Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm reclining on a hideous-in-a-cool-way vintage couch that once lived in my late (incredible, inspiring) grandpa's work office, watching the sun set over the 1800s red brick architecture of my university campus, huffing the glorious fumes of a baking batch of cookies, whose recipe I just created on a whim. My roommate is off somewhere, allowing me to guiltlessly lounge pantsless and let my favorite Julia Nunes album play without headphones. I think you know, but just for the record, I only like you for your large hands...

This is one of those pretty moments that remind me of just how important pretty moments are. When I'm fifty years old and I think "college," my mind will probably go to that one professor who really believed in my poetry, the tornado that forced my nineteenth birthday party into a windowless hallway with a group of strangers and half a cake, waiting in the same line for the same late-night burrito every drunken weekend. Chances are, I won't commit a lot of this to memory-- the sipping tea, the listening to myself typing, the ignoring a sink of dirty dishes, the messy bun on top my head. I won't remember this pair of brown sandals, about which there is nothing at all special or extraordinary, but who took my feet for long walks around Chicago and out to karaoke with my best friend and shopping with my mom for the first time that I insisted I purchase all my own clothes. I won't always remember twenty-one with the kind of reverence I currently feel it deserves. I won't be able to conjure up this feeling of being equal parts confident and insecure about my body, equal parts excited and terrified about future job possibilities, equal parts comfortable in the world and anxious as hell. I won't remember how it feels like a victory every time I get through a phone call with a doctor's office without stumbling over my words like a little kid, or how it feels to have someone refer to you as "that woman over there" and realize they don't mean "woman" as a condescending compliment, but a genuine descriptor. I won't remember that little sinking in my stomach when it occurred to me that blue nail polish looks kind of silly on me now, or how I actually hold my breath every time I check my bank statement, or how eating a grocery store doughnut in a parking lot no longer sounds like an awesome idea. This state of twenty-one-ness that makes up my entire life right now will be gone and virtually forgotten as soon as the next stage starts... so this evening, I'm making an effort to soak it up.

I hope you guys have a lovely night! I'm off now to fill myself with banana-oatmeal-dark-chocolate-graham-cracker cookies and throw another filthy bowl on top my pyramid of neglected dishes. I should probably feel guilty about it, but who has time for that? I have a lot more twenty-one-ing to do before bed.

P.S. I posted a new video yesterday! This week's Answerly video (my series of advice for college students) is up as well.


  1. I like your blue nail polish :(

  2. Amen, Hayley. Amen. I love talking/thinking about all those little experiences that make college/21 so lovely, especially the ones that get so little credit.

    Here's to the little moments.

  3. Calling the doctor's office...that is so me :)

  4. So much of this accurately describes my life at the moment.

  5. You, my dear, are fantastic. That sounds like a lovely afternoon and I thank you for sharing it with us (I think I would also thank you for sharing that recipe).

  6. Sounds like you're feeling more adult than teenager at the moment, and I can understand that, but as a twenty-two year old who has been told she is old for her age, I can tell you that blue nail polish isn't something that you grow out of. Growing up doesn't necessarily mean becoming a different person, and if you still like blue nail polish than don't let what other people think you as a 21-year-old should wear affect you. And if you don't, then that's okay too.

    P.S. It was great getting to see you for the couple of seconds between the elevator doors closed between us. I only got to say "I love your videos," but what I wanted to say is you are super inspiring and I am so glad to know that there are young women like you out there. Sometimes it's easy for me to feel alone or that my opinions don't matter or that I overreact to stuff, but then I watch one of your videos and I remember that I'm not alone and that I should never be afraid to share my opinion...especially if it involves making out with a book. Thanks Hayley!

  7. **elevator doors closing between us at LeakyCon. I didn't just meet you at a random elevator though that would be pretty awesome.

  8. Really great post to read! Now that I'm in my first year of college, I'm thinking a lot about what is to come, and this post was comforting in a way. Growing up is scary, but at the same time it's exciting.

  9. oh no trust me
    you will look back on the coming decade of your life with an indescribable joy, one that I can not describe to you ;)

  10. This gave me some feels. :') Especially since I'm at a similar point in my life. I just turned 18, and man does it feel amazing to finally be an adult, and of legal drinking age, and everything magnificent.
    But I'm also going off to university next year and that gives me a heart attack and makes me deathly excited but ridiculously anxious at the same time.

    I dunno. This was beautifully written. May have just inspired me to write in my own neglected blog to document a single moment in my typical-not-that-special 18 year old day.

    You're great.


  11. It feels like you're going through this huge transition of leaving university just as I'm going through the transition of starting it. It's kind of comforting.

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  13. This post is just beautiful.
    I have no more words. It was just beautiful, and will remain beautiful regardless of what I comment.

  14. Thank you for telling me how it could be, being twenty-one. I'm almost twenty and scared for being no longer something-ten!

    You write so well, it really helps me with my English writing (I'm Dutch). Thank you for sharing this with the world, thank you

  15. Mmm. Love this post as much as I love imagining the yumminess of those cookies (recipe?).

  16. Before you go lamenting the loss of your inner child, you should read this letter that Ted Hughes wrote to his son Nicholas. It's a beautifully written letter and it might make you a feel a little better about those blue fingernails!

  17. About the donut in the parking lot, are muffins fair game?

  18. You are a fantastic person, Hayley. I adore you.

  19. Thank you for sharing this afternoon with us, I will keep reading!

  20. i enjoy reading your article... keep on posting

  21. its not that bad... age doesn't matter right? ;)

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