fact that Jaclyn Moriarty has just released a new Ashbury/Brookfield book called 'Dreaming of Amelia'.

I have it in my hands right this second, aagghh! Just had to share.
This is going to be bad for Nanowrimo, I can tell.

Good luck with your novel!

Mimi said...

LOVE Death of a salesman...and Love actually the wedding scene, who doesn´t dream of something like that? Well, I do! Have a happy day! :)

kira902k said...

eight THOUSAND words?
you're day seems awesome.


Meg said...

Hmm, it seems I really need to see Love, Actually. Everyone is raving about it!

Gomezzio said...

3 things:

1] You should keep a word counter at the bottom of your posts for NaNoWriMo

2] I'm jealous, Hayley. I'm only about 3,500 words into mine, and I already considered quitting because I hate my plot so much.

3] Nice redesign.

allison said...

LOVIN the new layout :D

Kaitlin said...

Your new layout, is adorable :)

Bel Glezer said...

I don't think there is a movie I've seen more times than Love Actually... Seriously! Except maybe Titanic, or Shrek (the first)!

Way to go on NaNoWriMo! Are we ever going to read your novel?

: )

Tenley Nadine said...

First, I like the new background. It is new right? I'm gonna feel really bad if its nor new.

Second, this, "talked to the lovely Michael Aranda on Skype" is why I am such a huge fangirl. jk... kinda.

Third, and last... oh shit I forgot my third comment. Dang.

Nokorola said...

Anonymous evaluations are the best thing ever created for the college student.

Kimberly said...
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shakethedust said...

I thought the mother was a fish?

Not Really Rufus Wainwright said...

In addition to being one of the best movies of all time, Love Actually also boasts one of the most entertaining commentary tracks ever. It is, quite possibly, even better than the movie itself!