Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hayley G. Hoover and Charlie McDonnell

I've tried to ignore it. I thought that maybe, maybe, maybe it would go away on its own, and we could all just forget about it and move on with our lives... but I don't think I'm going to be able to escape this one for a while. It's time to address what it's time to address. There is a Charlie McDonnell song about me.

Three years ago, I used to talk with Charlie on a regular basis. We'd joke around on Skype about youtube and life (he was ahead of me on the subscriber charts, but there was no dramatic difference in our ranks within the youtube community at the time), and one day he sent me a silly faux-love song he'd whipped together in my honor, full of inside jokes and his usual quirkiness. It cracked me up. I played it for my mom and my best friend, but when it never made it into a charlieissocoollike video, I promptly forgot the song had ever existed.

Charlie and I fell out of touch quickly after he sent me the song-- I grew bitter toward him when "fiveawesomeguys" (his spin-off of fiveawesomegirls, which had just begun and was just gaining popularity) phased away from its original role as a companion and tribute to 5AGirls, and soon eclipsed the viewership of our project, despite the fact that it was significantly less organized, less original, and at many times a blatant ripoff.* The fiveawesomeguys soon ceased to credit us for the idea of their channel, and to this day, many youtubers believe 5AGirls-- a project to which I have devoted three years of my time and creativity-- to be an homage to fiveawesomeguys. This assumption is incorrect.

All that being said, however, I eventually got over my animosity. In his defense, Charlie had both mentioned me and posted a video response to my channel in the past, generously giving me a boost in traffic, and had never said a harsh thing about me. I will not act like my bitterness about fiveawesomeguys was unjustified, but it's not something that still bothers me today. I find Charlie's videos to be very entertaining and worth watching. I have had friendly relationships with other members of their channel, and I respect all of them as very talented and fascinating people.

So fast-forward to this December. I heard through the grapevine that Charlie McDonnell was releasing an album through DFTBA Records, and was startled to see my name on the track list. I had given him permission years ago to do with the song as he pleased, and it is funny and cute, so it shouldn't have been a major shock... but I was still bemused. I literally have not spoken a single word to Charlie since the short-lived success of his collab channel. He has not contacted me throughout any part of the process of this album's creation or promotion, and if it weren't for its success, I probably would never have heard that the song was being used at all. I'm not embarrassed about it, and I'm frankly very pleased to have gained new readers and viewers because of the song**, but I can't pretend I saw this coming.

Oh, and now to the fun part. One charming result of my unexpected love song comes in the form of the newly popularized google search "Hayley G Hoover political views." Charlie mentions in the song that, despite his phony affection for me, he and I "don't share the same political views." This is based solely on a few irresponsible things I happened to say around the time of the 2008 election (when I was, mind you, a high school senior, and therefore very naive and prone to iffy logic), about the fact that I tend to lean on the conservative end of the American political spectrum. I've since learned that it's useless to utter a single word about politics on the internet, because even the most flawlessly delivered arguments are still heard as "ME LIKE ABORTION" or "CAVEMAN HATE GAY MARRIAGE." But, to diffuse some of the rumors, I am neither a radical Democrat nor Republican. I am consistently much more liberal on social matters, but consider myself a fiscal conservative. And even still, I am only twenty years old, I'm financially dependent on my parents, and I understand that my opinions could change drastically in just the next five years. All I ask is that you not hear Charlie's song and decide from it that "since Charlie supported Obama, Hayley must be a Nazi," OR deduce that "since Hayley publicly supports gay rights, Charlie must be a homophobe." Both are shallow, neither is true.

In conclusion***, I respect and like Charlie McDonnell, find his song about me to be flattering and fun, and do not harbor negative feelings toward him. While I deeply hope the song will not forever be the number one result for my name in search engines, I am not embarrassed that it exists. I am also not a far-right fundamentalist extremest Karl Rove fan, nor am I Charlie's girlfriend of past, present, or future. Glad we've cleared that up.

Chipotle burritos this year: 31
Subscribers: 41,116
Nail color: "Devilish," Revlon
Miles run today: 3

*I considered wording that in a more polite fashion, but there really isn't any polite way to tell the story truthfully. On several occasions, the fiveawesomeguys announced weekly themes that were identical to the ones we'd created the week before. Charlie adopted a pet cactus plant, without so much as a nod in my direction, when I had been doing the same on our channel for a month. It's difficult to call that coincidence.

**Well, I'm not exactly pleased about being bombarded with comments along the lines of "wut did charlie see in dis fat bitch she iz so uggo he shud luv me insTeaD." But to those of you who have nice things to say-- or who just don't have cruel things to say-- hello!

*** "In conclusion." Lol. I feel like I'm writing an essay for high school English.

P.S. All I ate today was cinnamon rolls (3), a bagel sandwich (1), and chocolate chip cookies (endless, approximately 13). Livin' the dream.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't watch fiveawesomeguys. I was never really interested in them and I'm still a little bitter about the Alex/Kristina situation.

Wow I should probably find people to know things about irl where it's a little less creepy. lol

Kai said...

I find it pretty annoying that when you search for "fiveawesomegirls" in the youtube search bar, a BUNCH of spin offs show up, and "fiveawesomegilrs", is the closest to "fiveawesomegirls".
But anyways, thanks for clearing that up, I suppose I'll listen to the song soon!

Catherine said...

So I see how it is Hayley. You only remember us on Presence day. We're an afterthought! Oh woe is me.

Only kidding Hoover. I love when you come write for us no matter when or what it is.

I was reading some of your old posts today and I must say, I am in love with your brain. Soulages still makes me think about mine. Over a year later and I still think my soul hasn't grown from what I've said then.

P.S. I'm glad I've been with you and your blog so long.

kyle said...

Cool, I was hoping this wasn't going be an anti-Charlie rant, as it felt like the first paragraph was setting it up to be. Two thoughts:

1) I like that you're not upset with him releasing the song.

2) Why is there always so much emphasis on subscriber counts? I'm hoping this is something you've gotten over since the days of 5ag vs 5ag. Of course they're fun and interesting at times, but I don't like the idea of anyone getting defensive over them. Particularly as it's a statistic on the wrong end of quality vs quantity.

anna said...

I was wondering just this past week about the origin of the song. It's like you read my mind.

This whole post cracked me up, though. I don't know if you meant it to be THAT humorous but I found it to be quite entertaining.

Jess said...

fiveawesomeguys will never get as far as fiveawesomegirls. They clearly didn't have enough brain capacity to come up with their own ideas and to be completely honest they just arn't as awesome as you girls.

owlinalarkworld said...

Thanks for clearing that up Hayley.

I was wondering, will there be any active nerdfighter collab chanels when 5agirls stops posting weekly?

I'd love to see a 5 awesome earthlings kind of thing with nerdfighters from all the different continents.

M3lf4c3 said...

Even though you didn't have to, it was nice to have that situation explained. Obviously I hadn't heard of the song until Charlie's CD came out, but I was a little confused by it. I can definitely relate to the bitterness you once felt (I was in a very similar situation once or twice) but I am happy that you no longer feel it. "Life's too short to carry grudges", I guess. But I hope that you know that, even amongst newer viewers of 5AGirls, it is pretty well known that 5AGirls came first. And, in any case, 5AGirls has achieved far more.
Nothing personal against the guys, but I like 5AGirls more.

TracyLacey said...

Honestly I wasn't surprised that Charlie wrote a song about you. I always thought you were gorgeous and hilarious. He's got good taste.

TracyLacey said...

^^ Oh, and I'm a heterosexual female. Just for clarification.

Claire said...

Few points:

>Never watched 5AGuys - found Alex and Charlie ridiculously irritating.

>I find it refreshing that you had the metaphorical balls to speak out against Charlie McDonnell, despite the fact a few teenage girls are gonna hate you for it.

>His album is crap. He talks his way through every song and jumped on the ukulele bandwagon.

The End.

I love you Hayley G.Hoover - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

L said...

Sometimes it seems like youtube is a community of care bears, so it's "nice" to see that you are like everyone else.

Rosanna said...

I never really watched 5awesomeguys, occasionally a video or two but I have always much preferred 5awesomegirls. Anyway, I think you handled this with total class, which apparently can't be said for the boys. Whatever, girl power obv :) xx

Anna said...

Glad to hear something other than PR carebear BS from a youtuber. There's a video of you and Charlie (and maybe Alex) at the Apple store, and he was kind of rude to you...never could look at him the same way again after that.

The Blazing Snow said...

Half of this read like a joke; the other half read seriously. The tone's blended too closely together -- I don't know which one to choose. And the comments don't help.



Alexis said...

I heard about fiveawesomeguys far after I heard about fiveawesomegirls, but I wasn't on the YouTubez around that time. So.

I just want to say I can't imagine how awkward it must be to have to, like, publicly announce your situations with other YouTubers just because of the way people (mis)interpret videos or songs or whatever. And now I shall applaud you for being so polite and well-spoken about something you probably weren't expecting to address. (I hope all of those words made sense, I just got out of a final and my body/mind is running solely on cookie dough.)

Madhu said...

i remember i watched like 3 5AGuys vids but they weren't that i love that you posted this. i didn't really have any questions but it DID clear things up. it's cute that you two were overseas friends! or still are---i think. anyway i was ALSO wondering about the political views part hahahahahahaha wow

Anonymous said...

Why just blame charlie, there was four other members of that channel.

Sarah said...

I love Charlies channel, but I was never a fan of 5AGuys... 5AGirls all the way :)

Stefan said...

I've never liked the guy's channel. I'm probably alone in that. but whatever.

elfarmy17 said...

As Dr. House said, "Everything is shades of gray."

Amber said...

Hayley it sounds like you are trying very hard to be happy for Charlie and it sounds like you are also trying very hard not to be upset that you sometimes find yourself living in his shadow.

Seeing what appears to me as an internal debate here is so refreshing. You sound a little sore, but definitely like you know that your feelings on the matter are not always justified (but they are, because they matter to you) and... I don't know. All in all, it's just refreshing. :-)

Thanks, Hayley.

And, by the way, you are your own person and you deserve recognition not just because someone else waves a hand in your direction. You deserve people who love you because you are beautiful, intelligent, kind, and generous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, SOOOO interesting to hear your POV Hayley.

I've been a fan of yours for a long time and I really respect the way you phrased this blog. I also appreciate seeing another side of Charlie. Sometimes it's good to see that youtubers are humans =) I think it gets lost in translation at times.

Sammie said...

Hey Hayley!

Im glad you wrote this, I was super curious about this. I only recently started watching Charlie after Kayley had mentioned him in her vids/blog, and I was wondering why he had a song named after you....not gonna lie, I bought the cd only because of that track. Haha. Thanks for everything you do Hayley!

JuliAnn said...

I've been watching the fiveawesomegirl's channel since the beginning (I just had to look on google how to spell beginning, because I forgot... well I guess it would be more embarrassing to forget how to spell "the" since that has happened to me before =/ don't you just hate when that happens?!)and I understand how much your political views have changed since the channel. I was 18 when the channel started and I am 21 now. Since going through college, being more aware of what is going on in the world, and blah blah blah... I can definitely say my political views have changed.

oh goodness do I like to ramble!

kira902k said...

Huh. I have never considered...

This blog post surprised me. Interesting.

I haven't heard his HGH song yet.
Anyway, I understand your point of view, and I accept it wholeheartedly.

Lynn said...

I never left a comment on one of your blogs, though I have been reading them from the very beginning. Its very nice of you to give your readers an explanation to the whole song situation even though you weren't planning on it. I'm big fan of you (you and the vlogbrothers are tied of being my favorite youtubers) but I'm also a fan of Charlie (mostly because he writes songs about Doctor Who) and reading this blog answer a question I had since you but up a video on 5ag that had Alex and Charlie in it. I have always been curious of yours and Charlie's relationship was like after you posted that video, but now knowing that you guys are distance is a surprise to me. For some reason I thought you guys were close in some way. I have no idea why I thought that but I just did. I don't know why I'm glad that we now know the truth behind the situation but to me it feels like I just found out why my two best friends don't talk anymore and now I can be at ease. I love your videos and blog post. Sometimes they are the reason I get through the day. Keep posting them!

Taren said...

I have no idea what you just said, but okay. TEAM HAYLEY!

Melody said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I wouldn't have found fiveawesomegirls if it weren't for the guys' channel. That doesn't seem fair, since you girls were the original, but it didn't take me long at all to realize that the girls' channel was just so much more interesting and genuine and fun.
And now I'm getting off track and being all sappy about fiveawesomegirls AGAIN. Whyyyy does this keep happening to meeeee.

Tara said...

Hayley I would never judge you on your political views. It isn't like you are some extremely opinionated person spewing their views at your viewers. You find topics that interest you or concern you and you discuss them in your own right without forcing your opinions on on anyone else. People are able to state their opinions in the comments and I'm sure you've read most of them.
I also think you have every right to point out Charlie and the other awesomeguys' spin-off as taking away the light of the fiveawesomegirls. It was a creative project that the fiveawesomegirls created and that takes a lot of work.
I'm also glad that you don't have have anything against Charlie as you all were younger three years ago and I'm sure you all have learned things since starting the awesome channels. And now that I know there is a song about you, I'm going to get my iTunes gift card and buy it!

Caroline said...

I really like the fact that you titled this as Hayley G. Hoover. It's easy to forget that you're a person more than hayleyghoover.

Tom said...

I literally lolled when I saw the title. I thought the song had probably been in an old, now deleted coollike video or something. So that's kind of hilarious that you heard it a long time ago and were as surprised as anyone to see it on his album.

Squirrelfish said...

Um, on the topic of random people coming out of the woodwork, I had a dream the other night that you were lost at my university and I showed you around and we ate chocolate croissants and you said I was awesome.
And then something else happened and I realised it was just inception.
The end.

*floats back into the woodwork*

Laila said...

I started watching fiveawesomegirls when Hank put your first (second?) Thursday video up on the Ning, when the Ning had perhaps 20 posts.

This was much before any of the spin-offs started. So whenever the guys or anyone else did anything that you girls had already done, I figured it was just an homage to you all. I guess it never occurred to me that they should have given you credit because I always knew that they had gotten the idea from you. But you're right. They should have given you credit. Much like you guys always credited the vlogbrothers as your inspiration (but I suppose it also acted as a reminder to all viewers that you were the original ones).

beangirl1389 said...

I don't like the fact that people always play some fantastic scandalous life of the youtubers game. People can just be friends and hormonal angry commentors need to calm down. When I heard the song, I didn't think anything other than wow he knows how awesome Hayley is. (Which you are.)

Anonymous said...

This blog post was fascinating. I've always been a huge Hayley fan, as well as a huge Charlie fan. I've always thought of you and Charlie (separately) as perfect; i could never think of any faults and I basically had a girl crush (friendship-wise) and boy crush on both of you, respectively. However, after reading this, I've realized that you all are just humans. These people on the internet have jump-cuts and scripts to hide behind and I have always assumed that's how they are. But actually, I really have no idea what you're like in real life, away from the camera.
It's so interesting to hear your point of view on this and I'm really glad you shared it with us. Sorry if this made no sense... I'm not thinking eloquently tonight.

cartwheelsandpotter said...

i watched fiveawesome guys as a self proclaimed project recently. it got to a point where it was boring, and i just wasnt interested anymore. i havent heard the song [yet] but i plan to. its good to know the story.

Nikki said...

Hayley, this post made me lose a bit of respect for you. You come across as bitter and jealous of Charlie's success. I know that you're a normal person just like any of us, but I guess I just expected you to be bigger than that. :/

BenCracknell said...

I never watched fiveawesomeguys. I watch 5awesomegays, but fiveawesomegirls was the first YouTube channel I ever watched, let alone the 'meme' of five awesomes. Maybe it's just because I've never watched fiveawesomeguys, but their channel doesn't really appeal to me. I didn't even watch it when any of the guys filled in for a girl.

If it's any consolation, then when I was watching Charlie's video that sampled the songs, I (metaphorically) died when I heard the Hayley song. It wasn't because I was fangirling over Charlie. Quite the oposite. I was really excited to see that he would hold you over any other YouTuber, like OlgaKay or iJustine, because quite frankly, you're not only better, but far more worthwhile.

With the risk of sounding offensive, I think that the song will blow over. In a couple of months time, when he or Alex has a new album out, that one will fade to the back of an iTunes account, and all of the 'awsum ppl who think ur so kewl cuz charlie sed your name in a song', will just find something else to try and suck up to him. And the original Hayley fans will be here and loud and proud.


Anonymous said...

The Fine Kone > Charlie's Album.

Emily said...

I completely understand what you meant about the political views thing, Hayley. Everyone changes, and people need to start accepting that instead of focusing on past opinions.

On another subject, I understand the comments praising Hayley for her awesomeness (because she most definitely is). But I don't get the load of comments bashing fiveawesomeguys and/or Charlie McDonnell, because I'm pretty sure that wasn't Hayley's intent when she put up this post.

Will said...

It's quite depressing seeing your commenters fall into line behind you. Why are people such drones, incapable of thinking for themselves? "Oh, I never liked the fiveawesomeguys anyway", "Charlie's album is crap!", etc., etc.

I enjoyed watching the fiveawesomeguys. I also enjoyed watching the fiveawesomegirls. However, I can't understand why you allowed yourself to become so childishly infuriated by it all. To me, it was obvious from the start that the girls were built to last, while the guys were bandwagon leapers.

The entire tone of this blog post was sterile and utterly void of emotion. Very lawyerly. You may take that as a compliment if you wish. I, for one, would not.

Paloma said...

I've never, ever, watched a Fiveawesomeguys video, and I'm not planning to. Which is a little weird, considering I jumped from Kaleb Nation to his new favorite video "Mrs. Nerimon" to Kristina to Kayley to you to Fiveawesomegirs.

I find your videos interesting and funny and creative.You girs should understand that, while the guys have more subs, you have a more consistent group of viewers, viewers who don't always rant about how hot you are (you are, though) or bash about your relationships.

So yeah. I think you, fiveawesomegirls, are really different. In a good, original-not-the-fake kind of way.


Paloma said...

@Emily Agreed.

Bingo said...

Thank you for explaining that!

I'm going to be honest here. I only heard about you because of Charlie's song. BUT - and there is a but! - about five hours and twenty videos later I had announced you my new favorite Youtuber. I think it's difficult for people to judge you based on some song written about you, but honestly, in one video your personality just eclipses the song itself, and you become a fan of Hayley as opposed to a fan of 'whatever Charlie likes' or a Hayley hater because 'i will liek mary charlie'.

I couldn't care less about fiveawesomegirls or guys. Sure, I've watched some videos and both were decent, and I respect you for coming up with the original idea, but I've only just heard about it, being new to the whole thing. I'm not an old hardcore fan of yours or 5ag, but I am a genuinely big fan now. So I guess that song was good for something x]

Rachel said...

Hayley, I really like you, but, in this post, you just sound so cold.

It doesn't suit you.

Manuel said...

It's nice to learn about the background story of the song.
And it's normal to get bitter about not getting any credit for an idea. Some of the commenters will learn that over the years.

I like Charlie's album and i think HayleyGHoover is a great song and like to watch his videos but i never watched fiveawesomeguys because they had stopped the project. I think i like them all for various reasons but i wouldn't watch them on a weekly vlog channel.

I hope you get some awesome new fans from this little song because you deserve more.

bassrocks9 said...

Wow. (Not that this is a bad thing) but this is probably one of the angriest blog posts of yours that I've read.
I'm glad that you wrote this. I think that sometimes as blog readers and followers of your other Internet profiles, we sometimes get the impression that you are this all-around happy, content human being.
I heard some of Charlie's album, and when I heard that song, I spent maybe about 5 seconds thinking about the political views line. I've been a huge fan of you and your videos and your blog, and although I seemed to remember you mentioning something about being somewhat conservative (which I am not) it didn't really matter to me because I wasn't about to hate you after all the evidence out there that you are an awesome person. It's really a shame that that song might have made people assume that you are some crazy far-right stereotypical Republican just because of that song.
I'm also really surprised that you have such strong feelings about the fiveawesomeguys channel. I haven't watched many of their videos, so I haven't really formed an opinion about their videos, but I didn't know that you resented them so much. Now I find myself wondering if the other girls have similar feelings.
Although I completely understand why you would be angry that they ceased to credit your channel, I think I would take it as a compliment that the guys liked your channel and your style of video-making so much that they wanted to claim it as their own. I know that you worked really hard on that channel, though, so I can see why you are not so flattered.

Hayley, it was really interesting to read this. I look forward to the occasional blog post in which you are not the most perfect, happy person: in other words, when you seem like a real person.

Hayley M said...

This totally doesn't belong on your blog
but it's amazing that Charlie found time to follow the American presidential election...which he couldn't even vote in. I barely have time to follow American politics myself, and I LIVE in this country.
Crazy, dude.
Also, I didn't really care about that song, but any new post from you is a good one.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little hesitant whether to comment on this post just because it seems so controversial as everybody seems to be "picking sides" (in child terms) or just basically having a negative attitude. Oh well, I'll do it anyway.

Hayley, as always it's a pleasure to read an entry of yours and it was as humorous as ever. I haven't heard the song you mentioned but I'll definitely check it out because of curiosity. I hope that some of these negative comments don't dissuade you from blogging more (I know I'd get aggravated) just know that we all love reading your entries (or at least I do) and I can't wait to pick up a book of yours from the bookstore one day. Happy Holidays Hayley!!

Charlotte said...

I never realised there was this much conflict between the 'fiveawesome'channels. Of course, you guys are the original awesome 5! I love the HayleyGHoover song and obviously, like you said, it's just a harmless fun song! :)
I'm glad you addressed it, now hopefully people will stop saying
"Did you know Charlie wrote a song about you"
We love you Hayley! <3

Caroline said...

Just remember that all of the hate comments directed towards you are made by shallow, thoughtless thirteen year old girls. They haven't matured yet. Perhaps they never will. Your internet presence has a strong foundation of its own, and the hype of the song will die down soon. You are beautiful, incredibly smart, talented, hilarious, and just freakin' cool. I may sound like your mom, but I am speaking from my heart.
You are adored and respected by so many of us. I kind of love you... a lot.

Keep it real, yo.

elig said...

I actually found you because of that song. I think it's quite a hilarious song, personally. But you're funnier :D Consider yourself another subscriber richer, if I had a YouTube account. (I don't know why I don't)

I've heard of fiveawesomegirls, but don't really like it. No offence. I like your personal channel a lot more though.

Keep up the good work!

seurat2 said...

Hayley, I had no problem with your post although the whole thing is a mystery to me since I've never heard the song. I have heard of the fiveawesomeguys but never had any interest in them and after the Alex/Kristina debacle was even less likely to check them out. I have no doubt that they are decent enough guys and are capable of doing good things. 5AG has long been my favorite you tube channel and my respect for you personally has only grown over time (despite your alarming affection for country music.) Hope you enjoy the holidays.

Lex said...

I only ever knew about fiveawesomeguys because it would come up in the search bar when I would search for you girls. I watched a few videos, but wow. Nothing compared yours. I've never commented before, but reading your blog is always a highlight of my day :D

Anonymous said...

you're really awesome and i really like you a lot and you brighten my day and i will stop writing now, but i appreciate you and thank you.

Anonymous said...

This makes me just a tad bit sad but I appreciate the honesty. I had always wrongly assumed that the fiveawesomegirls and guys were on good terms, but I had never really thought about it much. I guess this is kind of like finding out the darker side of Dumbledore's past. We're all human, even famous youtubers like you all, and I guess that's important to remember. It's just a little disappointing. But I really do appreciate the honesty of this post.

TonksftMemories said...

Thanks for being honest, Hayley.

Kiranja said...

It's pretty funny how so many of the comments circle around 5AGirls being better that 5AGuys. I really hope this wasn't the intent of your post, and I don't think it was.

I've watched both of the 5AG channels sporadiously, and I will not judge which one is better, because I don't find that very interesting. I would just like to point out that the guys at numerous occasions referred to you girls and said that they'd "stolen" the idea from you. So I'm happy you no longer hold a grudge against them, because that was actually a bit unfair. I am sad to hear that you and Charlie fell out of touch because of such a stupid conflict. Not because he's Charlie, but because he was afriend of yours and you obviously got along well.

Moving on... the song is pretty sweet, and I too would be happy and flattered to have a song like that written about me. I am also sure that you are even a million times nicer than the song suggests. You seem to be a super sweet and honest girl, and I envy your friends.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you got ripped off- honestly I've never watched 5 Awesome Guys or 5 Awesome Girls. I discovered Charlie's YouTube channel and that song led me here, so more power to both of you as far as I'm concerned.
It's refreshing to hear a girl's perspective when I feel like I encounter lots of teenage boys in the vlogging community (because, I mean, it's the internet). Keep up the awesome new insights!

Anonymous said...

Hayley, I started reading your blog because you said it in a five awesome girls video. But I didn't know about 5AG till Charlie mentioned it... to this day, I still think five awesome girls were far better than the spinoff series with the guys. I find myself identifying with the five awesome girls more than the guys, not just cause I'm a girl but because each girl had a distinct personality while the guys... just seemed boring.

P.s. I also started reading your blog cause your refreshingly humourous and you inspire me to write :).

Abigail said...

On the off chance that you haven't seen this yet, here's the explanation from Charlie's cd:
"So, there was this one time when, for reasons that I can't quite remember, I wrote a love song for my friend Hayley. A love song about the fact that I didn't actually love her.
Originally I just sent it to her in an email and left it at that, but I quite liked the song...and so, without telling her, I re-recorded it and put it on my album.

Hi Hayley. I hope you don't mind! What can I say? You're an inspiration gal."

I enjoy your blogs and videos, thanks for making them!

Kathriller said...

I admire the way you handled this post and voiced your relationship with Charlie. I think it's cool that you didn't glaze over the parts of your friendship (and what lead to it being less of a close one). It further proves that you are a wonderfully real person capable of expressing the realities of life (including the dick moves of others) in an eloquent way. I can't say it enough, I really appreciate your talent.


The Frail Kid said...

Thanks to Charlie's song, I'm really happy to have started watching your youtube channel and reading this blog. Now I like both for individual reasons.

Thank you for always brightening my day!

GeeEmOh said...

I had no idea you guy hadn't spoken since 2008. His putting that song on his album would blow my mind too. This just seems to be awkward situation between out of touch friends, not something to pick sides about. I adore both of you, and I really admire this post from you Hayley.

As for 5AG, fiveawesomeguys was just a flashin the pan--you girls stayed strong till the end. I think the way their project fizzled out speaks for itself.

Lex said...

that is such a good song tho :D i didnt think it was about a real person until i did a search 5 min ago.

Carol said...

Hey, Haley! I discovered Charlie's channel in 2010, and by the song I discovered you. I didn't know the whole history, but I need to say that I'm so glad for that song. Because I really found myself in your videos and I'm not the kind of girl that will say "wut did charlie see in dis fat bitch she iz so uggo he shud luv me insTeaD." I don't watch fiveawesomeguys, but I don't watch fiveawesomegirls too... So I didn't understand much about it. Whatever, I'm glad that you explained the situation because I was kinda lost about it, you know I'm a newbie.

Lily said...

I've from time to time watched fiveawesomegirls, actually you guys were part of the inspiration for a collab channel that I've become involved in. I know that myself and our other female member, really like the fiveawesomegirls videos and Charlie's vids too. It's a huge inspiration to us and we really respect you guys. So anybody who says anything, well, they can take it up with us.

...and I'm definitely not listening to the Hayley G Hoover song right now...

Courtney said...

First of all, I agree with Emily. I don't think that the point of this blog post was to initiate "side-picking" comments, and I also think it's kind of rude of the commenters to be (for lack of a better word) "bashing" fiveawesomeguys, Charlie and his album.

That having been said, I enjoy watching both yours and Charlie's channels, as well as the fiveawesomegirls (I never watched more than a few 5AGuys videos, as the never really sparked interest), and this is interesting to read, because admittedly I was wondering about the things that Charlie mentioned in his song.

It has been quite a while, so I'm glad that you no longer harbor very many "bad feelings" toward the guys, because I doubt that they meant to be so rude to you, and if they did steal your ideas then I must point out that that is something most of us have done at some point or another (in however small of a way) and,'s been a long time since then.

Anyway, where was I going with this...? I guess I'll just say: it's just a song.

Mariana said...

I really like Charlie's channel and it was that song that introduced me to yours. I not a big fan of charlie's music, but Hayley G Hoover is actually one of those I listen to.
About 5 awesome girls, the first time I watched the project was a little while ago and I thought it was amazing. Later, I watched 5 awesome guys and I didn't like it as much. You girls were thousands times more committed to the project, I guess that was what make it better.
Sorry about any mistakes, I'm from Brazil.

SayAnything said...

Have two things to say here, first to the anonymous poster who said they were still bitter about the Alex/Kristina thing. I still struggle with that! Just now I was listening to "Mrs. Nerimon" and thought "Alex, you ass!" Except every time I think about it logically and not just with my "omg what an ass" girl brain, I come to the conclusion that, though it sucked ass for Kristina and was HORRIBLE timing, it was admirable of Alex to be forthright with her. He could have lied to her the whole time, pretending everything was fine and then on her last day said "btw, we're through", but he didn't! He could have broken up with her via text, email, or even phone call, but he didn't. If you ask me, he was quite the man about it.

Second, Hayley, you are my internet hero! You stand up for what you believe in, and you do it so eloquently. Not to mention you are hilarious and so real! I find it annoying when people are always one emotion, and though you apologize for it, your mushy/angsty/depressed/happy blog makes me day EVERY time I read it! If I'm searching Google for Hayley G. Hoover it's for you, not for Charlie (though I adore him as well).

Anja said...

eh. i may have heard of you from charlie's song first, but upon closer inspection, i've found that all his flattery is an understatement. i found your videos very entertaining )what i saw of them, you have LOADS! :O)
i'm not a fan of 'liking' everything - in fact, it makes my hair stand on end, but i'll look you up on facebook and make a point of 'liking' you.
you go girl!

p.s. you are NOT fat. you're really cute ^^

Hgh Supplements said...

I have heard through the grapevine that Charlie McDonnell was releasing an album through DFTBA Records, and was startled to see my name on the track list.

Anonymous said...

You don't talk to Charlie at all? Didn't you guys hang out when you went to London? Based on this post, it sounds like you guys aren't friends, which is really surprising.

Bethany said...

Am I the only one who still doesn't know what happened to Alex and Kristina?

Jessica said...

Honestly, I really like Charlie's videos and such, but 5Agirls was definitely better and it was wrong of them to just stop crediting you guys.

Ambrin said...

you decide the missing leaves from the trees are a metaphor for the missing purpose from your life and waaah-- I ALWAYS DO THAT!!

Ginny said...

it actually bothered me that so many people were like "you're not gonna say anything?" i don't blame you for wanting to ignore it.

sheenoniscool said...

Not to be mean. I'm not intending to, but from what you said, Charlie seems like quite a dick.

Anonymous said...

I got into youtube post fiveawesomegirls and fiveawesomeguys, so I don't know anything about this drama. Charlie was the first person I ever subscribed to, and I am a big fan. I am really greatful he included the song about you in his album, because that's how I discovered you, and you are amazing!

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